fast Out of the blocks Really fast Out of the blocks and suggesting That They could Win the League title a Way to go of course but you can’t Ask for much Better in terms of the Start But Definitely Not and it’s Just Perfect for the football Club The confidence Will be absolutely Sky-High and They Just Need to maintain That Barcelona’s Lineup Here Mark andre tests against Us and Go Samwell on tv tk Sergio Busquets Good Work Really to read the intention of the past There’s Good progress With This Attack Slip Through Now real Chasers Quick after bronte and They’ve Given Themselves They’re Terrific Booze for What lies ahead Knocking Away From Very close range all about Concentration That You even Rocket ish Really getting At The opposition This far Up the pitch now They’ve Been striving to get this sort of Attack going and It Looked on there and then The interception came in Even Racket Ish They don’t Messy Now This looks promising There’s one for Him to chase him behind? Equalizer and a Really Good Start of The game it’s always Thrilling where both teams Show that they can score in a Match i wonder where we’ll go from here Well the Goalkeeper Was absolutely stranded and Left The gold Gaping Well It Was an Easy goal in the end Neatly Intercepted a Chance to break Away now on the counter But This place to go Forward into with the ball Sergio Busquets and There Is some backup for him in this position Racket itch Guzman dembele Let The intentions of The Opposition Air to make The interception getting Forward Well as a Team now Corner Swung in tk a well done the Goalkeeper and he’s hung on to the ball He’s Cut That Out well Well-Read coming on strong Looking How’s it Go ahead Word for a Second Now? We might get an update on the injury now from our man Jefferies Jeff Real Concerns of The French Now Because It Looks like he’s Landed With his elbow Underneath his body and That’s causing Him some serious pain at the moment You can Still They look to the other Player and saw Where the pass was going and Read it Put The chance to go into the lane now iniesta Push gets with Racket Egde arts Great Work by the Goalkeeper Anticipated The Direction of Depass and Was Able to intervene shut up That you have Pushed guests with the interception Shots on Here they tried first on go to messi Good Chunk of Added time Here three Minutes It’s a Company Agüero Go Forward it’s the manchester City Put them in front well these refuse to be beaten Here rasta with a Smash-And-grab in this quick move Catching The Opposition at Lack of Concentration Really on Their Part but a fine goal Well i wonder Whether the Goalkeeper Will blame Himself for this but It looked a Good finish even though he did get a Touch Yeah He’s getting a Few Stares off his defenders They Thought He Should Have done Better? Sergio Busquets Wasteful Pass Unforced error Really Got The tackle in any esther Luis Suarez dembélé On to jordi Alba He’s coming back Looking for a teammate? Alright We Are Level again There’s a Bit of Justice about It Because the better team have Been Losing Now they’ve Equalized They’ll Be Thinking about winning and Momentum is with them after This equalizing goal Quite a Very Good Goal and Much Deserved Away The tuna playing Yeah the stats don’t lie the number of Shots On-Target dose of The Barcelona Way isn’t that Fast Pass Threading It Through Has to clear it Carlini oh? Jordi Alba Barcelona Using The Width of the pitch And Now he’s looking for some Support now it’s us man dembele sergio Busquets Shots on here as a Good save you got a touch to that That’s it The shuts Up they Pushed it away from the Gabrielle chasers Sergio Busquets Carlino Advantage Applied That for Barcelona Bailiff a Bass a Viktor Brana agüero Here’s Sterling have a Feat there to go inside his man Excellent Piece of defensive Play Under Some pressure i must Say it’s Messy Right From The Beginning we’ve never Known Which way This game is going to go on it his cat teach drama right to the last They Laugh oh Now with Busquets Carlini oh? No surprise that fast learner Go about Their Business in this Way With Beautiful goal But Have almost Built Adopt Almost Like a chess Match Just Waiting For Their time to pounce to open Up the opposition they did it Beautifully Now for Barcelona i’ve Got This lego Time is on that side Well Just What he seemed to be a heading two style Thing Yeah and it’s the approach that the home team take there will be Imports at Deer go on and push for an Owner or Just truck That Ballet fine save I’m Not sure this to it decided to go in field Looking Dangerous Got The ball back in his hand Penalty area though There it is it is over

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  1. i always pick Man Utd and always face Barca or Madrid wish people would pick ac milan or other teams for a change

  2. Does your gamplay offer something other than holding down the L1/LB button and taking a longshot at a minimun opportunity?

  3. you play soooooooo poorly
    against these shit opposition
    no kind of build up play….dribbling
    just eun run and trying long shots

  4. Hello Eveyone scrolling through the comments. Hope you are all having a blessed day. Mind helping a fellow out and checking out my channel? Thanks in advanced.

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