It’s a special to win the division champions of this particular division Victory will do that and even if they don’t win this one They’ve still got other games to come as well you ever have that they are a very adventurous Positive sights are no doubt about their attitude in behind the defenders I’ve got numbers in this attack, and it looks dangerous Ramsey had lost the ball and the counter-attack could be there Olivier’s euro, it’s the home manager who’s trying to get a message to his same a whipping tuck with good vision Now it’s over Leeroy Sally back with David Silva to level it up now his pocket Chops down Is Perry Goalkeeper great save well. He shouldn’t have an affair there, but he’s so hot to all these keeper Yaya touré in two beams Sylva Abbit silver with an incisive past Sergio agüero got through put it in the net not many better in world football Fantastic from the neutral point of view that the game is level again Alexis Sanchez is for the chance to go into the labor One more win didn’t seem too difficult did it and of course They should go on to win this title in the remaining games, but today. It’s not looking so possible now now they’re behind If they do lose it may be an element of doubt creeps in that’s the last thing they want To the cross What a shame for this team that have carried all before them this season Until today a bad day at the office. It seems well the scoreline now suggesting that they’re not going to clinch the title today Now hope it’s just a blip on the way to becoming champions I think it probably will be that it’s been as far from ideal performance out here from close range he Benjamin mending During the ball forward it’s the Manchester City Now this is an interesting attack strong challenge Tata stayed in very closely He can’t have scored many better than this with the Bendis imparted onto the ball, I’ll give him credit You could see exactly what he set out to do there David Silva Gabrielle jesu Sluice goalkeeper made the save, but he couldn’t hold it Could have got through there, but the defender Solutely on top of his game Right moves great goal We hear a lot about momentum don’t we these days well that goal has got the momentum back with this team that a Title contenders and one more might be enough to win them the title even this early in the season. They haven’t been at the best Doing most of this match, but now signs with that Equalize it they can go on and really stamp the authority on this match well He’s doubled up here with his second goal, and he took it in Excellent style just like the first one Right cool keeping debate neshama of the goalkeeper Could be a chance here, they’ve got the ball into a good area on the move and able to come out the pass Some sharp movement Gabrielle chases a shot Reiko keeping from check interpreter We’ll play to Mendy Mr.. City given the advantage here Abby Silva stitch Come to say that’s a brilliant goal, so that’s the goal has them in the position now They are champions if it stays like this winning the title They’ve got so much confidence Allen haven’t they because they’ve got other games that come they’ve been the dominant force And it would be a great way to do it it would be Sanchez is coming forward to some danger suggest Also warning signs here that it’s not done and dusted Such a good side in this division and on the verge of winning the title but they have to win to win it today Keeping the ball. That’s the important thing Answered Ursula lately intercepted I’d come off the goalkeeper still in play Mr.. Ershon Gives it back to her Sanchez The would-be champions, I’ve still got games remain another neighbor, but you want to clinch it there You’ve got a chance, and there’s a chance to somebody to become a real hero Now there would be to get forward from this position an incisive past Taking the lead here in the dying moments well this place is absolutely jumped in water finish and that water stage in this match And here he was faced by the goalkeeper That was the challenge in you go easy as you like it looks easy does it But this very very late goal has changed that they too mentored, and I’ve got the reward His/her self Penalty late on here Well they were so close to holding their lead to the final whistle, but they’ve conceded the penalty Ezard Ezio There is the final whistle Sergio agüero has been brilliant in this game Yeah One of those nutty smarting where everything he touched turned to gold it was an impeccable performance and no wonder They’re milking the moment Want to make absolutely the most of this? Well they’re a popper t-mart now They’ve stuck together defended really well in this competition and snatched our goals the vital time so fully deserved winners There they go they are the champions Well you have to have the team photo Getting ready for it now One of those lovely scenes that you’ll hand on the wall back at home

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  1. Hey great video! I liked and subbed, I'd love if you could check out my channel too and maybe do the same back? Cheers amazing channel bro 🙂

  2. 0:21 . damn that's typical for EA but it's a real good game.
    Started 38-4-2 in FUT Seasons and 34 wins in WL …

    Greatest FIFA so far.

  3. Tu n'auras jamais le niveau pour la D1 mais fait de cela un souhait (Atchoum) Signé le gars qui ne croit pas en toi.

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