1. Make millions playing games.

  2. EASPORTS Releases FIFA18 Mobile
    HAND FUN! July–Single issue online access:
    Single issue access

  3. What do you hear with FIFA? Spoiled the game with the latest update? I can not get into the game … why this? When are they going to fix it?

  4. Compre el fifa 2018 para PS3 y realmente se nos rien en la cara, un robo es identico al fifa 17, no lo compren! (I bought the fifa 2018 for PS3 and they really laugh in our faces, a robbery is identical to fifa 17, do not buy it!)

  5. Do you guys think that playing FIFA with arrows player movement rather than analog player movement is a con? I know arrow has only an 8 way movement but I find it way more responsive. i'm currently getting 30 wins in WL and thought maybe I have a disadvantage moving my players with arrows rather than analog stick

  6. EA might not ever see this!! But I will not spend my money on ultimate team no more!!! I have played fifa ultimate team for the past years and I have spent so much money on it and I have never gotten a player rated higher than a 90. I will buy the game for sure, but like I said not in ultimate team, I think you guys should do the same. This way they might listen and change the game we players want, not the way they want.

  7. Ea me ajuda não sei mais o que fazer para eu me conectar com os servidores do fifa do nada sumiu fica dando
    “ impossível se conectar com os servidores da ea no momento por favor tenta mais tarde “
    Mas nunca vai

    O estranho é que Quando inicia o jogo mostra ele se conectando de boa mas quando abre lá em cima mostra que está desconectada
    Mas o mais incrível é Que consigo fazer tudo online a única coisa que não consigo e fazer as coisas que eu comprei o catálogo tipo comemorações e etc
    Como resolvo isso ? ????

  8. I just wanted to say that I have played fifa 17 for 3 years. Now I got myself a fifa 18… and omfg.. this is such a trash… really.. they just changed the contrast.. and their movement to worse..and earned they’re money like every other year.. worse fifa ever… going back to 17.

  9. Destroying the whole Chelsea team almost single handedly so unrealistic I would have said in 2016 or whenever this came out until Ngolo Kante in 2019 started playing as a central attacking midfielder im kidding and yes I am a fan of Maurizio Sarri and his tactical acumen just trolling the analysis of the modern day pundit which is mostly misguided

  10. the FIFA 18 foul system is ridiculous. Both for and against EA SPORTS should fix this in the next FIFA's

  11. can anyone please HELP me? i have FIFA 18 but when the match end equally there is no penality shootout, why please help me guys, im comfused.

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