Fifa 18 Pro Clubs Free Traits Glitch *Working*

Fifa 18 Pro Clubs Free Traits Glitch *Working*

Open the player’s growing menu Select 2 Play Style default and open Select the second breath, flair, throwing giant, the specialist of the game and the power header Use the rest of your skill points until you have 0 skill points Open the style of play 1 Use your skill points on the features that you want your player has. This will be the style of play that you use in the game. Do not select Second Chance, Flair, Throwing giant game Specialist and Power Header in this style of play. Go to the game lobby Select Game 1 style in the lobby before starting a game If done correctly, you should have Second Wind, Giant Flair Throw In, Set Game Specialist Power Header free.

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  1. Read the description for the full list of free traits and steps for the glitch. This trait glitch also works with Finesse Shot, Swerve Pass, GK Long Throw and GK Flat Kick. Doesn't work with Injury Free, Skill Moves or Weak Foot.

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  2. Hi make haste,do i need to use all my skill points in style 2 after chosingpower header etc? I have 100 skill points,pls assist ,thnx mate

  3. Before I forget,do my play style of my pro in style 2 and 1 to be the same height weight positiion or not,thnx again,(you have to exit after every game and choose playstyle 1?)

  4. Redo the glitch mean i have to untick all skill from chem style 1&2 and then do it again ? Or just simply set chem style 2 as default and change back to style 1 in lobby?

  5. Do the trait show up in the trait screen or when you’re in game because it says I have it in game but not at the trait distribution screen please help

  6. At The Begin I Have 15 Skill Points And I Don't Earn Some. I Played 85 Matches But My Player Has Always The Overall: 82
    Can Someone Help Me?

  7. thankyou so much bro it works. but I have 1 question, when I closed app and open again, does I have to re-do the glitch ?

  8. This is a great tips! Thanks for sharing!

    BTW I want to ask how to confirm I have got the free traits, cause I cannot see them from the “player growth” first style page, even in game I don’t have the option to check,

    And the other question is if I edit the traits (besides those free)of 1st style in the “player growth “page after I done the glitch and played a several games, will the glitch disappear? And need to redo again?


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