FIFA 18 | Official Gamescom 2017 Trailer (Blue Monday Mix) | PS4

FIFA 18 | Official Gamescom 2017 Trailer (Blue Monday Mix) | PS4

ANNOUNCER: Well, it’s the one
we’ve all been waiting for. Here we go. A chance. Ronaldo. We’re on the verge of something
that’s going to make headlines for years to come. The whole stadium stands as one. [MUSIC PLAYING] Here we go. Ladies and gentlemen. He’s after the header. Miller. Power. Sheer class. Astonishing. Unbelievable strike. [CROWD CHEERING] Ooh la la. Power. And he dives. Power. And it comes to Ronaldo. Incredible. What have we’ve just seen here? PlayStation, the best place to

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  1. My parents always used to make fun that the game is the same every year with different kits and I argued with them but this year I'm on their side… gameplay looks exactly the same :/

  2. PlayStation the best place to play except here in Morocco ? because we have NO PSN SERVICES #MoroccansAreGamers2

  3. Pura cinemática
    No se engañen el trailer no está hecho con un gameplay jajjajaj
    Cómo hacen publicidad engañosa ??‍♂️

  4. Очередная забагованная параша, где мяч сквозь ноги проходит или руки сквозь тела

  5. Todos mencionandon que este FIFA es el mismo con FIFA 17. Pues saben que, Para la gente como yo, que no a jugado un juego FIFA desde FIFA WORLD CUP GERMANY 2006, FIFA 18 Sera una buena compra y no puedo esperar mas para jugarlo.

  6. Hoping for a future "The Journey" where you can customize your character, maybe even have a team creation mode where you start in the bottom of the leagues and turn into one of the best teams in the world, choose their gear from big brands and which contracts to sign, customize their jerseys and stadiums, choose your league and stars. Work more on randomization of the crowds, maybe get most of them have their eyesight focused on the ball's position, better synced commentary, better lighting, manager looks customization, bigger and branded tournaments like Champions League and its actual atmosphere, manager career mode in international teams.

  7. I have the game but it lags the place I bought it from says there is an update 1.10 that is gonna be realesed today?

  8. En mi opinión Sony debería dedicarle más tiempo a sacar una consola portátil; pues en mi opinión estas consolas portátiles hacen que estemos conectados con una playstation en cualquier lugar y a toda hora, y este modo poder disfrutar de su gran gama de juegos no sólo en las consolas fijas; en mi opinión la consola portátil "PSP" deberían ser igual de importantes para ustedes

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