FIFA 18 Goals in REAL-LIFE – Dramatic Moments

FIFA 18 Goals in REAL-LIFE – Dramatic Moments

Hey guys and welcome to a new video. If you haven’t heard yet, FIFA18 features now the new Dramatic Moments! You can now create even better dream goals, volleys, forward passes and crosses! That’s why we chose 4 moments from our FIFA YouTuber friends that we will recreate in real life in order to show you the Dramatic Moments! You are also able to win something at the end of the video! Let’s go guys! Are you ready guys?! Okay guys, this is the first Dramatic Moment from PhineasFifa.
Forward pass to Cristiano Ronaldo… Tim, that’s yours right?
Of course! Let’s go! I will pass the ball forward from here right to Lukas. He will accelerate and finish with a shot into the far corner. Bam! CR7 and in it goes! We’ll do it! Okay Max, what’s our next goal? Here we have a volley from PhineasFifa: Modric creates the cross and Benzema slams it into the net! Max running down the pitch on the right wing, crosses it into the middle where I run up and hit it into the goal. So guys, here’s our third goal. Messi runs from the outside down the line and crosses it to Rakitic who finishes with a header. I’d say cause of your similarity in hair style with Rakitic, you should do the header. Yeah, I’ll do it! I’ve also brought someone with me: Meti! Hey guys! I have already produced the goal on console and I will now take care that you score it in real life! Tim passes Dejan and runs toward the box where he crosses it into the middle. Kevin and Jannik try to block my header, but I will able to reach the ball and score. So guys, I will now make sure it goes in! So guys, let’s get to the last Dramatic Moment, a dream goal from FeelGaming. Max please explain! Walker passes to Kanté, who passes sublimely with his heel to Ronaldinho. He destroys two defenders and slams a straight shot into left side! Who want’s to do it??
I’d say I’ll do the Ronaldinho part and you guys Walker and Kanté! I’ll be on the right wing passing it to Max. Timo will try to intervene, while Max heel passes it on to Tim who does a fake rabona… the Roadkickerz center backs will come out, but can’t catch him. Tim will then strike the ball hard into the left side of the goal! Did you all get it?!
Easy! You too? Great! Those were our Dramatic Moments and now we want to see yours! Show us your greatest goals and win a PlayStation 4 Pro with FIFA design. You can also win FIFA18 signed by us. Just post the link of your Dramatic Moment into the comments! Thanks to PMTV, PhineasFifa and FeelGaming for sending us the DRamatic Moments. Also a big thanks to the Roadkickerz, Jannik Pehlivan, Football4Broz and GoalKEEPERz for supporting us in this video! That was it! Thanks for watching, stay active and see you next time! Bye!

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