FIFA 18 Corner Tutorial [How To Score Easy Goals]

FIFA 18 Corner Tutorial [How To Score Easy Goals]

Hi guys welcome back I have another FIFA 18 tutorial for you today, and this is a corner kick routine to score from corners I just want to say thank you for 50k subscribers that is absolutely amazing I’m over the moon about that and to reward you I’ve got an amazing to talk here today This is incredible been working on loads of different corner routines with the tactics with with just experiment in here And then this is the best one, but there’s a lot of steps so how to do it It’s what you’re gonna want to do first and foremost I’ll get straight out of way you want to press down on the your directional button as shown on screen now on the Xbox or Playstation and that will get rid the set-piece tactics up and all you want to do is press down one more time because that is the option as you can see for run near post so all you want to do a Straight way when you get a corner is double tap the down button on a directional D-pad okay, and that all activates the place to run at the near post that’s the first thing you want to do one of many steps and The second thing I want to get into is who to use. This is optional this bit of an increase your chances I think as you can see search fàbregas has got set piece Set place specialist rather and this was corner specialist last year on FIFA 17, but EA have changed it to Set play specialist And this certainly will increase your chances the boy now looks like the best corner take on a game who’s got cross our specialty Early cross our long passer tracer set place specialist and as for the stats crossing 92 Broner Long pass 84 that’s not that important and to Herrera or Jordan Henderson take my corner, so it’s not a given That’s optional as for where to use and what I mean by that is is the aiming and I’m talking about this yellow marker You see on the screen now that is what you’re going to be moving with the left stick and you want to move that obviously to the near post it goes without saying and And I’ve got that highlighted in the green area for you there you want to move it in and around that area guys anyway around there and will you’ll be sorted and This is a one of my amazing cuz this is the last point of when it disappears the last like screen That is where I put the ball and you can see Marshall of a bullet had had his hat into the back And they’re absolutely incredible girl all these clips are from the online season apart from one clip Was offline because just to show you it does work in an offline as well as Ultimate Team I play C’s there’s a lot plan against real players, but I do play offline sometimes I mean you’ve got the squad battles this year haven’t they and a lot, I like to remote But this is the offline goal, but this is not how to not do it right with Getting the player icon up with Marathi You can see I thought I actually got the power icon up that’s more complicated process And I’m we’ve dimmed an internet post it didn’t really work This is one time where it did work, and I scored from it But on the whole you don’t need to get the player up guys Just move that icon the yellow marker into the near post area where I said with the green highlight area And you’ll be sorted so it’s less complicated that way as for the power you want to put into it It’s one and a half to two bars of power know nothing more Nothing less guys you want one half or two bars of power and my final For the magic sauce is to curl it guys you want to swerve it like an out swinger Okay Where I showed you on a directional button you want to offer a bit of curl or a bit of swerve and? this will be a mate in view so you want a double tap down directional button to add fade the the set pace move the marker to the near post put the appropriate power in and then finally swerve the ball and And that it’s not this is the final piece of the puzzle as For the direction you want to look at the keepers starts where he is in the guy I mean he’s pretty much in the mid-water moment isn’t it so you can aim free leave a corner? But I think that far corner I always aim for that far corner either hits a crossbar it’s supposed to or hits the back of him there and That is where you want to aim for As for that aiming with a header as for the power this isn’t important this year anything in that suit Or it isn’t important. I would only say put three bars of power in or two bars or this or that I’m not going to over complicate things and give you an information. You don’t need what I do is I don’t even look at it. I power up for one second, so you do want a power header I power it for one second and I aim it That’s all I do It doesn’t really matter about the power of the head I always to hit the back on there and this Epitomizes this corner kick for me if I don’t score header from it which you won’t score every single time I always at least get a chance from it You can see here with the first corner up while this disc lips all the way through this is No stoppage with this with the frames. This is the second corner I don’t score again from the header but I’ll keep faith in it look a chance so you always get a chance from it or a goal from the header and finally I keep faith in it again the third corner with this with this method and We get rewarded any which way guys I know albeit a known goal, but it’s in the backer in there And it’s not the type of God will at the score But then more of them not this will be the end result bang Bullet header into the back of net is absolutely insane if you fill up all of these steps that I’ve showed you Remember you don’t need a hole like the player don’t do that just aim it inside near post area. It’s even easier You’d think that over complicated? And why we would reap rewards bit dozen and so just aim it into that near post area with their power but that uses set-piece tactics or for that swerve is that the killer that is the difference when I was just Just whipping it in it didn’t make as much it made much more difference when I was offering a swerve that is the real Secret sauce to this and corner kicked tutorial in this this method of scoring goes on corners so guys yeah that is it for this tutorial and Thanks again for 50k subs all of you amazing new supporters. It’s been incredible dawei and over continues I love my subscribers and you’ve been amazing and Make sure you subscribe and if you’re new around here a like and a share is always appreciated And yeah guys I’ll see you for the next tutorial. Thanks for watching

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  1. Man Your contentt is amazing! Been a fan since fifa 16….Can I suggest to change your channels name? It still says FIFA 16 instead of 18

  2. Get Van Djik, aim to Van Djiks head, try it, it is ridiculous… Also nice tutorial but raise your volume i can barely hear u

  3. This shit is getting so annoying because every fucking disgusting noob online wants to use this every fucking time

  4. Why make this video? Now people that are trash at the game and can't create chances are going to just do this to score.

  5. This is what I hate about FIFA… once you’ve mastered an easy goal, you can pull it off almost every time, and it just gets boring!!! Every match needs to have variety (like real life matches do). If it wasn’t for the game modes and licenses, I’m sure Pes would have the crown, the gameplay has a much wider replay value.

  6. Lol quality I literally just watched this vid from Googling how to score, started my second half, created a corner and followed this tutorial. I hit the bar then managed to scrap a goal on the rebound! Well done bud for researching and sharing the info! Subbed and Liked!

  7. This is what I mean about EA sports made games and fifa in particular. It's computer aided. From these ridiculous corners to kick off bugs where a guy can't score or create a chance against your team before you score yet straight from his kick off he gets in

  8. While taking the corner kicks my yellow marker is moving always, how to keep It constant without moving?is there any option in settings?

  9. Awesome tutorial, I really appreciate your effort making those very useful tutorials. 
    But it would be better if you speak a bit slower so that it will be easier to understand.
    Thank you.

  10. mates FIFA Solved – FIFA 18 Tips & Tutorials my brother i like your videos ? keep up the good work as always touch wood god bless you FIFA Solved – FIFA 18 Tips & Tutorials my brother mates

  11. It's a very good video, it worked for me against my friends in multiplayer, while they threw their controllers!? But how is it a glitch?

  12. any advice on how to get the goalie under your control for one on ones? im on xbox one and cant take control of the keeper. ive read up and tried and tested but just cant do it, any tips?

  13. Thanks for the tutorial.
    It’s a just shame you tubers Mislead people for hits.
    Title is How to score every time…then during the video you say “you won’t score every time” ha

  14. Hello, i really do enjoy ALL! your tut, your playing IQ is really high. Just one question; When do i press the kick button to score?
    I have very poor timing, after creating space for the corner i can't get my player head the ball. I experience the the same problem for crosses. Any tips will do, thanks.

  15. Hey bud, I usually play with PSG and I don't see this "set play specialist" option on the main squad. Any ideas why or do you have an alternative for me? Thanks for responding.

  16. Tutorial – How to be better at Fifa
    1) Sub to this channel
    2) watch the Vids

    no…… thats it…… sub and watch …… why you still reading this?

  17. This channel is going to be very successful if you are going to constantly upload quality content like this.

  18. My team is Beşiktaş and I’m about to promoted to league 2 ! online league much better than ultimate league.U don’t have to deal with transfer and shit like that ….

  19. I find doing that, and calling a player out very effective because a small non threatening player tends to drag out a tall centre half

  20. I scored 3 goals off corner kicks in my first match after watching this video haha. I haven’t played seriously since fifa 10 so I was completely lost with corner kicks

  21. new to all this (subscribed just recently) – took your instructions to heart and this has definitely increased my chances! Great, classy videos. Looking forward to following you from here on.

  22. I have tried this, i play on Xbox one. I have a problem, I can not activate any corner set piece.. I can press down and it active my menu, but after pressing another button it does not work, any help please.. really love your videos they are truly helpfu

  23. I'll give you the solution to DEFENDS against ANY corner! There is a defence to every attack in fifa 18 that's a fact I can't stand this formula cheat bullshit! Shit players conceded only with winning

  24. Ok! Lol you Sir just got a new subscriber ??? I've been trying for so long to score from a corner and after a few trials after watching your tutorial I got 1 in..did exactly as you said. Lol wish I could send you the video. Just spectacular

  25. Hi there, quick question on the traits. I noticed in the FUT mode of my FIFA 18 that I recently acquired, de Bruyne and Fabregas don't have the "Set play specialist" trait they have here. Was that trait removed in an update or something between this video and now, perhaps? Or do they only have these traits in a certain mode?

  26. How do you curve the ball? I'm new to fifa. All you really said was use the left stick. Do you just use the left stick as if it was the ball and you are controlling it?

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