FIFA 17 Gameplay Features – Active Intelligence System – Marco Reus

FIFA 17 Gameplay Features – Active Intelligence System – Marco Reus

FIFA 17’s Active Intelligence System means players are smarter, more active off the ball, and they react to better defined space. We worked with Marco Reus, an expert at creating space to understand how he helps his teammates to link up with him. After a while, it becomes second nature. You then also know how to read movements and everything just runs on instinct. In FIFA 17 every player on the pitch has a heightened awareness of space, analyzing surrounding players and the situation to better understand current attacking opportunities and adapt to create space in the future. You’ll notice more activity off the ball from your teammates, you’ll see new run types like fake runs or players dropping deep to support the play; one might show short for the ball while another attacker runs in behind, keeping the defenders on their toes at all times. The Active Intelligence System gives you better options in attack and more time on the ball to create chances.

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  1. Did anyone else see:
    -» Cdm still pushes forward
    Around 0:20
    -» Smalling stops and doesn´t keep up with the the run Reus made
    Around 0:30
    -» the Chelsea defender stops and doesn´t keep up with the run Reus made
    Around 0:40

    Well done EA you are bragging about the same features as last year, your player runs should be perfect by now, considering the amount of times you hyped them before the new games.
    And you still haven´t understood how bad defenders are in your games

  2. Will you improve the normal carrer mode as player? Like the possibility to have contracts expiring, renegotiate your contract, etc…?

  3. Maybe they'll finally fix that situation where your teammates offside place themselves on the trajectory of your shots.

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  5. Anyone know the song during and after the trailer? Its possibly a new FIFA 17 song (sounds a little bit like old Zedd).

  6. Kit Creator
    Career mode more realsitc transfers like buy player an leave him on loan in same club
    Change Hair to football players(Messi is now blonde but he wiil be maybe again brown so…..
    Better Positiong of players
    Tica-Taca and more tactics
    Normal goalkeepers not to good and not too bad.
    Tnx Ea

  7. ea make a new rugby cause rugby challenge 3 is the same as all the other rugby challenge games + i love ea sport games

  8. if youre attacking : " Wow my player knew where to run to get the ball "
    if youre defending: " WTF ??? HOW DID HE GET THROUGH?? FCK THIS !! "

  9. I don't like this new feature because the players are getting tired way faster (Example: look at the stamina of Reus in the Trailer!)

  10. I know its just a demo Version but it looks like there is no preparation for the shot, as you can see in 0:33. So the player runs and the shot comes out of nowhere, I hope in the full Version its different.

  11. So glad they are adding this, now when I pass to my CM and look for the through ball to my wingers they won't just stand there looking at the ball while being marked

  12. Ich hoffe mal, dass der Unterschied der schwachen und starken Mannschaften hier deutlich wird, sodass die Weltklasse-Spieler wirklich deutlich intelligenter sind.

  13. Young players that need GameFace:
    -Renato Sanches
    -Ousmane Dembélé
    -Kingsley Coman
    -Raphaël Guerreiro
    -Leroy Sané
    -Saul Niguez
    -Denis Suarez
    -Domenico Berardi
    -Munir El Haddadi
    -Roberto Firmino
    -Julian Weigl

    Players that need updated Hair/Faces:
    -Loic Remy
    -El Shaarawy

  14. So basically. Defenders are thicker, not tracking these runs, namely due to them having lower speed;, and pass spammers can just magically get one vs one?

    Because that's all I really witnessed and learned from this. My Fifa 17 tactic is pre-planned then.

  15. I've been shocked that PES hasn't improved more in this area. Feels like every game I'm yelling at at least one of my teammates for not making an obvious run into space. That said, if the defense hasn't been strengthened to balance this, it could be a track meet all game long.

    Can't wait to have BOTH demos and finally make a fucking decision, lol.

  16. Players don't make runs though? I'll give an example. I'm doing a career mode with AS Monaco and my striker, Radamel Falcao, has a very good attack positioning stat and a high attacking workrate, but everytime I give the ball to my Attacking Midfielder, Viktor Kovalenko, I expect a run from my striker, instead, Falcao just sits there with my midfielders and no other players make runs! So if this active intelligence system actually works then explain why this is happening

  17. ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE … wow tell that to the fucking players who fall over there own feet, run into eachother like a pair of clowns at a circus. A goal keeper who forgets how to use his hands. EA sort your fucking priorities out or don't bother releasing FIFA 18

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