FIFA 16 Gameplay Innovations: Defense, Midfield, Attack

FIFA 16 Gameplay Innovations: Defense, Midfield, Attack

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  1. Tactical defending sucks!!!! Is frustrating is impossible is so difficult is just garbage!!! Bing back legacy defending online

  2. There is really only two problems with fifa 15 and that is defending the sprint dribble and how someone can sprint around your keeper, and the keeper isn't intelligent enough to dive out for the ball.

  3. The gameplay looks like fifa 14. Very slow. Don't like that one bit. The pace should be like in Fifa 15, but with this new defence system they have this year.

  4. Yeah and watch EA bring out tonnes of shitty updates that'll turn this back in to Fifa 15 so that 17 feels like a huge step up. Smh

  5. Last year they said they improved the goalkeepers but that just made them worse. Now they have improved them even more making them more shitter.

  6. It'd be cool if EA would listen to what the players want for once. We want to create our own badges, kits and stadiums in FUT!!!!!

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  8. please bring legacy defending online. playing with tactical defending makes our defender looks idiotic. i dont see any reason why EA should ban legacy def in online. such a 'nice way" to annoy hardcore fifa players

  9. the first Fifa I won't be getting day 1. 15 was so poor and the goal keepers were infuriating. The lack of game mode additions is disappointing.

  10. This looks encouraging. Keepers need improvement the most so to hear they put the most work into it is good. Slide tackles also are difficult to master so to make them more rewarding for those who are good at them is cool with players getting up more quickly and fake tackles. And hopefully defensive AI improves its positioning but we'll see

  11. The tackle at 0.20 is not even allowed in football, since he tackles with a straight stretched leg lmao

    But yeah, great improvement in stopping skilled players.

  12. Lol this video make me cry cause PC version got same Innivations like in Fifa 15, anything what i saw in this video wasnt in fifa16 demo or full game on PC lol rofl XD still stupid on PC , guys dont buy any fifa on PC its bullshit , only on Xbox or playstation

  13. everyone bashing on football games for being the same each year, while they never look at basketball games for being the same each year.

  14. They also need to spend some more time on the dutch competition
    Like adding the stadiums of feyenoord and psv and the game faces of some of their players,
    I mean come on the biggest part of their sqauds are internationals and the only one who has a gameface is arek milik from ajax
    Please EA spend some time on our national league

  15. Ea, you are making people to hate the game because you interfer in the game too much allowing one side to dominate in the game while the other side suffer with slow play. leave the game for us. we paid our money.

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  17. EA I've got FIFA 16 but I'm not right sure if I've got the full experience I've got on a Playstation 3 could you help me out please

  18. Innovation?? You've murdered the game this year (take it as constructive criticism from someone who has bought the game since FIFA International Soccer on the Mega Drive)… I can't take a step on the pitch without the other team pressing like super humans – this does not happen in real life. Tomorrow I'm buying PES 2016. You skulls of trivia.

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