FIFA 16 Gameplay Features: No Touch Dribbling with Lionel Messi

FIFA 16 Gameplay Features: No Touch Dribbling with Lionel Messi

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  1. Are we going to ignore how retarded that boby shimmy was?

    This will be annoying as the computer (AI) will commit to the tackle for you, people will master it and abuse this system.

    I have when the AI does things for me when I am IN CONTROL of the player, like clearances in defence and conceding procession. 

    This is a gimmicky feature, they need to think from the players perceptive rather than the player in the game, we get to see more of the pitch, whereas a player in real life see a portion.

  2. There are too many problems in this game for us to pay 60 bucks. Don't release FIFA annually EA. WE all know you just wanna make money and give two shits about us fans but FIFA will lose fans if you don't improve at all.

    Just release the games every few years with actual improvements and new innovative systems.

  3. Fix your game. Fifa 15 was way worst than fifa 14. AI is very weird, the goalkeepers are not effective and sometimes i feel u guys roll qa dice n make sure a team has an advantage

  4. Fifa is getting stupider & stupider, i sont want to play like Messi, i want to play like myself . I hate it when you press a button to shoot or pass immediately & the player first stop[s the ball. I want the player to do exactly as i want because i must be in control. This is turning out to be a COD of football.

  5. It'd be cool if in career mode you will eventually be able to create your own cleat, choose the sponsor, do the colors, etc.

  6. No touch dribbling is a awful feature, a friend had the career mode beta and i got to play it, was definitely not impressed with it at all

  7. this no touch dribbling move can already be used in fifa 15 EA are lying that this is a new feature because its not…but it is good to see that this move has been improved a little bit haha this is the best thing EA have done in a long time well done EA

  8. sounds good and all but when playing on legendary the computer will know you're feinting. so while you're feinting left or right the opponent wouldve already taken the ball down the pitch. I'm only saying cause it happens to me on FIFA 15. no matter how much I try to defend the ball the computer always throws me aside like I'm non existent. but when they defend their possession of the ball, their immovable. maybe it's just me. or I'm missing something. haha.

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  10. i would like fifa to include the female clubs, PSL and have the champions league and europa league the way pes does and have Peter Drury and Jim Beglin added to the commentators which you can choose get that right then fifa would be complete for me

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  13. Fifa was better when they had licence with barcalona and messi as there main man because it was a hi game when the hame is not always about one player (fifa 18 and 19 Ronaldo as the main man and only focused on him) but the whole team as well

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