FIFA 15 vs PES 2015 | Gameplay + Info

FIFA 15 vs PES 2015 | Gameplay + Info

Hi everyone Today I’m gonna talk about a battle that takes place every year PES or FIFA? At the same time I’ll show you demo gameplays This 2015 it will be a hard fight And I’m gonna tell you why Let’s start with PES 2015 This edition will be similar to PS2 ones, because it will be based on them Yup, that’s right. Those succesful and fun old games, but of course with next-gen graphics. The FOX Engine (PES rendering engine) has been improved, with realistic animations. The lighting is incredible Goalkeepers perform a lot better than in previous years IA has been improved, gameplay is now based on each player dribbling and not so much on pro skills and you have total control when defending Teams will play just like in real life For example, Luis Enrique’s Barcelona will dominate ball possesion Guardiola’s Bayern with frenetic attacks from their origin Boca and their problems while defending… Ok, maybe not haha Although FIFA 15 has way more licenses than PES, PES 2015 still has exclusively the Champions League, Europa League, Libertadores and Sudamericana. As for online mode, this edition is way below FIFA, with game modes such as myClub (Online Master League, Konami’s Ultimate Team) You will be able to change the environment of the match For example, if your rival plays passing at ground level, you can set the grass to be higher so it will be more difficult for your rival to play or you could water the grass to touch the ball faster Something that may impact negatively on this edition is its launch date. While FIFA 15 will launch on September 23 (USA) -in Europe, on Sept 25- PES 2015 has been delayed to November 13 On this channel you’ll have it before, of course Watch some gameplay so you can have your personal opinion And what do you think? Is Neuer jumping like in real life? Like when he clashed against Higuain? Did Argentina deserve a penalty? Who knows… Oh, before I forget, I’d like to show you the good job they made while making Casillas Just look at that goal haha Now let’s talk about FIFA 15 FIFA 15 made a great jump This edition looks next-gen now Unlike FIFA 14, which had better graphics than the PS3 edition and that was all Player IA has been drastically improved In my opinion, players look smarter in FIFA 15 than in PES 2015 And now they have something called Emotional Intelligence During the match, Players will face different emotions, which can be possitive or negative for the team. You’ll also be able to set new team tactics You’ll be able to set your team mentality to Park the Bus like Chelsea when they won the Champions League in 2012 You’ll be able to tell your players to put the ball “in the mixer” That means lofting the ball into the madness, hoping you will get a fortunate goal from it. There’s a new, much more intuitive menu to manage your team. And goalkeepers are better than FIFA 14 ones With more animations and better AI Every single touch on the ball, man-to-man battles, and dribbling have been improved. More details about this can be found on EA Sports website. FIFA 15 has realistic graphics Now stadiums are alive, and the pitch is full of emotion FIFA stadiums are more alive than PES ones, but Konami wins at design. I really like PES stadiums Playing surfaces wear down as the match progresses, with boot marks visible on the pitch FIFA 15 will also include chants and behaviors relevant to your country or even your club For example in “La Bombonera” you’ll listen “Boca, mi buen amigo…” This happens in PES 2015 when teams get on the pitch With Boca Juniors chants for example I mention Boca because I support Boca Juniors and it’s in the FIFA 15 demo Of course other teams have their own chants too But I haven’t heard it in-game in PES while in FIFA you can hear chants during the match Now the game looks like a football tranmission with cameras identical to TV ones It’s like watching a real TV transmission You may think it’s real life, but it’s FIFA FIFA sells more in the United Kingdom than in any other place That’s why FIFA 15 has all 20 stadiums of the Barclays Premier League and over 200 new player models that means the starting XI of every single team As for licenses, FIFA triumphs The Chilean League, Turkish Super League are new This is in addition to leagues licensed for FIFA 14 However, the Brazilian League will not appear in FIFA 15 While it will in PES 2015 The Argentine League will appear in both games We don’t know what will happen with the new league system 10 teams will be promoted from the 2nd division and I don’t think they’ll appear in FIFA 15 Probably in 2016 all the 30 teams will be part of both games In Argentina we won’t know which teams will be promoted until December And in December, both games will have already been launched… Argentine League is too complicated, it starts and finishes in the same year. Argentina is going against the current Every important European league finishes in May and starts in August. But this is Argentina… On a different topic, an all-new hub powered by keeps fans connected to the latest football news and action from their favorite club or league. So you’ll be able to play with the latest players This is the old Match Day, which now has a database powered by FIFA wins at online modes, as I’ve already told you, with FIFA Ultimate Team, its most popular mode. That’s all, folks! I hope you liked it Give a like if you did And please subscribe to my channel, it’d help me a lot. Don’t forget to comment: FIFA, PES or will you give both an opportunity? I’ll leave you with gameplay footage of both games, so you can compare. Greetings and a hug. See you soon! Bye bye! Oh, so you’re the one who left Argentina out of the World Cup… That’s a yellow card, @$$h0I€!.

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  1. lo que no me gusta es que al pes y al fifa 2016 lo largan en 2015 al pes y fifa 2017 lo van a largar en 2016 y aci el equipo de mi ciudad Parana entre rios que se llama patronato ascendio a fin de año y obviamente no esta en el 2016

  2. Fifa es una popo cristiano ronaldo va hacer yo estoy aquí y lo hace todo feo PES gana tiene mejores gráficas y mejor jugabilidad PES gana sobrado fifa es un peo

  3. Pes 2015: oh que juego genial.
    F 15: Esto es una mierda…
    Pes 2016: Que mala jugabilidad por dioslo bueno son las graficas
    Fifa 16: que juegazo por dios .
    Criticas en 3….2…1..


  4. fran para mi pes 15 es el segundo mejor de la saga de pes pero fifa estaba muy bien y esta vez me voy por el pes 15 y algun dia voy a subir un gameplay de pes

  5. como se llama la cancion brasileña que pusiste cuando estavas habalndo del pes2015 la cancion brasileña de fondo



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