FIFA 15 Tutorial: How To Score Penalties

FIFA 15 Tutorial: How To Score Penalties

penalty should always be treated like a free goal for your team the following tips will boost your conversion rate make sure you pick the right man for the job if you don’t know your players hold RT to select a player with a hypen attribute press the shoot button just before the marker gets to the green section of the meter to allow for reaction time then power up your shot by holding the shoot button aim whilst powering up bearing in mind that the invisible aiming reticule speeds up when you get closer to the goals frame we recommend between 2 and 3 bars of power to hit the ball hard without missing the target a good place to aim penalties is straight down the center into the roof of the net press shoot for one second as you push up on the left stick let go of the left stick before you release the shoot button and you have a great chance of scoring the stutter penalty can put the goalkeeper off as you pause mid run to do this press shoot again whilst running bear in mind that the aiming reticule speeds up but also enlarges after the stutter meaning you can change the direction of your penalty at the expense of accuracy so be conservative with your aim or you could miss the target entirely perform the chip penalty in the same way as you would in open play hold lb and tap the shoot button for a low powered chip into the net bear in mind that you will be restricted to aiming down the middle third of the goal if the keeper dives you should score when facing a penalty you have two choices guess where your opponent will place the ball or try and be reactive dive towards the ball using the right stick and hopefully you’ll guess the right way or if your reactions are good and they haven’t put too much power on the shot wait until they kick the ball and make the save if you suspect your opponent is going to kick the ball into the roof of the net hold up on the right stick to save it new Jaffe 4:15 our distractions you can perform when standing between the sticks press a B X or Y to perform one of four routines it could play mind games with your opponent the practice penalties check out the skill games in the play menu poor press the d-pad in the box inside the arena subscribe to our YouTube channel for FIFA 15 tips

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  1. Yeah thats cool and all, but please for the love of God REFORM CAREER MODE! I miss the old career modes like 08's and 06's…. all you do nowadays is literally just play games, scout players, and transfers. A career mode should be much more than that. Futhead compiled a big list of of what the community wants to be in CM in FIFA 16, so please listen to your fans for once 

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  3. Hey guys,
    My mom told me that she is gonna break my PlayStation,
    If i don't have 500,000,000 subscribers by Tomorrow.

    Please help me ;(
    Thans you;)

  4. FIFA16 should allow us to take a penalty like Pires and Henry attempted…
    a lot of TVs and controllers are going to break..hahaha..

    and I hope EA will fix the Sturridge dance..I like his dance better in real the game, his celebration just looks weird..

    in career mode, I wish EA would allow us to swap more than 1 player for another player during transfer window..

    @EA SPORTS FIFA could you explain whatever tutorial you're doing next using XBOX and Playstation buttons?

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  6. the penalty down the middle pretty much is exploited by EA themselves. I always flick up the middle and my goalkeeper will still just fall under a fricken chipped penalty ;/

  7. Well you didn't fucking add ways to distract the attacker for old gen havent you? Money ? whores. Your games are fucking terrible for old gen usually. Look at pes. They make their game equal by having the same graphics for old gen and next gen. And pes are getting slightly better so in your place I would watch out and start looking forward to making quality games for old gen.

  8. WTF EA ? i should make this video on the starting days of fifa 15  not in the end of the season, and everybody know how to score da freaking penalties

  9. EA should hire programmers who knows what is European football… Fifa 15 Online mods are very bad…. and to make FIFA be playable as European football game not NFL……

  10. Press the fucking shoot button when its in the green and aim it. If he saves it oh well you're shite if you make it congrats. Ffs what a pointless video

  11. ea ur terrible at making games and the hole reason is uve got no competition so atleast put some effort in ur games for once

  12. I can't use my account anymore because I forgot my security thing I had a sick bunderslig team worth 40k I hate u Ea now I'm gonna cry in the corner

  13. Last time I did the keeper trick it messed with the PK takers mind so much that he shot himself and had to end the game. Oh wait… It does NOTHING!

  14. I would rather EA upload tutorials on "HOW TO AVOID EASPORTS's RIDICULOUSLY HANDICAPPED SCRIPTS!" FIFA 15 has evolved into an unscrupulously manipulative programmed gameplay where it's no longer the case of whoever's the better player wins the match but whoever's on EA's AID takes it all.

  15. We strongly advise against buying FIFA 15. It's even worse game from BF 4. The dosing errors and very full rerzyserka. Besides EA scammers there's nothing doing. In addition, the game will crash the PS3.

  16. This is excellent news, I have never bought FIFA games before, but thanks to including women, I will be buying this one. Thanks FIFA 😀

  17. I cant do the mind tales tell me do i need an upgrade or what i Want an answer if not then minus one sucriber

  18. Is distracting the shooter in PS4 only? I try to do it on FIFA15 PS3 but it doesnt work,seems like its on PS4 only but thats bad…

  19. why on earth press before it reaches green? Who invented this bullshit? Why not press when it is where it should be? This is just ridiculous>

  20. please will you guys include celtic park in the game messi has just said last week that its the best atmosphere he has ever played in cmon guys

    i tried to use the buttons on the ps3 as the keeper and it dosent work. not in game or practice. why?

  22. I can't get the fein't right. I've tried one tap, two, holding and spamming the shoot button at various points on the run up but he just shoots regularly. This is on the ps4

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