FIFA 15 Tutorial: How To Defend

FIFA 15 Tutorial: How To Defend

it’s no good scoring three goals if you end up conceding four here are some useful tips for keeping things tight at the back don’t be overly aggressive when defending only attempt a tackle if you’ve got a good chance of winning the ball otherwise you’re liable to leave a gap at the back for your opponent to exploit sprinting into an miss timing tackles will let attackers get past you instead close the gap between you and the attacker and then slow down as you approach they’re on your feet and wait for the right moment to perform a standing tackle by tapping the B button if you go shoulder-to-shoulder hit B to push or pull your opponent and disturb their run but do this sparingly or the referee will lightly blow through a foul when up against a quick or skillful player you might be better off holding LT and using jockey to track your opponents run allowing you to maintain enough distance so they won’t beat you with a change of direction it’s very effective when defending down the wings jockey the attackers run and you should be able to block their cross or prevent a run into the box slide tackling should be a last resort don’t commit to one unless you are sure you can win the ball slide tackles when successful are great if you’re playing against someone who doesn’t make unpredictable runs and for making last-ditch blocks on shots teamate contain is a fantastic way to mark a play with a ball and limit their movement by using your AI teammates to help you hold RB to send the closest AI control player towards the attacker while you use the player you’re directly controlling to mark players making runs or to block through balls but don’t overuse it continually pressing RB can drag players out of position and destroy your shape if the play is between your midfield and defense try bringing an attacker or midfielder back into defense to help out limiting space and avoiding pulling a defender out of position you can switch between players by hitting lb or by flicking the right stick towards that player turn off auto switching in the game menu if you want complete control over who you have selected if you’re still being exposed at the back try creating a custom tactic with a deeper defensive line and experiment with players and formations to plug in e gaps finally the patient sometimes your opponent will do the hard work for you and make a mistake by running the ball out of play or playing a sloppy pass subscribe to our YouTube channel for more FIFA 15 tips you

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  1. All defend tips in this videp was useless when your face against player who were good on 4-5 star skills player. next video maybe how to fix stupid AI in fifa15 ?

  2. I really love FIFA 15 but you should bring some features back from FIFA 07 Career Mode… like the improvements of trainers for each position, improvement of capacity of the stadium, improvement of doctors, etc. 

    Obiously each action would have a cost, and some BIG teams will have some improvements done when you join the team.

    Maybe also giving you the chance to make a ticket price will be great. You`ll need to change the price constantly depending on your results and the number of fans (the number of fans should increase or decrease depending on the team's results)

  3. Thanks ea, everyone was just running right by my players, now i can stop them from scoring on me ao much, i never knew how to take the ball!

  4. I know how yo defend but when the computer decides not to follow its man or a wing bsck doesnt move in the middle to cover when thrre is no one else.yoo many problems to point out

  5. You want to explain to me when ive got players in the midfield and I have one set to sit back when attacking and the other to either normal or go forward, yet the one picked to sit back gets forward more often that the player ive set to go forward?

  6. I swear there is a hidden slider because of some momentum bs. Your players won't even react to loose balls and give space for your opponent 

  7. I wish they just went back to the fifa 15 before the patch. At least chip balls wasn't as effective, it feels a lot like fifa 14 now.

  8. Gutes Tutorial. Auch wenn ich es nicht so schwer finde.. Aber Verteidigen ist schon um einiges realistischer geworden in den letzten Jahren. Gut so!

  9. We pay the same money for the game as xbox one or ps4 users did, and you being so lazy dickheadsmadafers don't update FIFA 15 PC EAS FC catalogue and we play with black&white boots/no hi-vis balls/no new boots,no new balls, i hope you'll lose all your clients, i'm done with this disgrace of FIFA , better play unlicensed PES than ,,livensed,, blackwhiteboots FIFA 13 to FIFA 15. LAZY EA retards.

  10. I Know 99% of evryone won't read this but If you do please keep reading. i'm a really small Chanel i upload daily videos of fifa goals and skills. if you check out my chanel and like my videos be sure to subscribe and i'll upload daily content thanks for Reading! 🙂

  11. "Switch player using LB or flicking the right stick towards the player you want to change to"

    Yeah it's a shame something as simple as that doesn't even work 👏

  12. Ea.Your game freezes my computer every time i put it in and now my PS4 destroyed because of your FUCKING RETARDED MINDLESS DICKFACES that work there in EA fucking sports.
    You own me a new PS4!!

  13. Defending is easy, the problem is with the game itself. Defenders are running into each other because they're attracted to the ball, causing it to fumble to opponents. there's a problem with the auto switch, i play with it off and when I'm 2nd man pressing it would switch to the player I'm using as the 2nd presser. The game forces you to switch to players that would compromise your shape when defending rather than a sensible cover option. 2nd press will always drag a defender no matter what, rather than a cpu player who'd be closer to the ball or behind the ball carrier. I've learned how to deal with these things but they need addressing.

  14. This is all well and good, IF:
    1. The teammate contain button worked at least 75% of the time, which it doesn't.
    2. AI defenders took better angles to players running down the flanks with the ball.
    3. AI controlled CDMs and CMs attempted to break up play between the lines (or did anything other than stand and watch).

    I get that the user should do the lion's share of defending but at least allow the AI to follow simple instructions (like respond to the second man press button) and do the basic stuff.

  15. Why are players not easy to loan in Career Mode, like Falcao! We should be able to pay some money and get them on loan!

  16. I don't get why you're all complaining about the servers. I have probably one of the worst internet connections and my matches don't lag and very rarely disconnect. The game is just fine when it comes to connection issues. Like seriously lol

  17. Look there my videos are really cool and I'm ready to meet all your requests for Career Mode in FIFA 15 and other various legal games. 

  18. this person i was playing tried to clear the ball with me not having contact of the ball, he ends up hitting me and kicks the ball away, the ref gives me a penalty and him a red card.

  19. Great graphics,futures etc but game is so fast and some bad things like gkeepers and custom tactics(i think its a cheat cause everyone don't know this:(

  20. SO… You dipshits from EA are going to tell ME how to defend, HA. So the computer on ultimate just needs to learn how to attack again right because they can't score against me…. But you need to learn us how to defend right?

  21. how to win against a player whose better than you with better players
    ultra defensive
    counter-attack tactic
    make sure you use fast players who can shoot well with  high pace
    71+ pressure
    46- defense width
    76+ build up speed
    53+ passes
    53+ crosses
    67+ shooting
    hope it's gonna work for you

  22. you cant defend agianst legendary computer tho doesn't matter what you do they will always go past you or out strenght you

  23. FIFA 15 is simply a update of FIFA 14, nothing new, just more horrible defence, don't even get me started on what I've witnessed FIFA fucking me over in FUT every last 5 min of the game all of a sudden my Defenders open their defence as if they're payed off by BWIN/UNIBET, too bad PES 2015 sucks, I expect FIFA 16 to be a VERY different real changed game or else you can shove it up your ass !!

  24. Yesterday I played someone and won 3-1 although I went 1 down after 2 minutes. But then they tried to be clever and use Tim Howard to pass to a defender which instead went to Danny Welbeck ( on my team ) and I thwacked it it. Then they got a goal kick and decided to make a short one which went to Welbeck again and I went 2-1 up before half time. And just before full time I scored again but that time it wasn't sloppy passing it was Elia making a run and passing to another of my players.So whoever I played against needs to improve their passing. Well, so do I!

  25. EA go to hell . playing fifa is the best way to waist your life.  by the way fifa 15 is the worst fifa ever. i play fifa since 1998 and here in fifa 15 my skills and nice shuts wont count anymore.  fifa 15 is made for new starter and looser. just pace . and shoot.  

  26. also is there a tutorial for Sony on how to spend their depleting profits on better servers so that game doesnt suddenly lag just as I am about to score a goal …. fucking capitalist idiots!!!

  27. I have a serious problem with this defense on fifa 15, how i can defend without my DEFENSE MAKE A STUPID MISTAKE when the ball goes on the air, I mean, im in good position but everytime my defense give the ball to de rival or make a stupid move to lose the ball.. PLEASEE ANYONE

  28. Since 98 playing Fifa !!! And not be able to use legacy defending is so frustrating!!!! Bring it back !!! TACTICAL DEFENDING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Oakwood
    Akron the first time since the update it l I don't have to Isi a ever seen ie headband the laughter

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