FIFA 15 – Manchester City Player Tournament – Agüero, Nasri, Touré, Boyata

FIFA 15 – Manchester City Player Tournament – Agüero, Nasri, Touré, Boyata

We are at the Etihad Stadium… To play FIFA 15. Hey, like Suarez does… It was Suarez. The header with Suarez. I’m the daddy for clearing the ball, eh? You have to admit, at least I know how to clear the ball. The free kick… obviously that Kun shot… it was a good free kick. Whack it in the back of the net, boss! Greedy, you hogged the ball. Tell me what we’re doing here? OK, we’ll have City. We’ll take Madrid! United! United? No, no. Go on, take United! Are you crazy? That would make us traitors! Yes! Kun! We have to score a goal! He has back pain! Hey, penalty! Of course, it’s a foul! I tried to strike to the same angle I did against Bayern but it hit the post. Here Yahus… Go for it Yahus! Yahus! He tackled the ball instead of shooting… One time, Boyata… twice… I give him the ball, he couldn’t score. Sergio and I have won the tournament. We are the losers… I always enjoy winning…. Well done Sammi…

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  4. Fifa16 is so slow I fall a sleeping playing this game. There is no fun in this game. FIFA 15 was the best. EA is the shitties company out there ruined this game.

  5. İzleyen türkler 2:14 de aguero selam verdi yaya toure almadı aguero thelikedeysen bidahaki maç hol at değilsen siktir et amk

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