FIFA 14 Dribbling Tutorial / The Face Up Dribbling / The most effective attacking moves / FUT & HDH

FIFA 14 Dribbling Tutorial / The Face Up Dribbling / The most effective attacking moves / FUT & HDH

he makes it easy fantastic go really it was precious Roy he’s gonna ban croco it’s a stomach go for a movie hey fellas how’s everyone doing welcome to a new episode from my fifa 14 tips and tricks series this time we will be talking about the skill dribbling it’s not as effective and overpowered as it was in the past years but it’s still a good weapon to use when you want to build up your attack before we get into this tutorial if you want to buy cheap and reliable coins make sure to check free fall team 18 coins come and use the code over that’s ovv white for a grade 5% discount the skill dribbling is relatively easy to make all you need to do is press in the same time the left trigger and the right trigger on your xbox controller while also using your left analog for direction in case you are PlayStation player you need to use the l2 and r2 in combination with your left analog this move is very productive when you want to change the direction and surprise your opponent I like using it a lot when I want to keep possession of the ball and wait for my players to get in the right positions a very important thing that you need to have in mind while performing this move is that it is not effective to exit the skill dribbling with a sprint you will most likely lose position because your player which will tap the ball too much in front of him and the defender will get it so if you want to exit from this move just stop pressing the left trigger and right trigger combo another type of move that you can make using the skill dribbling is the stop and turn if you are older here on my channel you might remember that I have created a tutorial about it and it was really easy to do you just have to press the LB or l1 button on your controllers if you press the skill dribbling combo and you do it without direction from left analog it will do the stop and turn as I am sure many of you know bass move is incredibly efficient especially before doing long over the head chip as because it gives you time for your players to make the run so fellas now it’s time to go into the practice arena and start trying this move a couple of times before you start doing it in the online matches remember practice makes it perfect so don’t be disappointed if it won’t work from the first strike it would be incredible if we could go as high as 130 likes for this video make sure to drop a comment below and let me know what would you like to see in my next videos think of for watching my name is over see you later

26 Replies to “FIFA 14 Dribbling Tutorial / The Face Up Dribbling / The most effective attacking moves / FUT & HDH”

  1. Hi Ovvy. Thank you for the Vid. I am wondering about one thing. It seems that if I just tap L1 on PS3 I will turn quicker and alter direction faster. That is just tapping L1 tapping without standing still and turn or moving slow which you when you hold the L1.. Do you think tapping L1 makes you able to alter direction faster or does it just make players run?

  2. Hi again. I am not talking about that move. Let me put it in another way. If I tap the L1 one while moving the left stick what will happen? Will my player move any differently or will he just ask other players to make runs for him? 

  3. Great video, I'm already a good fifa player but Both my defending and dribbling was a problem, and I didn't know why until now!

  4. This is not related to the video, but I wonder if EA could be persuaded to eventually include the '66 world cup team in a FIFA game as a classic team?

    I would pay good money just for that alone.

  5. hello, i need help. i play this game on my PC. and i have remote of Quantum. what keys should be pressed? can you name their function so i can know. i have assigned keys to my comfort ,thats why.

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