Fieldsports Britain – Violent poachers, Tackle & Gun Show, rifle/scope combos

Fieldsports Britain – Violent poachers, Tackle & Gun Show, rifle/scope combos

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
I am at this trade fair here. The tackle and gun show looking at fishing tackle. Sporting
rifle expert Tim Pilbeam is looking at 3 Christmas packages, rifles for under £900. First Andy
Crow has been shot at by poachers. We investigate. Like thousands of law-abiding shooters all
over the country, Andy Crow enjoys an evening out foxing and rabbitting. In 99% of cases the evening will pass without
incident, but now and again you can come across poachers. Me and a friend were out shooting. We were
out lamping and as we were going round, he has got a few pheasants, well it is just a
small little family pheasant shoot really, and I was just helping out shooting the foxes.
And it was about quarter to ten or ten to ten, something like that. We were just trundling
down, went down across one field and we were coming back up. I said to him there is a vehicle
just stopped over on the road there and didn’t know who it was. I said there is a torch shining
up into the trees. Andy and his friend went to have a closer
look and realised that someone was lamping the roosting pheasants, shooting them off
the branches with a .22 rifle. Andy shone his lamp on the truck hoping they’d move on
– they didn’t, and things got nasty… 3 of us were outside and my boy was in the
back of the van and we were standing there and he just walked up the bank and he just
up with his rifle, cracked one round off and then cracked another round off and by the
second round we were on our way. Then he went down and leant on a gate and let another round
off across after us. Definitely 100% shooting at us. Andy drove the truck away and took cover at
the far end of the field, as their exit was blocked. He switched off the lights and his
friend called the police. We rang the police, rang 999 they put us straight
through we were talking to this chap on the phone and they had another shot at us, they
leant on the gate and took another shot at us. This isn’t a .22 air rifle this is a .22
live. Because they had no idea where the poachers
had gone, they stuck tight but had to wait an hour and 10 minutes before two unarmed
police officers arrived. All it was was unarmed police. We were gobsmacked.
I said to the chap, well he is armed, where’s the armed response and he said oh they are
coming from Guildford. Andy still isn’t sure if armed response turned
up. No one has called him. But even if they did, it was too late and Andy feels that when
there was such a clear threat to life there should have been action. When we bloodly needed it they weren’t there.
Well I don’t know, it has wound me up. I am not going to go into it because I know the
old bill has a lot to do. They have got a lot of work on their plates, but it frightened
me as much as anything. To think these people go to such extremes for just over a £1 pheasant.
That was too close for comfort when you have got when you have .22 rounds whistling past
your ear hole. A number of issues are raised by this incident
– Why did it take the police so long to arrive at the scene, and then with unarmed officers?
Would things have been different if Andy had been in a town? and on a more positive note
what should shooters do if they come come across poachers? Well this is what Surrey Police says in a
statement… “A man had called 999 after noticing some
other men in the fields acting suspiciously. The man asked the men to leave when he claims
one of them fired a single shot from a firearm into the ground before leaving the scene. The information relayed by Kent Police and
the appropriate protocol for dealing with firearms incidents was followed.” We were also told by Surrey Police that Andy’s
friend was visited by officers the next day and he’d told them that he was happy with
the way the incident had been managed…However, he can’t have been that happy, because he
told US he’s made a formal complaint against Surrey police. As for Andy he has some advice. Any keepers out there, I tell you don’t approach
these old boys. Doesn’t matter how hard you are, you are not as hard as a bullet. Well from Andy on the farm to David on the
Fieldsports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. Shooting organisations have condemned the
decision by high-street newsagent WHSmith to ban under 14-year-olds from buying shooting
magazines. The company says it has taken this decision
in the erroneous belief that 14 is the legal age for obtaining a firearm. In the UK, there
are many age limits in firearms legislation and 14 is not one of them. BASC has asked
WHSmith to withdraw the policy and is awaiting a response. An American stalker has shot a new world record
moose. Bob Condon could fit inside his moose‘s
antlers. The animal weighed more than 1500lb and had an antler spread of 73 inches. Bob
shot it at 400 yards with a Browning A-bolt with a 260-grain bullet in .375 Holland & Holland
calibre. Want to help the fight for repeal against
the ban on hunting with hounds? The Countryside Alliance and the Council of
Hunting Associations have launched a Hunting Action Pack “containing all the tools you
need in order to explain, promote and defend hunting to the wider public. There is a new British rod-caught record blue
shark – but it is not an official record. This 248lb giant is the largest to be caught
in British waters. It was reeled in by 43-year-old Bob Pollard, 11 miles off Penzance, in Cornwall,
and beats the previous best by 26lb. It does not qualify as an official record because
they have to measured on land. Rhino poaching is on the up in South Africa. South Africa has lost 430 rhinos to poaching
since January this year, according to the South African government. Around 21,000 rhinos,
both black and white, remain in South Africa, about 70% of the world’s rhino population. And finally, a squirrel has made a dramatic
exit from a fourth-storey flat in Germany. It’s the wildlife story of the week. The squirrel
runs round and round the kitchen in a panic, then makes a terrifying leap for freedom.
It takes a second or two for the cameraman to catch up with it. And there it is – it
survived. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Now thinking of a rifle for Christmas? Well,
Tim Pilbeam has a few packages for your loved ones to look at. Here we have three bundles of rifle joy – three
UK distributors have put together some super price-busting kit in time for Christmas – The
cheapest is under 600 quid, the most expensive under 900 and Sporting Rifle magazine’s rifle
reviewer Tim Pilbeam is going to talk us through them. This is the new Ruger American recently launched
into the UK. This is in .243 calibre, entry level rifle, got very, very compact magazine,
which holds 5 rounds. The trigger itself is a 4lb trigger. It is quite a tough trigger
actually. We will find out when we do the shooting how good it is. As to all these rifles
being entry level, stocks are quite hollow and also the fore end , they are quite bendy.
That is what you pay for with a more expensive rifle. If you are having a heavy bolt moderator
and bipod you will have a few problems there, because it may affect the point of impact.
The rifle itself is £599 and today I have actually put a …… 3x12x50 scope with some
millet mounts and we will see how it shoots later on. This is the Savage package from Edgar Brothers.
This package is actually £649. So you can go fox shooting or deer stalking for £649.
So what do we get. We got a savage access rifle here. This one is in treble 250. Once
again a budget stock, with a bendy fore end, ok we have talked about that. A firm trigger
and it shoots very well, very predictable when you fire it. It has got a reasonably
smooth bolt, so there is nothing wrong with that at all and in the package you get a picatinny
style rail, some mounts and also a 3×12 weaver scope, which has got a really very fine reticule
and it shoots really, really well. It is a nice looking rifle. Accuracy about an inch
at 100 yards and I quite like it. It is good. Last but not least we have got the stealth
hunter combo for £899 from Highland Outdoors. This is superb value for money. What do we
get. We have got a Howa model 1500 action blue sporter barrel. We have got a Hogue over
moulded stock. We have got a fibre glass chassy over moulded with rubber material, very grippable.
I actually love this, you either love it or hate it. It think it is brilliant. The trigger
is a 2 ½ lb trigger which I find absolutely superb. The bolt itself as always with a Howa
is smooth works beautifully well and in the kit there is a Picatinny style rail which
is screwed to the receiver, mounts and 2 ½ -12 x 50 seats Nikko Stirling diamond scope
with a illuminator reticule. All this for £899. If you want a Varmint barrel or Sainstill
barrel the price will go up to £1069 including VAT ready to go. Absolutely superb, but does
it shoot well. Right so what’s next Tim? We have got 3 targets here. We have got a
fox at 200 yards, a side ways fox, we have got a moving fox at 150 yards and we have
also got another fox down the bottom there which is 50 yards away. And we are going to
have a bit of fun today. It is a competition between Matt and I. We are going to shoot
these foxes. We are going to call the given targets, A , B and C and when you are out
foxing at night time the fox does actually stop and start and sometimes it completely
disappears and if you are lamping then suddenly you find there is a fox 50 yards away or another
one appears 200 yards away. So this is very much what happens at night time. So it is
all about quick thinking, good lamping if you have got a lamp and it is actually decision
making and to make it more interesting we have 3 seconds to take the shot. So one person
will be calling A, B or C and you have got 3 seconds to reset your rifle and shoot it. Before we start lets have a look at version
five of the running target on Tim’s range.. This time it looks like he’s cracked it… Got it running on a bit of rope now. I have
stabilised the steering so it doesn’t move at all. So all it does is goes backwards and
forwards so we have a chance of actually shooting this thing. Tim’s shooting mate Matt starts things off
with the Howa on the bipod… and we get some pleasing results on all the targets. Ok Matt, B…A…B..C..B….B has gone go
to A So Matt what do you think of the Stealth Hunter
Combo? Fantastic piece of kit, 5 shots, 5 hits. Doesn’t
get any better than that for under £1000. Next up it’s Tim with the Savage. As there’s
no bipod as part of the bundle Tim is using the tree trunk for support. ..and again the
rifle and the man behind it make this challenging shooting look easy. Finally it’s the Ruger. Again all the bullets
find their targets. So what do these two experienced shots think
of the hardware on test today? So Matt we have got 3 rifles under £900 and
we were doing some fairly extreme conditions today, all rifle shooting under an inch and
a half. What do you think? I think they are 3 fantastic packages for
someone starting out in the shooting world. I particularly liked the safety catch on the
Ruger. It is a great brand as well. That is £599. I wasn’t too keen on the trigger,
but I am sure someone could play on the trigger on that. But it performed very, very well. The Savage is just great, great value for
money and the scope on that I particularly liked. £649 and it shoots beautifully well, so there
is nothing wrong with that at all. My favourite of the 3 was the Howa package
I found I shot that really well and it felt a really solid quality rifle. I think overall we have got 3 rifles all under
a £1000. You can just walk out the door and shoot and I think that is absolutely fantastic
to see. Well done guys this is brilliant. Unfortunately the firebird targets didn’t
get a chance to shine so Matt has an excuse to bring out his £6000 custom rifle just
for fun. It may be 10 times as much as the Ruger but it just shows that there’s something
out there for everyone and every pocket. For more information about the Ruger visit
the Viking Arms website, for details on the Howa visit the Highland Outdoors and for the
Savage you need to take a look at Edgar Brothers’s website. Happy shopping – I mean shooting. Next it is back to David for the map that
matters. It is Calendar. [Music] Now for some dates for the diary and some
seasonal reminders. Moon is waxing crescent, following the new
moon on Monday 15th October. We’re still ten days away from a full moon, so a good time
to go lamping and protect those pheasant poults. Talking of which, the pheasant shooting season
is getting going. The culmination of the year’s work by gamekeepers will reach its peak around
Christmas. There are plenty of days still available on good quality shoots. If you have
a shoot and would like to publicise it on Fieldsports Channel, talk to James [email protected] The foxhunting season proper is just around
the corner. This week is National Newcomers’ Week which runs from 16th-23rd October and,
as its name suggests, will see hunts across the country welcome those who have never tried
it to a day’s hunting. This is hunting ‘within the law’. If you would like to give the sport
a go, contact the Countryside Alliance Now you need to put 25th October in your diaries
because you could get 20% off clothing, footwear and accessories at Independent Shooting Supplies
in Mountnessing in Essex. It starts at 5pm and goes through to 9 and the first 10 people
through the door will get 20% off some items, the next 10 people get 10% off, and there
is a charity raffle – all proceeds going to Essex Air Ambulance – where the star prize
is a day’s pigeonshooting with Fieldsports Channel star Andy Crow. So that is Independent
Shooting Supplies, Mountnessing, Essex on 25th October. For more information call Andrew
Stephens on 01277 356181 or email [email protected] That is our round up for this week. [Music] From what is on in the future to what was
on last weekend the Tackle and Gun Trade Show. I have been looking at fishing kit. Looking for innovation at the Tackle & Gun
show? Well, forget the gun part – this year it was all about tackle. And you have to ask
just how bad the recession and the outlook for British industry really is when there
are stories to tell like this one from Northumberland. Pretty new aren’t you, when did you get going? We are new to market we have been researching
the technology now for 4 years and behind the lines, myself and the other founders,
Alan and Ian who have been with me right from the beginning. We have been working in a small
industrial unit in Alnwick, keeping ourselves away from the world, getting the product right,
getting everything ready for market. We then went through an investment round last November
and we raised money to go to market, set up a factory and employ people. As I alluded
earlier on, we were having a quick chat before you started filming, we have got 72 people
in Alnwick at the moment that we employ who are making these ….for us and we are starting
to ship them globally now. For more about Lynx, have a look at Even the foreigners at the show are feeling
good about the trade. Here’s a German from an American company that sells all kinds of
fishing tackle brands including Browning fishing rods – apparently the biggest selling poles
in the UK. He has a new Quantum reel to show off. These reels are the first in the industry
which have an actual skeletal design we left out all the metal where it doesn’t matter
for the construction so these reels are extremely strong and on our website you can even see
the pick-up truck runs over it without damaging the reel, you can still turn it. So it is
really strong but light at the same time. The fishermen now a days have space age material
in their fishing rods which weigh nothing so they don’t want to have a clumsy reel on
it. So light bait cast is perfect, but it withstands the impact of fishing and they
can enjoy it for a long time. And the design of course needs to underline the technology
a bit. So you have a lot of metal there – modern look. At the risk of sounding like something out
of a Quentin Tarantino film, you can see Frerk’s reel on Zebco’s website That’s the carp and sea angling crew. Now
gamefishing has gone punk. The salmon fly was a thing of beauty and tradition – until
the flytiers at Fulling Mill redesigned it during what must have been a wild weekend
in Ibiza. Have you caught fish with these flies. Absolutely we have tested many of these flies.
In fact most of them over the last 18 months or so, abroad and in the UK. They fish very,
very well. There is something for spring, summer, autumn. So we cover all the seasons.
We cover all the depths anglers can fish on and we have flies that cover south America.
We have got a pattern for basically everywhere. They are all on display at Tackle and Gun is not all about fishing. For
one member of the tackle trade it is about the fish. News reaches me that recently off Milford
Haven, South Wales, you saw a shark, what did you see? A big shark. I am not sure what type of shark,
but it was a big shark. I want to say a Great White Shark. You can say what it was, you can tell me what
it was. It was a huge, huge fish. We were blue shark fishing, catching fish up to 100lbs
all day, seeing dolphins that were around 500, 600lbs out of the ……all of a sudden,
out of nowhere at the side of the boat that I and my fishing partner were fishing from
this huge fish came up through the depths, didn’t actually look us in the eye but came
up to our shoulders, it tilted. Honestly it was 3 times the size of the dolphins we had
seen that day. It must have been upwards of a 1000Kilos easily. There’s lots of unbelievable kit at the Tackle
& Gun show. And if you don’t believe Paul, get in touch with him to complain at his website From the small world of a British trade show
to the wide world. It is Hunting YouTube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. MrSmith434 is 17 years old and from Ireland.
Here he is pigeon shooting over barley in County Meath. He finishes two days with 110
crows, 31 pigeons and nine grey crows. CountryPursuitsTV was at the Tackle & Gun
trade show 2012. He had a look at some of the shooting kit on offer, including NiteSite,
Brocockand the new Pulsar N750 digisight I prefer stars with better figures but in
the world of shooting TV, you pays your money and you takes your choc ice. Ferreting by
combatmn2005 has extra drama because part of the action takes place on a railway line.
I hope it’s not giving away too much to let you know that neither of them nor the dog
gets run over by a train. Our favourite freelance cameraman Nicky Brown
is fly fishing on the River Avon. His Wilderness TV channel, which appears on YouTube under
the name TechSecMedia, sees Nick Lawrence giving advice and tips on how to fish a famous
chalkstream. At the other end of the fishy scale, Yuri
Grisendi is pleased to have caught two catfish of more than 200lb in Kazakhstan’s Ili Delta.
The Italians dominate world interest in catfish on YouTube, so here is Yuri’s translation:
luca foroni combatte con un enorme siluro catturato a clonk sul delta del fiume ili
in Kazachistan. There you go. Ole. Let’s go abroad for some silly videos. This
may be the silliest. Shooting from water by CristiClujeanul shows a Romanian AK47 made
by Cugir (Romak) in .223 Remington, with aftermarket folding stock by Mako, Tapco muzzle brake,
handguard and pistol grip in a typical AK47 shooting situation…if you are Arnold Schwarzenegger.. Meanwhile, the German channel JagdStifti wins
the prize for Most Pointless Hunting Videos. Like almost all of his films, this one shows
minute after long minute of nothing happening at all – which is a true reflection of going
shooting but it doesn’t make gripping TV. In this film called Gänsejagd , Goose Hunting,
he reaches new heights by being in the right place at the right time but pointing the camera
in the wrong direction. Now for pure romance. New Forest Red Stag
Hunt (short version) by ShavesgreenShooting is a trophy red stag stalking outing with
Shavesgreen Safaris in England’s New Forest. And it’s gorgeous. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] Well if you like shooting you will love the
Shooting Show. It’s Argyllshire deerstalking. Pete, Byron
and the team from Sporting Rifle magazine take to the hills in search of red stags.
Assistant publisher Ruth is first behind the rifle, with estate stalker Mark taking her
in search of a takeable beast. As always, the deer don’t make themselves easy to stalk
into, and the rapidly closing weather adds a further challenge. Ruth, taking only her
second ever stag, then gives us her thoughts on the rifle, the stalk and the end result.
It’s all in this week’s Shooting Show. If you are watching this on YouTube, click on
the link. We are back next week. If you are watching
this on Youtube don’t hesitate to hit the subscribe button which is somewhere up in
the sky above me or go to our show page or our website where
you can click to like us on Facebook follow us on Twitter or scroll down to the bottom,
right hand side of the page and pop your email address into our constant contact box and
we will constantly email you about our weekly programme which is out 7pm Wednesdays. This
has been Fieldsports Britain.

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    ATB Malc

  8. One is drawn to a comparison! This was the illegal use of class 1 firearm threatening human life and the police showed a negligent dereliction of duty in their lack of response. Compare this to the reaction taken against a number of legitimate sportsmen confronted by a full armed response teams during legitimate and safe a pigeon culls in daylight!

  9. I personally know a game keeper who was shot in the head with a .22LR by a poacher and a member of the traveller community (he survived) and the perpetrator went to prison. There is no evidence to suggest this incident was carried out by a member of this community! The one thing we can be reasonably sure about is that the user of this weapon was not a legitimate sportman and perhaps not a holder of a licenced firearm.

  10. The only rifle of the bunch that they discuss that is worth its weight is the Howa 1500 package. The Savage and Ruger are piles of excrement.

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  12. WHSmith aims to offer our customers choice, whilst striking the right balance and not acting as a censor. WHSmith seeks to do its best to satisfy all of its customers who often have strongly opposing views. We aim to display all of our magazines in locations where they are accessible to those who want to buy them, but do not offend those who do not. The till prompt system has been in place for many years on a range of different products and this has not previously been an issue for customers.

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  16. what kind of statement is that to make, he is well within his rights to approach someone acting suspicious on his land.

  17. the poacher that fired at Andy obviously has no regard for human life. a normal person would if approached while poaching just jump into their car and get the hell out of there, the second that person pointed a live fire arm at another person was already a step to far. the police should have been more proactive.
    i am glad to hear that no one was hurt. i wonder how i would react in that situation

  18. I love those fire bird targets. Only problem with them is the flash they give off is 100 times brighter through the scope.

  19. another great vid lads, well done, i was sickened to watch Andy talk about those poachers, what right have they to A, trespass anyway and B, discharge a firearm at him, no care for if they hit him or not!!!! and as for plod sending a couple of UNARMED officers is a joke, u could tell Andy was still shaken up when he was talking about it. this could have easily turned into a much more serious incident luckily it didnt, Kent police hang your head in shame !!!!

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  24. My friend and I got stopped by police when someone called them because they saw lights flashing at night, on a golf course.

    We had permission to shoot there and earlier the police where notified by the management, in writing. On crossing the a main road to our cars, we where surrounded by around 14 policemen turning up in 7 different vehicles. We were only using sub 12f/lb air rifles. That was extreme and unnecessary force I thought.

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