Fieldsports Britain – Vinnie Jones – shooting/hunting legend

Fieldsports Britain – Vinnie Jones – shooting/hunting legend

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
me. Oh you don’t lose it son. Thank you Vinnie..Welcome to Fieldsports Britain.
Coming up Roy Lupton is shooting pelts with a pellet to test penetration. If you’d like to purchase one of our authentic
Fieldsports Channel Christmas candles, details on line. We have the regulars, hunting youtube and
news stump. First Vinnie. It’s Vinnie. He has returned to what he calls
his sporting home – or should that be his “manor” – Six Mile Bottom in Cambridgeshire.
It’s driven bird country that’s almost as famous to shooters as Vinnie is to film and
footie fans. The bird shooting season is over. He’s invited
a dozen of his friends to try out the simulated game day run here by his old pal Richard Clarke.
Brad and Guy (Messrs Pitt and Ritchie) couldn’t make it – but plenty of his buddies could.
Six Mile Bottom has a special place in Vinnie’s heart.. Hey Cliff how many pigeons did I shoot with
Guy that time, over at,, 220 or something was it. Rat shooting was unbelievable. At
night, lamping at night, shooting the rats off the top of the truck. With a 4/10? With 20 bores, 4/10 you know, 5 shot. It’ll
just move a night with the rats and then we’d come through then and ferret it all. Oh marvellous. And foxes? Yeah a lot of foxes. I showed you that picture.
I was lamping, he had 12 in 12 shots and he didn’t want to go for 13 incase he missed
it. The guns are going to have thousands of clays
over them today in all sorts of tricky ways – from rabbits to grouse. First a pheasant drive to warm them up. We’re
split into teams of two or three guns and, and once the whistle goes, Vinnie is transported
back on to the footy pitch. Here you are Georgie, Great shot and again
George and again. And again George. Ah behind it. Lovely and again George, George. I’ve
been teaching him for 10 years and you’d think it’s 10 days. Here on the right, on the right. He has lots of encouragement and advice to
his fellow guns – and then it’s Vinnie’s go. He hasn’t shot for over a year but he’s one
fire. Five, six, ahh seven out of eight. Many people know of Vinnie’s association with
fieldsports. His Dad has had a shoot for years and as a result Vinnie started young. I started about five years old I suppose;
little 4/10 rested it on the hide, shot a sitting pigeon at decoys. George is still
doing that. I caught my first trout at Rutland when I was about seven, fly fishing. So I
got into it early. It has continued down through the Jones family
tree. Vinnie’s son Aaron is shooting today… the poor chap is teamed with me and, before
you ask, no, he didn’t play “Little Chris” in Lock Stock. Yeah, it just goes in the family, brought
up with it. There’s a picture at the pub there, he was about four years old when he was driving
around all these. This used to be the main shoot. Six Mile Bottom Shoot. He was about
four years old on the tractor Aaron driving around here. The Six Mile Bottom shoot offers rolling countryside,
not deep valleys. It is perfect for partridge and even grouse – well, the simulated kind
– and I’m doing things properly – double gunning – swapping the Browning 725 for a pair of
Stephen Grants, Jones junior loading. Richard Clarks runs the days here. He has
seen the corporate clients drift away – and new ones come in – and now it’s come full
circle. Then we decided to go into the open market,
have the stag do’s the hen do’s, jolly up for mates and have mix and match days where
we do two people come and you match them up with another 12 twelve likeminded people and
ofcourse they come and then its just snowballed and snowballed. We have probably got every
Saturday booked between now and the shooting season. Richard says we will have about 4 and a half
thousand clays over us this morning, shooting about 5000 shells – with the double guns surely
…5100!!! Next it’s the duck drive – none of it’s being
taking too seriously and the guys are having a great time… Now’s time to rest the shoulder, have a sharpener
and a proper chat with ex professional footballer, Hollywood actor and fieldsports fan, Mr Vinnie
Jones. So Vinnie tell us the real reason behind a
career total of 12 red cards? I scored against Nottingham Forest away, got
sent off afterwards, we jumped in the car, we listened to the rest of the game on the
radio on the way home and shot about 80 rabbits that night. Bugger the game we are going to
go lamping so we shot down the motorway and we was lamping an hour later. So this old bad boy Vinnie thing this was
just a ploy to get you some more shooting? Not all the time, most of the time. I used
to work me red cards, put it that way. If I got a nice invite on Saturday. Worth doing. What did all that world think
of shooting and the world you’re in now? Oh they thought I was barking mad. I used
to come in with all the pheasants and trout and all that for the boys. They used to think
I was nuts. We used to go up to an away game, I remember we played Man United away on a
Wednesday night so we’d go up early and then we’d have a walk around the town, stretch
our legs, so all the boys would go into Hugo Boss and Armani and all that. I used to go
into the local Army and Navy Store and come out and one day, someone reminded me of it
the other day, they were all there, like, bought a suit, bought a shirt. I bought a
dozen decoys. Vinnie’s been able to enjoy sport all over
the world and is now a keen golfer, but what’s his desert island sporting day? I’d say, you know my favourite is either lamping,
foxing or decoying pigeons I think. Probably out of everything out of all the. Grouse shooting
is great probably the best in the world, but when you are paying £200 a brace, its a bit
fierce. Yeah. You know a fifty sixty day decoying pigeons
is awesome. Here is really it isn’t it? You know we’ve got everything here. I’ve got
a couple of lads here that have just got into shooting that have been clay shooting they
just can’t believe it they are speechless. You know if you can get onto these, this is
sporting shooting. You got the ducks, the grouse, the pheasant the partridge you know
and its all simulated but what I think, you know like at golf you go out you get on the
range and hit a few balls and I’ve just said to Richard to go out and to have like one
of these stands before you actually shoot the partridge and pheasants you know might
be a little bit better on the pickers up. You won’t have some many runners After a few snaps – we’re back to it, once
Richard has moved the family herd away from any potential danger. This time I’m double
gunning on rabbits. At the other end, Vinnie has gone all “Big Chris” on us shooting from
the hip – and hitting them. This stand is fantastic fun – and it is non
stop… no time to think – just shoot and shoot some more. I’ve got the black mist – brilliant. The final stand is the high pheasant – even
David has a go with the 725 – and if he can hit something with well it must be a good
gun. He then goes on to shoot Vinnie’s gun with Mr Jones loading for him – that’s the
dinner party conversation sorted for a few years. Once we’ve had our fill of shooting it’s time
to fill up with a steak done just right at the Green Man. The pub is owned by Richard.
It’s full of Vinnie memoriabilia – they go back a long way. When he left for Hollywood he just said come
over, help yourself take all this. All his memorabilia that used to be in his games room
at home is now in my pub and we have had the pub for eight years and it is great and if
you just look at that the cabana, he has got the sign that says cabana twinned with Six
Mile Bottom and I have got it twinned with Muhlholland Drive. So yes, we do go back a
long way. A delicious steak is a grand way to finish
a grand day’s fun – if you fancy a day like this at the Six Mile Bottom shoot, top end
sport and quality grub start at £150 per person. This doesn’t include a guest appearance
from Brad or Guy, but you never know, Vinnie might be decoying pigeons on a neighbouring
field. Well that really was a fabulous day’s shooting.
Now, to the other hard man of field sports it is David on the Fieldsports Channel News
Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Channel News. There’s a new world hunting ambassador and
she’s gorgeous. The WFSA Ambassador Award 2014 goes to Theresa Vail – Miss Kansas 2013.
Theresa started hunting and shooting competitively in her teens. Her motto now is ‘Anything
boys can do, girls can do better’. Foxhunters, staghunters, terriermen, minkhunters,
beaglers and even mousehunters are waiting with bated breath. UK prime minster David
Cameron prepares to hold a vote on what the government calls “viable amendment” to the
2004 hunting restrictions, which would allow up to 40 hounds to flush out a fox to face
waiting guns rather than the two ordered by Tony Blair. The vote is expected to be shortly
after we filmed this bulletin. French farmers are wolf hunting legally again,
even though it is banned by Berne Convention. Farmers in Provence lost 100 sheep to a growing
wolf population in January and 6,000 in 2013, so they have obtained an exemption which allows
them to shoot 24 of the estimated 300 animals. With the spring hunting season about to start
on Malta, anti-hunting pressure groups CABS and BirdLife report widespread illegal trapping.
Serins, Chaffinches, Linnets and Greenfinches all migrate to Europe from Africa via Malta.
Both organisations criticised the lack of police presence in the field and the failure
of authorities to properly enforce the law to curb the problem. The aussies have shown that amateur pest control
works. Over the past 2 and half years the The Victorian
Fox Bounty program has taken 250,000 foxes out of the states wilderness. The government
handed out £1.4 million to Victorian Hunters during that time, less than six quid per fox.
Compare this to the British badger cull, which cost more than £4,000 per badger. Meanwhile, the Australian RSPCA has admitted
one of its animal welfare officers did not treat a fox with “dignity and respect” after
it shot an injured fox and left on the side of a bike path near Adelaide. And finally it’s been a while but we have
a big fox story. Scott Mackenzie sent us a picture of this monster fox from the Isle
of Skye. This fox measured 51 inches in length and 21 inches to the shoulder, an inch short
of the last Skye monster fox picture Scott shot. As he says The Isle of Skye is fast
becoming the “Big Fox Capital” of Britain. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Channel
News. Stalking the Stories. Fishing for Facts. [Music] You would look better David with a shaved
head I think. Now Roy Lupton is testing penetration of pellets. [Music] Squirrels are tough nuts …The arboreal acrobats
are full of muscle and sinew… something we know all too well, as we ate the last one..
With peanut satay and nice chianti. It was tasty but a little chewy. And that got us thinking… is it sensible
to body shoot a squirrel with an air rifle if it’s that “hard”?..Especially when a bit
of research on t’internet reveals a study suggesting squirrels can resist the 40-60
lbs of force from a bird of prey like a goshawk because of their skin thickness. Well we have a cunning plan, comparing the
pellet punching protection of three different skins ..over to Hannibal Lecter The first one we are taking a sample from,
we have got the skin from a brown hare and it has already got a puncture wound in it.
This is one of the ones that was taken by the eagles earlier on in the season and that
has been in the freezer. Next up is the squirrel. They are they are just a very tough sinewy
animal, but we will see if the stopping power is in the skin or if it is in the muscle fibres
further within the body. He is certainly not giving it up easily. Finally the fallow skin. Quite clearly we wouldn’t be shooting at a
deer with an air rifle. It is just to give us some sort of comparison. Before we shoot at the skins, let’s feel the
width, not the quality. So David I am taking my lovely clean callipers
that they use for reloading and he is making me get them mucky. Ok she is zeroed down.
We shall start off with the hare. So that is .99 of a ml. We shall now go for the squirrel
and see where that is. That is 1.27of a ml bearing in mind the squirrel is a lot smaller
than the hare. That is considerably thicker. We shall go for a bit on the fallow I don’t
think this is going to be an overly fair test as the fallow has got a lot of fur and we
are getting a compression of the hair there. That is about 4 we have ended up with on there. The squirrel is thicker than the hare – so
how to test penetration? So we are going to wrap these around a candle
because the fieldsports Channel budget won’t stretch to ballistic media. So the next best
thing we can come up with is the fancy candle and David as an old romantic we knew he would
have a quite a few stashed away in his bedroom. We are going to shoot at the brown hare, the
squirrel and the fallow deer and see whether we get any difference in the depth of penetration
from the pellets within the candle. The “dressed” candle looks like it could be
a hit in the next Argos catalogue. But we have serious ballistics tests to perform on
the ornamental fur burner. If you would like to purchase one of our authentic
fieldsports channel Christmas candles. Details on line. Roy places the candle about 25 yards away
from the shooting position and starts with a “control shot” He works his way down the skins – trying to
avoid the elastic band – oh dear! And I think I hit the elastic band then. So, with all “pelts pelleted”, what incredible
evidence have we elicited from the candle of truth? You can see the shots have gone perfectly
through the skin. Then we have got the deer pelt and see if that has made difference at
all. Yes, look at that. So immediately we have got far less penetration with the thicker
deer skin. That is right on the top so it is not even held in there at all. The hare
skin was incredibly thin and you can see immediately that that has buried itself into the candle.
That is pretty much what we thought, but we will measure those and see. So that is 3.50
with the squirrel. With the fallow the back of the pellet hasn’t penetrated past the exterior
of the candle at all and then with the hare 5.53. Conclusive proof that a squirrel is
tougher than a hare. Quel surprise – the thickest skin limits the
pellet to the greatest extent. But does this mean that a sub 12ft/lb air
rifle should be limited to head shooting squirrels? We need another test. Which do we know, …defrost. I think that
is quite fitting for a squirrel. To be as close to real thing as possible this
semi-frozen volunteer needs 5 in the microwave. What a lovely warm squirrel. What we are going
to do to test our squirrel, we shall just put him against our candle just so and then
we will shoot straight into his vital area there and then the candle behind will give
us the exact idea if we have got complete penetration. The candle of truth’s new design feature might
not be as popular as mark 1 but lets see if the body shot makes it through. Indeed yes – so, what can we take away with
us today Roy? – apart from Southern Fried Chicken & Chips. So there we go it has actually penetrated
all the way and caused some damage in the candle there so on the chest shot of that
I would have had no problem in dropping him, that would have taken the vitals out perfectly.
Though squirrels are tough they are not tougher than a 12ft/lb air rifle. Squirrels are tough critters – but if a head
shot is not an option – a well placed chest shot will do the trick if you’re within range.
Know your rifle, know your quarry, know how thick your squirrel is. From little pellets to the wider world of
hunting and shooting on Youtube. It is Hunting Youtube. [Music] This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting and shooting videos that YouTube has to offer. Let’s start in New Zealand where the stag
season is well underway. The mighty Waikarimoana is taking out those stags that are old and
not going to produce the trophy antlers that we want for our clients. The stag on this
video has deformed antlers that have twisted into his eye and blinded him, probably from
a fight when he was in velvet. Staying in Kiwiland, HookedonBoars offers
Wild boar, gumboots & crayfish with a keen hunting tattooist from Ruaumoko. It dwells
heavily on the tats but stay with it for the hunting and diving. Moving to Russia, turn on captions and translate
to your language for this one. Deer Hunter Episode 2 will confirm what you suspected,
that deerstalking is much the same the world over. We’re really rattling round the word this
week. Next is Goose Hunting – Barnacle Geese at Zuiderdiep with Tok Poortvliet – his last
outing of the season now that the breeding season is on its way. It is April in the USA and it is April everywhere
and Wild Jaeger is on a Kentucky Turkey Hunt. Ricky Mills and John MacCallum drive down
to Delaware and pick up Mike Brent and Richie Condon before hitting the toms with Dale Kiser. Now let’s go long range. Thomas Haugland offers
the Longrange blog 84: A long wait. Actually, this is fairly short range. A good dog tells
you when deer are close, says Thomas, so you can focus on your work with the binoculars. Obama wants to ban black spiky guns in the
United States. Brown straight ones are fine. Well, Americans like a little rubber armour
coating and a picatinny rail. To prove it, here is 930-yard coyote shot. More nobbly American rifles. Stalking axis
deer with the M4 Carbine is just perfect for TexasNative00 You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you are missing the fishing films and the airgun films, watch our new shows,
AirHeads and Fishing Britain. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in
to the weekly top eight, send it in via YouTube or email me the link [email protected] Here is a quick plug for our other programmes.
Fishing Britain at 7pm UK time every Friday features the incredible Hywel Morgan and the
barely believable Ant Glascoe Jr out on a wild Welsh lake looking for large angry pike.
There’s a story of a 40lber out there. Click on the link on the screen to watch it. AirHeads, out every other Thursday, has the
usual round of items for the discerning airgunner, leading on thieving magpies. What’s James
Marchington going to do about this? There that was easy. And it is Schools Challenge TV week. The kids
are armed to the teeth and competing in the first leg of Schools Challenge competitions,
this one held at the Oxford Gun Company. We bring you all the action from this clayshooting
event. Well we are back next week and if you have
been watching this on Youtube please don’t hesitate to hit the subscribe button that
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where you can click to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. This has been Fieldsports
Britain. Good hunting, good shooting, good fishing and good bye.

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