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[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
shooting machine guns in the desert. I am off to Las Vegas to the Shot Show. The biggest
expo of hunting kit in the world. We have got News Stump, we have got Hunting YouTube.
First Roy, visibly ages trying to shoot a squirrel. [Music] Now Roy has often been hailed as the postman.
He always delivers. Well, of late he’s lost his mojo – not with everything. Just squirrels.
They’ve been taking the (pause)… biscuit, giving him the run around for months. We’ve
calculated that we have spent more than 30 hours of filming time trying to get a shot
at a squirrel with an air rifle. It shouldn’t be that difficult. They are everywhere,
but from the outset of this sorry squirrel stalking story it’s been a disaster. We start in woodland in Sussex and Roy is
getting his eye in. Before we go and have a look in the woods,
what I want to do is make sure the air rifle is spot on and shooting true. So what better
way of making sure than going and shooting a squirrel’s nuts. We are in the area where
I have been stalking quite a lot. When we have been stalking we have noticed a huge
population of squirrels in here. We are going to try and shoot some with the air rifle this
morning and see how we get on with it. The squirrels are here – but they’re not sitting
still enough, long enough for us to get the camera set up on the scope, get it in focus
then shoot – Roy takes his frustrations out on some more nuts. When you are shooting squirrels with an air
rifle you do have to be very precise because they are a tough beasty. They have a very
thick skin and they are a very muscular animal. So the best shot you can possibly get with
a sub foot lb air rifle anyway is a head shot if you can get it, a chest shot on the heart
and lungs will do it as well. Although I do try to get a head shot if possible and I swear
it wasn’t as difficult when I was a boy. They are seriously tricky little customers to get
on top of. We see them feeding then every single time we try and stalk into them within
air rifle range bearing in mind I want to shoot 30, 35 yards maximum. They are just
mooching around and heading off into a tree. And even just trying to acquire a decent shot
on them, they are so mobile. It really is tricky. I had forgotten how much fun it is.
It really is good. Well we know the Webley Raider, Nikko Sterling
combo is working fine. We just need to get the greys to play ball. Or maybe we need to
start loading the dice. Trailcams are a wonderful tool and we know
from these images we’re in squirrel country – Fingers crossed we are going to be sitting
up in a high seat. They have been coming in to about 15, 20 yards which is absolutely
perfect for the air rifle. I am just hoping that while we are sitting up in the tree they
are not going to make us too quickly and disappear. They are very clever little animals, so chances
are they might see us up there and think not today thanks. It’s unusual if not a little ostentatious
to shoot squirrels from a highseat, but it’s worth giving it a go. The feed station should elicit some action,
but nothing. Again Roy’s frustrations boil over and he
throws this into the mix… Well after being defeated once again by squirrels
I am really, really starting to get the feeling they don’t like us. We have misspent another
few hours sitting in a high seat over a perfectly good bait station where we have got 100’s,
I mean 100’s of pictures of squirrels coming out and feeding. Yet when we sit up in the
high seat absolutely nothing moves. I think we are going to be coming back out and having
another try. I guarantee that when we do I shall make sure we savour the moment. I got
up quite an appetite sitting in the high seat and I really do fancy satay squirrel. Could be interesting. More trailcam images around another hopper
show more squirrel action. This time Roy makes a ground level blind . We leave it for a week
while the UK gets battered wuih appallling weather then venture out again. This time, the law of sod has been active
again. There is no grain on the floor under the feeder. The spring has jammed. We wait,
still and camo’d up, for three hours – nothing. How many hours have we spent trying to get
a squirrel? I have no idea how many hours we have spent
trying to get a squirrel. I am fed up with spending hours trying to get a squirrel. My
bottom has never been this numb waiting for a squirrel. I have spent a lot less time trying
to get a trophy deer in the past than I have done for a trophy squirrel. Desperate and demoralised we spend another
full morning in a woodland which holds a few pheasant pens. We’re told they’re usually
riddled with the little blighters – we get a lock on one but the scope camera starts
playing up. Not one to give in, Roy heads out alone but, with scope mounted camera to
the ground blind and after another 4 hours clocked up in the name of squirrel, he is
able to finally get the crosshairs on one. [Music] So what we are going to do is take the meat
from the squirrels, meat from the rabbit dice it up. We are going to marinade it for a couple
of hours and then we are either going to grill it or barbecue it. One hell of a set of nuts. Although it looks like boil in the bag he
assures us it isn’t and that he’s keeping the rest of the squirrels, not as trophies
but to be used as part of an experiment in our new show Airheads dedicated to airguns. If you are doing it for survival and you have
got the choice of hunting squirrel and hunting rabbit. One rabbit gives you double the amount
of two squirrels and it was a lot easier to catch as well. Roy adds some “goshawk taken” rabbit and following
a hugh fernly whittingstall recipe, rustles up something appetising – The rabbit is softer meat. The squirrel definitely
seems to be a little bit tougher. There’s not a lot of meat, but enough to say
we had squirrel for tea. Or was it fox? Finally the chaps are dressed and ready for
squirrel satay – And it’s not that bad – thumbs up for squirrel. That amazingly is very good isn’t it? In this country we do like the idea of eating
what we shoot, so if you haven’t tried squirrel already why not give it a go – and hopefully
you won’t need to invest a full day to get one. Very good. Great stuff. Now it is news, but not as you
know it. It is David on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. The people behind the rifle that cannot miss
have brought out a new firearm – the machine gun that cannot miss. OK – not strictly a machine gun – but the
new 500 Series AR Smart Rifle can track targets moving at up to 10mp, and up to 500 yards
away. Once the scoping system has ‘tagged’ the target, the rifle does the rest, all for
around £6,000. Badgers are back in the news in the UK. A
Green MP has accused the Government of using an audit of the trial culls in the West Country
last year as a way to argue for extended culls in the future. The technicalities are too
tedious to go into, save to say the Government denies it. Animal rights group PETA uses drones to keep
track of hunters – now hunters are using drones to keep track of animals. Eirik Solheim, a Norwegian, filmed this moose
with a quadcopter outside Oslo. Some hunting groups defend the practice, saying it is now
more unsporting than using trailcams. Others condemn it. Indian police are hunting for tiger that has
killed four villagers in 12 days. It escaped the Jim Corbett National Park in
India. A 40-year-old woman was attacked and killed last week. Authorities want to have
it categorised as a ‘man-eater’ so it can be shot. Police in Ohio, USA, say they have received
an anonymous letter apologising for accidentally killing a deerstalker. Larry Bradley, 45, an Iraq War veteran was
fatally shot in December. Police still don’t know who shot the man – and his family have
put out a statement to say that an apology is not enough. An American hunting club has received death
threats over its plan to auction a permit to hunt black rhino, despite insisting all
proceeds will go towards conservation efforts. The FBI is reviewing multiple threats made
against members of the Dallas Safari Club. The rhino, which is in Namibia and considerably
rarer than the white rhino, made $350,000. Fieldsports Channel had its own rhino controversy
over the weekend. In Saturday’s Headhunter Chronicles, Jason Bruce went out bowhunting
rhino and lion, and shooting buffalo and elephant. The elephant was a rogue male and he darted
the rhino by bow – a fact which some antis who commented failed to spot, indicating they
had not watched the film. This kind of hunting brings $100,000s of dollars to conservation
in Africa, but we wanted to know whether Fieldsports Channel viewers think it is acceptable or
not. The split is down national lines. US and continental viewers tended to be in favour,
British against. Iceland is split over the puffin hunting season.
Poor breeding seasons in 2011 and 2012 saw puffin hunting was banned in some areas of
Iceland. Now animal rights groups and some scientists are recommending making the ban
nationwide. Here is TV chef Gordon Ramsay shooting and cooking puffins for a Channel
4 documentary. And finally, in Mexico scientists have discovered
the carcase of conjoined twin gray whale calves. They believe it is the first case of Siamese
whales, though they have been found in both fin and minke whales. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Channel
News. Stalking the stories – fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David. I will send you a postcard.
Now here are a few electronic postcards. It is Hallo Charlie. [Music] Here is what the world is up to this week. Hallo Charlie. Kevin and Declan out on a rough
shoot in Northern Ireland and it is a beautiful day in January. With a little bit of success
too. Happy New Year to you. Hallo Charlie. It is Jonathan Young. I am
editor of The Field. How are you? I have been beating for this pile of hooligans today.
Terrifying aren’t they? Hallo Charlie. Ferreting here in Hertfordshire.
Don’t know whether you can hear, or see, but it is starting to hail and there is a bit
of a storm brewing. So me, the lurcher, the ferrets and the rabbits are taking refuge
under a hedge for a bit until it calms down a bit. Hallo Charlie I am Ollie and I am Barnie.
Just done a bit of fox shooting. Managed to get this vixen. Cheers Charlie. Cheers bye. Hallo Charlie. Calling from Nova Scotia, Canada
on a little grouse hunt, a couple days after Christmas. Toodley doo. Send us your own Hallo Charlie. Film yourself
on your mobile phone and just a sentence saying Hallo Charlie who you are and what you are
up to. Then share it or email it via Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox, or Yousendit, Younameit
to [email protected] Right I may be here, but I am going to go
over there. I am off to America for the Shot Show 2014 unless I miss my flight. Well it is the Shot Show Media range day in
the Nevada Desert, full of mind blowing, ear pummelling kit and everybody I am going to
talk to here without exception is going to try and sell you, the shooter, their products. With that Government health warning, prepare
for the new. Here is the future of foxing. The Howa Kryptek Model comes in a range of
fascinating camo patterns. This is our new Howa Kryptek Model. It comes
with a powered 1500 barrelled action. No six contour heavy barrel 20 inch, comes with a
Nikko Stirling four to sixteen 44 scope. It is dipped in cryptic camo, your choice of
typhon which is this one. We also have a Highlander which is a greenish camo pattern. We also
have brain which is like a snow camo. Looks like a crocodile. Well the theory behind this is the varying
versions of the pattern are even better, horizontal, vertical, square shaped, odd shape, everything
plays into the hidability of this camo and it disappears very well. Based on the Howard 1500, there’s more about
the Kryptek at www. So, Rick, why should I buy one? Hide ability and reliability. It disappears
into its background and a Howa 1500 is one of the most accurate out of the box barrel
actions you are going to buy. Did I sell that good? You sold that good. Rather more sedate is the latest version of
the Blaser R8, a rifle that celebrates its sixth birthday this year. Until this year the R8 had a traditional two-piece
stock and receiver. This year we are proud to release a rifle that we call the Classic
Sporter. It is a one piece stock design that Blaser has put a lot of time and effort into.
It is definitely more of a north American or western looking stock design, traditional
one piece, Rigby cheek piece. The slink swivels. That is the pistol grip cap, ebony forehand.
It is just a classic and traditional looking stock. Now Americans have a reputation for solving
problems by flooding areas with men and machines. On the machines front, this gives them a technological
edge. Here’s a product designed to be cutting-edge tech at a surprisingly low price. This is the X320. This is a hand held thermal
imager. It has a 320 x 240 detector in it and the beauty of it is a 70 micron. The micron
part is the size of the pixels. So just like your television you want to have something
which has the smallest pixel size with the most pixels. We have personally used them
and detected live animals out at half a mile. This particular one it retails at $3,499 OK it’s still fairly fruity on the price front,
but Ed predicts that prices of all tech on display here will come down. Well I think the next technology you will
see is fusion. Fusion technology is an overlay of traditional night vision and thermal technology. Staying with innovation, Winchester has come
out with a new shotshell The difference with tracker and tracer is
that this is a non round. So if there is a risk of fire that is obviously not a problem
with this because it is simply a design that allows you to see exactly where you are shooting.
There are one and eight oz loads there is an eighth of an oz that gets captured within
a shot cap within the walk which gives the walk weight to travel down range right behind
the shot string. Which allows you to see exactly where you are shooting. If you miss you can
see. If you break the target you see the wad go right through the broken target. And who was it who came up with Tracker? Belgian
Boffins or good old American knowhow? Well we do have to claim credit for it. It
is an American design. I give it a go and can confirm it is a sweet
fast-firing cartridge. The wad makes no difference to the shotstring. Findout more at There’s all kind of hardware making an awful
racket today, and in between it all is the relative peace and quiet of an airgun stand. A revolutionary product from Crosman. It is
a break barrel rifle. What it is we have reversed the gas spring. The piston is actually a precision
engineered split piston design and we have changed the levering action for the cocking
lever because the spring in the lever does not rely on the stock. What that means is
that there is a 10lb reduction in cocking force. It is right at about 30lbs. It is very
easy to cock. We are now driving 30% more air in the chamber. We have done that without
making the chamber any larger. Find out more at For more on airguns at ShotShow, see our new
programme AirHeads, out on Thursday 23rd January. Now it wouldn’t be the ShotShow media day
if I didn’t get to play with firearms that would have me banged up in Britain faster
than I can say ‘It’s a fair cop but society’s to blame’. So if you want to know the future. The future
is Turkish. This firm SAR Arms is the US side of a Turkish manufacturer which has been selling
guns since 1890 and I am going to have a go with something we are not allowed to use in
the UK. In this scene I am being attacked by zombies. Won’t get any more trouble out
of him. We will be bringing you more from the States
next week. Next let’s see what the world has to offer. It is Hunting YouTube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting and shooting videos that YouTube has to offer. Viewer DragonoftheEastblu recommends ‘New
Zealand Red Stag – Stag Nation’ by American hunting superstar Keith Warren. Keith is spotting
and stalking the red stags in New Zealand BASCFilms has brought out an instructional
video on how to use its Green Shoots Mapping. The film is basic but, if you haven’t come
across the service, it’s superb. It maps your shoot and contributes to a nationwide database
that will ultimately persuade Government about the conservation benefits and the voting power
of shoots. Here’s some exciting falconry. It’s a bit
fuzzy but you get the picture. That’s one rabbit that values its liberty. A good season for woodcock means it is a good
season for woodcock films. “Chasse bécasse avec deux cameras” shows
at work on them in France. Next we go to Africa with videographer Peter
Novak for Hunting in Africa 2013 with FN Hunting – lots of big game and plainsgame action packed
into just a few minutes. I’m all for government agencies putting money
into something worthwhile. Specklebelly Goose Hunting on the Arkansas Grand Prairie is the
new film by the state wildlife department ArkansasGameandFish. White-fronted geese are
wintering in Arkansas in greater numbers than ever, creating exciting new shooting opportunities
for waterfowlers. Staying in the USA, we take to the woods of
Pennsylvania for some deer drives with flintlocks, with the Living4theOutdoors•channel. Allen
drops his first flintlock deer ever and Nick pulls off his second long shot of the season. Finally, Hunting Nilgai in Texas, for no better
reason than that’s what I will be filming this weekend. A quarter of the world population
of this Indian antelope lives in Texas. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you are missing the fishing films and the airgun films, watch our new shows,
AirHeads and Fishing Britain. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in
to the weekly top eight, send it in via YouTube or email me the link [email protected] Well if nothing took your fancy there here
are a few offerings from Fieldsports Channel last week we launched Airheads for Airgunners
and Fishing Britain. From home made air tunnels to shooting squirrels
to technical expertise. We had it all. Thank you to those who have already watched and
given us great feed back. Fishing Britain is another first for us presented by Howell
Morgan. The Welsh Fly Fishing Ace, amazingly caught a fish as the country was battered
by appalling rain and wind. And I decided to surf and fish the Severn tidal surge 007.
Also Jason Bruce is hunting the big five in Africa, bow hunting a lion and a rhino and
Jewel Vissar the barbecue hunter is out bird shooting in Namibia. Click on the links on the screen to watch
the films. Well we are back next week and if you are
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good shooting and good fishing.

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