Fieldsports Britain – Max Hunt’s black roebuck + Andy Crow on the pigeons

Fieldsports Britain – Max Hunt’s black roebuck + Andy Crow on the pigeons

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
Max Hunt is after a black roe buck. We have got the regulars, Hunting YouTube, Calendar,
News Stump. First it is Crow How. Every cloud has a silver lining. Crow had
a puncture this morning so hasn’t been able to finish ploughing in his bean stubble. He’s
hoping the few acres left could provide some reasonable sport. He’s also relieved to get
out of the cab. I am going to make the most of it this afternoon.
If I shoot 20 I will be happy. If I shoot 50, 60 I will be happy so it doesn’t matter
how many I shoot. It will be nice to get out of the tractor cab for a few hours and do
something I like doing. It’s a case of mixing the old with the new
today. Not having any fresh birds to use as a decoys he’s got some antiques to mix in
with the flockcoated deeks from A1. Old plastic, full bodied decoys originally
my Grandads and Uncles. I suppose I have got a dozen of them, 15 of them. I have had them
years. They have got pellet holes in them, they are broken, but all these are for is
to attract their attention, bring them in close enough to get a few for decoys really. Another bit of kit he’s playing with today
is a new hide net from A1… Now you see him… now you don’t. Just like the old army camo really and what
I like about it is it has a green backing. Most of them have got black backing which
I am not a lover of, it does the job, but this is green. So we have got that to try
out today. I always put double net anyway or I stick this over my original net and see
how it goes. It looks good. The first bird of the day means that Andy
can put our a floater for some movement – he’s worried we’re just not catching their eye
at the moment. But Crowman’s capable of hijacking them mid-flight. And to show that that wasn’t
a fluke… That’s really the only action we’ve had in
the first 45 mins and if things don’t get better soon, Crow’s off to see if we should
be elsewhere on the farm Get my truck and go up on the other field.
There seems to be another field they are going to. They seem to be by passing us. Just had
a couple a bit quick so see what happens. That is when you want a dog, saves you walking. Finally we get one decoying – but the majority
of stuff is heading elsewhere. Happily, Crow’s bionic CENS ear defenders mean he can hear
them dropping in the wood. Yes, yes. You can hear that with your new heads then? Yes, I can hear them come down through. Wish
I had them years ago. You often hear pigeon shooters talking about
the birds turning off and on – at about 2 o’clock the birds turn on. It is getting a bit late in the day. They
are starting to get hungry now. With beans it doesn’t take long to get a crop full. They
tend to sit in the trees for most of
the day. The old Lincoln doesn’t fit me very well. I know one thing I am shooting it well.
I am really pleased with my shooting of it. Yes, considering I haven’t shot it for a while.
I have had some real nice long shots with it. The cartridges are going well too. I am
using … clear pigeons and those last couple I shot were nice shots. The rain starts to fall and so do the birds.. Crow can now build up the pattern leaving
a hole in the middle where he wants to the birds to aim for. Well, that’s the theory.
Many still need to be intercepted. And Andy is making some good shots I just got two there and they must have been
80 yards plus and stone dead. I surprised myself really. I was pleased with them. It
obviously wasn’t luck as I got two of them, I did it twice. You weren’t filming David. It’s always fascinating to see just what the
birds have been feasting on – the crop is full of beans – nearly thirty of them with
room to spare. Andy did the honourable thing and told the
gamekeeper we’d be shooting today – not that the pheasants are bothered in the slightest. I have taken two shots at pigeons got to be
40, 50 yards away. A dozen 15 pheasants, got some hen pheasants feeding on the beans. They
are not taking any notice of the shooting. It is early season so it is not causing any
problems, but later on in the season when they have been shot at a few times it is a
bit of a different story then. At the moment they are pretty chilled out. We call it a day with a bag of 60 woodies.
One of the last birds we shoot has a crop full – so Crow becomes a bean counter – and
can u guess how many it can hold? – the grand total is 91. That’s not a crop that’s a tardis!! Well birds are a favourite of Andy Crow there
and if you want to see more of his videos Crow How Series click on the image that is
appearing up there above my shoulder. Somebody else who attracts birds, David on the Fieldsports
News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. A video uploaded to YouTube two years ago
has become the subject of an angry attack by antis. MrBlubbasBulletman – that’s his
YouTube handle – went out to shoot deer on his farm but his cattle scared them away.
It is the antis’ assertion that they did it on purpose because they are in league with
the deer. Anti-gun campaigners have hit a new low. In
the wake of the US Navy yard shooting, an American professor says he hopes the children
of National Rifle Association members will be the next victims of a mass shooting. David
Guth, a journalism professor, has been suspended by the University of Kansas for his offensive
Tweet. An urban photographer from Amsterdam has shot
a portfolio of pictures showing the beauty of hunting rituals around the world. Photographer
Isabella Rozendaal’s series “Isabella Hunts” shows gorgeous images, wrapped up in thrill
and drama of hunting. Rozendaal embarked on the project in 2009 and expects to continue
until 2015. As part of her work, she enrolled in a six-month hunter’s education program
and followed hunts across the USA and Germany. Don’t fall asleep while you are fishing. Three
anglers have been fined by Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court in Essex for fishing illegally, two
of them with unattended rods. Two were found sleeping and unable to attend to their rods
should they hook a fish, an offence designed to protect the health of fish. Two also failed
to give their addresses to officers. News from the internet now. There’s a new
forum set up by shooters in Northern Ireland…And Eddie Nash from the Lamping Foxes group on
Facebook has come up with a fox caller. Search for Lamping Foxes on Facebook for more. And Finally – When is 50p worth £2? When
it’s the 50p commemorating the London 2012 Olympics. Peter Wilson’s gold medal success
has helped push the price of the 50p up to £2 on eBay, including postage. Thanks to
Peter Lockerbie for sending this in. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David. Very real. Now let’s see
what the real, real people have been up to. It is Hallo Charlie. [Music] Here is what the world is up to this week. Hallo Charlie. It is the Crowhunter. You are
in for a treat today. I am sitting here in the west plains of Africa shooting buffalos
with my shotgun. Not really. I am actually here in Northern Ireland and still there are
no pigeons to be seen. Hallo Charlie. This is this man’s first pike
ever on the Blackwater River in Northern Ireland. Send us your own Hallo Charlie. Film yourself
on your own mobile phone with a sentence saying who you are and what you are up to. Then share
it or email it via Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox, Yousendit, Younameit to [email protected] Now last week I said Max Hunt was on his way
to Kazakhstan he actually pointed out it is Kyrgyzstan well you know there is … Pakistan,
Stanstead whatever am I bothered. Let us see what he has been doing in Germany. He has
been after a black roe buck, mysterious and comes with a curse. I just finalised one of my dreams. Roe buck
hunting has always been one of my favourite hunts, but trying to get a black roe buck
they are here in a part of Germany. It has always been one of my biggest dreams. Last
week I went hunting in … that is in the eastern part of Germany and I spoke to a very
good friend of mine I have hunted for roe buck with him. He had a very good contact
over here between Hamburg and Bremen in the north western part of Germany and he knew
a guy who confirmed a very old roe buck, black roe buck. So we made it here and we spotted
this roe buck and just in front of the rut right now the roe bucks are very active they
pounce a lot they run for the females. So we spotted him, we saw him for 20 seconds.
I had the opportunity to get the perfect shot just before he entered into the wood so a
perfect morning in Germany. Why do roe deer become black. Not much is
known about why they become black but it is probably a mutation from an inherited from
a recessive gene. The red colour dominates. The black roe deer is not a species on its
own. There are not many of them. Two black roes can still produce red kids. In Germany
black roe deer are most common in the north between Hamburg and Bremen and the area around
L?chow-Dannenb?rg. They have appeared in these areas for at least 1000 years. Nobody has
seen a population of totally black roe deer. I don’t know the exact number of black roebuck
taken each year, but it is low compared to the number of red roebuck shot. Black roebuck
often seem smaller, but they are usually the same body size as the red roebuck. During
the winter their pelage isn’t as shiny as during the summer. They are still darker than
the red ones which become brown or grey. The tush is not white like a red roe deer, but
dark brown and sometimes even black. This makes it difficult to see whether a black
roe is a buck or a doe during the winter when the buck
has lost his antlers. I am not aware of any myths about the black roebuck. Superstition
says you will die within a year of shooting a white buck or stag. Black roebuck are rare
and that is why some hunters desire them. Now if you are an atypical viewer you will
be sitting at home twiddling your thumbs wondering what to do. Well, here is the map that matters.
It is calendar. Welcome to Fieldsports Britain’s calendar
in association with BASC, with dates for your diary, facts for facebook, smart phone and
postit note. The weather is looking good for shooters in
the UK this week. High pressure is sitting right on top of us, so chance of a last few
trout on the rivers as the insect life dies off, perfect deerstalking conditions and no
need to waterproof the back of the car for the dog when you go gameshooting. Moon reaches its third quarter on Friday 27th
September, and thereafter is waning crescent. New moon is on 5th October. Making that a
good weekend for wildfowling. 1st October is the opening day of the UK pheasant
season and for woodcock across the UK, except Scotland. The pheasant shooting season will
not warm up until the end of the month, and the woodcock will not really get going until
the second moon in November. There are lots of events to look forward to
on the BASC calendar in the UK in the coming week. There is a gundog training day at St
Clears in Carmarthenshire on Thursday 26th September. On Friday 27th, there is a shooting
safety officer course at Greenquarries Shooting Ground in Cumbria and young shots events at
Mid Wales Shooting Centre and Forfar in Scotland on Saturday and Sunday. Next week, there is
a ladies shooting events at Mendip in Somerset. For more, visit the BASC website and click
on the events tab. Right are you in Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire
this Saturday, 28th September? The Oxford Gun Company open day has now become a mini
game fair. There will be stands, displays, activities, free entry, ample parking and
refreshment throughout the day. Visit And finally if not in Oxfordshire, are you
in the USA? It’s National Hunting and Fishing Day. Visit To the wider world of hunting, shooting and
fishing on Youtube it is Hunting YouTube. [Music] This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. We start in the Southern hemisphere. AirArmsHuntingSA
is doverhunting and explaining how he does it. He is in South Africa with an Air Arms
S510 after two local agricultural pests, red-eyed turtle doves and laughing doves. Staying under the Southern Cross, Gary Flockhart
sends us this film by Aussie Bush Harvest – ‘ bloody big deer shot and not a bad story,’
says Gary, though with an Australian accent. This fellow is Australian, he’s impressive
but he is clearly a lunatic. Wild man Andrew Ucles comes across emu roadkill and uses his
find to intercept a troop of eastern grey kangaroo. He disguises himself as an Emu in
order to catch a kangaroo. Simples. Staying in Oz, now to the Whitsunday Islands
in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, where Andy Thomsen is sight casting for what they
call salmon (real name: threadfin), mangrove jack (also known as red snapper) and estuary
cod. Now whatever you think of bowfishing, you’ll
be impressed by this footage from SnowSic in Michigan, USA. It’s really good use of
a GoPro camera. Wild French Hunter gets in touch to tell me
about his channel – is that Chanel? No, I think it’s ‘canal’ – dedicated to chasing
wild boar, deer, fox and roe. New videos two Fridays a month. Wildfowling is underway across Europe. WILD
Jaeger is duck shooting in Germany, taking 69 birds in about two-and-a-half hours of
hunting. Finally, most people go there for the sun
and the sand. SafariJensen offers hunting and fishing in Mauritius. Here is a short
film about one of their trips fishing and stalking local rusa deer. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube or email me the link [email protected] Well we are back next week and this has been
our 200th episode so please make a special effort to subscribe or go to our website
click to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or scroll down to the bottom of the
page pop your email address into the constant contact box so we can email you about our
fabulous programme. This has been Fieldsports Britain.

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  2. Grate show guys yes was a bit short but worth it. put a black or white roe in my line of sight & i wouldn't any probs pulling the trigger & having it trophy mounted.

  3. This channel is the best. I like seeing hunting styles from all over Europe and how they compare to how we hunt in the states. If only I could go hunting with Lupton or Crow….

  4. Field sports? Shooting animals for sport is like in the same term as football, tennis, and athletics? What a strange and dangerous animal are some humans most certainly are. Ain't it a pity these poor animals can't shoot back. Why don't these people join the army and use their tough gun ways in fighting terrorists. Oh wait they can shoot back.

  5. I have to say I've been a hunter for 40 years but if I seen a black roe I would not shoot him.i wouldn't let anybody else shoot him either .

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