Fieldsports Britain – ‘Hunt Off’ – UK vs The Continentals

Fieldsports Britain – ‘Hunt Off’ – UK vs The Continentals

[Music] Welcome to this week’s programme from Fieldsports
Britain. I am Max Hunt. Coming up, this week we are in Denmark for some friendly competitive
shooting. We have dog training tips from Skinners Petfood, but first we are searching for a
wounded roebuck the Danish style. Meeting up with some of my friends. As we’re heading to Denmark anyway we thought
it would be rude not to try and squeeze in some Danish deerstalking. With just a few
hours to play with, Max and his friends have been on the look out for animals… His builder
friend Jasper calls and says he’s spotted a roebuck on his lunch break. Could be Jasper’s
lunchbreak – could be the roebuck’s lunchbreak – let’s find out. Actually it was all planned to go hunting
tonight. We just wanted to spot something now, but actually we found a roebuck we already
know. He is lying about 100 yards away from here. Bedding with her eyes closed. Jasper says he has shot plenty of bucks in
his white work shorts (that’s Jasper wearing the work shorts, not the roebuck) but we won’t
be today – this youngster is going to have to wait – Max might have his rifle but it’s
fresh out of the box and we were called en-route to the local gun shop where it was about to
be zeroed so he isn’t going to risk it on a live animal. So why in the middle of Denmark have do we
have such a very Scottish name? Many people don’t know why we choose the word
Macnab because you know it is fishing and hunting and outdoor. It is everything in one.
I tried to make a Macnab myself several times at the Glen … estate in Scotland, but I
never succeeded. It is always the salmon that is missing. With the rifle zero’d in Dajarna’s underground
range we’re good to go but the weather is appalling and the roe buck has now wandered
off for some shelter. The following morning the weather is still
grim but a local bowhunter needs help to try and find a roebuck which didn’t fall. As well
as being the owner of a splendid gunshop, Dajarna is also one of only a handful of trained
trackers in Denmark – all hunters here need to have the number of one of these guys in
their phone. In the law of … you have to bring a rifle
so that you can kill the animal, if it is not dead. There just came a car and this is
one of the problems with tracking wounded animals in the traffic at hunting. It is a
little dangerous with all these cars. This thing is good because people can see it but
it is also when we are tracking like pigs, wild boar in Germany. So it is a little safe. Now before everyone starts saying – “that’s
bowhunting for you”…Bowhunters accounted for just 163 follow ups in Denmark in 2011
compared to nearly 12,000 rifle or shotgun instances. Right, Tanner seems to have started well.
Blood spots leading across the field tally with Bowhunter Michael’s general description
of events. I shot this buck at about 10 metres a little
bit high and it is very hard to find this buck but I hope he gets it. I hope he gets
it. Putting these yellow ribbons on, we are putting
these yellow ribbons on because sometimes the dog gets tired, or the man gets tired
and then it is easy a new hunter or new man from the … to hit the road. Sometimes you
have to go back on the track and then start a little bit again. So like you can see here
on this straw there is … as we call it and the dog is not looking for … it is mostly
looking for foot prints because many times you shoot an animal in the stomach there is
no … After about 20 minutes of regular blood trail,
Tanner seems to be going around in circles. Dajarna decides to let her off the lead. It’s
not something he likes to do very often. It is important when you train with a dog
for animals it is important holding a leash and then it is very certain when you lose
it because especially the German … like going hunting for themselves. In the distance we hear Tanner barking. It
sounds like she is chasing something down. We leave it a minute and Darjana decides to
go looking for her. That is a good job. I am very happy now. It’s a great result – we have one happy bowhunter
– a deer that won’t suffer needlessly and a working dog and handler who’s skills have
located an animal a kilometre from the original shot. It is a nice feeling. It was the right solution
to take the leash of the dog and let it run, because we can see we were just pushing it
further and further. So yes it was good. We can go home now and have some warm coffee
and go back to work. For Denmark, just like the UK and other countries
across Europe, the rules about hunting and shooting are still a work in progress. Having
a team of voluntary dog handlers like this on call, with the paperwork to let them search
over anyone’s property, is a feather in their cap. Next it is David on the Fieldsports Channel
News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. Sea anglers in Florida have caught and released
what they reckon may have been a world record tarpon. Yes, tarpon. Sarasota boat captain
Scott Moore measured the fish at 96-inches long with a 53-inch girth, which puts it around
300lb. The world record tarpon is 286 pounds. Captain Scott put it back because he says
he would rather see someone else have a chance to catch the magnificent fish. BASC is concerned that shooters in the UK
who continue to use lead illegally are giving political ammunition to those who want lead
banned altogether. It has launched an online campaign and asks shooters to sign a pledge
to use lead within the rules – that is, not on waterfowl in England and Wales and not
on wetlands in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Visit The RSPCA is trying to spread the love for
the 1,000 pest geese that are now living on picturesque Lake Windermere in the English
Lake District. Last year, the campaign to stop gooseshooting on Windermere was backed
by rock legend Brian May and loony animal rights organisation Animal Aid. The RSPCA
has decided to ring the birds to find out “where the geese come from and why”. That’s
easy. Canada. Shooters, hunters and even Inidan tribal elders
are furious with a video posted on the internet. It shows Native American lads chasing down
a swimming deer, clubbing it with an oar, and then others dive into the water to cut
its throat.The Squaxin Island Tribal Council says it is deeply saddened by the events depicted
in the video, and wishes to make clear that such actions will not be tolerated. A charge of unlawful hunting promoted by the
League Against Cruel Sports has been dropped against joint-master of the Quantock Staghounds
Brian Palmer. Avon & Somerset Crown Prosecution Service dropped the charge against him due
to a lack of evidence. The Countryside Alliance slams “the continued unauthorised covert surveillance
of private individuals, such as Mr Palmer, when they are on private land and undertaking
totally lawful activities.” And finally, a Russian football star has started
his own reality TV show on YouTube featuring fishing. St Petersburg goalkeeper Vyacheslav
Malafeev, is posting a series of his family’s home tapes named “The Malafeevs”. Episode
One chronicles a fishing holiday in Finland. Click on the screen to see more. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. Thank you David. Next up is Hallo Max isn’t
it? Or is it still Hallo Charlie I don’t get it. [Music] Here is what the world is up to this week. Hallo Charlie. You have taken Roy away from
me. He has gone. Hi Charlie. We are out hunting with our dad. Hallo Charlie. This is Olaf from the Netherlands
I am hunting in Germany with my good buddy. This morning I shot a roebuck. The first one
with my new rifle. Hallo Charlie. Squirrel hunters here. Nice
day out with air rifles again. You can see ten squirrels down. Successful day had. Just bring him back. You want him back? Thank you so much. Hallo Charlie. Today we are in Botley on the
crows. Me, Leso and Richie from Portsmouth. Hallo Charlie. I am Tom Mills this is Sam
Ranchit and Jack Dennison. It is just not the same without him. Hallo Charlie again. Hi there. Yup 36 hours
down. We have seen many muntjac this morning. Yup kind of got away from us. There wasn’t
really a safe shot so we weren’t going to mess around. But we did get a fox. So we are
kind of impressed with that. We are just finishing up our rough shooting
today. We have had a good bag of pigeons. We are going to go to our other permission
now and see if we can get ourselves a nice fox. Cheers. Hallo Charlie. I am on top of the world in
the Lake District trout fishing with arguably the best presenter in shooting television.
Me being the first. It’s me he means me. That word Send us your own Hallo Charlie. Film yourself
on your mobile phone and just a sentence saying hallo Charlie who you are and what you are
up to. Then share it or email it via Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox, or Yousendit, Younameit
to [email protected] This week we are in Denmark for the Zeiss
long range shooting event. A lot of Germans come here to this event, from all over Europe.
At the end of the day it is just about winning the competition. and that is why Fieldsports
Britain brought the Roy. [Music] This range is unique in Denmark – and maybe
in Europe. It offers hunters, not target shooters, a chance to hone their skills and then put
them to the test – which is why this event hosted by Zeiss attracts hunting journalists
from all over Europe to throw a lot of rounds down range AND look like Clint Eastwood. To make Max feel more at home in his home
country, we have brought a Fieldsports Britain comfort blanket – Mr Roy Lupton, who can no
longer say we don’t take him anywhere. I am looking forward to it. We have got some
really good guys here and I think it is going to be a bit of a debacle over the next couple
of days. He has a day to play with a new Sauer 101
topped by a Zeiss Victory HT scope with ASV plus new windage compensator, and he has an
unlimited supply of free RWS ammo which not only has green credentials but is pretty good
at speading greenery across the Danish countryside. In this test we see a melon being hit first
by a competitor bullet then the RWS EVO bullet at a simulated range of 200 metres. How do
like them melons? blended I hope! It’s not long before the friendly banter starts
– Roy and Max have a melon-off. Let me stand on something. Free standing, five rounds. Yes. I am not going to tell you when I start. Five rounds. Ok I start on the right. Say when then. Skipped it. How did it go Roy? Alright lets go again. More melons. Before it get too fruity let’s talk to the
man from RWS about the green revolution. They believe that they’re ahead of the game if
hunters want to, or have to, bin the lead and take to the tin. The melon really is a short term effect. You
can see very quickly what happens to the animal. It brings it down. You can feel the brutal
force. You can feel the dust of the rain of the melon all over the place. It really is
a fruit punch there. Everything in the circle of about 15 metres. So that really brings
the message over very impressively. Ammunition companies are traditionally, well,
traditional in outlook but, as pressure mounts from many sides these days, they have to be
light on their feet. It is quite a challenge to do it especially
when you have the time pressure and another challenge of course is that the requirement
only comes out of certain markets while other markets still want traditional products. So
you have to drive like two lanes. The lead free channel and the other is traditional
lead channel. So it really duplicates the amount of products you have to have on the
market. As well as melons there are also soap blocks
to show the green power. I don’t think there is any chance of dodging
that lot Mark. Sorry mate. Another useful demo is showing how two green
bullets compare at distance. Here the unnamed competitor behaves oddly at the simulated
range of 200 metres creating a uniform wound channel. We have to make sure we point out that this
was a competitors bullet, but this was at 200 metres and you can see with the drop in
velocity the actual round itself hasn’t expanded. So there is no mushroom effect, there is no
breakup effect. It is just acting almost like a full metal jacket bullet and passed all
the way through. This event is the brainchild of Armin Dobat.
The man from Zeiss competes in field shooting and has won silverware in this discipline.
He thinks it puts all the kit from all the manufacturers on show here under the microscope
and there’s nowhere for any of them to hide. We have got brilliant stuff and it is perfectly
in place here at … because we have got the stuff fitting for everything, fitting to every
need. So we dare to shoot with the same optics, driven hunt simulations like the running tusker,
or the running stag. At the same time with long range shooting up to 600 metres. You
don’t have every time a bench rest with you when you are hunting and not everything is
standing broad side for an hour. So you have to be fast, you have to be flexible and this
is what you train for in the future competition. This year we brought forty rifles from Sauer
and 49,880 rounds. This is pretty much unique and the reason why this only happens one time
a year and the people look forward to it. One of the fun stands has a hint of cowboy
about it. Underlevers and pistols are fun and Roy makes shooting this Glock look easy
– it isn’t. Someone give that man a cuddly toy. For a more traditional, yet tough test, it’s
the running deer and boar targets, separating the men from the boys. And it’s quite easy
to run out of room. We’re using the Semi Auto 303 Sauer – not
legal in the UK but very popular on the mainland. It’s the 101 that everyone is talking about.
It has been a great success and even the Sauer boys find a little “one OH one” time on the
trip up here from Germany. And yes we shot wild boar and the … so for
me it was good. It was an opportunity to come home. Sebastian is barely out of Clearasil, showing
this rifle appeals both to the cool youth AND the long in the tooth. So it is a … rifle. The perfect present
a father has to buy for his son. Maybe for Christmas, but you can buy it earlier as well. It’s all lighthearted and friendly but all
these guys would like to put in a good performance. Last years winner is Ulf Lindroth – foxing
expert from Sweden. Yes we ended up at 540 in a strong side wind
yesterday and I didn’t reasjust the sights so shooter’s error definitely. To make up for it Ulf explains his technique
of shooting accurately out to 580 metres free hand. I will just say that again: 580 metres
free hand… For the free hand shooting I tried to not
hold it still, but I sort of tried to fall into the target, real slow and then just push
just beforehand where I want to hit. So I really don’t try to shoot it still but sort
of falling. You don’t really get the feeling you are in the target but that you are going
into it. That is the important part, the trigger control. But today has not been that great
so far. So we will see. So here he goes – that’s one and � that’s
two. Nice. Not to be out done, Max has a bash – he choses
to shoot directly at the target not falling into it – he too makes the shot. With these guys shooting like this it’s going
to be a tough test of marksmanship, so how’s Roy doing? �actually really well – we catch
up with him in the forest playing a game of Out of Africa with the big guns. And we later
discover he’s out shot everyone on the driven game stage. I have never done a proper simulated running
target, so we have obviously played about with the air rifles and a little bit of that.
Shooting balloons off the back of an RC car. This is certainly a new experience for me.
I was hoping Max was going to show me the way and teach me a little bit, but … I did! I have got to shoot the bum. The bum. Always in the bottom. You have to. I have got to emulate. Ok no problem. The guys are expected to use the sticks, highseats,
kneeling, standing and resting on a smart Harkila backpack and stool combo. The company
is also here showing it’s pretty products. There are not many stalkers who don’t have
Harkila on their wish lists. Like the other top brands here, they are in the business
of reinventing the wheel – well the boots at least… Well one of the things that is very important
to us is to keep on the forefront of what is happening. So we are always trying to innovate
our products. We are now launching a new boot. A Kebla boot that is made from the same material
as a bullet proof vest that will really last for ever and ever. You can wear them in all
sorts of challenging hunts. Mountain hunt, drive hunts. What ever you need them for and
they will last you for ever and will also have the functionality and comfort you need. Thousands of rounds have headed down range
here in Denmark. There are big smiles and sore shoulders but we have our winners. Doing
it for the UK is Chris Parkin. Roy comes 4th having – he claims – been given some bum information
by a fellow competitor on one of the stages losing him 40 points. So watch out Mr Maximus
Hunt: Roy’s coming for you! Here is a dog training tip from Skinners. There comes a time in every young gundog’s
life when they have to move from tennis ball to fur and feather. Make the change gradually
is the advice form top gundog trainer Howard Kirby. What we are doing is we are building our dogs
up. So we are building them from a tennis ball to a tennis ball with some fur on it.
This is a rabbit skin tennis ball and then what we do is if we take a young bird out
and throw a pigeon for it, some dogs would be horrified and they won’t pick it up, they
won’t look at it they are frightened of it. So what we do is put it inside a sock, so
you make a gentle transition from there. Once they are really confident and we saw little
Tag and he wasn’t that confident, it is the first time he has done it. He picked up the
sock and went oh I don’t know if I like this taste in my mouth and he put it down. I need
to build on that there is more work to do with that. Once he is going really well with
this we will take the sock off and we will send him for this. We might cheat, we might
cut a hole in the sock so we have got one wing poking out so he has got a half sock,
half pigeon it depends on your dog. Some dogs, that orange dog in there, that red dog in
there Brook if you threw a house brick for him when he was six
months old he would pick it up. He didn’t care. Little Tag he is a bit more sensitive
he thinks wow this is something new I don’t want to do it. So gently, gently catchy monkey.
Once you have got them picking a small bird, a pigeon. Pigeons aren’t always the best things.
Wood pigeons particularly because you will see in the video there is fluff and feathers
coming out and dogs don’t necessarily like that. So maybe a partridge would be better
than this. We happened to have a wood pigeon today so we used it. Once we have got them
confident with a wood pigeon and a partridge we can move onto a hen pheasant. A hen pheasant
is considerably smaller than a cock bird. Though this is a size related thing. This
is something we are doing based on size. So hen pheasant, then cock pheasant. Then we
have got our rabbit and hares, our geese and finally they will pick anything you send them
for. But it is all about experience and gently, gently. If you get them on this stuff too early they won’t be able to pick them up.
They will start pulling feathers out. You will then end up going to a gun dog trainer
saying my dog pulled skin off birds rather than picks it up and comes straight back. Howard runs Mullenscote Gundogs from Lains
Shooting School near Andover in Hampshire. Visit This series on gundog
training tips is brought to you by Skinners Petfoods, maker of the Field & Trial range
of gundog feeds. Visit Last but not least. Hunting Youtube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. We start with two superstars in the Fieldsports
Channel firmament: JamesMarchington joins German gun and optics manufacturers on a visit
to Tim Pilbeam to learn what those crazy English hunters get up to in the middle of the night
and can the Germans fix it? Yes they can. Next up, Will Davies emails me to say that
the aim of his YouTube channel is to promote responsible, respectful vermin control in
the UK. FAC Air Rifle Rabbit Hunting 3 HD June 2013 is about an outing with a Daystate
Air Ranger on one of his local permissions. This is the promo video for Glen Presley’s
Shooting Adventures. Glen is a Brit who is on the clay circuit in Germany, Belgium and
Holland. He keeps a round-by-round YouTube diary of how his competitions are going, how
he is feeling and how it feels when you are really out to win. Winning? They will never
let him back in the UK. Now lots of people think that YouTube is the
new punk. Well here’s DomFishingUK to show that it’s actually the new rock’n’roll. He’s
a little bit oo, a little bit aah, and he mostly wants to catch chub and barbel on the
River Idle, which is in Nottinghamshire. Once he gets the audio sorted out a star will be
born. And if you believe that rock and roll died
on Saturday night at Glastonbury 2013 then you may enjoy this sweet, pop-influenced house-style
film about fishing for pike, zander, trout and salmon in Finland. It is all peachy keen
cool beans. From groovy to gritty. American viewer Tex
Grebner likes Ben’s first scrub Bull by BowHunterLodge, filmed in Australia. This is about bowhunting
what look like farm animals but what are Australia’s horrific feral big game pest problem. The USA has a new hunting TV channel. Called
Hunt Channel TV, it is foolishly betting on a future via satellite but I hope it works
out that six people and a dog do not an audience make and YouTube is where it needs to be.
In the meantime, it has put some films on to its YouTube channel, including this one,
Great Days in God’s Country – there, US-style fieldsports: guns, guts and God. Finally we go to Argentina. Sent in by viewer
Stuart Crane (hello Stuart!), Kill of the Week 5 – Mid-Air Head Shots! (Argentina Hunt)
shows Tim and his buddy Lynn Thompson of Cold Steel shooting flying doves with handguns
and bows and arrows, and all to music by what sounds a lot like Stanislas. It’s incredible
– and so is the shooting. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] Hope you enjoyed this week’s programme. This
was Max Hunt from the … If you would like to subscribe somewhere here on the screen,
please go for it otherwise I will be back another day. See you.

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