Fieldsports Britain – Driven game in Christmassy weather

Fieldsports Britain – Driven game in Christmassy weather

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
I am getting blown away on a pheasant day in Northern Ireland. We have got our regulars
Hunting Youtube and News Stump. First up Dom Holtam is getting colder and wetter than he
has ever been before, driven boar shooting in Germany. [Music] It’s the hunting trip of a lifetime – Driven
Game in a German forest stuffed full of it. You’ve got the rifle, the scope and the bullets. For the first hour the adrenalin keeps you
warm and focused. Then it starts raining, even snowing, and you soon start feeling cold
wet and miserable. You lose focus, start moving, opportunities are lost and it’s game over… That is unless of course you choose your hunting
wardrobe wisely. So before we hit the high seat we’re going behind the scenes of technical
clothing guru Gore-Tex. Their world famous brand is used by athletes, climbers, bikers
and of course shooters. The Danish brand Harkila is leading the charge
in technical hunting gear and its Pro Hunter X collection is lined with the Gore-Tex membrane.
Harkila has agreed to lend Dom a suit to abuse in the laboratory – rain tower / storm cube
and of course the field. We know the kit is good quality, but exactly why is it so expensive? Feet first and we start with the Gore-Tex-lined
Harkila boots. They need to pass some pretty gruelling tests before they hit the market. This is our equipment for testing the shoes.
Artificial feet which are flexible and have many water sensors on it. With the help of
them we can see if the shoe is leaking and in which direction, in which area with the
help of the screen you can see. So each one of these dots represents a different
sensor. Right. [Music] This particular pair of boots how long are
they in for and how many repetitions do they have to go through to pass this test. An hour of course and then for this test 200,000
of this movement for each shoe. Always the pair and then when you have a distance it
is more than 350 kilometres in the water. It depends on the size of the person. Those are some toe curling statistics – but
hunters need to look after the extremities. Although we’re not stalking through the German
forests this week, a soggy sock in freezing temperatures is no laughing matter when you’re
stuck in a high seat. To make doubly sure that the boot is water
tight, they fill them with a litre and a half of water – and stick them in a centrifuge
to try and squeeze it from the inside out. Now Stefan we have got the boots and they
are now spinning at 250 revolutions per minutes, how long do you leave them for this particular
test? The test needs half and hour, because with
this you can see if the shoe is really waterproof. It does it especially if you have a stiff
hunting boot then it can take a little bit more time for the water to come out when the
shoe is leaking. This allows it to soak through the layers
so that if there is any leakage you will be able to see it. Right. The loo roll test has been passed with flying
colours. The boots are watertight but what about the
clothing? It’s time for the rain tower. Dom has come up with a comparison test. His
hunting outfit from 2008 when David first filmed him boar shooting in the UK compared
to the Pro Hunter X outfit. So here we are in the Gore Tex rain tower
and this is basically a torture chamber for Gore Tex fabrics. It is basically designed
to see just how waterproof stuff is. We get an awful lot of garments in for test on the
magazine and a lot of people say to us it is too expensive it can’t possibly be worth
the money I can go and buy some army surplus stuff for a few quid from the market it is
good enough for the job. We thought we would test that while we are here. This outfit modelled
by our friend and he is looking a lot trimmer than me these days. This was probably the
first outfit I wore when I first filmed with David on the Fieldsports Channel. It is my
own boar hunting coat, camouflaged trousers. It cost I think £20 or £30 and I used to
think it was more than good enough for the job. I used to think you don’t want to get
your best clothes covered in mud and blood. So we have rigged it up in here and what we
are going to do is just see how waterproof it is and see how long it lasts and to do
that we need our tame executioner, we are going to introduce
you to Stefan. Stefan you are driving the rain tower for
us today. Can you just explain to us in simple terms what it does. The rain tower is a tool to test the performance
of new prototypes before styles go into production. We test them for construction and for manufacturing
problems properly. So it is designed to simulate all types of
bad weather. That is the basis of it. It is a lab tool so we have certain types
of rain. We cannot do everything but we can do things that are quite close to reality. Soon the jacket looks heavy and sodden. To
give it the full monty, Stefan gives it the motorbike nozzle. This is after five minutes. Five minutes of different kinds of rain. So
imagine you are walking and you sometimes are behind a bush and it is less and now it
is more, it is wind driven kind of this situation and you see here It has gone right through hasn’t it. Yes, it is coming through the surface because
there is no membrane So basically you are going to have a fairly
miserable day if you have a wet day hunting in this. Next we need to turn the hose on the Harkila. So they said they wanted to test out the new
Harkila Pro Hunter Ex clothing on a new dummy. I didn’t realise they meant me. It is fair
to say that if the weather was like this I would be thinking about going home. But the
truth is that if you are out on the hill a three and half hike from home or your vehicle
you have just got to put up with it and that means your gear has got to put up with it
which means your gear has got to be good because at the end of the day if your gear is soaking
wet, you are freezing cold and miserable you are not going to be enjoying your hunting,
but it is even more serious than that, it is fine in a laboratory but if you are cold
and soaking wet a long way from home it can be the difference between getting home or
not getting home maybe not in our clement conditions in Britain, but abroad where the
weather gets very cold and it comes in really hard, the kind of gear that keeps you warm
and keeps you dry may save your life. Dom does about 10 minutes in the chamber and
is as dry as a crisp. So the microphone is still working which I
think is probably a very good. I think the most important test is if you could just reach
into my inside pocket and check if my fags are dry. Perfect To assist the drying process we also stick
Dom in the storm cube to see the benefits of wind stopper. So I am being subjected to up to 80 kilometre
wind. Really cold wind I can feel the chill on the back of my neck and anybody who has
been out in a strong cold wind when you get wet it can be absolutely debilitating. The
wind stopper fabric is not waterproof, but it instantly cuts that wind chill. So when
I am facing it soon as I take my hands out I can feel the chill. I feel it on the back
of my neck but none of it is getting through and robbing that temperature from my body
core. The last part of the tour is the torture chambre
where garments get chewed, twisted, stretched, pricked and rubbed raw… Michael Canderhead is the marketing manager
for Gore-Tex. He’s also a hunter and appreciates the importance of good quality kit when stalking
moose in Sweden. Hunting needs special performance in terms
of quietness and ruggedness and durability. So a lot of things which are special to hunting.
Even though you are walking, sitting and you are in different environments. It could be
cold, raining very tough conditions for hunting. The breathability is very important isn’t
it. It is all very well keeping the rain out, but if you are active and sweaty you can’t
afford to be uncomfortable. I think one of the most important things for
hunting is to stay dry and warm, because if you get wet you will get cold and then you
will lose focus on the hunting and that will not be as fun as it can be so I think it is
also because hunters spend a lot of time and money investing to pursue their passion they
invest in rifles ammunition and scopes etc. But I sometimes think that investment is worthless
if you are getting cold. How do you develop your working relationship
with the brands such as Harkila? We are mostly working together because they
do the final garments and we do a part of that but we also experience how to make those
garments as waterproofs. They bring in the knowledge about hunting. So its the combination
how we can make the best hunting garments out there. Not all products described as waterproof are
made equal. There is a massive difference between them. For somebody to be able to claim their product
is waterproof what kind of water common pressure does it need to be. To claim to be waterproof it is 1.3 metres. And what specification is your material? Our specification is 28 metres of water. People might not be able to grasp the concept
of pressure – I don’t. So sitting down how much pressure am I exerting. Sitting down the pressure would be around
two metres of water column. Two metres of water column. So if I was kneeling
it would be more because I have got more body weight on. On a smaller surface. Secure in the knowledge he’s going to be dry
and warm Dom arrives bright eyed and busy tailed at the driven hunt. The rules of engagement
are explained as is the importance of not shooting one of the working dogs. There will
be about 50 of them pushing through the forest with 25 beaters and 50 guns. Safety is paramount and the lurid orange colours
are even more important in what will be poor visibility today. It’s not freezing but the windchill is a couple
below. In the UK we don’t have any obligation to
wear blaze orange for safety reasons but with a driven hunt there are over 50 rifles on
the ground today it is imperative you wear safety colours. You have to wear at least
two pieces of blaze orange. What I like about this, this is a Pro Hunter cap, nice forest
green, flip it around you still have all your waterproofing and insulation, but now you
have got a blaze orange hat and on the sleeves you have got little pockets and when you open
them up there is a reflective blaze orange high viz band which you simply loop round,
with Velcro on. So you are ready for a driven hunt. So you don’t need to pack an orange
hat, you don’t have to pack a tabard, or armbands or anything like that. Your day to day hunting
gear has already got the functionality built in which I think is a great idea. The fog is proving problematic – when we do
see movement Dom judges this roe to be a buck, which is not allowed – erring on the side
of caution is probably best to avoid upsetting both the host and the bank manager. The beaters come and go – the dogs suddenly
firing up when they pick up a scent – this time they’re on the tail of red hind – Dom
gets set for a shot but she’s back end on – which is a good job as moments later, appearing
out of the fog, is the dog handler – right in the line of fire. It was just a good reminder that when you
have got game everywhere, you have got dogs everywhere or beaters everywhere you cannot
be too careful because when she stopped if she hadn’t been back side on to us and she
had been side on we would have taken a shot and I would have been pretty much shooting
at a beater. Better to be safe than sorry, but it is action. Hopefully we will see something
else before the end of the drive. We have got about half an hour left. We haven’t scored today but others have been
more successful – reds, boar and a trophy mouflon shot by Sporting Rifle’s Pete Carr. Day 2 presents a different field of view and
a stumpy high seat. As we’re getting comfortable this roe doe
has a quick look. This is more like it. Next is a boar – we
get a glimpse of him on the ridge then he’s charging past behind us – Dom lets off a shot,
but has to hold fire until it passes over the ride to give it a second as a fellow hunter
is just up the hill. In replay you can see Dom’s shot strike the
edge of the tree. I had to take a shot there as otherwise it
wouldn’t have been shootable with the track. Snow begins to fall but it doesn’t feel as
cold as yesterday. Next to appear is a roe doe with youngster in tow – she IS fair game
but is skylined. Luck is not with us – then we get a wounded charlie pass through – Dom
chances a long shot to sort it out – he hits it hard. We’ve been in the seat for 4 hours – ears
pricked, eyes peeled and concentration levels at the best levels they could be thanks to
clothing built for anything the environment can through at us. Always disappointed especially when we had
an opportunity of a boar but that is hunting. I would much rather hunt in an open forest
and know the animals are wild and your chances are a bit lower than in a fenced area where
you are basically guaranteed the animals, but it doesn’t quite seem the same to me.
Take it for what it is and better luck next time. Hunters invest in the best possible rifle,
scope and binos – but clothing seems to be the poor relation. And yet if you’re not comfortable
– you won’t be on top of your game. [Music] If you want find out more about the Harkila
range including the Harkila Pro Hunter X beautifully modelled by Dom and David plus their range
of boots go to and if you want to find out more about Gore-Tex go to And if you would like to see more driven boar
shooting films by us then click on the link that has appeared up there in the sky behind
me. Next up it is David on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Channel News. It has been a bad week for British antis trying
to advertise their views. The RSPCA had an advertisement banned by the
Advertising Standards Association for its “inaccurate and alarmist” advert asking “vaccinate
or exterminate?” Meanwhile, when comedian Dave Spikey agreed to front the League Against
Cruel Sports’ Christmas film, they promised it would achieve five million views. We reported
on the film last month when it was just out and had hit 1,000 views. It has now topped
3,000, so that’s still 4,997,000 still to go. Three wolves that escaped from their enclosure
at an Essex zoo have been shot dead. The animals -said to be a danger to the public – were
among five timber wolves that escaped from Colchester Zoo. Now following on from the eagle takes baby
from playground Youtube film this picture has been sent to us by Ian Larner from Australia. It shows a wedge tail eagle apparently taking
a fox in the Wimmera District in Victoria State. Some support the authenticity of the
shot but most shout fake! Which makes a change from shouting “in your face” to the english
cricket team. A US Marine fishing on a beach landed a great
white shark. It’s a tiddler by great white standards but it is still the same species
as Jaws. Jeff Fangman released it as these sharks are protected in the USA. Anglers Down
Under did the same with a tiger shark in Western Australia. Sticking with the States, former US vice presidential
candidate, governor and original “Mama Grizzly” Sarah Palin has a new show. She’s on American hunting TV station Sportsman
Channel. As part of the network’s “Red, Wild & Blue America” programming plan, she
is hosting ‘Amazing America with Sarah Palin’. And finally a new sport is sweeping America:
sewer fishing. According to 15-year-old Kevin Naegeli from Texas, all you need is some line,
some bait and some patience. He demonstrates his technique to catching a surprisingly large
fish in the sewer in this YouTube video. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Channel
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Now for any of you who don’t believe that
pheasant shooting is theatre, here is me making a broadway entrance. I’m at Ballywalter Park on the Ards peninsula
in Northern Ireland, a lovely small estate with a big house and a shoot that’s within
walking distance of this magnificent staircase. William Mulholland’s family have lived here
for more than 150 years. But Will is no fuddy-duddy. He set up and runs one of the top shooting
forums on the internet, PigeonWatch. His office is in St James’s in West London, just round
the corner from the grand old gunmaker William Evans. They have lent him one of their best
guns, a £15,000 Pall Mall side-by-side 12-bore, to take home and try out on a family shoot
day. Well, Will is going to need all the help he
can get today. A strong southerly is lifting the pheasants and sending them hurtling over
the guns. Even the trees are looking wobbly. I catch up with Will after one of the drives,
looking for a pheasant that drops in the walled garden. The conditions have been testing and the keeper
has adjusted the beating line quite a bit just to keep the birds coming over the guns
because they curl on this wind, yes they really motor. Now January is City bonus month, and even
with the crackdown on City excesses by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, surely a
new shotgun is a reasonable reward? Will already owns a William Evans, and earlier in the week,
he took it to the London shop to find out its history. So this is my Grandfather’s William Evans,
I don’t know how long he had it for. But I just wondered whether you could tell me a
bit more about the gun, is it a pair. Anything you could tell me about it would be great. First things first, I can see that it is quite
an early one. The engraving is an early style that we used to use not that dissimilar to
that of a Purdy style of engraving which is no surprise considering that William Evans
got quite a lot of his training at Purdys and before he set up his own company. The
model is a number two side lock. So there is a little bit of metal there which indicates
it was a second grade side lock. There is another indicator you are lacking a pin here
which would be a V spring which would be a bar lock. That would be referred to as a best
side lock. So this is considered to be a number two. We used to get in barrel actions from
a company called Webley & Scott, and these days it is just Webley. This is the classic
Webley screw grip action. You have got the horse shoe here around the top lever the dowels
head extension where the barrels would lock in would act as the third bite to make it
that little bit more strong and also you have got a through lump and again that through
lump is classic to this type of action. So it is 110 years old. Yes. Fantastic. She is an old gun. There you go that is the
actual entry Mr Long would have seen. So H D Long and it looks like either Hearnfield
or Hornfield of Saxmunden of Suffolk. The entry goes Evans 12 bore CF for Centre Fire,
top snap, side bar, hammerless it is abbreviated, ejector to go in his own leather case and
it cost him 27 pounds and ten shillings. Not a bad price. It sounds very cheap today. The next record we have of it is in 1997,
the 10th February 1997 where it was brought in for repair work. That is my Father. There we go. It is interesting as I thought it maybe had
been made for a relative, but those names at the start they are not familiar to me.
So my Grandfather must have picked it up at a later stage I think. The smart new gun that Alastair lends Will
looks gorgeous in St James’s. Alastair even lends him a William Evans shooting coat and
cap to try to make him look as good as his gun. Designed to William Evans’ blueprint, modelled
on the traditional H&H 7-pin sidelock pattern, The Pall Mall is manufactured in consultation
with the Spanish firm Grulla Armas. Guns are fitted in the UK, hand-finished, blacked,
chequered and hand-engraved by William Evans’ own British gunsmiths. The gun features selective
self-ejectors, intercepting safety sears and gold-line cocking indicators. That’s all perfectly
pretty, but what’s it like in the field in Northern Ireland? Pretty accurate I think. Yes, few birds down.
Nice to have a gun you can share with people who appreciate it. The first drives are out in the open and Will
shoots well. But it is when he takes to the woods that he really gets going. Surrounded
by trees, hunting for birds, he is in every way a natural pigeon shooter. You need eyes in the back of your head with
pigeons. They are appearing from every where. The wind means they are just curling around.
They usually predominantly fly straight over but they are being pushed to the right a bit
today I think. So, what’s the story behind PigeonWatch? So 12, 13 years ago when I was 14, 15 and
really initially what it was a place where everyone shooting pigeons could report how
they got on around the UK and we could find where the birds were, if there were any migratory
patterns, what they were feeding on, I just saw it as a useful resource, tips and tricks
and other bits and pieces. And so as an entrepreneur you have made millions
from it. Not yet Charlie. With the site we have got
some advertisers on it and we do some other bits and pieces. We sell some products. We
have got a very smart enamel badge that I am of course sporting. But it is really primarily
advertisers on the site is how the revenue comes. Got in the swing of things a bit. Are these yours here. Some of them quite a few have gone into the
walled garden I think. That wind has pushed them all the way back. Presumably you pay the British moderators
millions of pounds. Awkward question. Yes we have got a great
team of moderators and they are from all over the UK and one from Canada actually which
helps with the time difference, hosts late at night and early in the morning on site
and they can help out with that. We usually have a couple of annual meet ups. We go for
a nice meal and catch up and see how things are going and we have a charity shoot and
from time to time along with other members we will go to a playground to charity shoot. Will can hit birds, and in his excitement,
he can even enjoy a little tree pruning The next drive is in trees again -there is
some hope of a woodcock or two on this one – and of course there will be fast-flying
pheasants. They should come from the wood pretty much
in front of us. Any that come from the field will probably swing so yes, again quite a
wide ark that we are looking for birds from. A bit more visibility than in the last drive,
but you have got to be ready. So when the drive starts I will have the gun up. Oh look at that woodcock, did you see him.
Second barrel and I got him. Three woodcock on that drive already. Yes, three woodcock have come out. Fast modern cartridges and fast birds benefit
a greater weight in a gun than Will’s Grandfather would have liked. Functionally it is very similar. It feels
similar I think the stock is slightly shorter but yes I like it. It swings very well. Seems
very well balanced. To open the gun it has got a self opening mechanism which can make
quicker reloading I have been fumbling my cartridges a bit today. I haven’t quite maximised
its potential today but yes it is a really nice gun. For the last drive, I join Will’s father on
his stand to talk about the shoot itself. We shoot over about 300 acres in the park.
We shoot probably 12 big driven days a year and probably another six or eight smaller.
We call them walked up days but they are semi driven, mini days when we shoot about 100
birds on those days.And out of those I take two days myself for my sons Andrew and William.
We let eight or nine days a year. This year we have been quite international we have had
shooting parties from the USA, Scotland and we have got an English shooting party who
were here this day last year who are coming back in January. For more about shooting at Ballywalter, go
to Will’s forum is the much loved Pigeon Watch, which can be found
at For more about a new Pall Mall gun by William
Evans, which will be delivered four months from taking your order, visit
Prices start from £15,000 including VAT. From Northern Ireland to the wider world of
hunting, shooting and fishing on Youtube it is Hunting YouTube. [Music] This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. Joseph Carter sends in his film of his new
sport of ‘minkenry’. He has trained his pet mink to hunt muskrats and dive under water
to catch fish. It shows an endearing side to mink, which are not loved in the UK. And
it’s certainly a good way to keep your fish fit and the local muskrat population on its
toes All the world is thrilled by a rogue animal,
unless, in this case, you are one of the Mozambican children mauled by the baboons that are the
subject of this film, tracked, killed, cooked and eaten by American bowhunter Tim Wells. Richard Millerin shows me his film of clay
shooting in Staffordshire to groovy music. He is experimenting with camera mounts. This
one is duct tape – looks good to me. Moving to the world of angling, here’s a jolly
compilation of fun fishing ideas from the IFishTV crew in Australia. ‘Crazy fishing
stunts’ is a trailer for a A$20 DVD but it’s still better than the average taster. This fishing film is nearly completely quite
not very funny, but Pecheur Info gets points for trying. The Italian in question is calling
‘Here kitty kitty kitty’ when this happens. It’s the next bit he needs to work on. ‘Wild boar hunting with approach’ is interesting
because you get a strong feeling that the guide does not want the cameraman anywhere
near the action. The guide is also a keen smoker so probably needs all the help he can
get. However, despite that, the cameraman does his or her best and the editor even better,
telling a story about one Russian’s desperate attempt to shoot big game. And here is a Frenchman setting out to go
shooting in partial darkness. What is it with these guys? Cameras, mes braves – cameras
need light. ‘Chasse au chamois en Isere 2013’ starts in the small hours but happily benefits
from dawn and, by the time they find the chamois, the mountains are beautifully lit Finally, ‘squirrel kill with a slingshot’
has one of my YouTube favourites, Gamekeeper John, doing exactly that. It’s a kind of magic. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube or email me the link [email protected] If you like that lot, we hope you will like
these, all on Fieldsports Channel. Jason Bruce of Headhunter Chronicles is hunting
in Mexico. Jason heads to Mexico to hunt mule deer and Coues whitetail deer. Click on the
link on the screen to watch it. And do the same for the African BBQ Hunter,
who is hunting oryx or gemsbok with Otjiruze Safaris, Namibia’s oldest safari operation. Well we are back next week at 7pm UK time
on Christmas Day and if you are enjoying this programme please don’t hesitate to subscribe
somewhere on the outside of the screen or go to our website
where you can click to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. This has been Fieldsports
Britain. Good bye, good hunting, good shooting and good fishing.

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