Fieldsports Britain – Driven deer + boar, and decoying crows

Fieldsports Britain – Driven deer + boar, and decoying crows

[Music ] Guten Abend und Willkommen to Fieldsports
Britain here in Germany. Coming up in this week’s show Andy Crow is decoying his name
sake over maize. Jonny Crockett prepares a pot hanger and pegs for a forest feast. But
first we are heading off to the range near Zeiss HQ in Wetzlar and then heading out into
the forest of Laubach for a traditional driven hunt. Sausages cooked over an open fire – what better
way of keeping you fighting fit for a freezing morning down at the range. We’re just a few
miles from Zeiss Sports Optics headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany, and magazine editors
from as far away as Wisconsin and Pretoria are here as guests of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. There’s a lot to be gained from a trip like
this: It allows the shooting press to keep the world up to date with developments, reinforce
the quality of the kit, see how a large traditional German hunt is choreographed and it is also
a chance for the British contingent, like me and Pete Carr, editor of Sporting Rifle
magazine, to get back into the swing of things. So this has been great practice for someone
like me, I haven’t shot driven game for a whole year. You don’t really want to be turning
up and making any mistakes on the game. To be able to get a chance to handle the guns,
to get used to the lead, to get used to the picture of the animals running and get a bit
of practice in a safe environment to get a feel for it is really, really useful. And
if you are looking to travel abroad to hunt and you have never had the chance to shoot
on a shooting cinema I would definitely recommend it. There is also an opportunity for us to carry
out a comparison test and Pete thinks Zeiss’s latest 4- red dot sight has the march on the
new Leica. There is no comparison at all. Clearly the
clarity of the Zeiss and the red dot it guides the eye straight into what you are actually
shooting at.There is just no comparison what so ever. The Zeiss won hands down. After the cinema, it’s time to put some rounds
down the barrel. We’ve being given the option of using some lead free ammunition from RWS
on this hunt. Some hunting areas in Germany are already lead free. They certainly seem
to be working for Mr Carr That is Sporting Rifle mate Quit while you’re ahead though Pete. I sight in my loan Blaser R8 and have a go
at the clays. The camera picks up the trace of the bullet as it travels down range. The following day we’re at the hunting ground
in Laubach. It takes six months to put together a shoot like this. Fifty journalists, all
with a passion for hunting, are here to experience a traditional German hunt. With so many guns
on the ground, safety is paramount. When the dogs are onto the boar, please don’t
shoot. The gathered hi-vis hunters are told what’s
on the quarry list and what isn’t. A promising or large red stag would be a very expensive
mistake to make, as would shooting a mature mouflon ram. Shooting a roebuck would be an
embarrasing error of judgement, especially in front of this crowd. The head forester and man in charge of looking
after us is Rudiger. Rudiger you are the hunt chief for this area
in Laubach, how big is the forest here we have been hunting in. In total we have 4,200 hectare of forest and
it is divided into 3,900 hectare which is forest and the other area is open fields,
things like this. And is this a very big, or typical hunt for
this area. Normally they have two big hunts in the year
they are doing. This is the biggest one. And all the other people who are helping, volunteers
and freelancers just coming here for these two events and as a kind of thank you they
can hunt with them and maybe take some of the meat home as a kind of compensation. We separate into groups and head off into
the forest of Laubach to be shown our home for the next three hours. There are strict
instructions not to leave the high seat until the end of the drive no matter what happens. We get comfortable and start willing stuff
to appear. It’s about five minutes to ten. Officially
the hunt starts at ten o’clock but we are live on stand so if we do see animals now
we are good to go, but beautiful that we are up in this high seat. 360 degrees of shooting,
snowy forest, peace and quiet, just waiting for the horn and the fun to start. So very,
very excited. Very soon some shots ring out across the forest
– it builds the excitement with a hint of envy. Then we see some movement. A roe deer is in
front. Hidden behind the trees it crouches down. We can hear the beaters getting nearer and
there are a few roe darting through the forest but nothing close enough for a shot. Then the beaters and dogs appear and I put
the rifle down as they mill around and re-group. Obviously there is no shooting when the dogs
and the beaters are within sight. As always with this kind of hunting it is safety first.
It is a chance to find the roe deer. Look at that one which was couched up, the one
we saw before. The dogs are there to lift the game and push
it gently forward not chase it at high speed like YouTube star Fenton. The idea is that because they are short legged
they don’t move very fast so they don’t make the game run, but just gently move it through
the forest. Obviously the faster it goes the more difficult it is to shoot and more wound
up the game gets. So the dogs are pretty slow especially when there is snow on the ground. No matter how much we will a sounder of boar
to charge through the forest toward us we don’t get a shot. However, our neighbour has
been more successful with a nice roe doe. He isn’t the only one who has managed to pull
the trigger and there’s a mixed bag being prepared for us. It includes alot of red deer,
including this two-year old stag with an unusual head. It was shot by Belgian journalist Rainer
who was brought up in Scotland. You see some stags like that in Scotland where
the population is good, but I think over here there are normally, they should be better.
The body is quite ok, but may be something has happened. Normally they should have more
antlers on their head. I have no idea. As is traditional, there’s a ceremony to celebrate
the game – each of the species has it’s own piece of music… from the red stag to the
red fox.. All these animals are available to shoot in the UK, apart from the badger
for legal reasons, and the mouflon because we haven’t got any. Pete thinks it’s a great
trophy animal. The German people now view the mouflon as
a native species, but it isn’t. It is the same as we do at home. We look upon the fallow
deer as a native species, but it isn’t it was introduced as was the mouflon. We don’t
have any in the UK although we do have one wild sheep species, the soer sheep. Today,
I think we have shot 14 today. We are shooting half ……maximum otherwise it was going
to be big money if we made a mistake and shot one, but it is good to see. The journalists are allowed to bring their
own rifles along for these events and for a bit of a change Pete has borrowed a Chapuis
double rifle from York Guns. How far can you accurately shoot out with
a rifle of this type. With this, I can shoot and inch group with
this at 50 yards. Anything past that I can go to 60, 70 yards if I was confident with
the shot, but each shot is different, but at 50 yards no problem what so ever. It is
a cracking little piece of kit. And they are beautiful looking things as well
aren’t they. Absolutely, yes, yes definitely. From the traditional to the controversial,
lead free bullets. Ammo company RWS has co-sponsored this event supplying the ammunition. In the UK where we are still allowed to use
lead that is actually changing in Europe isn’t it. There are going to be certain areas in
Germany and hunting grounds where you are no longer allowed to use lead ammunition. Exactly and in the past the problem with lead
free ammunition was that it is not working on longer distances so when velocity goes
down ordinary lead free constructions are not working. You have kind of got full metal
jacket effect. So you get penetration with no power. Absolutely. So no delivered energy and therefore
game kept on running and you had to track it for 100’s and 100’s of metres. And this
bullet is made to be working on even 250 metres without any problems so this bullet kind of
solves problem with lead free ammunition on longer distances. You see it on this illustration
as well. Fragmentation starts and then this is what it looks like when it pushes through. And it is this bit here that retains the weight… Exactly, yup, yup this is a defined body. Day two and there has been heavy rainfall
overnight. It is warmer, but still cold enough for us to need plenty of layers sitting up
a high seat. Our new location looks promising and I am feeling confident. It rained in the night and there is a lot
less snow on the ground. Hopefully that will allow the animals to move more. We have seen
quite a lot of fresh tracks walking from the road to the high stand. So there is quite
a positive atmosphere and there is a lot of boar in this area. Fingers crossed. I do some range finding so I can mentally
mark trees and boundaries. It’s not long before we see some game – a group of red deer cross
the ride below us …but they’re too fast and far away for me to feel confident at a
shot. There was a group of half a dozen hinds and
a spiker. They came through the heavy cover and they were quite close to us, but then
they angled away. Next to show up is my own favourite, the boar
– it looks big but again it’s too far. It is such a buzz, though. Next to show up is a fox. I spot him early
– he crosses the ride – I whistle to stop him – and he drops. Amazing that they can come from anywhere.
That fox, I don’t know whether it was the same one that came back up that way, but you
can have game coming at 360 degrees. It just stopped on the whistle there. Our lone boar makes another appearance but
he’s too fast. We hear something behind us and it’s another group of deer. The big stag
is finding it hard to keep quiet on the move. Another fox makes an appearance just below
us. The .308 finds the target. He runs on – but he doesn’t go far. From the same part of the wood we get a great
shot of this roebuck. No mistakes here – we let him pass. The beaters show up and we down tools until
they’ve gone through. Once out of sight, they shout back that they’ve spotted some reds
coming our way. It’s probably the same group again with the big lad. They appear on the
ride and I go for the calf in the middle. It’s hit but I’m not sure how well. Luckily it’s right at the end of the drive
and Claus appears asking if we need to follow up on anything. I show him the blood on the
ground and he goes back to get Paul, the long-haired Weimaraner. One of the key differences between this kind
of hunting obviously when the animals move in there are some bad shots like the one I
made earlier. We found an outshot, we found some blood and this guy straight away as soon
as the drive is finished a few minutes later is here with his blood tracking dog. We have
shown him where the outshot is and he is now going to follow up and hopefully find the
injured animal as quickly as possible. And they have these guys all round the forest
so that any injured animal are tracked up and despatched as quickly as possible and
it is one of the key features of the driven hunt that is alien to UK hunters obviously.
We have the one shot clean kill, find the carcass. But here that doesn’t always happen
the animals are running, they are hyped up, but this is part and parcel of it, the follow
up work. The dog is shown the scent and they’re off.
The pair covering the ground quickly, then Claus spots the calf in thick cover and releases
Paul. We try and stay with him. After a few hundred metres we listen for the dog. I am glad. He’s across and below from us. Claus spots him and, as we approach, cameraman
David is told to hold back as Paul bites if he thinks he’s about to be dispossessed of
game. Claus makes sure the deer is dead – then takes
this once docile looking pooch off the carcase. He’s still unhappy about sharing HIS deer. It has been hot work but we have our animal.
Of course I wanted it to drop on the spot. Everyone does. But at least the professionals
found this one quickly and efficiently. Back at base it looks like it’s been another
successful drive. I have two foxes and a deer to add to the ceremony. [Music] Putting on an event like this is hard work
not to mention costly. It is interesting for us to note that yourself
and Ahrmen and Jan and Mahrwan are all very passionate hunters yourselves. This is what
you do on your weekends for your own enjoyment as well. Yes, definitely so. Me for example, I love
to be in the field to test our products and I am one of the hardest testing people, if
products survive my test they last for ever. No you are right, we are very passionate hunters
and when we have time we try to join together and follow our passion. That is the idea. And you think it is important for your brand
and products to be driven by passionate hunters as well as by scientists. Of course. We need both. You need the scientists
for the technology, but you need the hunters for the features, because you must understand
what the hunter needs and that is what we build in our products. So Optic is the one
side, but make it the way that it enhances the hunter’s passion. That is our product
and I think we are doing pretty well. The driven hunt is a such a strong part of
German and indeed Continental Europe’s culture that it’s hard not to admire the way they
do things. More and more rifle shooters in the UK are choosing to cross the water to
give this style of hunting a go. If you’re lucky enough to draw a high seat that delivers
– you’ll never forget it. From Sauerkraut to our own sour puss it is
David on the News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. First, the appalling school shooting in Sandy
Hook, Connecticut, which has left America split on whether or not to ban guns. Democrat
senators are said to want a ban on what they call assault weapons, while some republicans
are calling for teachers to be armed. The American president gave his reaction. We are going to have to come together and
take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics. Last week, we reported that around 300 of
Scotland’s estimated 500,000 airifles were used in crimes last year. This week, the Scottish
Government has launched a consultation on airgun licensing. It says it is committed
to introducing licensing for low-powered airguns. Anyone with an interest in airgun shooting
in Scotland can make their voice heard. For more information about how to do that, visit Meanwhile, the usually animal-loving Daily
Mail newspaper has come out strongly in favour of country sports. In an article entitled “How game hunting is
thriving again” the popular newspaper reports that: “Thanks to the support of a new generation
of Royals, notably the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and celebrity fans such as film
director Guy Ritchie, field sports are enjoying a moment of retro cool.” Costa Rica has become the first Latin American
country to ban hunting as a sport. The country has almost no sport hunting industry, and
what there is is it mainly for puma – but not necessarily dancing with them as this
film shows. An America boy shot in the head in a pheasant-hunting
accident by his father is out of hospital and looking forward to going pheasant shooting
again. Both Ryan Rearick and his father Chris took hunter safety classes six years ago.
Chris Rearick says he shot his son because he fell over as he was about to take a shot
at a bird. And finally, if you are wondering what bait
to use if you are after catfish in the South of France, you could try whole pigeon. A school of catfish there have taught themselves
how to leap out of the water and catch pigeons to eat. If you are watching this on YouTube,
click on the link to see the full film. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Now to a very cold corner of Kent. It is crow
man targeting corvids over corn. For those that don’t know, Andy was abandoned
as a baby and raised by pigeons. It’s the only way to explain his ability to second-guess
their every move, jink, and flight line. Today, however. we ‘re testing to see if his
formative years allow him to connect with another species – crows – his namesake, but
are they his nemesis? I have been watching this field since we shot
it last week, watching the crows coming back in here. The flight line has been through
here continuous for the last two days. They really have been hammering this end of the
field. We have set up here and the only change in the weather today, is it is a lot windier
and colder down this end of the field. For what is coming in at the moment is going right
and left handed to us and heading up to the far end of the field where it is a bit more
sheltered. Well I think we will give it another half hour, and if they carry on going up there
we might be going up there as well. The corvids are on this field in abundance
– a cloud of them lift and swirl in the freezing north-easterly wind. The beast from the east.
As soon as we set up shop, they do one – giving the hide a wide berth. These birds are giving
us the bird. Andy doesn’t really know why. He had hoped to surprise them as they dropped
in from behind but that isn’t happeningů They are not playing ball today. Still I am
knocking pigeons down so I am happy. You might not be, but I am. What’s happening to his super-pigeon powers?
At least Andy is working his magic on his pigeon pals. Frustratingly there are crows everywhere but
here – and the warm sheltered corner is calling. So we do what the text books say – up sticks,
or poles in this case, and move. Even though it’s really cold it’s important
to try and reduce the corvid numbers when they build in one place like this. As well
as attacking crops or pulling them out in order to get to the grubs in the soil, a healthy
population of big black birds will have a most deleterious effect on song bird chicks
and game poults. In our new location things suddenly look more
rosy. Out of the wind and in a sun trap – no wonder the birds are heading here. Dom joins
us and actually witnesses a miss by Andy – it’s a worry for all… What is the difference between shooting crows
and shooting pigeons for you from your perspective and why are the crows tricky? They have got such good eyesight, slightest
bit of movement and they are gone. I could have done with some full bodied… I have
only got shell crow decoys. I could have done with full bodied really. They look more realistic.
Haven’t wanted it. There have been a lot of crows here, they just haven’t wanted…… Not being funny, the first pigeon that has
turned up and you have nailed it. Yes, I can hit them I don’t understand. I can hit pigeons. Anyone can shoot pigeons
can’t they? You don’t have to be good to hit pigeons. Look at me. Do they fly in a different way is that part
of the ….. Yes, like a pigeon will fly in a straight
line, it will gently dive, but you can follow it. But a crow, I was following one just a
minute ago, it will come over the top quite high, stop dead in the air and flew backwards.
Well pigeons don’t fly backwards. Eventually a few crows stop to give us the
time of day and Andy makes no mistakes. Now, those of you with corvid-like eyesight
might have noticed that Andy is looking very smart these days courtesy of Jack Pyke which
has given him gear and clothes to try and destroy. Yes, it is good stuff keeps me warm, keeps
me dry does everything I want it to do. They do boots I have got their boots and I don’t
have any problems with them. They are really light weight. They are light. Keep your feet
dry. Wellies are comfortable. Everything I have had from them is good. Trousers, I love
these trousers, I wear them for work. Everything I have got I have it in green and it gets
worn every day. It is not wear it on a Saturday or Sunday when I go shooting it gets worn
every day. It does get hammered. Like all clothing I get it does get hammered. That
is why it is quite nice for me to have stuff to test, I don’t just use it once a month.
There is another crow coming David. I don’t just use it once a month I use it all the
time. Did you get that. As the day draws to an end Andy gets another
couple of birds – On inspection against the setting sun the pellets have really torn through
the feathers. In all we’ve got a dozen crows, and rooks and nine pigeons – it’s hasn’t been
a red letter day just a challenging one. Are you board of burning your beans. Jonny
Crockett has all the answer with his custom made pot hanger. This is the first stick which is going to
be part of a pot hanger that is called a wargon stick. Now Wargon was one of the spirits of
north America and this is the stick that holds so much myth and folklore. So we are going to put it together first of
all with our knives and point the end of this fork stick like that. Not too sharp so that
it snaps, just sharp enough and then this one drive this one into the ground, in fact
with this honeysuckle it almost looks like I am screwing it into the ground. There we
go. So that is the support for our Wargon stick. The second bit we need to have a look
at is the main structure of it. Now if I put this one on here, it naturally falls. Gravity
naturally takes it in this direction, but once I have put some weight on this it will
swivel round and that will become the top. So what I am going to do here is I am just
going to mark the top with my knife. I am just going to mark where the top is like that.
I am going to put a chisel point on this and what I am going to do this is with the tip
of knife, put the stick down and then put a little indentation, just a little one as
if I am going to perforate it and go all the way through. But I just need that little notch
and you will f ind out why that is in a few minutes. So I
will put that one back. This is the next one I am going to use and this is going to go
upside down and keep this long stick stationary. Now this is going to hold our pot and it is
going to hold it at various heights. So I am going to put three notches in this one.
I am just left with this little beak here and that beak, I don’t know if you remember
we put this perforation in there and that just sits in there. So when there is a bit
of weight on it it stays like that with a fire underneath. Now that is on simmer mode.
So what we need to do is go up to the next notch, there we go. So that is much lower
and now closer to the flame. I could do another one. I have got room for one up there but
for this particular pot hanger I don’t need it. Here is our weekly round up of all that is
interesting on line. It is Hunting YouTube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. Lots about wild boar this week. This is a
cautionary tale sent in by Belgian viewer Michiel De Schryver and told to us by French
channel Philippe Simpere. The moral of the story is: always make sure your game in the
back of your truck is dead. Let’s move to a driven wild boar day in Italy
with Caccia al cinchiale “abbattimento” by LSv63. To start with, the camera work in this
film does not fill you with hope. Then – it just goes to show – sometimes the camera can
be in the right place at the right time. Now this is not a very nice video but Texas
is faced with a massive feral hog population. The question is whether machine-gunning them
from helicopters constitutes good management, let alone good sport. But then that’s the
great thing about YouTube – or should I call it You-Judge? OnlineFishingTV takes us to Royal Dee in Aberdeenshire.
This is a charming and well-filmed profile of the Glen Tanar estate, where your guide
is an engaging gamekeeper who has been on this ground for more than 40 years. Now, who says that life in North Korea is
all bad? Here is a film about a fishing competition in the secretive totalitarian state by journalist
and broadcaster Alun Hill. He calls it North Korea Angling Competition, he describes it
as North Korea angling competition, on the River Paedong. And he adds “A North Korean
won”. It looks a lot like a fishing competition anywhere except for the mandatory interview
with the party official, but then if the BBC covered match-fishing they would do the same. CarlesCastilloHD has produced BELLOWS IN THE
MOUNTAINS. This is not a film about firelighting equipment but just his poor English in a promo
forwhat looks like a good DVD about stalking roaring red stags during the rut. Here is a sensitive film from Germany about
walked-up hare shooting in the snow over a beautifully-trained wirehaired pointer. It
is made by two women who fancy themselves as filmmakers – so yeah now wipe the lens
– it has lots of international appeal. Our appeal to them is to upload the transcript
so the rest of the world can click the CC button at the bottom of the screen and understand
what’s going on. And finally, fans of the grand old sport of
hare-coursing will be stunned by this version from Parral in central Chile where the hare
gets up, there’s lots of whooping and the greyhounds pile in. Book the tickets, David.
We’re on our way. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] So that is it this week from snowy Laubach
after a fantastic driven hunt. Fieldsports Britain will be back next Wednesday at seven

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