Fieldsports Britain – Colossal crow shoot

Fieldsports Britain – Colossal crow shoot

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
we’re looking at where to go for a world class stuffing. How to get a bird in the hand worth
the same as one in the bush.We’ve got dog training tips from Skinners. Hunting YouTube,
Kit Special and News Stump is looking at this weekend’s CLA Game Fair. First, bring out
the big guns – we’re crow shooting with Digweed and Crow. When the crows kept coming Andy decided the
best way to make a dent in the population was to release the Digweed. George is often offered “big” days but 99
percent of them don’t materialise as �big’ on the day. Andy is putting his reputation
on the line here. Happily, Team Digweed plus Crow and already building a serious bag. It’s
going swimmingly. We have had a hell of a morning. All these
crows and young jackdaws are coming to some wheat which is on the turn and because there
was no wild food last year and this year up until now everything has been backward. So
the corn is only just starting to turn and where it is just going milky all of these
are coming to some wheat which is just the other side of the hedge if you look through
the gap you will see them going to the wheat now. We are shooting on this bit of rape here
that didn’t really come in the winter and we are able to decoy them on here and we have
had a hell of a morning so far. I have probably killed 220, 230 in just under two hours so
it has gone pretty well. But I think there was so many here that the Crowman likes to
do a job for himself with a few, but when it comes to a really big day he has to call
in the A team. And that’s pretty much how the rest of the
day carries on – See how I was protecting your decoys here. I did I was impressed. I had to protect his crow decoys because apparently
they don’t work as well when … he did offer to put some carpet in here today but I said
as it wasn’t red I didn’t fancy it. A one way ticket to not a very good future. They
are not liking it. I was hoping to get a few shots, but when
this old boy is shooting there is no point. He is a legend he is. Some real shots this
morning. Some of these have been overloaded with … some of these crows he has shot.
If he … I would be pushing him out the way and showing him how to do it. But I don’t
need to yet. I am hoping he will get tired later on and give me a shot. But I don’t think
he will some how. George may be accurate but Andy is getting
impatient The eagle eyed Crowman spots opportunities for George to unlease the Perazzi and Gamebore
combo. Don’t worry about it they will come back. George. Hang on. He doesn’t half get panicky. I thought
he was … I am but I want to make a big bang of that
job. So with birds coming from every direction
and at different heights and speeds how can George tell where he’s hit them? When you hit something in the head when it
is flying it will always put its feet out. Body shot obviously you can tell when the
feather damage is quite a lot. Broken wing they tend to come down spiralling with their
head up may even call, but a definite head shot is both feet out and the other is lung
shot which you have quite a few lung shot which are right in the centre of the pattern
and the body will penetrate the body and lungs and the heart and it will fly on for a little
bit, then collapse stone dead, but when it flies on it is only flying on dead. But you
can tell that and you should always mark that to pick them up. That is exactly the one. That one there look.
That is exactly what we are talking about. Now you would call that towering. George has had an incredible year and we’re
filming this just before he heads off to Madrid to try and claim his 21st world title. So
how many competitions has he entered this year? Started the year in South Africa. I won the
African English Sporting Championships. The African 5-Stand Sporting Championship, South
African Fitasc Championships, the African Compaq. The one on the right and that one.
The African Fitasx Sporting, I went to France and was third in the French Grand Prix. I
hope you got that in, two with one barrel. Then we had the Essex Masters which I won.
I have won in Romania, I won the French Grand Prix for Compaq. I won the European Championships,
Fitasc Sporting and the European cup, the European Compaq Championships in Italy last
weekend and won the European Championships. With a score of 198 shooting the last 150
straight and won the European cup there as well so all in all I have had, well I think
a pretty good year. What do you say now, perfect? Which is why George hasn’t really been out
pest controlling much in 2013. I haven’t shot anything at all apart from
a few foxes and a few rabbits for weeks and weeks and weeks and when Andy suggested this
it appealed to me greatly. For us to kill 300 in a morning and we have got three or
four hours to go this afternoon if you kill four or five hundred in an area like this
you are going to do some real good. The birds keep falling and Crow man is under
fire too for shooting birds too close to the hide. I have seen you come out of the hide after
he has had a day’s pigeon shooting and you look as though you have just walked out of
a turkey plucking shed. That lense has never worked so hard as this afternoon has it? Normally
they are all in here like dustbin lids. How you could get them that close that you could
film the feathers coming out God only knows. We all know Andy is no stranger to a high
bird. His raised eyes are getting higher by the minute too. Then Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam arrives,
which doesn’t help matters for Crow. Your Father has brought your gun. The hide is getting pretty full now, so Crow
sorts out a grain pick-up and Dom asks George about his cartridges… The Black Golden I am shooting today, these
are in a plastic wad of five. It is the new design of the case and the box and everything
else and they are a really good competitive fast cartridge. There, there is the diamond
shot. Identical to a cricket ball scenario. Polished side one side that goes through the
air fast. That is why a heavy new ball comes onto the bat quicker. On the shot you are
looking at as you are looking at it to the right hand side that is standard lead shot
and on the left hand side it is diamond shot. George has had an exceptional day and is happy
for Andy and Dom have a shot with the Perazzi. The trouble is George’s unconventional coaching
technique is not helping Andy… Any one, any one you like – the easiest one.
Oh he has missed that one, oh he has just managed to wing one with the second shot. I have had a lot of fun. We have had some
good banter in the hide as well and he has taught me how to shoot which I am very grateful
for. Luckily Dom turned up half way through the afternoon and whereas Andy had got me
to the raw stage, Dom has managed to fine tune it. So I feel going into the world cup
final next week, I certainly stand a chance coming in in the top 50. We call it a day and judging by the time it
takes us to collect all the birds we know it’s going to be a big day. It is 585 birds.
George’s best day ever and he’s grateful that Andy gave him a call. I would just like to thank Andy very much
for a fantastic day’s shooting. He has done a very good job here in setting this up in
this corner so that we can kill a few and I thank him very much. Sometimes, everything just falls into place.
The birds are there, and it just so happens that the best shot in the world is there too. Great shooting there by George. We expect
nothing else. And good fieldcraft by Andy and if you entered our Facebook competition
to count up the number of crows, rooks and jackdaws they shot, the answer is 585. Well
done Jason Pegg from Nottinghamshire. A signed copy of George’s DVD Digging for Gold going
out to you. Now let’s see what everybody else has been up to. It’s Hallo Charlie. [Music] Here is what the world is up to this week. Hallo Charlie. Callum and John here from East
Yorkshire just has a morning on the crows. Haven’t had too bad a day. Hallo Charlie. It’s Stew and Aaron. We are
out in Peterstow we have just had a wander out in one of the woods and this is what we
have got. Hallo Charlie. Ryan coming out of … Las
Vegas playing with my airgun in the heat and the wind but I have got my shades so I am
good what more could I ask for. Send us your own Hallo Charlie. Film yourself
on your mobile phone and just a sentence saying Hallo Charlie, who you are and what you are
up to.Then share it or email it via Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox, Yousendit, Younameit to
[email protected] Right we interrupt David’s intensive CLA training
to bring you this. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. In a career spanning four decades, George
Digweed has won his 21st world championship. He dropped just three clays out of 150 over
three days at Castillo de Robledo in Spain. There has surely never been a shot as good
as George, which is why his sponsor Gamebore has started a campaign to get that man a knighthood.
Visit and share or like the page The BBC cameraman and wildlife presenter Fergus
Beeley has asked Fieldsports Channel to take down a film we made with him about falconry.
A number of viewers noticed that Fieldsports Britain episode 21 has been switched from
�public’ to �unlisted’. Although happy with the film at the time, Fergus Beeley says
he is now receiving criticism for working with Fieldsports Channel from groups including
the RSPB. If you would like to watch the film, please click on the link on the screen. The Australian state of New South Wales has
abolished its Game Council because, it says, its position as regulator, promoter and operator
of hunting activities is a conflict of interest. However, this is being read as a political
punch at the Shooters & Fishers Party of New South Wales, which had been supporting some
of premier Barry O’Farrell’s policies. Now it’s war. There is plenty to see at this year’s CLA
Game Fair this weekend. Here’s our special preview. If you find yourself on Gunmakers’ Row, please
stop at the Gunmaker’s Pub where you can enjoy films on our big screen. If you are after new clothing, have a look
at the Rovince stand. It is Rovince’s first year at the CLA Game
Fair. It makes a range of clothing worn by professionals all over the EU for five years,
including the uniform of the Belgian forestry ranger service. It is designed to reduce tick
bites and has a patented treatment that lasts for more than 80 washes. Lightweight and designed
for warm summertime use, you can meet the designer and see the full range for the first
time in the UK on stand number E443B at the clay line end of Gunmakers’ Row. Another new clothing company with a stand
at the CLA is ShooterKing, which is another clothing company with a Belgian connection.
It is based in Belgium and makes a range fo good-quality shooting clothing, especially
designed for deerstalkers. You can visit it at stand E0491. And if you are a young shot, go and meet the
people behind the Schools Challenge. In the most recent episode of Schools Challenge TV,
the kids had a go on all kinds of countrysports and outdoor activities at the Oxford Gun Company
open day. And there is an interview with Olympic Double Trap gold medallist Peter Wilson. Click
on the screen for more. You are now up to date with Fielsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David – and he will be easy to miss
at the game fair as he normally looks like an asylum seeker. Now in the UK we’re not
really into our mounts – but if you want one of the best stuffing in the world you need
to visit Jacob in Denmark. Pity the wall-eyed fox, the hump-necked wildebeest
and the lopsided hare – they’re stiffs and their proud owners were stiffed. As a result,
taxidermy is an underrated art form. There aren’t many deerstalkers out there who haven’t
shelled out for a shoulder mount only to be stitched up in one way or another by someone
who either lacks talent or scruples, leaving you wondering if that really is your roebuck. Max Hunt gets his mounts done by Jacob Strunge,
a Danish taxidermist with a client list that is most definitely out of bounds. This is actually the latest work Jacob did
for me. It is one of the sheep I shot in New Zealand when I was down testing the new Sauer
101. And if you take a close look at the eyes that is actually where you see the big difference
in the way taxidermists work. It is not like the shape of the form or anything it is the
details like the nose and the eyes and everything which makes the difference. But I think the
biggest work Jacob has ever done for me is the turning stag. Some of them have already
seen it in the video we did for EVA. This stag is totally made from nothing. Jacob did
the shape because you can’t order a foam form like that so he built it up from scratch and
did everything on its own. Jacob is the real deal. His apprenticeship
lasted years and he travelled the world being taught by the best. For him it’s all in the
detail and adding a little bit of flare. It is all about passion and creativity, the
design and skills doing something very different from what we will see if you have something
standing on all fours and stand up mannequins and things like that. Everybody can do that
but we try to change and make everything unique. Your hunters have been hunting with you in
Kurdistan and we had a lot of nice things out there. What is your dream, where do you
dream about going. My dream hunt would be central Africa right now. For some of the
giant antelopes out there. That would be really brilliant. We ask Jacob to show us what goes into transforming
a boar skin into a life-long hunting memory. So what’s the difference between a good mount
and an average mount? For me it is very important to use an eye
that looks realistic to save 15 Euros is not worth it because you can’t compare good eyes
and cheap ones. Jacob is a talented man but the more the hunter
thinks about skin preparation, it the easier it is for him. If you are somewhere in the mountains in … or
somewhere else in the world it is a good idea before you go and consult with your taxidermist
to know how do you skin, what are the basics of skinning and salting and taking care of
your field preparation of your skin. Max’s red deer from New Zealand was a first
for Jacob it involved taking a standard mount and slicing and dicing it to give it sense
of movement. The stag we did for you was basically built
on a standard mannequin standing on all four which we chopped up into 30, 35 pieces and
then we added the different twists that I have not seen anywhere before, the turning
of the whole mount and I think that put even more motion into the motion of running even
though it is just circling around. It adds something to the mount I think. For more from Jacob, visit And
if you want a trophy that is a talking point for all the right reasons, talk to your taxidermist
and ask him not to save money on the eyes! Taxidermy – when it’s good it’s really good
when it’s bad it’s really bad. Now you don’t get trophies without guns. Let’s have a look
at a few on Kit Special. Kit special this week looks at the most expensive
shotguns on the website -ranging in price up to �4,000. Everyone is in danger of loosening their wallet
at Game Fair time. If you have �1,350 burning a hole in your pocket, then you might consider
this Caeser Guerini 28-gauge multichoke. Some call Guerinis glorified Fabarms at a premium
price, others point to how a company that comes from the same turf as Beretta is coming
up fast on the rails behind the Italian gun giant. For about the same price, you can buy a Beretta
Silver Pigeon I Sporter. Not to be confused with the Japanese moped of the same name,
the Silver Pigeon is a staple of the UK market among many others that now comes in numbers
1 to 5, a C, and S, a Gold Pigeon and even a Diamond Pigeon. �1,850 secures a Silver
Pigeon III Game with fixed chokes Improved Cylinder and quart and 28in barrels. It’s quite a leap to the next most expensive
guns on GunsDirect. They are both Browning B25s, priced at �3,400 for a B2 and �4,000
for a B4 sporter. Browning’s classic, top-end shotgun from its Custom Shop at Liege, the
B25 or �Superposed’ was the last gun to be designed by John Moses Browning, who was
still working on it when he died in 1926. That is it. Feast your eyes, fish into your
pockets. Thanks for watching. This is Kit Special. From guns to dogs. It is our expert gundog
training tips from Skinners. [Music] The birds are raining down. It’s a red-letter
shoot day. Now your dog has to remember where one of them has landed so that, after the
drive, he or she can go and fetch it. How do you teach that? A young dog when he is sat in the shooting
field may see multiple birds shot and he has got to mark them store them in his brain,
I saw a bird shot over by that tree, oh I have seen one shot over by the pond, I have
seen one shot over there. If he can remember them it is easier for him to go out later
and find them. Particularly when he is a peg dog and he is sat waiting maybe for half an
hour before he does it. What we are doing is we are developing his memory. Some dogs
have brilliant memories, some dogs are like young men, useless memories, hopeless memories
as soon as they turn away and look away they have forgotten. So you develop the dog’s memory
by putting something down you walk him away about ten yards then turn around and send
him straight back. You will see if you have a problem because if you send him straight
back and he goes oh I don’t know where it is you need to work really hard with him.
Some dogs you can walk … a well trained dog he will store in his memory for several
days, there is a bird shot by that tree and I know it is there.
It is a gradual build up. We build the distances, we build the duration. So it is distance and
time that the dog has to remember. You are presumably quite far down your training
regime by this stage. You are past all the basic stuff. Is that right? No that is not quite true because all of these
things are going on alongside eachother. So we are developing a memory retrieve in a six
month old dog we are developing his game carrying ability. It is all being done in almost all
areas including jumping. Pop, Pop, pop are being covered at six months, but by the time
we are doing it with a 12 month dog everything is bigger, longer, faster. Howard Kirby runs Mullenscote Gundogs from
Lains Shooting School near Andover in Hampshire. Visit This series on gundog
training tips is brought to you by Skinners Petfoods, maker of the Field & Trial range
of gundog feeds. Visit We have got a whole series of training tips
with Skinners. If you would like to you can click on the screen above me in the sky there
and watch them. Now let’s look at what the whole world has been up to. Hunting, shooting
and fishing on Youtube it is Hunting Youtube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. Bunny Hunter is the hunting, shooting, fishing
serious chaps’ channel’s worst nightmare: a capable hunter who tells a good story in
a bra, pants and only a little imagination. Country girl hog hunting with Bunny Hunter
has her in the woods after feral boar with an AR-15 and a handgun. It will be popular. Another channel that sensibly chooses to be
the first to tread a well-worn path in video is FPSoutback which is devoted to the overlap
between GCSE chemistry and going out shooting. So its latest video is called ‘How to Burn
Palladium’, which follows a film called �Outback Pig Shooting’. I have chosen Hunting with
Airgun Pellets from a Centrefire, which shows a pest bird hunt with a .25-06 firing .25
calibre airgun pellets. MrDaveRatz is buikding up a nice following.
In this film, �Airgun hunting Rabbits + extras’, he is doing exactly that, out for
a walkabout on a sunny afternoon, looking for rabbits. Time for English-speakers to learn a bit about
carp fishing Benelux-style. It is from Belgian-based tackle company Korda but it is useful nonetheless
as two unpronounceable anglers discuss rigs and set-ups for long distance casting and
fishing, and they do it in English. Now here’s a silly clip from the International
Game Fish Association YouTube channel. IGFA Trustee Stewart Campbell hooks a large blue
marlin off the island of Madeira and, well, this is what happens next. GetDucks (motto: ‘It’s duck season somewhere’)
brings out �Argentina duck hunt Muchos Patos Argentina Ep10351′ Don’t be put off by the
episode number. Terry Denmon of Mojo TV and Ramsey Russell from share a great
time in the blind picking off teal and rosy-bills. ChassePeche66 shows a roebuck stalk from start
to finish. There’s not much audio to go on apart from grunts and groans, which is lucky,
because it’s in French. You will be glad to hear that nobody’s head
explodes despite Huck758 giving his video the desperate title ‘Pissed Off Hog’s Head
Explodes with a Bullet to its Brain! Wild Hog Hunting! Uncut Version’. But it is a good
film showing dogs bringing a pig to bay and then the hunter waiting for the safe moment
to shoot it. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] Well we are back next week when we will be
bringing you all the action from the CLA Game Fair which we are going to this weekend at
Ragley Hall in Warwickshire and we will have our big screen there playing our films at
the Gunmakers Pub on Gunmakers Row. Please drop by and have a watch. Also this week we
will be handing out 30 of these fox calls from Steve Larsson in Australia. Thank you
Steve and thank you to everybody who entered that draw emails will be going out shortly.
Well if you are watching this on Youtube don’t hesitate to subscribe. The subscribe button
is as ever somewhere on the outside of the screen. Or go to our webpage
where you can click to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or best of all scroll
down to the bottom of the page, pop your email address into our constant contact box and
we will email you about our programme out every week at 7pm UK time on Wednesdays. This
has been Fieldsports Britain.

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