Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match: Raw, Sept. 23, 2019

Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match: Raw, Sept. 23, 2019

>>AJ Styles looks like he wants to set the tempo here inside the ring,
prove why he’s the one we call phenomenal.>>And again, elimination rules. So Roode being outside the ring does
not hurt him in this situation, at least not right now. The presence of Sami Zayn begs the
question where is Robert Roode’s tag team partner Dolph Ziggler? Uh-oh, Mysterio from behind and
Ricochet almost got beaten by Mysterio.>>I wouldn’t ask Goldberg.>>Hey, it’s every man for
himself here in this match. Rey multiple time world Champion. Ricochet, nice drop kick to Roode.>>My goodness.>>AJ Styles, a clubbing blow by Ricochet
who’s had his issues with AJ over the past number of months. Mysterio springboard
moonsault takes out Styles.>>Uh-oh, and here we go.>>Ricochet flies on the other side,
bodies everywhere.>>Ricochet off the top rope
that flying clothesline.>>Ricochet wants that universal
championship match up.>>Recoil connects, Shinsuke Nakamura.>>Cover on Ricochet by
the intercontinental champion.>>Ricochet has been eliminated.>>With AJ Styles does not allow
Rey to capitalize on the 6 1 9. On the apron, forget it. You can count to 100,
Mysterio’s not getting up from that one. Remember that.>>AJ is not letting his universal
championship matchup slip through his fingers.>>And now there it is, Styles cover.>>One, two, three!>>Nakamura eliminated.>>Shinsuke Nakamura has been eliminated.>>We are down to three,
Styles, Roode, and Mysterio. Robert Roode, glorious!>>And then there were two.>>DDT!>>One, two, three!>>Roode and Mysterio remain!>>AJ Styles has been eliminated.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rey repping the [INAUDIBLE] senton and he was caught by Roode. Robert Roode swings him away. Now a position to the glorious DDT,
Rey able to counter.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Mysterio with a 619.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Is it enough for Rey? Is the magic still there? Splash by Mysterio, cover,
Rey Mysterio has done it. [MUSIC]>>Here is your winner, Rey Mysterio.>>Rey Mysterio dedicated this
match to his son Dominic. And Rey Mysterio has once again
earned himself an opportunity this time at the Universal Championship. The amazing Rey Mysterio
has done it again. [MUSIC]

100 Replies to “Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match: Raw, Sept. 23, 2019”

  1. So this booking decision was so that Rey would be the most logical to get buried by The Fiend in a main event segment? Kind of pointless since you sacrifice unpredictability & a quality match for that.

  2. Proof that Rey is a legend. That pop is not easy to get these days. So glad he is getting an opportunity which he should have got the time he returned.

  3. Wow Ray mysterio wins this match…
    He is my favorite wrestler from my childhood yeeeeeee??? it's good to see him back… Weldone ray nice to watch you ?????

  4. Not gonna lie. This was a surprising win. I never thought Rey was going to get it. Thought he was still putting people over lol

  5. Um…does anyone see no point for this? I mean the card is set for Hell In a Cell Seth vs The Fiend for the Universal Title…?‍♂️ It's obvious that Rey will lose or the Fiend will interrupt the match of Rey and Seth…

  6. Why even have AJ be the US champ if he's just gonna compete for the Universal title? ?‍♂️ And same for Shinsuke? US Title and IC Title should be for upcoming wrestlers like Gable, Cedric, Apollo Crews, EC3, Buddy Murphy,

  7. So happy to finally see Bobby Roode in the spotlight where he belongs. He can be a great heel world champ if properly utilised.

  8. That pop died with styles elemination and came alive after mysterio won it…..plz wwe give mysterio last run for universal titl h deserves it

  9. god i hope Rey beats Seth and become WWE Champ, Rey deserves it man he needs to hold that belt for a few months and to be involved in some Epic storylines he needs that

  10. That pop to Rey is a prime example of how much wwe fans miss the old wrestlers and the old times of the wwe. Till 2010 wrestling was fantastic but after that nothing was the same again and sadly never will be the same again.

  11. Not bad for Robert Roode. I was expecting him to be first to be eliminated but he lasted longer than Shinsuke, Ricochet & AJ in the ring & was eliminated LAST by Rey Mysterio

  12. if rey wins the wwe unversal championship i hope wwe does not take the unversal title away frome him like 2 hours later

  13. I don't care what anyone says, Roode was a total beast in this match and that spine buster he hit on Rey was a thing of beauty.

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