Fastest Sports Cars (Paragon, 8F Drafter & Issi) – GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

Fastest Sports Cars (Paragon, 8F Drafter & Issi) – GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

Hello everyone, I’m Broughy1322, and this video serves as an update to the Fastest Sports Cars video where I show the best fully-upgraded sports cars in terms of lap time. For all the information you need about the series, check the original Sports Cars video, but otherwise, let’s see where the new Paragon R, 8F Drafter and Issi Sport fall into that list. And again, we’re starting up relatively close to the top, especially for what is now an absolutely huge Sports class with the Jester in 14th place, because just ahead of it is the new 8F Drafter. So, a pretty respectable lap time in comparison to, sort of, the old sports cars that we used to race around before we got this new breed that were a lot quicker. The 8F Drafter, it’s a weird one to drive, because it does suffer from a lot of understeer. It’s pretty much the opposite of the 9F, which suffers from oversteer. The 8F is slightly quicker than the 9F, at least in terms of lap time, but all of these vehicles… aren’t exactly anything special when it comes to top speed. But we will focus on that when we get the top speed testing video tomorrow. But yeah, the 8F drafter, a 1:03.5, a pretty respectable lap time putting it right in between the regular Jester, and as we’ll see, the Schlagen GT from the previous update, so that’s pretty respectable for its lap time, but the full story will obviously be when we see the top speed testing video tomorrow. Now, we take a big jump here, because the previous best vehicle in the entire Sports class is now struggling to make it into the top five. Our two new vehicles 1:02.2 for its lap time is a very, very good lap time, and when you’re driving it around, you—you can’t really work out where that lap time is coming from. It doesn’t feel as quick as what it— you know, the lap time that it’s giving. And I think that’s mainly because it just picks up speed really, really well in that mid-range up to its top speed. Now, one thing I need to mention about the Paragon R is that the armored version of the Paragon R, which you get by completing the Casino missions, is only—it isn’t available in races, so I can’t test it just yet, but I will get a testing from it as soon as I can. Now, in 4th place, we’ve got the brand-new Issi Sport as well, so our brand-new cars in 4th and 5th places for the Sports class overall. With a 1:02.0, that means it’s two-tenths of a second quicker than what we’ve just seen from the Paragon R, half a second quicker than the Elegy— This little car can really take those corners well. Like I said, the top speed testing video is going to be coming tomorrow, and… the Issi Sport especially doesn’t do that great for top speed, but when it comes to cornering, this thing can just—you know, fly around the corners. It hasn’t got the greatest acceleration, it hasn’t got the greatest top speed, but for… you know, a 1:02 lap time. Obviously, it’s not going to be touching what the Pariah, or the—you know, when I retest the Itali GTO—what the Itali GTO can do, it’s not going to be touching those two top cars, but for an Issi to go around this track in 1:02, that’s pretty special. It’s very, very quick, it was a big surprise that a little car like this can do so well. And one thing other to point out is that it has an off-road traction loss of 0.35, which is actually pretty good, and pretty much in-line with some of the other rally cars that we see, like the Omnis and the Tropos. So, the Issi Sport is probably going to be the quickest vehicle in the entire game in an off-road situation, whether you’re on a rally track or, you know, wherever it is, if you’re just going around on some dirt, the Issi Sport will be the fastest car in the game in an off-road situation, even taking into account all the super cars, or anything else. It’s just that quick. In a regular situation, and with its off-road traction loss, It will be at a significant advantage there as well. So, I just wanted to put this comparison in right at the end between the Issi Sport and the Elegy. The Elegy used to be the number one for so long, the Elegy was the quickest sports car in the game ever since the game was released, nothing could dethrone it. And now, it struggles to even make it into the top five. First, obviously, it was the Pariah, the Itali GTO, and the Comet SR, and now two of these new cars with the Paragon R and the Issi Sport, and frankly the Paragon R armored version looks to be even quicker than the regular Paragon. So, you know, that will probably slot in to top five as well, even though you can’t use it in races. And the Elegy has just dropped down the order, and it’s interesting to see how, you know, an Issi is going around this track quicker than what an Elegy can. It’s remarkable, to be honest, and it kind of shows how—how things have changed from back in the day, and it’s the same with the Supers class as well. All those previous cars that we used to use are pretty much obsolete when you look at some of the newer cars. So, yeah, that’s it for this one. Like I said, the top speed testing for these cars will be coming up tomorrow, and then we’ll have, obviously, the Caracara 4×4, and then any drip-feeding vehicles, I’ll be testing those on the day of release, plus all of the other videos that I need to do, such as the advanced handling flag retesting of cars, and all the other kind of information videos that I need to do covering this DLC. Plenty more still to come over the coming weeks, but for this, there you go. Those are the the three new sports cars and their lap times, have fun with them. But that’s pretty much it for this one, remember to read the description for more info, comment with your thoughts, like the video if you enjoyed it or found it helpful. Subscribe for more, and consider supporting on Patreon or becoming a member on YouTube. Thank you all so much for watching, I really do appreciate it, and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. The Paragon R suffers from the same bug as the Toros, whereby if you hit top gear (actually quite difficult in the Paragon) the car will get stuck there and you won't be able to go down the gears until you put it in reverse, meaning your acceleration will be terrible when you slow down until you do that.

    For more explanation & how to fix it, check this video: – Everything I say about the Toros in that video applies to the Paragon R because it affects any car with 8 gears and Rockstar have done nothing to fix it in 7 months. It also affects the Paragon R (Armored) and the Brutus, and will affect the upcoming Jugular & Novak. I might make a video on it when I get chance.

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  2. You've sold me on the Issi. The only car I'm buying, since I used an exploit to win the supercar. Hopefully next week they will have the S80RR up as a prize




  4. Well I'm happy I bought 5 of the new cars. I bought the issi sport twice for both characters. Still haven't bought the thrax, I'm hoping to win it.

  5. Having driven the Paragon R armoured, its slow to start, but once it hits the middle gears it suddenly takes off. So slow initial acceleration, great mid-range acceleration.
    But that's just how it felt to me, not formal testing.

  6. I think they did something to the XA-21 suspension because now driving it around every curb I hit in the city throws me into someone’s backyard

  7. @broughy1322 ive gotten a 59:905 in the issi sport (without boosting ofcause)

  8. I’ve noticed the top gear bug in my armored paragon. Doesn’t it only happen once you install race transmission? It’s been a while since I saw it

  9. I presume you're only going to review cars when they come out? And not review them by spawning them in and just using them?

  10. If I keep the stock transmission will the Paragon be too slow? I ask because you showed that doing that will fix the 8 gear bug but I'm worried it will be too slow

  11. Damn it! Why is the Issi not in the compacts class!? I hate the Brioso R/A, this Issi would be a mad replacement. Also, can the the tyres clip? The spreadsheet doesn't update very fast with new vehicles…

  12. The funny thing about the Issi Sport is it was the least expected car to be in this dlc from what I seen and yet here it is putting cars to shame even with the Advanced Handling Flags

  13. Got a vehicle Discount for SSSA on the lucky wheel. Wanted to think about wether I should buy the Issi Sport. When I decided to buy it the discount was already gone 🙁

  14. I like Paragon R and i drive it since it got released, experienced no top gear bug whatsoever, on PC. I have max Transmission but i saved on optical tuning.

  15. Broughy is there any recommended races that can test out the rally/dirt road racing potential of vehicles that are not in the off-road class?

  16. "older cars are pretty much obsolete" Bruh the elegy is only half a second slower than the issi, it's still competitive. You make great videos but it wouldn't kill you to be a bit less dramatic about such a small difference. I mean yeah compared to the pariah it's at a disadvantage, but the pariah shouldn't even be in the sports class.

  17. I knew the Paragon R felt different. It felt fast but not extremely fast. Top speed didn’t seem that high (maybe mid 120?) and yet it felt so quick. AWD with no wheel spin helps ofc. The real reason was after takeoff, it felt fine then it just pulls and pulls. Once it gets going it feels extremely powerful (as it should with a V12). probably drives similar to a real Cont GT. I’m shocked it does this well in the sports class though. Driving around the city feels fun because it can pull so hard out of corners

  18. Issie is my new favorite car it’s so much fun and quirky with the customization and yeah fitment or whatever but it’s a good car Yeo

  19. Let's report to Rockstar that they need to fix the 8th gear glitch. Maybe then they will finally fix it.

  20. I'm much more excited to see the difference in performance in the cars with advanced handling flags than new cars.

  21. Do you need to equip offroad tires in order to get the best performance when racing offroad? Or are offroad tires just a cosmetic thing?

  22. These cars are awesome, I just got the armored version of the Paragon and i couldn’t be happier, it drives very well and has pretty good armor.

  23. drove the paragon out of LSC. didn’t know it would get stuck in top gear there and i couldn’t stop laughing.

  24. Im so confused issi in 4th 1.02.229 but there are only the Comet sr and the phariah that are faster why 4th ?

  25. Never have I cared so little about the performance of a vehicle in this game. That 8F Drafter is simply a must-have, both in terms of its looks and its engine sound.

  26. The Issi is amazing.

    But I just did a stunt race with it, and I could not for the life of me make the jump. Out of 400 races, I DNF perhaps five times. One of which, was that stunt race.

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