Fast & Furious Car Chase! Magic Boy Traps Kids in ANKI OVERDRIVE RACE TRACK BATTLE FGTeeV CHALLENGE!

Fast & Furious Car Chase! Magic Boy Traps Kids in ANKI OVERDRIVE RACE TRACK BATTLE FGTeeV CHALLENGE!

this video is an ad sponsered by Anki Celine HeI MoikE BOING BONG Oh, Duchess, do you wanna have a race? Oh, okay! they’re go’in down! The first one that reaches the dirty old sock wins! FINE!! del READY? SET? GOOH!! I WON Did I win? No OOOFFF Lol evil child Of course you didn’t win! open your eyes! fine, you may be faster than me, but I can beat you in racing. Are you thinking Anki Overdrive? Yeah, Fast and Furious Edition! I’m just about to watch Dora the explora season 47 just eating Curious addition of Just more have to TVn Today we even to a couple around and battle with some cool new fast and furious cars These guys are artificial intelligent battle robot cars yeah, that’s crazy Yeah, you don’t believe you watched it See Now now we’re just get it for L pay attention. Yeah, check this out this track right here I put this together in legit seconds you can make whatever kind of track yourself want for round 1 This is it round 2 you guys can build let’s go to multiplayer I’m gonna create a game and for this first round We’re gonna do battle race grip finish line by any means But we’re FG TV daddy selected vehicle. I am going to be the International MXT that’s this bad boy right here, I’m gonna put it anywhere in the track no matter I’ll show you want add a commander now this game you can play with your friends You can also Play with characters from The Fast & Furious Movie in this case we’re gonna roll my boy dung and cave in diesel and dumb is gonna be his ice charger I hope with this anywhere. I feel like it because I’m just function now trizzie chase Brizzy chase would like to be It’s actually the Duke and now Michael which car would you like to choose? Some legit just trippin out Wright there’s so many options. I think I’m gonna have to shoot the third-order thermo Oh, that’s a good choice, man. Put it anywhere in the tray Because we can scan the track that we’re playing on so that way the game knows look at that Wait what might chase your butcher car the wrong way? Telling everybody 31 go at the starting line perfectly bite themselves in that amazing It builds a track for us on our iPad you guys ready to begin the match. Yeah, no there’s something new about this version Oh after you overdrive You see this little thing right here. We got some information that does not stand for fast food It does not stand for Freddy fazbear what it stands for is power zone. That’s what that is called It’s a power zone piece when you guys are riding over that power zone piece if you press your weapon on the bottom right hand corner, you can pack your opponents cars I need the now Achatz There’s Nathan follow this week battle race the 15 laps okay? Step on the gas and you can also use your Steer and then I’m gonna fire at this dude ready oh Well, just pack my jersey chase chase Let’s get into that man. Oh, Oh – big Tom this would be interesting. That’s it I Am getting revenge on the last person. I’m breaking. I’m stopping right here oh I’m coming up right behind, Mike. I’m sure he might be shooting Mike Bocchetti Mike I shot him I Just knocked my god happy though, I’m shooting chase boom Oh What check back baby T’s? All right, so these things are so intelligent. They don’t fall off the track so it’s just amazing ah No, I’m losing it sheen of shoot that no I just fucked in the dog. What now Dom I’m gonna lap 14 or 15 are we all know wait who won? Chase one time I did lock plate first place is Drizzy chase Second place is McMahon big old Irma Third place was me Vanessa’s canal shiny tell you how to play this really fun game and stuff like that That’s why oh yeah That’s don’t learn to watch If I was able to focus like now little Rugrats that could one fourth place is the best a furious loser named um Ha I’d be done. That’s all that matters all right now guys What do you say we show them how easy it is to switch days tracks. Oh, yeah, these things are so easy look they just Snap together do you see that pay on the camera? Did you see that boom? This week uh do you want to yeah, where do you want to put it right under yeah, all right ready so we just boom Wait for round two here’s our new track it’s much bigger now We added two new pieces to it because they make expansion packs so you can make this thing as big as you want It’s portable and this is all Wi-Fi so you can take this on the go this stuff Just stacks up next together put it in a bag You can bring it wherever on vacation to your Grandmama’s house Where your grandma probably beat you if you don’t grandma mom that cafeterias on the old Alright, so how about this time? We play king of the hill first one to get the sixty points wins alright Let’s all select new vehicles this time because I beat Dom I’m gonna take his ice charger I’m gonna be the new COS time Mike’s gonna be the new whoa are you gonna do go cheater Chase is gonna be Thermo-pile and now I’m the cheater Good boy cheats for not cheating. No chase don’t join with TV rook cheated so hard you’re off your game alright now We’re going to add this time my boy Lulu ha It was some Hobbs Hobbs is gonna be the MXT and now because we have a new track. Let’s scan it whoa chisel all right begin scan And watch this it’s really cool because it shows you exactly What we built um alright back there like sniffing each other one No, these cars are like dogs. I submit butts on the casing to get to know my friends better. Oh nice your lunch. Oh you had for lunch That was Michaels idea Whoa What’s this crazy boy doing? Yo? Students saying how smart I thought in the sake of when he he knew what he’s doing are you ready yeah begin? much This sign is king of the hill first want to get the 60 point so we got to do a lot of shooting a lot of ruin a lot of – in Okay, so You guys are taking on the crazy Hello, all right so to play king of the hill what you have to do is disable your opponent And then you get the crown like right now on the crown and every second that I’m the Kings That’s how many points I get so you guys have to juggle Me I got the girl Joe tango come on now whoa 19 points 24 Is able do I’m still king all righty well it looks like I’m about to take home the crown because I cut the crap I’m the king of the hill wow that is a really hard game bow chase got second with zero points Mike gut second with zero points and hob got second with zero points congratulations I never been in the game. You can get three second places figure. It’s time for a little break I actually I have to go to the bathroom So why don’t you guys stay here and play around three without me don’t have too much fun Okay, yeah Ready to race chase Whoa whoa juice iris at a car show tiny two three Our zone enable No Yes one What he’s talking about in the game you’re into the game old man is really awesome We were in the cars racing I know that’s what you do What are you talking about utility playground Serious too bro alright, so surround for Bullies Believe you about what and I’m not a Butthead. What’s up. It was so gross All right, not as well. I guess that’s it for This video I don’t know what’s going on um I have to watch back some footage and see if they’re cuckoo or not but yep Thank you so much for watching subscribe if that valve on vacation, but we got merch on the website And I’m saying check out our key facts in the Furious addition if you like this play this then I mean sugar like playing it To remember this thing is portable Customizable intelligent world bottles you will have so much fun apples and we go see later loopholes This video is an ad sponsored by um for more information on fast and furious overdrive click the link below oh Yeah, I got this Straight across a bunch of them except for that one, huh? Did you build it this time oh There actually is a microscope so we do have to talk

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