Fast Food Just as Good as SPORTS DRINKS? (Study)

Fast Food Just as Good as SPORTS DRINKS? (Study)

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description. See you there! This study on glycogen recovery recently caught
my eye. For those unfamiliar, glycogen is an energy
source stored within our muscles and utilized during physical activity. It’s often recommended to replenish these
stores through food after workout, especially for athletes with multiple daily activities
or for endurance training. Now, the most heavily marketed glycogen-replenishing
products out there are that of sports drinks and snacks, many of which you’ve probably
heard of. However, this study challenges the glycogen-replenishing
effects of said products by taking the extreme approach of comparing it to… fast food. Let’s take a closer look. In the study, subjects were fed twice with
either fast food or sport supplements within a 4-hour recovery period after burning through
their glycogen stores from cycling. Then, they performed a 20-kilometer time trial
to see if one food intervention improved post-recovery performance more than the other. As for the type of food, fast foods were portions
of hotcakes, orange juice, hamburger, cola, and French fries from a McDonald’s restaurant. The sports supplement were portions of Gatorade,
Kit’s organic peanut butter, Clif Bars, Cytomax, and Power Bars. Portions for the two groups were matched for
both total calorie and macronutrient intakes for the sake of fairness. Now on to the results. In terms of glycogen recovery, fast food was…
just as good as the highly-touted sports supplements in resynthesis rates. As for the 20-kilometer time trial… results
were also similar in both groups. Interesting. For those that don’t have the financial
luxury of buying sports snacks on a regular basis, this is possibly good news. Fast food is often cheaper. Now clearly this is not a green light for
you to just eat fast food after all your workouts, not at all! Fast food is still calorie and sugar-dense,
which excessive intake can have long-term negative impacts. In my opinion, though, neither sports drinks
nor fast food are best, but rather you’re best off with natural food sources like fruits
and nuts. They carry the same energy replenishing capabilities
without hurting your wallet nor your waistline. However, for those occasional moments where
you need a quick and cheap post-workout recovery, your local drive-thru might come in handy. Let me know what you think of the study or
experiences with fast food in2 the comments below. If you enjoyed the video, please give it a
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100 Replies to “Fast Food Just as Good as SPORTS DRINKS? (Study)”

  1. If they matched the macro profile of sports drinks and fast food, wouldn´t the study be of the wrong conclusion, because of the fact that sports drinks and fast food do not have the same macro profile. Shouldn´t the study instead only hold the numbers of kilocalories constant? What are your take on this?

  2. I knew it!!! I eat well normally but sometimes when i feel really drained i fill up on fast food and cakes for dinner(not that often though) but when i do i can tell my energy levels get close to normal and i dont feel like im starving myself anymore

  3. I ate basically nothing but energy bars and milk for several years, thinking that was going to get me buff. I just got diabetes. It's just candy, man. Candy and candy-drinks, marketed under the excuse "but if you do intense activity, you might NEED the sugar energy".

  4. I'm so glad PF doesn't believe in junk food crap refueling the body(like gatorade) all my workout buddies call me dumb for drinking water instead of gatorade to replenish energy. thanks for the great vids as usual PF

  5. I have an idea for u picturefit. Why don't u start making this channel about fitness related studies that are relevant. And u can thereby reveal ur criticism an opinions of these studies and how they relate to us

  6. Fructose doesn't replenish glycogen in the muscles, unfortunately. "Normal" carbs are needed for that. Doesn't mean it has to be fast food or sugar 🙂

  7. Yo boys gimme tips. It's 2am and I have a 100 dollar bet with my cousin. Basically whoever loses the most weight by the 8th of february wins 100$$$. I'm 114 kg of fat baby. Gimme simple tips that I need to incorporate so I try to continue this after the bet. Ty guys

  8. Heh, when I got the notification for this I was in Burger King; granted I hadn't had fast food in quite awhile and I was walking all around the city in near-freezing weather, so I figured I could pig out just that one time (King Meal Deal + 10 pc. chicken nuggets for $4.78).

    Maybe it's just 'cause it's been so long, but I swear the food was better this time around…

  9. Lol I was on a fast food bulk for a couple months and I got stronger and bigger than when I was cooking my own food.

  10. Gatorade isn't a glycogen replenishing product. It is meant to be used immediately in glucose form during an active workout, such as in a marathon or a triathlon, where reducing the rate of glycogen depletion is desirable by constantly supplying glucose from elsewhere (gatorade). While your video isn't wrong, it isn't exactly fair.

  11. Soon people will realize that health and longevity is much more important than sacrificing your skin, digestion, and body by constantly inflaming it with processed foods and chemicals.

  12. 2:24 Yeah I agree with the natural benefits but the wallet part? in our town fruits and nuts are more expensive than fast food. I guess It Depends!

  13. I really hope this video is wrong. If its not then you probably should have kept this information to your self since people should stay away from fast food. Still i love your channel..

  14. I got one for you picturefit. Do carbs stop soreness in muscles.

    For me it does I wanna know if anyone else is different or the same.

  15. The thing is they balance the micro nutrients that would be pretty hard as McDonald’s has a shit ton of fillers and added preservatives. I also agree that natural is the best but fast food has so much bad add ingredients I personally would never eat that after a work out and I rarely ever eat fast food. If you were on a budget I would say make your own food or follow a meal plan where you can cook all your meals in one day to save time in a rush.

  16. It’s not just about similar results after 1 day. Think of the long term consequence of eating fast/JUNK food, vs taking a rich nutritious and clean supplement such as cliff bar or cytomax. Omitting this fact is dishonest if on purpose, or disingenuous if forgotten

  17. It’s bulking season brother, the cashiers know my name and order at chipotle, McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A. I’m getting huge for 50 bucks a week.

  18. Carbs are carbs, regardless of origin. I prefer hydration solution since gatorade has so much sugar. The thing is that sports drinks are marketed for maximum profit when in reality eating anyform of simple carbs such as table sugar, fries, white bread will induce creation of glycogen

  19. Carbs are carbs, regardless of origin. I prefer hydration solution since gatorade has so much sugar. The thing is that sports drinks are marketed for maximum profit when in reality eating anyform of simple carbs such as table sugar, fries, white bread will induce creation of glycogen

  20. 1. Sport drink isn't more expensive than fast food, you can find very good ones which are cheaper (like wiggle).

    2. Sports drinks are usually made to be taken during the practice, and are not made to refuel you stock of glycogen completely. I've never heard someone speaking about drinking liters of sport drink after a workout/race to fill the glycogen stock. At most, you can take a post-exercice drink.snack (to accelerate the recovery, not making it completely!) but that's only in case you can't eat normally quickly. And this drink/snack isn't exclusively made with glycogen, but with protein too, to help muscle reconstruction.

    3. Now these scientists should try to eat fast food during a running or cycling race, then talk about it.

  21. Can you make a video about nikotine?Not ciggarets but alternative weys of taking it and the benefits (or lack there of) of taking it…..It is said to boost concentration,and power output is this true ?

  22. In Matter of fact it depends.. if your goal was powerlifting or weightlifting then fast food is ideal for you cuz it contains large amounts of fats and sugars which you need to lift bigger.. but if hypertrophy is your goal than you should go with the sport drinks and snacks as they are more macro dense and contain less amount of fats and sugars .. despite the idea of replenishing glycogen stores after the workout

  23. Strictly anecdotal, but I've logged my work outs, and I tend to put more weight up if my pre workout meal comes from Taco Bell.

  24. So healthwise Powerade and Gatorade is just as bad as fast food?

    Regardless, when playing sport, it refreshes you and keeps u energised better than other drinks or water right?

  25. I always tell myself this and you should too: if you have a choice between a Gatorade and a big mac, you should fast. Save your kidneys and livers a lot of filtration effort and will allow your body to clean itself since it's not working as hard and your blood is actually at a normal mineral level. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing you can do to yourself (food wise of course)

  26. Dang, I was hoping that clicking on this video would validate the BS arguments I've been using to jokingly justify my desire to eat Burger King after weight lifting. Nuts can hurt your wallet though. Some of those companies really gauge the prices

  27. Hi, can you add arabic subtitles ? you have some of your videos translated in arabic and I love your content but I don’t speak really well english. thanks a lot

  28. 587/5000

    The idea of the post exercise meal is to begin the repair process as soon as possible, so, consuming foods rich in simple carbohydrates and lean protein is ideal; other types of food are better consumed daily far from training and have the job of creating reserves. This is the case of good fat food, of foods rich in fiber. Not the best choices right after training because digestion takes longer. So your fruit example is perfect but a little less than the nuts (they are excellent as a snack among others).

  29. Love your videos man watched every single one and then watched them again. I’ve told countless people about your channel and have made them watch your videos till they realized how legitimate and easy to absorb they are. So as a long time fan of your channel I ask you. Can you PLEASE do a video on nootropic supplements!!! There are so many out there and brain health is relevant to everyone. Mainly for students studying for class or big tests in life or even interviews or being sharp at your job or socially or just over all in life. I have found so much research out there on so many different supplements trying to narrow it down to the top few or isolate there nootropic effect to select accordingly. So if you read this do an devoted senior fan a solid.

  30. I have to travel for more than an hour to get to my workout place (sports arena) and i buy a burger and fries with milk to drink afterwards, it's a pretty decent meal since I've got a long way home. Might not be optimal but I don't think a few nuts or fruits could satisfy me after my work out.

  31. Any food is good as long as it has sufficient nutrients and calories, some has more than others and we just need to eat the necessary amount.

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