Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – Official Comic-Con Trailer

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – Official Comic-Con Trailer

I’m scared,
Professor Dumbledore. Everyone is scared
of something. Riddikulus. Newt. You’re up next. That’s an unusual one. What Mr. Scamander fears
above everything else is… Having to work in
an office, sir. Go ahead, Newt. Riddikulus. Magic blooms… only in rare souls. Still, we must skulk in shadows. But the old ways
serve us no longer. I take it you’ve heard the rumors. Grindelwald had a vision… that he would rise to dominance
over the Wizarding world. So you’re asking me
to help hunt him down? I can’t move against
Grindelwald. It has to be you. In your shoes,
I’d probably refuse too. It’s late.
Good evening, Newt. Oh, come on. You underestimate your
talents, Mr. Scamander. Their arrogance is
a key to our victory. Muggles are not lesser. Not disposable. You’re too good, Newt. You never met a monster
you couldn’t love. Credence! Mr. Scamander! Do you think Dumbledore
will mourn for you? Are you… Are you a ghost? No, I’m alive. But I’m an alchemist
and therefore immortal. Oh. Nicolas Flamel. Jacob Kowalski. You don’t look a day over 375.

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  1. James McAvoy would make a much better Scamander than Redmayne's half shy half retarded character… Radcliffe started to fail from the 5th HP, this one here…maybe Amazon will invest in a remake with true actors and better directors than Yates…

  2. A very well done trailer no doubt…movie was weak as hell,only good because it continued the story but as an individual movie it was too damn weak.Quite the disappointing if you expected to be as good as the 1st one like I did.

  3. This movie was absolute dogshit. Alot of nosense scenes, some of them completely ignoring and going against the Harry Potter franchise. Thats what pissed me off the most. They are ruining my favorite series just to make money. The only positive thing is Jude Laws acting

  4. Don't even bother watching this anyone. They made dumbledore a gay cowardly pedophile. Completely ruined the Harry Potter universe for me. I take MASSIVE offense to this. Stop putting gay shit in the media Hollywood. They are a very very small minority. They are unnatural little queens. No other minority gets this much attention. This world is going down the toilet fast.

    I just really can't believe they did this, totally unnecessary. If they really wanted to make someone gay make it a lesser character, not one as important as dumbledore. It now puts a question mark on dumbledore and Harry's relationship and makes dumbledore cone accross like a gay pedophile. This is just so wrong as to be unbelievable, and yet it's true. Just… I really want to swear at someone right now, if I could find thd people that made this decision and punch them in their smug little faces I would.

  5. Incorrect supernatural quote here that fits PERFECTLY for this movie

    Newt: I think Dumbledore has a crush on Grindelwald, I really do, and that could spell doom for the entire team

    It's perfect lol 😂😂😂😂

  6. I never pictured Nicholas Flemel that way. I pictured him as youthful in his immortality, if he indulged in his own invention at all.

  7. And then we have the intense and extremely passionate gay relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald.

  8. I got lost halfway thru It was a good movie with lots of believable CGI and beasties and all that magical stuff but I got lost halfway thru and never really managed to get back to the plot. I presume there will be a follow on movie coz ye canny end it like that .l One would have thought that ~Newt would have had enought beasties in his suitcase to destroy Whatsisname played by Meester Depp and as for Queenie well thats women for you . Was shbe under a spell or not shall we ever find oot.I was quite taken aback by the oriental lassie who was friends with the lad with no past life especially when the camera did those high shots looking down her dress . I nearly cast a spell. I like Newts Haggis.

  9. Grandiose Musical score, extensive computer graphics images, mediocre acting, boring storyline. Just what the general masses asked for!

  10. I love Fantastic Beasts 2 and Johnny Depp is perfect for the role as Grindelwald. Mr. Deep is a good person and I am happy that J.K.R. still defending him, he is innocent! Sorry but without Johnny Depp as Grindelwald I do not want to go to the Part 3, because only Johnny Depp can convincingly play this complex role! Please Warner Bros, do not take our Johnny away and even if it's true, alcohol can turn the best of us into monsters. Thank you for this unique movie and I'm looking forward to Fantastic Beasts 3, but without Grindelwald it will not be fun anymore …

  11. The reason why im here because I missed Harry Potter and this movie is just simillar to Harry Potter and Ive been looking of the full movie of this movie.

  12. I wish Harry Potter starring Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the golden trio will have another series for the Harry Potter movie ..Maybe another movie for the life chapter of Harry's son , I think it would be intersting and more watchable #WarnerBros please other actors and actresses are still alive ..

  13. Johnny depp should get an oscar for this, I’ve never seen such a good acted villain. I got goosebumps whenever I heard him talk.

  14. I thought this was one of the lamest fantasy films in the past few years. And yes, that's coming from a major Potterhead. These new "Fantastic Beasts" series simply are not doing it for me. The first was still tolerable, for it was all new, but the second was boring, the buildings/rooms and fantastic beasts looked so fake and 2D (in the case of the former). Newt Scamander, Tina, Queenie etc. are very boring characters to watch and the way they are portrayed.. Only Dumbledore and Grindelwald are somewhat amusing. Ugh, a real dissapointment.. I'm sure that if there were books they would be better.

  15. I saw And downloaded full movie Crimes of Grindalwal for free it sucked big time worse movie ever the Actors looked like they were puppets Acting was fake in how they moved their lips

  16. Why am I always thinking about Fantastic Beasts visually as a sequel, not a prequel… I think the look of Harry Potter is much more in the past than Fantastic Beasts…not only because it was shot earlier. Except of the costume and some elements all is much more modern. Does somebody agree?

  17. You're too good Newt. You never met a monster you couldn't love."

    His character summed up in two sentences. Perfect.

  18. I'm actually someone who enjoyed this movie but if you don't like it then that's fine with me we're allowed to have different opinions it makes us unique if you agree like




  21. i had seen this movie last night on Prime
    I must say, i have never seen such level of Subtlety and Artistry on Screen in my life. Its a Art Epic
    Congratulation to the team.

  22. Loved it!!! Till I noticed every little scene had to have 1, ONE, won!!! black man in it!!!!! Hollywood we don't need yo sympathy, we don't need you to put any clowns in yer movies to be politically correct, you ruin that movie. (See once you understand Hollywood/clown politics you… leaves and sticks out like a sore thumb. We ,me, a man of white swagger don't want need to see that!!!! I THINK YOU ALL TURNED A AWESOME PLENTY POTENUARY MOVIE INTO SOMETHING RUINIOUS. YOU FOT ALL THESE WON….GREAT SCENES AND AFTER 10 MIN. INTO THE SHOW U GOTTA PUT 1 STUPID BLACK MAN INTO AL YOUR STUPID SCENES!!! YOU ARE POLITICAL AS ALL HECK!!!

  23. Black people got b.e.t. men. We don't need you all to put a fool niggah in it? In every scene that has color is only 1 colored man ?,,,????, we don't need to play that racial-politically motivated b.s.!!!

  24. U took a completely white u.k. movie and face it ….&^$# it up cuz' you got the fascist liberal leftist schism squeezing on your "nether-region"!!!! Face up, be honest, quit being king foo panzies!!!

  25. Does anyone have the link to stream this movie? I've only watched the first one and I really wanna see this one

  26. i watched the film today, and i can not belive that Credence is …
    I started exploring HP's universe two days ago and it is amazing that one person could write it.
    If someone hasnt watched the movie yet, and havent read book etc. MUST WATCH IT.

  27. The cinematography, soundtrack, and directing are breathtaking. The script, characters (especially Grindelwald), and appreciation of lore are horrible. So much potential. So. Much. Potential.

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