Fakta Menarik Anthony Sinisuka Ginting Usai ke Final China Open 2019

Fakta Menarik Anthony Sinisuka Ginting Usai ke Final China Open 2019

Indonesian men’s singles player, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting, leaves one more step to retained the title at the 2019 China Open. Anthony Sinisuka Ginting advanced to the final round after defeating Danish representative Anders Antonsen in the semifinal match that took place on field 1, Xincheng Gymnasium Olympic Sports Center, Changzou, China, Saturday (9/21/2019) The defending champion wins with a game of three that ends with a score of 18-21, 21-5, 21-14. Anthony Ginting also sealed a ticket to the 2019 China Open final for men’s singles Apparently, Anthony was overwhelmed by the game to attack Antonsen in the first game. But in the second and third games Anthony’s defense is much tighter. And focus on getting point by point The success of capturing Anders Antonsen gave the facts. Interesting for the 23-year-old badminton player First, Anthony has now managed to set a record of two wins over the world’s 4 ranked men’s singles At the first meeting, Anthony got rid of Anders Antonsen in the round of 16 of the Malaysia Masters 2018 Second, the Cimahi-born badminton player will take another step to repeat the success of last year’s China Open. At that time, Anthony became the 2018 China Open champion after defeating Kento Mo mota (23-21, 21-19) Third, the 1.71-meter youth will repeat the China Open final a year ago The reason, Kento Momota has been waiting for Anthony in the top party after defeating the fifth seed from China, Chen Long, on the same day

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  1. Dan akhirnya kalaaah ?

    Ga apa ginting ttp semangat.. Walaupun kalah tp kmu sdh hebat bisa mengimbangi score tipis dgn 3 set dari si Momot.
    Smoga bsk Korea Open 2019 bisa revans.

  2. Kita tunggu di Korea open ya ,smg dpt keajaibsn bisa mengalahkan musuh musuh nya sampai juara amin ,kamu badan nya kecil ,tp cabe rawet ,so happy n good luck Ginting ???????????,,,,,,

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