Fabi Alvim’s Golden Memories of Beijing & London | Olympic Rewind

Fabi Alvim’s Golden Memories of Beijing & London | Olympic Rewind

I remember that our first match was against Algeria,
which wasn’t even such a tough team, but the butterflies in my stomach, the excitement about
stepping onto the court and touching the ball, for the referee to blow that whistle
so that I felt like I was in the Games It was a strange anxiety,
an odd feeling of unease. And when we played our first match, you forget about those nerves and live in that moment. But until that moment, to this day
I still get butterflies in my stomach, a different kind of churning in my stomach. Man, the most difficult match
was the semi-final. Firstly, because it was against China
who were playing at home. They were the current Olympic champions
and Brazil had never made it through an
Olympic semi-final, you know. So breaking that barrier and making it to
an Olympic final was really tough. I remember that at the start of the match,
I was really nervous, you know. In the first set, you could see the tension in
the eyes and movements of our team, you know. And there we’re three points ahead and we
just need one more, you know, for the gold medal.
And I remember the time really clearly… Ah, here comes Fofão’s serve, and the ball’s
going to Logan again, and she hits it out. It’s over. Man, it’s unbelievable, you know…
I remember the ball going out so clearly… And we were the Olympic champions.
Gosh, it was… it was awesome. I think that image… And I look straight at Fofão,
the first person in front of me is Fofão,
who’s a great symbol of that team. And then we start crying and we start enjoying that,
the gold medal moment. When you win a gold medal, you know, you’ve reached
the top. It’s everything you can imagine about winning. There’s the huge challenge of trying
to repeat the magic, to keep it up, right? What’s more, I think that you have to keep motivated
to win something that you’ve already won. We had an awful first week, you know. I would say that the first week was disastrous and
nearly jeopardized the chances of the Brazilian team. Gosh, unlike the first week, we had a second week
that was… kind of… completely different, you know. Man, this is the first set of the final.
It was something… It was horrible, disastrous.
The performance of a team without confidence. And I remember that we were saying “guys we’ve
made it to the final. Let’s at least put up a fight”. And they were all over it.
I remember that everything they did worked. The ball went up, the ball hit… Man, it was 24:11. Ah, the set point. They’re going to win it,
because that first set was 25:11, I remember. Horrible. I remember after that we were just saying
“guys, let’s go to the game. Let’s at least play”. And then we started the second and third sets with the
upper hand, and they got a bit worried, because until then, erm… Gosh, they hadn’t…
No team had put up a fight, you know. They’d always been in the lead. And then everything started to go right for us,
everything was going right for us. And then, in the third set, we were playing really well…
we scored a series of points, we were 7 points up. Oh, that’s the set point. Jaque’s defending, the ball
goes to Fernanda Garai, she turns, and it’s over. Man, it’s unbelievable. It’s funny that we didn’t want the national anthem
to finish. We wanted to sing the second part. I remember that I cried a lot. When you finish the national anthem, you don’t really
know what to do, kind of, who to look at… I didn’t want to leave the podium.
I remember that I didn’t want to get down. Is it going to finish? No! Awesome.

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  1. Dá uma dor no coração ver a Fabi longe da seleção… =´(
    E dá uma dor no coração ver ela jogando pelo Rio… sou torcedor do Osasco! huahauhuauhaauhauhua
    A maior do mundo, com certeza!

  2. garrisonaw …
    I'm absolutely sure that in Rio 2016 it will be more dificult for both teams Brazil and US Team, even because will be other nations with their competitive teams as well.

    Greetings from volleyball lovers of Brazil.

  3. I'm not from Brazil but I was rooting so hard for them during the 2012 Olympics. I still remember the final like it was yesterday. And Fabi was my favorite player on the team.

  4. Como adepto do desporto em geral, espero ver o Brasil de novo campeão de Voleibol e que os jogos sejam um sucesso no seu todo.

  5. The best thing ever said to me was at age 11. We were a local ski club competing against other local ski clubs. Just kids. Our coach at the time was 52 years old and had coached for over 32 years. He said to a bunch of 11 years olds "Winning is for all of us. When just one of us wins all of us wins." We had no idea what he was talking about until adulthood.I went to race through college. Now I am the coach. Winning is for all us. When just one of us wins we all win.

  6. The video could say about the quarter finals against russia in 2012. One of the best volleyball games ever !

    Other amazing games were: China x Russia (2004 finals); Brazil x Russia (2004 semi); China x Jpn (2012 quarter); Brazil x Cuba (semi 1996 and 2000); Brazil x China (2016 quarter)

  7. Essa seleção me levou (e leva até hoje) às lágrimas, cara!!!

    É muita raça… Muita emoção! ❤️❤️

  8. Muito bom relembrar. Agora Fabi comentarista da Sportv boa de mais, fora das quadras, mas nunca distante.

  9. Muito mais legal ainda esse arrepio que eu sinto como torcedora que acompanha desde a época da rivalidade contra Cuba e poder presenciar isso!Oobrigada!

  10. Eu me arrepio toda vez que lembro de Londres 2012.. Desde o jogo contra a Rússia.
    A melhor geração do vôlei ❤ .. Deixaram um legado.

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