Ex-Port Authority Official Apologizes After Berating Cops

Ex-Port Authority Official Apologizes After Berating Cops

the high-powered woman slammed four parading cops during a traffic stop is breaking her silence I let my emotions get the better of me Karen Turner says this storm of controversy started when Turner’s daughter and three of her friends were pulled over in New Jersey for driving with tinted windows repeat this goes on file mom rushed to the scene to find out what was going on what is the reason they were pulled over the driver has all the information he’ll tell you very quickly Turner let it be known that she is a commissioner with the Port Authority she was appointed by former Governor Chris Christie why were they pulled over first of all don’t call me miss I’m Commissioner thank you Turner also says she has friends in high places I will be talking to the chief of police and I will be speaking to the mayor throughout the exchange the cops remain calm thank you may help you may think you may not tell me when to take my child you may shut up and not tell me when I may take my kids and her friends students from MIT and Yale you may tell me nothing but once the tape was released Turner was called boorish and the village idiot Turner resigned under pressure from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey but with the controversy still raging her tirade was discussed here at the board’s first meeting since that dashcam video was released the conduct captured on the video is bullying and obstructionist Turner now says as a parent I was upset and uncomfortable with the unfolding events I regret my tone toward the police officers and use of off-color language you may tell me nothing [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Another New Jersey Hick. Even if they manage to achieve anything in life. There is always this defensive attitude. It’s a cover up because deep down they know their subpar, and always will be.

  2. THAT'S AN APOLOGY!?? And of course, She is a DEMOCRAT! So ENTITLED, SO OUT OF TOUCH! MAY SHE NEVER WORK AGAIN. If there was a heartfelt apology, well I would probably feel differently, but WOW.

  3. I think she's glad they didn't realize or point out she'd been drinking. As a person who knows, I know she had been drinking. Drinking and driving. Brother. She was lucky he didn't test her. 🙁 Songs

  4. She obviously doesn't have any friends in high places to help her out like she thinks,just people who already know what she's like as a person and won't help her out.

  5. They should have arrested her, when she abused them, they were decent and very calm and not often you say thst about American cops. Usually they fire first then ask the questions

  6. Unacceptable for a government official behaving badly with those traffic officer and tried to impose that her position should be recognized by the traffic officer where just doing their job which is also a government employee.

  7. I support this mother! Yes, she's clearly an entitled woman and she took things too far. But the police could have told her why her children were pulled over. They could have said: 'Basically, Ma'am, we pulled them over for this reason. However, we'd prefer you be so kind as to ask the driver if you need more of the specifics since he has all the information and we have more work to do.'
    The police need to drop this high and mighty attitude they've developed over the years. That woman is concerned about her children, so make the effort and accomodate her.
    Now here come all the bitter comments because you can't say anything bad about the police or military in this country.

  8. Who would be a cop when you come across a shocker like this/ great compliments to the officers who behaved in a first class manner!

  9. I'm sure she does have friends in high places. It's likely how she got that top job in the first place…from someone she knows. She's a disgrace. She can go down to Florida and get another high-ranking position in either government, law enforcement or the school system. They like hiring entitled idiots, pedophiles and nut bags.

  10. The height of arrogance. She obviously felt that she and her kids were above the policemen. Well she has discovered that no one is above the law.

  11. Thank God for cameras! She should have talked to the kids like that for breaking the law, heaven forbid they learn something from this real life experience 🤞

  12. Cops conduct excellent; COMMISIONER a total brat and self serving ass. She must never serve any office at all.

  13. Obviously 🙄 on the Rag … give her some dark Chocolate 🍫 And give her a couple of days 🤷🏼‍♂️

  14. Turner is clearly a Hillary supporter, think of what the country would be like with these scumbags were running the country.

  15. She was definitely out of line but getting your car pulled and your car towed for these reasons is ridiculous these cops could have let them go with a warning being that they weren’t from there!!! Also all you clowns acting like heavenly saints please you would act the same way in that same situation so would those cops

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