Evolution of F1 Games 2009 – 2018

Evolution of F1 Games 2009 – 2018

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  1. F1 2012,2016,2017 more realistic when u driving the fastest car when u hit a grass and spinning like a hell that's what we called a real life in games

  2. Fanatec wheel and pedals, ALL assists turned off, force feedback to the max, cockpit view… OK, I'm not quite as fast but I'm sure having fun driving!

  3. You dont have to spend 1000 of dollars for a high tech steerin wheel. Check out the Thrustmaster T300 for about 250 🙂

  4. My F1 list from worst to best:

    1. F1 2014
    2. F1 2019
    3. F1 2018
    4. F1 2017
    5. F1 2016
    6. F1 2015
    7. F1 2015 in 2014 mode
    8. F1 2010
    9. F1 2011
    10. F1 2012
    11. F1 2013

    And yes, that also reflects my take on the direction F1 has went, I despise the slow V6 Hybrids, I despise the Halo, I LOVE more Cylinders, I love being able to drive classic cars, I love the high risk of a high speed F1 car.

    Formula 1 has fallen from grace, making changes that are not good for the sport in any way, adding a halo, was a bad move, removing 6 cylinders was a bad move(Yes, I favour the V12’s), changing hockenheimring was a terrible idea, changing monza’s layout(Yes, I liked that banking, thank you very much), Letting Lewis Hamilton into the sport(Yes I hate Lewis Hamilton), Not refining what was already a winning formula(V12 Era)(instead they outright changed it completely), They are becoming more greedy(Typical behaviour for a buisness, and moreso because Formula 1 is a internationally famous sport.

    They need to go back to the formula that was great and to refine THAT.

  5. i remember playing a F1 game from UbiSoft back in 2001 and was probably way better than those ones.. it was an simulator and had the real feeling of damages, wear and track condition.. not bad for an 20 years old game

  6. I hate the sound of 2014. It's got this constant whine from the hybrid engine which is probably realistic but still is annoying.

  7. Please tell me your secret
    How the f*ck do you do to turn so smoothly?
    I have the F1 2012 and it's seems to be impossible to control with the pad, I have to say that I try to play without the assist, no control assist, no brake assist, but it's impossible to control the car.

  8. F12010 (I uninstalled it 2 years ago) , 2011 and 12 (PC) with a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel … It's awesome … F12016 on PS4 … I love it

  9. F1 2009 – having no flashbacks was like the good old(er) days of racing games. Screw up and you restart, no Rewinding like on Forza, which is the easy way out

  10. My favourite F1 game is probably F1 Challenge 99-02. Not because it's the best era or great quality but because it was my first racing game and I used to put so much time into it and still finding myself going back to playing it even though I own all of the Codemaster F1 games

  11. use a wheel. I tried a wheel (with clutch etc…) on "project cars" and it's totaly different as it is with the gamepad. for example i have problems to drive a rear wheels drive car with a wheel but i do good times with a gamepad but the pleasure is better with a wheel (and shifter, clutch, heel toe etc…)

  12. The sounds before it reduce th HP was fantastic but now after new regulation which they reduce the Horse Power the sound was terrible.

  13. I used to play F1 2010 a lot with my old 2006 Logitech wheel and loved it. And I later bought F1 2013, but never got enough time to dive in. This year I replaced my old (but still working) wheel with a Thrustmaster TMX and was very disappointed this is not working with F1 2013. So I go on playing Dirt Rally 2.0 and Grid 2019.

  14. the problem with Codemasters F1 games, its that..its a game, not a simulator, so you need to know some gamers trick to be the fastest on track, as you can see in some different years, you can go out of the track entering a fast curve and NOTHINGH HAPPENS , YOU CANT DO THAT in rfactor2 or Assetto C..thats is the big difference. its a permissible game

  15. Ummmm….. A $1000??? I bought my wheel for $200 and it’s really good. Codemasters doesn’t care about whether you use a controller or wheel. They want to get more into the simulation aspect because that’s what the majority of gamers in the racing world want is sim racing

  16. I don't get why you think the cars in 2017 atleast cos that's what I play, feel nervous with a controller I can drive perfectly fine with a pad and no assists (better than a bloody keyboard)

  17. I think the reason you say F1 2010 has bad brightness is because, they must have done that to make you feel much more immersed, and so you would truly believe you’re having the race of your life.

  18. Older games are easy and more like arcade games, new F1 games for ppl who loves sim-racing and realistic AI (my fav f1 game are 18, didnt try 19 yet)

  19. Excellent video 😉 952 dislike..i don't understand why…anyway -_- for my part my favorite f1 game is 2013 x360 and 2017 ps4. and 2018 too (ps4) especially for the number of classic f1. 🙂

  20. Spent $200 on the Logitech G29. I can never go back to a gamepad. Not precise enough and way too twitchy. Even a $75 wheel and pedal set without force feedback is better than a gamepad in my opinion.

  21. Mich kotz diese Hybrite Motor Sound an da bluten die Ohren das hat nix mehr mit f1 zu tun sondern eher rennen für Senioren auf einem Rasenmäher schmeist den Drecks Motor raus und haut den V10 wieder rein ich will F1 Feeling kein Rasenmäher Simulator

  22. i started playing in 2010 but for me 2011 was the best F1 game ever made – the rest look nice but not as fun as 2011. i stopped playing when the V6 came out … but started playing 2018 i really love the graphics … i am now waiting for 2019 i think it's going to be a good 2018 dlc.

  23. I own F1 2012 on pc, I play on gamepad and works great no traction control and perfectly matched to the stick as wheel drive, F1 2016 demo on PS4 was not so good, but f1 2017 demo on PS4 was great again with gamepad.

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