Everything You Need to Know About Forza LEGO Speed Champions Expansion

[XBOX SOUND]>>Everything is awesome. This LEGO McLaren Senna is awesome. Lego speed Champions of
Forza Horizon 4 are awesome. I’m here with the awesome Mike
Brown from Playground Games. Hey Mike, how are you doing?>>It’s good to be here.>>He’s here to walk us
through this new expansion which is sense to
launch this Thursday.>>Yes, that’s right.
This Thursday. Yeah, that’s right.>>We don’t have to wait long do we? That’s awesome. So what can fans expect
from this marriage, beautiful marriage of Forza
Horizon 4 and the Lego Brick?>>So, it really is this epic coming together of these two brands
that people really love. I guess the story of it is
that the Horizon festival with seemingly infinite wealth have struck this
partnership with Lego, and it started to
build a festival that celebrates all things
Lego, all things Horizon. [INAUDIBLE] the players can travel to. In there, there’s loads
of amazing things. Built of legos there’s
an entire city bill of Lego. There’s a racetrack build of Lego.>>Oh, love it.>>There is a crashed UFO site, a dinosaur graveyard, pirates cove, tons of other stuff
if I’m forgetting, and all of that is wrapped up in like a brand new campaign as
well which gives players, the maximum freedom ever to play the game the way
they want to play. Yeah, it really is a pack
filled with content.>>I mean, this is
right up my street. But you talked about the campaign
I want to ask you about that. This is the Lego Brick Challenge?>>That’s right. It’s
Brick challenges.>>Please, tell us how they work?>>So, Brick Challenges are over 250 individual
challenges that players can complete, and
then progress in the game.>>Anytime you can complete
a challenge, you earn some Bricks. Some of
them are really simple. It’s just like visit
a certain area in the map, or complete a certain race, some of them are much
more complicated. So it might say, smash
all of the sandcastles on the beach in 1967 Corvette Stingray.>>Nice.>>Or have you carrying it
from one side of the map to the other in 80s Audi. So there’s really
great variety in that. You complete those you earn bricks, and you use those bricks to expand your Lego house or build like
the Legos speed champions cars.>>I love that. Now your name
checked a couple of cars in there.>>Yeah.>>But we’ve got
an amazing Lego car behind us. We’ve got to have some Lego cars
in the expansion, right?>>Of course, we do. So, this is it, there will be three Lego Speed
Champions cars in the pack.>>Nice.>>There’s the Lego McLaren Senna, there’s the Ferrari F40 Competizione, and there is the 1967
Mini Cooper S Rally. All of them like painstakingly
recreated in incredible detail. As you zoom in, you can see the word
Lego written on every brick.>>Right.>>When the light plays across them, that semi translucent brick, you can see the light
coming through them. Even the subtle warping of
the bricks can be made out that little bit of warping from
the manufacturer process that, in just the right light,
you can make that out. So, it’s really incredible detail.>>That’s the thing I
notice when I play Just those tiny little details
that you know and love from Lego, and you’ve brought them to
life really amazingly. I guess, the reason for that
is you worked super closely, with Lego to bring this to life. But tell me about that process.>>It’s been an incredible
partnership. Really really has. From the very first moment, we started to speak to Lego. It was just really obvious that
we shared so many philosophies. Those are the philosophies they
incorporate to make great Lego, are the same philosophies that we incorporate to make
great Forza games. There is those same commitments
to quality, that passion, the passion for the games and
the products that they make, and that’s just really shone through. They have been great to work with. On the team, quite a lot of
those are big Lego fans, myself included, and I think that passion does
really shines through there. Probably my favorite example
of that is the map. In the map, ordinarily on our maps, so we just take a top-down render
of the game world, color in any bits that need coloring in, and then that becomes our map and [INAUDIBLE] But this time, Rich Evans, one of our graphic designers, he has built the entire map
out of our Lego Bricks. So, the entire map is built
from Lego over 180 thousand-.>>Has he really built it?>>He built it in
the Lego digital designer. Which is I’d say digitally okay.>>That would be an achievement.>>But yes, I agree. But it still involves like
going into like a box. If on the computer, taking
the brick, placing it.>>Love it.>>There’s no copy
paste functionality. You still have to place every brick.>>Yeah.>>It’s a 180 thousand
pieces times four, because there’s seasonal
variants of it of course. and to put that into perspective, a huge Lego set like The Death Star
is about 4,000 pieces. So, massive Lego Death Star, 4,000 our map, 180 thousand. It’s pretty crazy. Yeah,
that was his job for weeks, and weeks, and weeks, and weeks.>>I kept seeing the map myself, and I remember saying it
looks like the LEGO World I wanted to build myself when
I was like a young man, but I just never had
the enough bricks.>>You never had 180 thousand bricks, yes, that was probably the problem.>>Now, you’ve worked sort of behind the scenes of this process with Lego as
well, tell us about that.>>Yeah, so a few weeks
ago, a camera crew and I, we flew out to Billund in Denmark,
to go to the home of Lego. We got a great behind the scenes
tour of all the facilities. they have there,
I met all of the Legos best minds and really dug into
their experiences, philosophies and how they go
on making great Lego products. It’s a really really
cool site videos. The first one, I
believe is coming out a little bit later on today
during the forza monthly stream, tune into mixer.com/forza
later on to check that out.>>Nicely done.>>Then we have one a day, running up to the launch of
the game on this Thursday.>>That’s an inbuilt play and
then that’s the day I get home from E3 as
well. So I’m excited. Now it’s just it’s also
important to know that, you will be able to take the regular Forza cars
that you know and love, into the Lego map and
race them around as well. There’s some really cool parts
of the map that are really suited to
some of those cars can you tell us some
of your favorites? Like the racetrack
or the Stark studio.>>The racetrack is amazing. I think the racetrack is one
that people have been crying out for for so long. It’s actually something no horizon game
has ever had before. All of our races have taken
place on effectively real roads.>>Right.>>So this is the first time
we’ve done an actual race track. with multiple
circuit layouts and stuff which I think our fans are
going to absolutely love.>>Yeah.>>My other favorite area
is the desert just because we never had anything
like that in the UK map. Because the UK doesn’t
have any deserts.>>Right.>>But now that we’ve got to embrace the fantasy
of this a little bit. Yeah there’s a desert. You can get those bogies and
stuff and go flying around the deserts which is just something
you couldn’t do in Horizon 4.>>Oh awesome, right. I say this every year when we’ve
got beautiful car here. I think we should go
for a joy ride in and I guess we can in this one.>>Let’s do it. Do you want to drive?>>Yes I would love to drive, we’ll come right back to
that. Thank you Mike. I really appreciate it mate.
Right the Lego expansion to Forza Horizon 4 is available
this Thursday, how good is that? After the show, head
over to mixer.com/forza, just like Mike said, for a special episode of the Forza monthly series starting
at 05:00 PM Pacific Time. Hey, that’s right after our show. It’s like we plan
these things, isn’t it? [XBOX SOUND]

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