EVERYTHING – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

EVERYTHING – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

One of the first things which everybody should
understand is that every creature in the universe that is
in any way sensitive and in any manner of speaking conscious
regards itself as a human being. It knows and is aware of a
hierarchy of beings above it and a hierarchy of beings below it. That is to say, that wherever
you are and whoever you are and whatever you are,
you’re in the middle. That’s the game. Your senses extend a
certain direction, in all directions and,
therefore, give you the impression of being in
the middle. Because the definition of a
person is where you look from. Now, everything in the
world feels like that. And also it has it’s own
kind. You see spiders and hydras and sea
urchins and so on don’t look very natural to us. We say, “Well, I won’t
want to look like that.” But they say when they
see us, “Well, what kind of an awful thing is that? And what a lot of
nonsense it does.” Now, we come here right
at the start to an extremely important principal, which is the different points of view
you get when you change your level of magnification. That is to say, you can look at
something with a microscope and see it a certain way; you can look at it
with a naked eye and see it in a certain way; and you can look at it
with a telescope and you see it another way. Now, which level of
magnification is the correct one? Well, obviously, they’re
all correct. They’re just different
points of view. When we examine our
bloodstreams under a microscope we see there’s one hell of a
fight going on. All sorts of microorganisms are
chewing each other up. And if we got it overly
fascinated with our view of our bloodstreams in
the microscope, we should start taking sides which would be fatal because the health
of our organism depends on the continuance of
this battle. What is in other words
conflict at one level of magnification is harmony
at a higher level. Now, could it possibly
be, therefore, that we with all our problems,
conflicts, neuroses, sicknesses, political
outrages, wars, tortures, and everything
that goes on in human life are a state of
conflict which can be seen in a larger perspective
as a situation of harmony. Every minute little
fruit fly or gnat or bacterium I will go so far as to say is an
event upon which this whole cosmos depends. This thing goes both ways. It’s not only that every little
organism which exists depends on it’s total
environment. The reverse is also
true, that the total environment depends on
each and every one of those little organisms
so that you could say this universe consists
of an arrangement of pattern in which every event is essential to the whole thing. Now, we screen that idea out
of our consciousness just as we pay attention
to the figure and ignore the background. So we see one way of
looking at things. Mainly, that the
organism is very frail against the environment. It lasts a long time,
the environment, but the organism only
lasts a short time. But actually the whole
thing is arranged in a polar system where the
enormous depends on the tiny, and the tiny
depends on the enormous. When you came into this world, there gradually arose into being
the sensation of I. And it stays there awhile, it
goes through a development, and then it drops off. But all the time everywhere
there are other I’s starting up. See? Whether they be human, animal
anything you like, they could be in other
galaxies, et cetera, always they’re starting up. Now, you would say there is no
connection between them. No.
In the same way there is no connection between the
molecules in your hand. And yet you say it is a hand. But if you look at it under a
powerful enough microscope, the molecules in your hand
are miles apart. What’s the connection between
this galaxy and other galaxies? Well, we can’t see any
connection, and yet there are gravitational
swings whereby they respond to each other
and move in a certain collective order. See, what we’re doing in this
is not setting down a doctrine, but it is doing an exercise in
perception. You can see it either way. You
can see yourself, in other words as existing only now. That’s the only you there is. The alternative to that, logically, is to see yourself
as everything. So in all this, you see,
when you get a game going of this kind, there comes the point of
what you might call “emotional investment,” when you feel that the
outcome of this particular feature in
the game is urgent. See, this matters. And it’s up to you what you
think matters. We teach our children
what matters, what’s important for
them to learn. And we teach them basically
that it’s important to live. And in a way every being
in this world is torn between going on and
goofing off. We feel that’s the basis
of our distinction between work and play. Play is everybody needs
some time to goof off. But they must go back to
work because you’ve got to farm and fish and
manufacture and produce so that you could go on. But when you see you have this
terrifying urgency to go on and feel you must, this is
important, this matters, we screen out of our
consciousness the fact that this is our own
volition and our own game. And the difficulty is
that as we become disturbed and anxious
about this, it’s more difficult to keep the
game going. In proportion, as we are
frightfully concerned to survive, we start
fighting other people. We start clobbering our
neighbors and whatever it is, all the old
fights start. And it is these fights which
more than anything else, at the moment you
see, are endangering the entire human project but all based fundamentally
on the illusion that it’s utterly important that we
survive. But you see in all this
what underlies is the illusion that I am going on. That I constitute a real continuity
from this moment to the next moment,
to the next moment, to the next moment. What are you afraid of
losing when you die? Yes, everything that you
have acquired as an individual and stored in
your brain is dissolved and distributed. But at the same time it
is equally obvious that when you die, there are
won’t be following the moment of death everlasting nothingness. So you can become aware of this tremendous
interconnectedness of everything. Just as fronts go with
backs and tops with bottoms, insides with outsides, solids with spaces, so everything that there is
goes together. It makes no
difference whether it lasts a long time or
whether it lasts a short time. A galaxy goes together
with all the universe just as much as a mosquito. You can get
a certain vision of life where everything is seen to be a complex pattern
of rhythm, dances. The human dance, the flower dance, the bee dance,
the giraffe dance. And that’s what this all is.
It’s jazz. You see? This is a big
jazz, this world. And what it’s trying to do is
to see how jazzed up it can get. How far out this play of rhythm can go.

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  1. Allan Watts is like my OB One for years. I am happy to hear his voice on some video game. Can some one believe all these narrations made before 1973 yet these are new every time you hear it

  2. So birds fly, fish swim and land animals to forward rolls???? Sorry, I want to try this game but cannot take it seriously due to that.

  3. this game is not worth it to buy its just a stupid thing with bad controls and graphics and weird in an annoying way

  4. Daaangg <3 I was thinking about life and death, society, and our perspective, and I consider myself very abstract to that, but this narrative blew my mind still !!!

  5. PlayStation вы чо курите бл? Вы уверен что это игра шедевр и она стоит 11$?

  6. Es el mejor juego que he jugado y tenido en mi vida !! Lo amooo me encanta ! Tan simple tan profundo ! Tan místico !

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