Every WWE Champion ever

Every WWE Champion ever

[MUSIC] Here is your winner and
new WWE World Champion! [MUSIC]>>With a tear in my eye,
this is the greatest moment in my life. [MUSIC]>>The boyhood dream has come true for
Shawn Michaels! [MUSIC]>>The Austin era has begun! [MUSIC]>>Triple H has realized his dream! [MUSIC]>>Y2J is the first undisputed champion! [MUSIC]>>The champ is here! [MUSIC]>>Jeff Hardy’s realized
the dream of a lifetime! [MUSIC]>>The impossible dream
has become reality! [MUSIC]>>I am the champ that runs the camp! [MUSIC]>>Kofi did it! Kofi did it! Kofi did it!>>[LAUGH]
>>Kofi is champion! [SOUND]

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  1. It's annoying how WWE don't recognise Lou Thesz's 3 NWA Title reigns as the actual longest combined title reigns at a staggering 3,749 days (10 years, 3 months and 9 days)! If Ric Flair get's to have his recognised then so should he! Those of you not familiar with him wouldn't know that he invented moves such as the STF, German Suplex and The Powerbomb.

  2. John Cena & Randy Orton Are The Greatest World Champions Of All Time In Sports Entertainment History.

  3. The most prestigious championship in WWE idk why some idiots think the universal championship is most prestigious because it’s on raw that is just stupid us real fans know the most prestigious championship in WWE is the WWE title.

  4. John Cena (13 times)
    Triple H (9 times), Randy Orton (9 times)
    The Rock (8 times)
    Hulk Hogan (6 times), Stone Cold Steve Austin (6 times)
    Bret "The Hitman" Hart (5 times)
    The Undertaker (4 times), Kurt Angle (4 times), Brock Lesnar (4 times), Edge (4 times), Daniel Bryan (4 times)
    Shawn Michaels (3 times), Mankind (3 times), Sheamus (3 times), Roman Reigns (3 times)
    Bruno Sammartino (2 times), Bob Backlund (2 times), "Macho Man" Randy Savage (2 times), Ric Flair (2 times)
    Yokozuna (2 times), Sycho Sid (2 times), Big Show (2 times), Batista (2 times), CM Punk (2 times), Alberto Del Rio (2 times)
    Seth Rollins (2 times), AJ Styles (2 times)

  5. I wish the WWE could use some foreigners without abusing the race/nationality thing… Jinder Mahal could of been something else instead of what we got. We need more Eddie Guerreros at least, but there is much more potential than that.

  6. Best:Stone Cold,HBK,John Cena,Jeff,Rock and HHH
    Worst:Jinder Mahal,Mr.Mcmahon,Ivan Koloff and Randy Orton

  7. What's with these people about CM Punk in the video? He's not what the WWE wants to erase like ERROR 404 -_-*

  8. My all time favorite wwe champion

    1. Stone cold Steve Austin/John Cena
    2. Bret Hart
    3. The undertaker
    4. Jeff Hardy
    5. Eddie Guerrero
    6. Chris Jericho
    7. Triple H
    8. Shawn Michaels
    9. The rock
    10. CM punk
    11. Randy Orton
    12 macho man
    13. Hulk hogan
    14. Edge
    15. Rey Mysterio

  9. Buddy Rogers
    Bruno Sammartino
    Iván Koloff
    Pedro Morales
    Stan Stasiak
    "Superstar" Billy Graham
    Bob Backlund
    The Iron Sheik
    Hulk Hogan
    André The Giant
    Randy Savage
    The Ultimate Warrior
    Sgt Slaughter
    The Undertaker
    Ric Flair
    Bret Hart
    Shawn Michaels
    Sycho Sid
    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
    The Rock
    Triple H
    Mr. Mcmahon
    Big Show
    Kurt Angle
    Chris Jericho
    Brock Lesnar
    Eddie Guerrero
    John Cena
    Rob Van Dam
    Randy Orton
    Jeff Hardy
    The Miz
    CM Punk
    Rey Mysterio
    Alberto Del Río
    Daniel Bryan
    Seth Rollins
    Roman Reigns
    Dean Ambrose
    AJ Styles
    Bray Wyatt
    Jinder Mahal
    Kofi Kingston

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