Every WrestleMania Ranked From WORST To BEST

Every WrestleMania Ranked From WORST To BEST

Ranking All 33 WrestleMania PPVs There’s nothing bigger than WrestleMania. WWE’s annual supershow is the grandest,
most eagerly-anticipated pay per view of the year, guaranteed to attract tens of thousands
of fans. Even casual or former fans get on board around
‘Mania season, and the mainstream media even pays attention – which I’m sure makes
Vince McMahon a very excited boy. WrestleMania brings with it a guarantee of
memorable moments – title changes, grudge matches, celebrity involvement, and giant
Argentinian men choking out zombie opponents with a chloroform-soaked rag. Yes, the shows are always huge, but as I’m
sure you’re aware, size doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality. There’s been a WrestleMania every year since
1985. Some have been truly amazing, others truly
terrible – and everything in between. Interestingly, the state of WWE doesn’t
seem to have too much of a bearing on the quality of ‘Mania. There have been bad shows from the middle
of the Attitude Era, and brilliant ones from historic quieter periods. So how are we going to sort the wheat from
the chaff? Are we going to rank each WrestleMania from
worst to best, highlighting the best and worst of WWE’s biggest shows ever? Yes. Yes we are. I’m Adam Pacitti from Cultaholic.com, and
here is our ranking of every single WrestleMania. Every. Single. One. Join us! 33. WrestleMania IX
WrestleMania 9 was memorable in a lot of ways. It was the first ‘Mania to ever be held
outdoors, taking place in the lovely Nevada sunshine. It was also the first ‘Mania to have a face-punchingly
overt theme, as an ancient Roman aesthetic paid tribute to its Caesar’s Palace venue. Sadly, it was also memorable for being one
of the worst WrestleManias ever. This was the show where Vince and co. took
a huge step back, proving that they valued Hulk Hogan’s waning star power over actual
progress. Yokozuna beat Bret Hart for the WWF Championship
before challenging Hogan – the most indestructible wrestler on the face of the planet – to an
immediate title match. The Hulkster won in twenty two seconds, making
his opponent look like the biggest idiot ever, and setting the company back many years in
the process. This show also featured the worst match of
Undertaker’s legendary undefeated streak, as he faced the monstrous Giant Gonzalez. The Phenom won by DQ, after being knocked
unconscious with a chloroform-soaked rag. Yes, I mentioned that in the introduction,
but it was so painful it bears repeating. On the plus side, the opening bout between
Shawn Michaels and Tatanka was pretty damn good. And we also got that weird mirror thing with
the two Doinks. That was…good too…I guess…? 32. WrestleMania II
High off the success of the first ever ‘Mania, WWF were looking for ways to make the sequel
even better. What’s better than an industry-changing
supershow? That’s right: three supershows, spread out
across the United States. Unfortunately, this strategy made each supershow
a lot less super, turning WrestleMania 2 into a three-headed monstrosity. The card was spread far too thin, meaning
that none of the three live audiences really got their money’s worth. In New York, non-boxer Mr. T defeated non-boxer
Roddy Piper in a boxing match. KSI and Joe Weller, eat your heart out. (Jack told me to say that). In Illinois, Andre the Giant won a battle
royal including Bret Hart, Bruno Sammartino, Hillbilly Jim, and a handful of very lost
NFL players. Thankfully, this was the last time professional
football players would have such an important role at WrestleMania. For the next 9 years, at least. Finally, in California, Hulk Hogan defended
the WWF Championship against King Kong Bundy in a lovely old steel cage. That match actually wasn’t too bad, and
saves WrestleMania 2 from hitting rock bottom on our list. 31. WrestleMania XI
WrestleMania has always had a long history of celebrity involvement, from Mr T. tagging
with Hogan at WrestleMania 1 to Floyd Mayweather facing Big Show at WrestleMania 24. However, with the industry in a downward spiral,
Vince McMahon took a huge risk at the 11th installment of ‘Mania – booking NFL star
Lawrence Taylor in a main event singles match with Bam Bam Bigelow. Okay, let’s get one thing straight. For somebody with minimal wrestling experience,
LT surpassed all expectations, allowing Bam Bam to carry him to a shockingly okay match. Still, it can’t really be considered a worthy
WrestleMania main event – and that’s not Taylor’s fault. You did your best, Lawrence. You did your best. The WWF Championship match was relegated to
a supporting role, and saw Diesel not only defeat Shawn Michaels, but steal his girl
as well! His girl being Pamela Anderson, who could
not wait to collect her paycheque. The card also featured an ‘I Quit’ match,
in which Bob Backlund lost to Bret Hart after making a very strange noise into the microphone. Whatever he said, it almost certainly wasn’t
‘I Quit’. WrestleMania 11’s Wikipedia page actually
says “Backlund made an unintelligible sound into the microphone”. The mid-’90s were great. 30. WrestleMania IV
It pains us to put WrestleMania 4 this low on the list, given the fact that Randy Savage
is one of the greatest of all time. This was his moment in the sun – or his moment
in the slightly overcast sky, to be more accurate. Almost every bout on this card was part of
a tournament for the vacant WWF Championship – an interesting booking strategy, but one
that made for a gruelling 16-match show. Did the tournament really have to feature
14 men? 14 is a terrible number for a tournament anyway,
but Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant helpfully got each other disqualified in the quarterfinals. The Macho Man battled his way to the final
where he faced the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase – and even then, when we all should
have been solely focused on Savage’s big triumph, Hulk Hogan just had to stick his
nose in, didn’t he!? The Hulkster interfered to even the odds,
as Andre kept on interfering in the match. However, instead of simply taking Andre out
of the equation, Hogan nailed DiBiase with a steel chair – allowing Savage to hit an
elbow drop for the win. That’s a pretty big assist, there, Terry. He also stayed in the ring to celebrate with
Savage and Elizabeth, and celebrate he did. Way too hard. Harder than the man who’d just won the title. 29. WrestleMania XV – or as we like to call it,
RussoMania 1999 was prime Vince Russo-era in the World
Wrestling Federation, so it makes sense for that year’s ‘Mania to have been utterly
insane. Let’s run through a few of the weirdest
moments. D’Lo Brown and Test were the two surviving
entrants in a pre-show battle royal. This allowed them to wrestle for the Tag Team
titles despite being tired and not liking each other. They ended up losing in 4 minutes. Professional boxer and patriotic human thumb
Butterbean knocked out poor Bart Gunn in an actual shootfight. This was Gunn’s “prize” for winning
the infamous Brawl for All tournament – congratulations buddy! The Undertaker celebrated a Hell in a Cell
victory over Big Boss Man by literally hanging him from the ceiling. Austin defeated The Rock in a very overbooked
main event, a nice moment, but easily the worst match of their WrestleMania trilogy. Yes, this was a very chaotic WrestleMania
– or an average Russo-era pay per view. Whichever you prefer. At least he didn’t introduce a three-tiered
cage, or book himself to win the title. He saved that for WCW. 28. WrestleMania twenty s…wait. When I called Butterbean a patriotic human
thumb, I should have called him ‘A Real AmeriThumb’. Yes. Yes that would have been good. 28. WrestleMania 27
When hosting a dinner party, it’s generally considered bad etiquette to assault one of
the guests. That didn’t stop The Rock from interfering
in the main event and nailing John Cena with a Rock Bottom, even though he was supposed
to only be the host of WrestleMania 27. Sadly, this was an average ‘Mania with a
deflating main event – the only really memorable match being Undertaker vs. Triple H. That’s
the one where ‘Taker won, but had to be helped from the ring in order to prove that
Triple H is still tougher really, isn’t he? Isn’t he guys? ISN’T HE!? On the plus side, it was a good bout – as
was CM Punk vs. Randy Orton. Less enjoyable was Jerry Lawler vs. Michael
Cole, in the middle of Cole’s insufferable heel run. At least King got his WrestleMania moment,
forcing his broadcast partner to tap out. Only joking! The anonymous Raw General Manager reversed
the decision and awarded Cole the match via DQ. You’re all stupid wrestling fans, and you
don’t deserve to be happy. Hooray! 27. WrestleMania V
Run for cover, because THE MEGA POWERS ARE ABOUT TO EXPLODE! Yes, WrestleMania 5 saw a colossal main event
between former best friends Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. Not really best friends, though, were they? I mean Savage was always accusing Hogan of
trying to steal his girlfriend, and Hogan kind of was trying to steal his girlfriend
if you look at it a certain way. Regardless, the main event was a mixed affair. Yes, it felt huge, and yes, Savage helped
Hogan to one of the best matches of his career. However, the booking here really took the
easy way out. Hogan regained the WWF Championship and stood
tall to close ‘Mania yet again. Of the first five WrestleManias, four ended
with Hogan winning in the main event, and all five ended with him celebrating in the
ring. By 1989, this was starting to get a little
tiresome. The rest of the card was hit-and-miss, and
nothing really stood out apart from the final match. The definition of a one-match show. 26. WrestleMania 32
This was, statistically, the biggest WrestleMania ever – and will remain so until WrestleMania
37, when Pitbull takes on Flo Rida in the main event. It was also, unfortunately, a below-par show. Let’s start with the positive, though. Zack Ryder delighted everybody by winning
the Intercontinental title ladder match, one of the great WrestleMania upsets. Women’s wrestling was finally allowed to
shine, with Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks putting on the first women’s
match to feel like a big deal at ‘Mania. And although it came about as a result of
lazy storytelling, Shane McMahon’s Hell in a Cell dive was terrifying and brilliant
in equal measure. Unfortunately, all that good work was forgotten
by the end of the night, as heroic babyface Roman Reigns defeated evil heel Triple H to
a chorus of boos. Wrestling is weird, sometimes. This could well be considered the worst-received
main event in WrestleMania history, as WWE’s determination to put Roman over made an exhausted
live crowd very sour indeed. On the whole, this often seemed more like
a greatest hits show than a modern ‘Mania. Austin, Michaels, Foley, and Rock all appeared
to pop the crowd – which was fun, but felt a little lacking in substance. 25. WrestleMania 29
Talk about a gruelling show. This ‘Mania ended with three 20+ minute
matches, back-to-back-to-back. Hey, New Japan do this all the time, and you
don’t hear Jack or Sam complaining. Sadly, only one of those big main events was
worthy of a classic New Japan card. Undertaker and CM Punk had a thrilling, emotional
clash – easily the match of the night, and the last great WrestleMania bout for the Deadman. (Come to think of it, it was probably Punk’s
last great WWE match too.) Following that, a burned-out crowd saw Triple
H beat Lesnar with his career on the line, an epic no-holds barred contest that maybe
tried to do too much. Then, after that, we saw the second installment
of a once in a lifetime match – which doesn’t make sense really, but does if your last name
is McMahon, Cena, or Johnson. Money talks. Cena picked up the win and the WWE Championship,
but the most important thing he gained was The Rock’s respect. And possibly his Hollywood connections, too. 24. WrestleMania 1
Okay, the first ever WrestleMania hasn’t aged particularly well – but let’s treat
it like an old relative and give it the respect it deserves. Sure, the matches may seem a little slow and
sloppy, but just listen to that crowd. Wrestling was far more real back in those
days, and the show was carefully booked to squeeze every drop of emotion out of Madison
Square Garden. There were plenty of iconic moments here:
Bundy beating SD Jones in 9 seconds; Andre slamming Big John Studd and throwing the prize
money into the crowd; and of course, Mr. T teaming with Hulk Hogan in a mammoth main
event. The celebrity involvement here was off the
charts, and really helped push wrestling into the mainstream spotlight. Cyndi Lauper, Muhammad Ali, Liberace, and
the aforementioned Mr. T all involved themselves to some degree, making wrestling the hip cool
thing on the streets, you guys. I’d also like to give a special mention
to ‘Playboy’ Buddy Rose. Rose was a legend of the 70s and early 80s,
who was forced to wrestle the opening match not as himself, but as the masked Executioner. Not just any mask, by the way – a RUBBISH
mask. Look at the state of that. 23. WrestleMania 13
Earlier, I called WrestleMania 5 a one-match show. I may have spoken too soon, because this was
a real one-match show – so why does it rank higher? Because that match happened to be arguably
the greatest in ‘Mania history – ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart. Talk to any wrestling fan of a certain age,
and they’ll tell you how good this was. The intensity, the workrate, the psychology,
and the booking were all perfect. The pair even executed a tricky double-turn
to perfection, making noble hero Bret a whiny, vindictive heel, and finally giving fans a
reason to cheer the insanely over Austin. The bout was so good, and still holds up so
well, we were almost tempted to put ‘Mania 13 higher on the list. But the rest of the card really dragged the
show down. Undertaker and Sid put on a forgettable main
event. Mankind and Vader teamed up to go 15 minutes
against Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith, ending in a double-countout. Ahmed Johnson teamed up with the Legion of
Doom for a Chicago Street Fight. It was all pretty cumbersome. Still, though, Bret and Austin! Look at that Sharpshooter, look at all the
blood! LOOK AT THAT! Amazing. 22. WrestleMania VI
If you thought the main event of WrestleMania 5 was big, hold onto your little hats, because
the following year saw Hulk Hogan take on the Ultimate Warrior – a man whose gimmick
was literally being the most powerful human on the face of the earth. As if that wasn’t enough, the match was
billed as ‘The Ultimate Challenge’, and both WWF and Intercontinental Championships
were on the line. I hope I’m getting across how huge they
wanted this to feel. The poster literally features Hogan and Warrior
towering above the Toronto skyline and a mountain range, so gigantic that their upper bodies
are actually in space. It’s a relief that the match was actually
good, eh? Imagine if it had been a stinker. Unfortunately, the rest of the card wasn’t
up to much – especially the part where Roddy Piper painted half of his body black for a
match with Bad News Brown. That’s very uncomfortable in hindsight. Thankfully, the event is chiefly remembered
for its main event, which Hogan actually lost! I can’t believe it, what a generous guy! (He would win the next three WrestleMania
main events in a row). 21. WrestleMania XII
WrestleMania 12 was an ambitious one, and ambition is dangerous. In Greek mythology, Icarus’ father warned
him ‘fly not to close to the sun, lest thy waxy wings melt’. But he did and he drowned and he died. Shawn Michaels can be seen as Icarus, if you
let me stretch this metaphor to breaking point. His wings are the zipline that carried him
into the main event, and the sun is the match’s hour-long stipulation. For whatever reason – perhaps due to Lawrence
Taylor stealing HBK’s spotlight the previous year – WWE decided to go full Lord of the
Rings in 1996. We saw a very divisive main event, an hour-long
ironman between Shawn and Bret that didn’t even see a single fall. Michaels won after a short period of overtime,
and we infamously reminded that ‘the boyhood dream had come true’. I don’t want to criticise this show too
heavily. Yes, it had a long main event, but it was
only as bad as a Bret vs. Shawn match can be – ie. only sometimes, and only slightly. On the undercard, Undertaker vanquished Diesel
in a match that felt like a real clash of titans, and Austin brought the intensity against
Savio Vega. However, Goldberg and Piper infamously mocked
the OJ Simpson car chase, and that didn’t make for very good wrestling at all. 20. WrestleMania 2000
The first WrestleMania of a new millennium, how exciting! What new-age wonders did it bring? Which new heroes emerged to lead us into the
21st century? The answer was Triple H, the biggest bastard
of the late Attitude Era, who became the first ever heel to win a WrestleMania main event. Thanks for coming, children. None of your dreams will come true. In all seriousness, it could only be a matter
of time before a bad guy won to close ‘Mania. It’s quite astonishing that it took 16 years,
really. But thanks to Hogan, Warrior, Bret, Hogan,
Shawn, Hogan, Hogan, Lawrence Taylor, and Hogan, it didn’t happen until 2000. Despite the long wait for a heel victory,
it maybe didn’t happen at the right time. Everybody wanted The Rock to win here, but
he made the terrible mistake of trusting Vince McMahon. Thankfully, there was enough good on this
show to make it a decent one. Angle, Jericho and Benoit delighted the purists,
Kane and Rikishi made for a very fun tag team, and we saw the wrestling world change forever
thanks to that triangle ladder match. 19. WrestleMania XVIII
WrestleMania 28 was a night of extremes. On one hand, we had Kelly Kelly and Maria
Menounous beating Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres – a match that was pointless and bad. On the other hand, we saw Triple H and Undertaker
do battle in the epic ‘end of an era’ match – a bout where it almost seemed as though
the Deadman was going to let go of his streak. Don’t worry though, they’d never actually
have him lose! Looking again at the bad side of things, this
show had the infamous Sheamus victory over Daniel Bryan, an 18 second catastrophe that
has since gone down as one of the biggest booking mis-steps ever. Then again, CM Punk and Chris Jericho put
on a great WWE Championship match, even if it was overshadowed by the main event. Speaking of that main event, it doesn’t
really get much bigger – or wouldn’t have, but we’ve already talked about the fact
that it had a sequel. Still, the original Rock vs. Cena encounter
was the better of the two, and while it was hardly a classic, it transformed WrestleMania
into the larger-than-life spectacular we know today. For better or worse. 18. WrestleMania XIV
This was an average show, but in terms of historical importance, it’s right up there
with the birth of Hulkamania, CM Punk’s pipebomb, and the debut of the Gobbledy Gooker. Yes, like all those examples, WrestleMania
14 gave the fans what they wanted. Truth be told, there was nothing on the show
of memorable quality – but the outcome of the main event was the most important thing
by far. With his first retirement on the horizon,
Shawn Michaels did the right thing and dropped the title to the ridiculously popular Steve
Austin. Legend has it that his willingness to put
over Stone Cold may have had something to do with The Undertaker, who was apparently
standing backstage with his fists taped, just incase HBK tried any funny business. Elsewhere on the show, the Brothers of Destruction
faced off – which sounds exciting, but was actually a little bit crap. Also, Mankind and Chainsaw Charlie beat the
New Age Outlaws in a Dumpster Match, which sounds crap, but was actually a little bit
exciting. 17. WrestleMania VIII
This one caused a few fights at Cultaholic HQ, and it really does pain us to rank WrestleMania
8 so averagely. There are two beloved matches here: Bret Hart
and Roddy Piper’s gritty brawl, and Randy Savage and Ric Flair’s bitter grudge match
for the WWF Championship. With an undercard peppered with such great
moments, why isn’t this show cracking the top 10? Well, there’s one man to blame for that. Papa Shango. Or whoever gave him his cue. Or maybe Hulk Hogan, or Earl Hebner. Okay, there are several men to blame for that
– but they were all involved with the main event. Alongside WrestleMania 9, the finish of 8
can probably be considered the worst in ‘Mania history – and at least 9 ended on a pinfall. Here, Hogan faced Sid in what was billed as
his ‘last match’, due to the steroid scandal that was rapidly gaining steam in the press. The plan was to have Papa Shango interfere
and attack the Hulkster mid-pinfall, leading to a DQ finish. That would have been poor enough, but Shango
actually arrived far too late, forcing Sid to unthinkably kick out of Hogan’s legdrop. Hebner then disqualified Sid because his manager
was on the ring apron, a very dubious decision indeed. Then, just to add to the carnage, the Ultimate
Warrior returned to send the crowd home happy. And happily home they went, presumably until
they realised what had happened. 16. WrestleMania XXV
Ah yes, the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania that was actually the 24th anniversary of
WrestleMania. I love that tagline, because you just know
that Vince came up with it, and everybody was too scared to point out his mistake. This show, like 5 and 13, is only really remembered
for one match. That’s right, the Miss WrestleMania battle
royal won by Santina Marella! Five stars please, Meltzer. I’m kidding, don’t worry. WrestleMania 25 was the site of Shawn Michaels
and Undertaker’s classic, the most revered ‘Mania bout since Bret vs. Austin, and a
level of performance neither man had any right to be wrestling at. Their combined age on the night of the show
was 87, which is quite astonishing. Most of the matches on this card can maybe
be best described as ‘interesting’. They all certainly managed to be different,
without really impressing too much. Matt and Jeff Hardy beat the hell out of each
other in an extreme rules match that we were all trying to enjoy more than we actually
did. The same can be said of the main event between
Triple H and Randy Orton, but without the part where we tried to enjoy it. Still, it was heartwarming to see Ricky Steamboat
roll back the years with a lovely little performance against Chris Jericho. 15. WrestleMania X8
Welcome to the first post-Attitude Era WrestleMania, which is a little like walking into a wild
party at 3am. Some people are still having a great time,
while others are passed out in the shower. Nobody seems to know exactly what they’re
doing, but they’re still having fun. Imagine that, but with old WCW guys lying
all over the place. Really, WrestleMania 18 was a triumph of throwing
people together and saying look at all this craziness. The Rock vs. Hogan was just as epic as Rock
vs. Hogan should be, while Ric Flair rediscovered his mojo in a great match with The Undertaker. The Nature Boy had looked like a shadow of
his former self, wrestling a shaky match with Vince McMahon at the Royal Rumble a few months
prior, but remembered who he was here. Arn Anderson also delivered the most iconic
spinebuster in WWE history, while dressed like an IT technician at a Metallica gig. Not everything was as good as it could have
been, but that was more the fault of the booking than the Superstars themselves. Triple H and Jericho were given an impossible
task by being made to follow Hogan and Rock, while Austin was shoved into a feud with a
rather happy Scott Hall – and looked as pleased to be there as you’d imagine. 14. WrestleMania VII
WrestleMania 6 had a great main event and a weak undercard. 8 was the opposite – a largely good show dragged
down by a terrible finish. 7 sneaks into a higher position on this list
than it maybe deserves, simply by virtue of consistency. Yes, the main event was rather ham-fisted
and overly-patriotic, but it was at least serviceable. The sheen hadn’t quite worn off of Hogan
yet, and Sgt. Slaughter played a charismatic heel – even
though his Iraqi sympathiser gimmick hasn’t aged terribly well. The undercard was littered with exciting match-ups,
from Virgil vs. DiBiase to Undertaker vs. Snuka – the first match of ‘Taker’s streak. The crowning jewel was, of course, the retirement
match between Warrior and Savage – leading to the reconciliation between the Macho Man
and Elizabeth, one of the most emotional moments in wrestling history. 13. WrestleMania 33
Last year’s WrestleMania was solid and enjoyable, but only strayed into ‘classic’ territory
once. That was, of course, the shock return of the
Hardy Boyz – an instant WrestleMania moment if ever there was one. Still, there were a number of good bouts on
this show – from Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles to Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg, the latter being
one of those WWE 2K matches where both players have a full supply of signature moves from
the beginning. Some things missed the mark, especially Bray
Wyatt’s weird defeat to Randy Orton, where his strategy involved projecting images of
various insects onto the canvas. The main event may not have been particularly
great, but Undertaker’s long farewell was maybe the most poignant ‘Mania conclusion
of all time. 12. WrestleMania XXVI
Here we go, the actual 25th anniversary of WrestleMania – and a show which many may be
surprised to see this high on the list. Quite a lot of this event missed the mark,
from Bret Hart’s slow, agonising revenge on Vince McMahon to Jack Swagger winning Money
in the Bank. Some matches just felt a little disjointed
and weird, such as Triple H vs. Sheamus and Randy Orton vs. Legacy. The crucial factor, however, is that WrestleMania
26 was capped off by maybe the greatest ‘Mania main event of all time – the rematch between
Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. Although many prefer their encounter the year
prior in terms of sheer ringwork, the sequel’s storytelling was on another level entirely. Having fought, clawed, and eventually provoked
his way to a rematch, HBK was forced to put his career on the line against ‘Taker’s
streak. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and the stipulation
helped make an Undertaker match at WrestleMania seem unpredictable – no mean feat by this
stage of the streak. 11. WrestleMania XX
WrestleMania 20 is pretty uncomfortable to look back on, especially after the horrific
actions of Chris Benoit. He was the big winner of this show, defeating
Shawn Michaels and Triple H in one of the great ‘Mania main events. As if that didn’t make this event hard enough
to watch in hindsight, it’s made worse by his show-closing in-ring celebration – shared
with the beloved Eddie Guerrero. Unfortunately, there’s no getting away from
the fact that this ‘Mania was a very good one. The aforementioned main event was a barn-burner,
and the blueprint for another main event ten years later. More on that shortly… The show also saw a fresh-faced John Cena
defeat Big Show in an entertaining opener, Eddie retain his title against Kurt Angle,
and the return of the Rock and Sock connection. It wasn’t all good though. Remember the reception that greeted Goldberg
vs. Lesnar? Ouch. 10. WrestleMania III
‘80s WrestleManias are naturally less crisp and polished than their younger siblings,
but they don’t come more important than number 3. Perhaps the most important pay per view in
WWE history, this show saw 90,000 fans cram into the Pontiac Silverdome for a truly titanic
night. The main event has since gone down in legend,
as Hulk Hogan slammed Andre the Giant and catapulted wrestling into the stratosphere. It also saw the first ever ‘Mania classic,
and a match still regarded by many as the best WrestleMania bout of all time. I’m talking, of course, about Ricky Steamboat
vs. Randy Savage – a match unlike anything WWF fans would have seen before. This tightly choreographed masterpiece was
wrestled at breakneck speed, and was the first ‘Mania moment to appear lightyears ahead
of its time. I realise I’ve not told any jokes for this
one. It’s just a very important show. Hold on, I’ll try to think of one now. What’s Hulk Hogan’s favourite type of
kebab? The lamb heard ‘round the world. Okay, moving swiftly on… 9. WrestleMania 21
This ‘Mania felt like the start of something new – which is coincidentally my favourite
High School Musical song. Just like my homies Zac Efron and Vanessa
Hudgens, this show saw several newer stars boost their profile massively. The main man here was Batista, now a babyface
after winning the 2005 Royal Rumble and challenging former leader Triple H for the title. He demolished The Game in a feelgood main
event, shortly following John Cena’s win over JBL. A new era had certainly dawned. However, the best match at ‘Mania 21 was
contested between two stars of previous generations: Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle. The pair put on an utter classic, but I shouldn’t
really have to tell you that. It’s Angle and Michaels. I genuinely think they could sleepwalk into
the same bedroom and accidentally have a four-star encounter. This WrestleMania also saw a sumo match between
Big Show and legitimate sumo wrestler Akebono, which was…certainly something…. 8. WrestleMania X
Some of the early WrestleManias were grand and spectacular, like 3. Some were shambolic and hilarious, like 9. But it took almost a decade for WWE to put
together a ‘Mania for the purists. Held in the relatively modest but iconic Madison
Square Garden, this show can be considered the first ever WrestleMania to achieve in-ring
classic status. First and foremost, Bret Hart avenged his
very silly loss at WrestleMania 9, wrestling twice in one night and becoming WWF Champion
once again. He actually lost the first bout to younger
brother Owen, a match regarded by many as the best opener in ‘Mania history. Never one to let Bret Hart have a happy moment
without upstaging him in some way, Shawn Michaels put on the best bout of the night – an innovative
ladder match with backstage pal Razor Ramon. TOO SWEET BRO, WRESTLING ISN’T REAL AND
WE KNOW IT. BULLET CLUB F-F-F-FOR LIFE. More recent ‘Manias have since surpassed
this one, but it remains a high benchmark, and the first that can be considered a real
in-ring masterclass. 7. WrestleMania 23
This WrestleMania has received a lot of renewed attention in recent times, as it’s the one
to feature the infamous ‘Battle of the Billionaires’ – the match where Donald Trump and Vince McMahon
both chose a champion to fight for their honor. And hair. Lashley defeated Umaga and, with the help
of both Trump and Steve Austin, shaved the WWE chairman bald. Now I know what you’re thinking. That doesn’t sound very good at all; that
sounds like a fever dream you get after watching Raw and The Apprentice at the same time. Thankfully, the rest of this WrestleMania
featured several excellent matches. John Cena defeated Shawn Michaels in a fantastic
main event – even if it did come slap-bang in the middle of that period where Cena was
the best in the world ever and rarely lost a match. Earlier in the show, Undertaker beat Batista
– the first opponent his incredible streak of show-stealing ‘Mania bouts, which went
on to include Edge, Michaels, Michaels, Triple H, Triple H, and CM Punk. That’s six straight years of excellence
from one of the greatest wrestlers of all time – and it began here. 6. WrestleMania 31
2015 saw one of the most consistent ‘Manias in history, as every match ended up somewhere
between ‘excellent’ and ‘utterly crazy’ – sometimes both at the same time. Nothing, however, was outright bad. The main event threatened to be a disaster,
as Roman Reigns headed into his crowning moment of glory as the most hated man in WWE. However, a last-minute change involving Seth
Rollins delighted everyone in the stadium – apart from Reigns’ family, who hadn’t
been told that Seth would be cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. Rollins also co-starred in another memorable
moment on the show – taking probably the most ‘out of nowhere’ RKO in history. The show’s strong points were more than
apparent, but it’s crazier moments were also plain as day. Sting somehow lost to Triple H despite being
helped out by his historic mortal enemies, the nWo. Undertaker and Bray Wyatt wrestled a match
in daylight. Rusev drove to the ring in a tank. Basically what I’m trying to say is: this
show wasn’t perfect, but it was a hell of a lot of fun. 5. WrestleMania 22
Fans who attended this ‘Mania where treated to a quadruple-header of wonderful matches
– wonderful in a variety of different ways. Triple H vs. Cena was a classic main event,
pitting two of the biggest stars in the company against one another. At 22 minutes it was long enough to feel epic,
but short enough that it didn’t drag. Vince McMahon put on maybe the best match
of his career, losing to Shawn Michaels in a ridiculously fun street fight. The most memorable spot saw HBK drop an elbow
from a ladder through Vince, who was both laid out across a table, and wearing a trashcan
over his head. Would your boss do that for the sake of entertainment? Edge was turned into a man by Mick Foley,
whether he wanted to or not. The Rated R-Superstar had to overcome barbed
wire, thumbtacks, and a facefull of ACTUAL FIRE to defeat the hardcore legend – but he
did so. We also saw the first good women’s match
in ‘Mania history – and it only took 22 attempts! Mickie James and Trish Stratus’ blowoff
was intense, controversial, and most importantly, entertaining. This is also the WrestleMania where Mysterio
finally won the big one – and although it wasn’t a great match, it was still a nice
moment. It was also the scene of the Playboy Pillow
Fight between Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle – and although it wasn’t a great match,
it was still a n…hmm. I’m not sure the same sentiment applies
here. 4. WrestleMania 24
To understand why WrestleMania 24 is one of the very best of all time, you don’t need
to look any further than two matches. Edge vs. Undertaker, and Michaels vs. Flair. Having put on a not-very-memorable match with
Sid 11 years prior, Undertaker was given another chance to main event the big one – and proceeded
to put on one of the best main events ever with Edge. Despite this, it’s not the moment most people
remember when you ask them about this ‘Mania – which goes to show just how perfect Ric
Flair’s final WWE match was. HBK looked utterly devastated to be ending
the career of a legend, and his climactic superkick remains one of the most emotional
moments ever seen at WrestleMania. It was the perfect end. Then Flair went to TNA and wrestled a bunch
of extra times. Dammit Ric! 3. WrestleMania XIX
Fun fact: WrestleMania 19 was the first in which every main event competitor wrestled
under their real name, as Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar went to war over the WWE Championship. Not-so-fun fact: it was also the scene of
Lesnar’s attempted murder by the only man who can kill Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar. Yes, Lesnar’s terrifyingly botched Shooting
Star Press is the overriding memory of WrestleMania 19, but it shouldn’t’t take away from how
good a match he and Kurt put on. It was a true passing of the torch ceremony
– even if Lesnar ended up rejecting the torch, before accepting it again a decade later. You silly fickle sausage. Then you add Jericho vs. Michaels and Rock
vs. Austin to the mix, and your chances of not enjoy this ‘Mania drastic go down. Hulk Hogan also battered Vince McMahon in
a street fight, a clash of maybe the two most important men in WWE history. It doesn’t get any bigger than that. 2. WrestleMania XXX
‘Mania 30 was WWE’s ultimate happy ending. Daniel Bryan, a relatively small, relatively
uncharismatic internet darling proved everybody wrong, defied Vince McMahon’s classic superstar
model, and defeated some of the most sports entertainment-y sports entertainers to become
champion on the grandest stage of all. Sure, Bryan’s triumph wasn’t the biggest
shock ever once he was finally given a path to the main event – but for much of the build-up,
his day in the sun looked like it would never come. Despite raucous popularity, WWE did not seem
keen on pushing D-Bry at all. Thankfully, they eventually saw sense – and
had him defeat Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton all in one night. This ‘Mania also had the small matter of
Undertaker losing at WrestleMania for the first time! You may deny it now, but at the time, you
never thought the streak would be broken, did you? Enter Brock Lesnar, who demolished Undertaker
with three F5s, plunging the Superdome (and the wrestling world) into devastated silence. It was a heel victory done right, with devastating
effect. 1 – WrestleMania X-Seven
Wow, I feel silly saying that. It’s a shame that the best WrestleMania
is also the one with the most XTREME NU-METAL name, but I guess nothing’s perfect. Actually, despite being the best ‘Mania
of all time, this show was decidedly ragged around the edges. It carried all the scruffy, hardcore charm
of the Attitude Era – imperfections which came together to make the whole thing even
more compelling. This show had it all. Another chaotic TLC war, this time featuring
cameos from Rhyno, Lita, and Spike Dudley. A wild backstage brawl between Kane, Big Show,
and Raven – the latter of whom almost cut off power to the entire show while trying
to drive a motorised buggy. Benoit and Angle brought pure workrate; Vince
and Shane brought the sports entertainment, and Undertaker and Triple H brought something
in between. The biggest match, however, was Austin vs.
The Rock – the second and finest of their WrestleMania triple-header. In a match often cited as the end of the Attitude
Era itself, Austin shockingly aligned with Vince McMahon. In the build-up to the match, Stone Cold had
warned Rock that he’d do anything to win the WWF Championship – but nobody expected
that. The only downside of such a shocking, amazingly-contested
main event was that it literally couldn’t be followed. Austin’s heel turn (and the purchase of
WCW) meant that nothing was the same again. The Attitude Era was over, and the wrestling
industry has never hit such heights again. Still, at least when the bubble finally burst,
it did so with a bang.

100 Replies to “Every WrestleMania Ranked From WORST To BEST”

  1. Keep in mind that i was still in a single digit age. That being said….

    WM 3 was the first time i saw many many small package pin attempt.

    Speaking of WM…

  2. WrestleMania III at 10…That’s Just Wrong… It should be Number 1…Because It Is BIGGER, BETTER,and BADDER Than All The Other WrestleMania’s…

  3. You forgot John Cena vs. Dave Batista in Wrestlemania 26, that was the second best match of that night.

  4. i personally believe at this point that Shawn Michaels could put up a good match with Giant Gonzalez.

  5. My Top 10 Wrestlemanias:

    1. WM 17
    2. WM 21
    3. WM 23
    4. WM 24
    5. WM 18
    6. WM 19
    7. WM 12
    8. WM 33
    9. WM 34
    10. WM 3

  6. usually your rankings are alright but to use wrestling terms u straight up botched this one. 17 is probably number one though

  7. I don’t agree with some of these rankings. I think Wrestlemania 21 should be higher then Wrestlemania 31, Wrestlemania 22 and Wrestlemania 24. And then Wrestlemania 30 should be lower, not top 5.

  8. Anyone that rates 4 that low with the excitement of the tournament wasnt wrestling fan as a kid. Not saying its best but no way that low

  9. Wrestlemania 25 should be way higher, so many iconic moments you’re a fool that’s way too low ??‍♂️

  10. All these marks here saying theyre wrong its an objective opinion list not facts. Different lists have different orders.

  11. Why wasn’t Wrestlemania 27 voted the worst? Did you not actually watch it? It’s the most terrible thing in the entire history of terrible things.

  12. The only thing that I agreed with was defiantly the Shawn vs Undertaker match and the storyline build.. and the Shawn vs Angle. But for anyone who thinks Ric Flair is a great wrestler: YOU.ARE.TRASH

  13. Rewatches video over a year later remembering it was a good one.
    Has been using “Amerithumb” in every useable instance since.

  14. Worst Mania:Wm30
    Best Mania:Wm25 without the Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal cuz a male dressed as a woman is disguisting and pathetic
    Also Worse all Manias since Wm30

  15. Top 10 Manias:
    1. WM3
    HM: WM 28,WM 8, WM 18 , WM 23

  16. Best Wrestlemania matches. Not in any order:
    Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan
    Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar WM33
    HBK vs Undertaker WM25
    HBK vs Kurt Angle
    The Boogeyman vs Booker T & Sharmal

  17. I went to 13…17…and 32….13 and 17 were awesome…..was actually kinda surprised 14 didn't rank higher…..

  18. WM 20 is EXTREMELY overrated. The world title matches were the only great matches on the card. Most of the other matches were either filler or they just sucked. It wasnt bad, but is way to overrated IMO.

  19. WM 10 was my favorite, but I know its difficult to find it ranked #1. I'm OK with #8 as shown in this list…

  20. An adult swim joke. Cant believe I didn’t find this video sooner. I think that wrestlemania 8 is the worst and 25 is the best ( that’s for me at least )

  21. I’m sorry but wrestle mainia 30 is not better than 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28 any wrestle mania passes 30 terrible

  22. Just wanted to thank you for the trip down memory lane. My friends and I had the best time at Wrestlemania 17. One of my favorite memories.

  23. 23 is my favourite. I'm glad it gets the praise it deserves
    It had the best money in the bank ladder match and jeff hardy's leg drop on edge was amazing
    Kane vs great khali wasnt THAT bad. Recreating the andre hulk Hogan slam was a great moment
    Chris Benoit vs MVP was a good match
    Batista vs undertaker was brilliant
    Ecw originals vs new breed was fun with some cool spots. RVD sending Matt striker flying across the ring was brilliant and hilarious.
    The battle of the billionaires was pretty good. Donald Trump's acting was terrible and the match itself wasnt that good but having stone cold as the guest referee and getting the big pop ar the end was great.
    Yeah the melina vs Ashley match was a big let down after the brilliant mickie James vs trish stratus match the year before but it least it wasnt a lingerie pillow fight like candice and torrie
    Then shawn Michaels vs john cena was a brilliant finale much better than the john cena vs triple H match at 22
    23 just felt so epic. The first one in years with a giant crowd. The music was great. All six commentators talking during the money in the bank match was great.

  24. Wrestlemania 25s Jeff vs Matt was so good to the second grade me and was my favorite match on the show, oh how wrong I see I was. Triple H and Orton should have been better, because they have had good matches, but even with the terrific build, the match was weird and boring.

  25. 33. Wrestlemania 9
    32. Wrestlemania 2
    31. Wrestlemania 11
    30. Wrestlemania 4
    29. Wrestlemania 15
    28. Wrestlemania 27
    27. Wrestlemania 5
    26. Wrestlemania 32
    25. Wrestlemania 29
    24. Wrestlemania 1
    23. Wrestlemania 13
    22. Wrestlemania 6
    21. Wrestlemania 12
    20. Wrestlemania 16
    19. Wrestlemania 28
    18. Wrestlemania 14
    17. Wrestlemania 8
    16. Wrestlemania 25
    15. Wrestlemania 18
    14. Wrestlemania 7
    13. Wrestlemania 33
    12. Wrestlemania 26
    11. Wrestlemania 20
    10. Wrestlemania 3
    9. Wrestlemania 21
    8. Wrestlemania 10
    7. Wrestlemania 23
    6. Wrestlemania 31
    5. Wrestlemania 22
    4. Wrestlemania 24
    3. Wrestlemania 19
    2. Wrestlemania 30
    1. Wrestlemania 17

  26. This list is so full of SHIT!??
    WM 7 over WM 5, WM 18, and WM 4?
    There’s so much wrong with this video.

    WM 10 ranked #8? Wtf are you smoking?! That was some of the worst shit ever!

  27. Adam, you're fucking high! WrestleMania 2000, WrestleMania 9, WrestleMania 18, WrestleMania 3, WrestleMania 10, WrestleMania 23, wrestlemania 24 and WrestleMania 17 are 8 of the greatest WrestleManias of all time!

  28. If I remember correctly, Wrestlemania XI took place in my state of Connecticut. ( just a year before I was born ) Haven't gotten another Wrestlemania since then.

  29. Seeing WM33 so high on the list shocks me. Tbh I find it around the same level as WM32, except 32's issues mainly stem from the amount of injured wrestlers while on the road to WM. Styles v Shane is the only match there I would consider great, and after the Hardyz win the tag belts it just goes downhill. Cena with a horrendous performance in the mixed tag match, Seth and Triple H disappointing with Rollins showing his spotty selling, Wyatt v Orton was abysmal in every sense of the word and Roman v Taker was simply a bad match overshadowed by an emotional moment at the end of the show that frankly doesn't hold up as well knowing Undertaker's matches since then. Lesnar v Goldberg was a fun 5 minutes though.

  30. Dear WWE, please for the love of all that is good in this world, stop pushing Roman. We don't want him, and your shoving him in our faces over, and over, and over, and over, and over again isnt gonna make us want him more.

  31. Realy WrestleMania 30 above WrestleMania 22 Man Realy

    No, Damn WrestleMania 30 was bad for me and THE STREAK DIED

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