EVE Online – Official Gameplay (2019) – Play Free!

EVE Online – Official Gameplay (2019) – Play Free!

EVE Online is a vast universe, alive with the unrelenting activity
and combined history of its players. Pursuing lives of adventure, warfare and prosperity, they share this existence in the biggest single-shard
free-to-play MMO of all time. Set 21,000 years in the future, EVE takes place in a distant cluster
of over 7,000-star systems known as New Eden. It is a rich and diverse universe, featuring
densely-populated havens of relative safety governed by four great Empires, hostile systems where player alliances make the rules, even regions of anomalous and unexplored space
that hold their own secrets. You play as a capsuleer, a revered breed of highly-trained pilot, having achieved immortality through the use of cloning technology. You navigate the universe encased
in an armored capsule deep within your ship, where you have complete neural control and function as one. There are hundreds of ships to fly in EVE. Everything from small nimble craft
and versatile mid-range vessels, to formidable warships and colossal freighters. Each has advantages and suited roles,
but all are completely customizable as you decide how to equip and arm them. What you do in New Eden is entirely up to you. EVE’s immense sandbox gives you the opportunity to choose
between multiple professions and activities. The key to this unique customization of your playstyle
is skill training. This is a passive process, and it continues
whether you are in or out of the game. As a new player, you can focus on one specific area in order to quickly reach the same level of specialization as a veteran. So be adventurous and explore new avenues
of development for your character, as you can always change role and reinvent yourself if desired. If you want to fight, combat in EVE can involve
solo missions against non-player adversaries or small group skirmishes, while for some,
it can even be the thrill of fleeting up with thousands of fellow pilots
and battling over disputed territory. If you want to explore, then the discovery of uncharted space and ancient regions that promise riches,
danger and adventure await you. You can also engage in the business of prosperity,
be it industry, mining or even interstellar piracy. The beauty of life in New Eden is that all of these activities, and many more, can be done alone or with others. A unique in-game market, unprecedented in scale
and degree of player control, is the beating heart of New Eden. Players are responsible for the manufacture
of almost everything you can buy or sell. The gathering and refinement of resources, the building of ships, equipment and even some space stations – EVE’s players are core to how the universe
is filled and how the economy thrives. Players in EVE can band together to form corporations
where they can enrich their experience, learn new elements of gameplay,
and share their wealth and goals. When these player-run corporations grow to become larger entities, they can merge with other corps to form alliances. Powerful alliances regularly compete for control
and influence over large areas of space, waging wars and engaging in record-breaking battles. Even taking down well-defended, sprawling player-built space stations. In the spirit of exploration and mystery, new content
and experiences are constantly introduced into the universe, with over a decade of free expansions leading to
continual development and evolution of gameplay. While every action and decision has consequences for the universe
and its hundreds of thousands of players, the game remains very much about your unique adventure and story. A story that will forever be woven into the fabric of EVE.

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  1. I used to be heavily into games like this. Completely lost and immersed in them….

    Then I discovered the vagina

  2. If when I retire, have all the time in the world, no kids or responsibilities, and this game is still going, I would definitely start playing

  3. You shouldn't advertise your free trial as "play free" it gives out the wrong impression whilst the model itself is actually great.

  4. lol i started playing at age 13-14 and i got lost very quick but came back 3 years later hoping i would understand more now that im a bit smarter but no im still lost on how to do contracts.

  5. To me, learning to play EVE seems harder than learning a year's worth of shit in College.

    (me = tried it for like 2 hours when it came out, couldn't comprehend 99% of the game; watched some youtube videos)

  6. is there any helping guide or community that helps new players i just joined and i dont have the idea whaaaaaaaat to do?!!!!

  7. great game, too big sometimes, pvp is fun but far from the beginning, the worst ship design ever make me quit. there are no beatifull or even nice ships, the more expensive the more ugly.

  8. I dare not download this game, it looks so in depth i'm sure i could completely waste away a decade of my life with it, props to the designers it looks like a dream for hardcore gamers.

  9. hehe i remember when my orca got destroyed (edit: got ganked/ambushed by some wannabe pvpers), that day i stopped playing. that was 2008. it was fun while it lasted though. Edit no2: What RainbowsixODST said similar. They should add modes and playstyle for people who doesnt want to pvp. If there was a PvE only mode i would start playing again in a heartbeat. Im more interested in the mining industry and maybe some pve missions. i had a blast playing missions and mining for a very long time. Then i advanced into more rare ores (thats when i got locked and ganked). the time it would take to farm the ISK for another orca wasnt just worth the grind. Sure i could buy plex and sell but thats just pay to win in my book. CCP if you come to your senses and make me as a miner a grief free time feel free to send me a comment and i would GLADLY pay to play EVE online again. (after all it is a really fun game to play and micro-manage)

  10. EVE Online : Sorry for writing again, im not trying to spam or anything, so please forgive me. This is the only platform i can communicate regarding the game (cba to reactivate my account and write on the forums) i have a couple of questions, maybe other players can answer me?
    1. Is there a way for me to play as a miner to mine rare ores and minerals w/o getting ganked?
    2. Can you harvest ISK to sustain your ingame economy in planetary interaction nowadays?
    3. Can you enjoy living in high security ? (When i lost my orca i had to venture to low sec because i couldnt afford living in high sec)

    I really dont like pvp, and i dont like to be forced into pvp <- only reason i havent played since 2008 and to this day i miss Eve online. Mining for me was like fishing to other people i actually enjoyed venture to ore belt and watch the beam harvest. Ofc listen to the best soundtrack any game has to offer! <3
    (If you never played eve online, listen to the soundtrack on youtube and close your eyes, instant drop of blood pressure)
    Thanks for reading and best regards from a former miner/pilot!

  11. Desculpe pela a minha ignorância, mais este jogo tem a mesma jogabilidade do antigo taikondo da hoplon?

  12. Part of what makes this game so attractive to me is that you can do whatever you want. Trade, fight, pirate, whatever. Wish I had the time for it…

  13. the community is kind of like real life. small family-like groups are friendly, but in large communities its too hard to weed out the shit talkers and trolls, most big communities simply ignore them

  14. Ahhh fond memories. Sadly this game requires a second free life. Looks so changed when I played it 8 yrs ago. ♥️

  15. I only watch this game online. I don't play. It's interesting to see how people can bring a game alive.

  16. Hell yeah EVE. Really stepping up your game lately with these new (quite literally) chaotic updates. The game had reached a weird form of order and was getting old. This was a change for the better. Now to tackle the universal issue of how to ease players into the game instead of throwing them in with a basic tutorial. I think the game should guide you as you progress further.. perhaps a beginners questline the user can use in reward for better knowledge and isk. Who knows?

  17. so ive made the mistake of getting back into it after a few years and basically forgot everything
    what do i need to be aware of in 2019 eve

  18. I am downloading the game because I got a ad on YouTube and it grabbed my attention, something many ads fail to do. I would be happy if anyone here is to sort of tell me what its about and what the community is like. It looks like a really cool game. Although I see a thing called omega time as im installing it which sounds like a premium and as a free to play I am hoping that does not give premium players too much of an advantage over me.

  19. I miss this game so much.. best game I have ever played.. I’m about to buy a new pc purely for the purpose of playing it again.. If only I could remember my old login details

  20. Hola gente dejo el link de invitado para el que quiera empezar a jugar eve online entren aca https://www.eveonline.com/signup/?invc=5919b525-f9ea-48c3-8267-2d0f445cf754se Registran y listo descargan y a jugar saludos gente Buena suerte.!!!

  21. Not one player knows everything about EVE. Don't let the learning curve turn you off. 90% of all eve players try everything then specialise in one aspect of the game. I play PvP and PvE for about 5 years and I don't know the first thing about mining or production.

  22. Let me know when they have a pve section to the game where I am not attacked and plundered for my hours of hard work, I'm not into pvp that's why I left this game over 3 years ago now.

  23. man im downloading it right now now. i hope its as good as it seems in that video. and yes i didnt read the comments

  24. This video is super awesome but I am still scared to jump into the EVE universe. Currently trying NMS and may try Elite Dangerous soon. Not sure about First Citizen as I have heard its too much P2W

  25. Hello, i want to create a new account in Eve. Can anyone give me an "invitation link" (recruit player) from your Eve Account? I need it in 5 hours max. Thanks.
    Discord: Ivanho#8266

  26. Every time i see a ship carrier, i want to get out and walk around.
    Every time im on a carrier, i want to get on a ship and fly around.
    Star Citizen seems to be the only game that offers full gameplay using both while everything else is partly focused on one or another but not both.

  27. if you want a version of this game that is easier you can literally play the ROBLOX Galaxy game
    basically the exact same game except it has like less than 2% of the features in this game yet is still a game

  28. This is a dam good trailer. I started eve a week ago. Been playing non stop. Its addicting. This is my first mmo.

  29. When i started playing Eve i really invested myself into it, spending hours upon hours learning everything there is, managing windows, players, market, technology, politics… within a month i made a character worth several houndreds of millions of isk (events helped) my reputation grew inside the haulers channel and i cought the attention of a recent returning player who decided to invest into my market dealings. He invested 1b isk, sending it almost immediately of our initial agreement. My plan was to buy certain repair modules and sell them at a higher price in a different system, the batch was a big one and it took me hours of hauling it all to one station, when i finally succeeded it turned out it was a scam offer (the one where you offer a large sum of isk for a large ammount of items but in reality you withdraw your money through a skill and send all the isk to another character so when someone tries to sell it to you, the system tries to withdraw funds but it can't and the offer just dissapears) after realizing the scam i couldn't believe my bad luck, and how that was the only part of the market that i didn't get to explore enough. This brought me into a bad position where i owed 1.3b isk which with interest that came to about 2.6b isk, i was devastated. But i didn't let that bring me down, i used other connections which i got in the meantime, entered into a corp which had exclusive rights to mining near goon territory deep in the red zone, i started slowly bumping up my skills for better mining ships, explored all the anomalies that appeared in our alliance territory, and participated in events and battles against invaders. This helped me as i was getting isk from several sources, aside from that i was trading all i found and scavanged deep in the red zone for higher prices, also i was trying to get a monopoly on that item that i had in abundance hoping to get my isk back. For a time being i controled all of the items in all of the major and smaller trading hubs, effectively having 80% of the items in my hangar in Jitta, selling pieces of about 10k isk worth for 150-200.000isk+. And finnaly i got into the player station bussiness entering a co-founding relationship within the company i was in, controlling and contributing half of the funds, we expanded into the weaponry and modules market, using the minerals we mined to create, ships, ammunition, modules… and selling it at the red zone demilitarized market. After several months at the expense of my real life i managed to amass a small fortune inside the game, but it took too much of a toll, the constant struggle to stay plexed and earn extra isk made it seem more like a job and less a game i managed to get battleship class ships, advanced weaponry and lots of blueprints in a matter of a couple of months… Finally when my would be money shark stopped playing i decided the same. And that's my eve online experience…

  30. Do not play this game, it is running out and hundreds of players are leaving the server. EVEONLINE is coming to an end; thanks CCP.

  31. I was thinking about starting to play this vs getting married and starting a family.Then I remembered – someone has to pay for, and be present, at my funeral… goodbye EVE.

  32. I respect that its core principles is economy, sandbox and PvP but yea i would love for them to go next level and have third person avatar based gameplay in this.

  33. Sounds absolutely horrible ?. You spend your life, time and soul working…to metaphorically leave your life savings on the sidewalk for anyone to steal. No thanks ?

  34. I can't play most games since I got a nerve condition through my body making strategy games the only real games I can play for long periods of time, I am gonna try this out this is either going to be a rabbit hole I cannot get out of or a time-waster, either way, wish me luck

  35. Great game….Just expensive to play, Alpha version very limited to ships and skills and so on should have more for poor people.

  36. From the comments, my personality, and the fact I’m in college; sounds like I’ll be the bottom of the bottom if I even try to take the game seriously.

    I’m strangely ok with that.

  37. As far as i know its not free after 1st month you have to pay and the game is crap you have moderators which start interfering in your game play. That's why i left the game. Combat is also crap in it.

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