Esports blurs video gaming and pro-sports

Esports blurs video gaming and pro-sports

[crowd roars]Reporter: Many people
would call competitive gaming,
or esports,
a subculture;
but is it really when it packs
this stadium for two days,
15,000 people all here to watch
their favourite players
compete in the North American
finals of League of Legends,
currently the most played
video game in the world.
With his team Immortals
winning third place,
Jason “Wild turtle” Tran
is a hit with the fans.
It’s pretty amazing
to be playing in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre.
It just felt crazy that I got to win
in my hometown. Reporter:Players
are not the only stars
in the esports universe:
like in professional sports,
game commentators or casters
are popular, too,
with a language
all their own.
Kill on bottom where Meteos
then took magical journey, that’s where
you’re like, okay… Reporter:For player turned
caster Joshua Leesman,
being able to make a living
doing what he loves
is a vindication.Basically, if you played
a whole bunch of games it was “what are you
doing with your life?” and “why are you playing
so many games, go focus on
something else.” Whereas now,
there’s the beginning of it being thought
of as a career or something that you
could actually accomplish. It’s kind of a dream
just like being a professional hockey player,
professional basketball player. Reporter:The comparison with
professional sports
doesn’t end there. Top esports players
make millions and travel on international
athlete visas.ESPNandTSNboth
cover esports now.
Whalen Rozelle is the head
of esports at Riot Games, which makes
League of Legends.
We’ve learned a lot
from traditional sports in the form of the way
we tell stories, and how we portray–
build heroes and portray
these athletes. And it’s going to be cool to see
them learning from us. The degree of accessibility
and the connection that any sport athlete
has with their fan base is unparalleled
in the sports world. Reporter:In fact,
a Korean esports organization
has recently pushed
for esports to be included
in the Olympics.But many here at the League of
Legends championship
feel they don’t need
that to feel legitimate.
I think you can see from being
able to fill a stadium like this that we don’t
really go for validation, I think we have all the
validation from the fans that we need. Reporter:Fans for whom
speed and agility
are just as impressive
on a video game screen
as they are on a court
or a racetrack.
Deanna Sumanac-Johnson,
CBCNews, Toronto.

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  1. While I am a huge fan of esports and the culture they've created for themselves, I'm still not sure if I want them in the Olympics. I've never been a fan of team sports in the Olympics, but I think their original purpose was to showcase premiere athleticism. I wouldn't put Chess in the Olympics, and for the same reason, League.

  2. So golf, archery and shooting can be olympic sports but esports cant? Fast forward 10/20 years when all the shallow minded and ignorant old people aren't here anymore and then see how esports is doing:)

  3. Again, they introduce this video as 'competetive video games'. Which I think is a flawed way to start, it puts everyone who doesn't know anything about it off instantly. You should introduce it as 'This stadium is packed with people… To watch League of Legends'. People will rather think 'League of Legends, that sounds interesting', than 'Ew, video games'

  4. ESports RLSports
    Stress Stress
    Endurance Endurance
    Teamwork Teamwork
    Fans Fans
    Sponsors Sponsors
    Fun Fun
    Reflexes Reflexes
    Virtual Physical
    Injury Injury

    There's only one difference

  5. Esports in the Olympics would be really cool to watch, but the idea of a privately owned game being featured in the Olympics makes me a bit uneasy.

  6. Esports really does not belong in the Olympics. It would be too awkward to set a team around it and there are far too many games/formats to choose from (League, SC2, CS:GO, COD, etc.) Also games are privately owned, unlike sports or athletic events, and are constantly undergoing change. Like, its possible League won't even be a thing in 10 years and something else may/will have taken its place.

  7. What is this hangout party?
    Take a look at DotA2 The International in Key arena and then see what a crowd looks like.

  8. eSports shouldn't be in the Olympics the same way soccer/football and tennis shouldn't be in the Olympics:

    They already have bigger, better tournaments outside Olympics.

  9. We have alot to consider when we say: games on Olympics. How are we going to organize the games. There are alot of games to choose from. That I think is the biggest problem in eSports entering Olympics. I'm not saying it shouldn't. I personally would love to see eSports be on the Olympics, but there is alot to do if we do persue in this path.

  10. I have nothing against people playing games against each other, I have no problem with people watching it…. Just don’t call it a sport… It’s competitive gaming…

  11. Video games are e-sports and not sports.

    I love csgo and esports, but theres a reason its considered esports, and sports.

    Sports =/= esports

  12. lol, they didn't show a single interesting thing that actually happened in the game. Why? Because nothing interesting Ever happens in those games. The audience members they showed were literally yawning and falling asleep haha

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