ESPND Sports News Basketball Invitational Tournament

ESPND Sports News  Basketball Invitational Tournament

Hello, I’m Ty. Hello I’m Jose. Welcome to ESPND. That’s right. We are here at Mission Concepcion Sports Park (MCSP) When? December 6th. I love this gym. This is basketball invitational tournament, Texas Lone Star host in San Antonio, Texas. Look at video. Welcome back to ESPND. I would like to share with you about MCSP. This is nice gym. We will tour in the basketball court. See what do they have and gives you what you need to know. I love this gym so much. (Laughing) Welcome back to ESPND. I want to talk about concessions. They have Breakfast, Drinks, Burgers, Pizza, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Snacks, Candy, and….last one….. Starbucks! That’s right! Hey, I beat you. No, I just made a 3 points. Yeah right. Let’s play! Wait a min…Is camera still on? Good thing, you didn’t leave ESPND yet. You are still here. That’s right. We are still here. I will explain about admission. Early bird is $7. At door is $10. Childern under 12 is free. I am talking about team entrie fee. Team fee is $250. Coaches, players, managers, injury players on team are each $10. Breakdown, $25 goes to insurance, Hey, is that right, $25 goes to insurance? That is right. Other $25 goes to gym. $10 goes to referee. $200 goes to winner, champions, 2nd, and 3rd. Champions will receive $700. 2nd is $500. 3rd is $400. Money prize will back to you. (Crying) I miss this book. Why are you crying for what? Look at camera. Shy camera. If you have any concerns, questions, or need more information. Send an email, [email protected] Anything if you have concerns, add any idea to share with us, Please send to his email. I second him. Thank you for watching us.

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