ESPN Sport Science Meets ALADDIN: The Genie Marathon

ESPN Sport Science Meets ALADDIN: The Genie Marathon

[music playing] In Disney’s hit musical,
Aladdin, actors on Broadway, on tour and in companies
around the world, bring down the house nightly, playing the role
of the fast talking, fun loving, Genie. Hello, everybody! But in addition to being world class
singers and dancers, to play this role, these actors also have to be
exceptional athletes. So to find out what it takes
to pull of this performance, ESPN’s Sports Science Team
was granted unprecedented access to a Genie on Broadway. Major Attaway. Now when you’re performing
“Friend Like Me”, talk to me about
how physically demanding it is. Well, it’s probably the best
cardio workout I’ve ever had. It feels like crossfit,
to be honest. Before a recent sold out show,
we wired up Major with a state of the art sensor
called the bioharness. This will help us analyze
his physical exertion by measuring
his respiratory rate, heart rate and movements
during the performance. Now in his dressing room
before the show, major averages
about 14 breaths per minute. And his heart rate sits
at about 73 beats per minute. But as he makes his way
backstage, our sensors show his heart rate and breathing rate
start to climb. Is your heart starting to race? Definitely, it’s definitely
starting to pump, it knows that we’re about
to do something big. Although he’s been
performing for years, the anticipation of being
in front of 1700 strangers still causes his body
to release adrenalin. This chemical increases oxygen
and blood flow to the muscles, and it might be why,
at this point, his breathing rate spikes by ten breaths per minute. And his heart rate reaches
155 beats per minute! But just moments before
he climbs into the tube that will lift him
up to the stage, he gets his nerves
under control, using what’s called
diaphragmatic breathing. This technique increases
blood flow back to the heart, and in under 60 seconds
it helps lower his heart rate by 30 beats per minute. Now Major and the other actors
who portray Genie make it look effortless, but every Genie will tell you
that this role is a workout. That’s a Broadway workout
right there. All told,
during “Friend Like Me”, our sensors tracked
nearly 900 steps! That translates to a distance
about the length of 23 NBA Basketball courts. Not surprisingly,
studies have shown average humans
have trouble talking when they’re exercising
at about 90% of their max heart rate. But incredibly… ♪ Here we go ♪ An expertly trained actor,
like Major can perform more than
half of “Friend Like Me” at over 92% of his max. ♪ Kick it in yeah ♪ And their average heart rate
can still be at more than 80% of their max. ♪ Don’t forget the style now ♪ That’s a greater
physical exertion than we’d expect to see… From a runner
during an actual marathon! ♪ Never had a friend like me
Yeah! ♪ Thank you so much
for all the access. -Thank you very much.
-You’re amazing! Come and get your wishes,
Agrabah! For ESPN’s Sports Science, backstage at Disney’s
Aladdin on Broadway! I’m John Brenkus.

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  1. when ppl ask me what sport i play i say musical theatre and their like that’s not a sport i will shove this video right in their face

  2. New Aladdin Broadway voice recognition enter room make up show every night before white eye us stem dance drams. Sfj she you do. What be ready go for example💙💙💙

  3. The way he moves around on that stage and sings so strongly without loss of tone, or breathe support, or cracks is truly incredible. Far harder than it looks

  4. Friend :"what sport do u play"
    Me:"musical theater"
    Friend :"thats not a sport
    Me:"(shoves video in face ) "what were u saying abot musical theater not being a sport again?

  5. So this is considered a sport where as games or esport isnt consider to be one. Lmao who makes these things up?OLD FARTS NOT MILENNIALS THATS FOR SURE

  6. Now if they just professionally filmed the Broadway musical with better more realistic sets I would love that instead of a new live action

  7. This is my Genie !!!; What a kind and generous man. Also a geek like me…. 🙂 He's a fan of Mike Judge !!!!

  8. I did a friend like me for my school variety show. I'm an English teacher not a student or a drama person, so I can definitely say as a fit adult, someone who runs everyday and works out, theatre is definitely a sport.

  9. "As he makes makes his way backstage, our sensors show his heart race and breathing rate starts to climb!"
    Why the heck not? He's about to go on stage to perform on stage in front of a large number of people, I'd be surprised if they didn't start to climb.

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