“Escape from Victory” | Father Ted | Series 3 Episode 5 | Dead Parrot

“Escape from Victory” | Father Ted | Series 3 Episode 5 | Dead Parrot

[Music] [Applause] hey how are you yokas hello there did you have a good time grace great everything here has been fine nothing wrong here at all there’s no problems here at all so uh how is the school reunion keep talking oh that’s the old school reunion father you think a cup of tea might calm you down Oh father McGuire you’re blessed thank God you’ve got it do something father clearly gone mad it’s football ting God Almighty is it that time of the year again yes and he thinks father burns trying to find out his tactics for the match super game of what one for goodness sake mrs. Doyle I’m sorry but no there’s nothing stupid about football and there’s nothing at all stupid about the annual old priest five-a-side over 75 indoor football challenge back against rugged Island he thought reason something anyway Duggars you are saying about the school reunion well I didn’t recognize any of them and you know what Ted did all become firemen I was the only one there it wasn’t a fireman can you believe that hmm dougela you didn’t go to a fire station or something but to speak okay go on your own a bit mad there I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about there’s nothing wrong with me everything with me is fine yes I’m going to have to do something and you’re not going to like it call it female intuition or whatever the male equivalent of female is what it isn’t going to go down well in the Ted camp at all I think sorry hey you were going a bit too mad what I done look the room you’re right doogal I have to get a hold of myself okay spin bug boy dick burner that’s not very likely is it come on head look at you you look terrible I’ve been having trouble getting any sleep at all I’m going to slide this stuff clearly sleepy 90 snoozy snooze finally sleepy nightly sneezes him yes it’s a brand based alcoholic chocolate sleeping it it’s banned in most European countries so that means it’s very good well in the meantime I go and get asphalt and ice cream done in Kamath down that’ll be nice are you going to get an ice cream though oh the ice cream brand outside so it’s not going to sell much ice cream out there [Applause] come on father coming get your horse and go follow image come on Genesis mr. Jordan from that you need to gain are you very tired I need Issei let’s go that’s enough of defeatist attitude father Khan I’m holding you back for extra training just a run just seven to 15 laps of the pitch first off you go I don’t know the attitude of those lads there wasn’t comin the over 75 scheme put our heart answers but now they’re just kicked up a little bit it curves out of a new fella supposed to flip hush and Italian oh yes Italians know about football all right and of course the world of fashion gods head you remember that fella who was so good at fashion to have to shoot where’s Nik Jordy father Jack doesn’t turn up Nik doesn’t turn up our main bloody Strikeforce and I’m not bloody here you wouldn’t think father Jack was any good at football widget head no ah but then you see him out there beautiful player poetry in motion did you tell me once Jack had a child with Liverpool no one he was on trial in Liverpool wonder where Nick is oh god yeah I mean Jack’s good but if anything happened to Nick we’d be up to our necks in flip with this new fell on dicks team we need Nick at the very peak of his powers so there’s no weighing BM to play no no he’s dead completely other question then is this is it contiguous come on Ted you’re clutching at straws come on lad you’re right that’s not nice sorry to hear you died from part of Haggerty in Chicago does that coffin have a fax machine is it oh yes it’s the latest thing interpretive you see this display here tells you how long you’ve been buried and this one tells you how deep down the coffin is amazing and the things humidity controls father Nick won’t start to care until though sometime next year no you’ve got to stop buying this catalogue stuff it’s a complete waste I mean look a remote-controlled wheelchair why would you need that you probably get more use from those fake joke arms you got those now they seem funny at the time so they it reminded me of my own arms big nine honestly what kind of a situation could possibly require either a radio control preacher or a pair of joke arms only I would imagine a completely ludicrous one yes anyway do you think you can win this match without father Nick I don’t know he has a great partnership but had he had a great partnership with father Jack upfront god of dick burn wins we’re using the forfeit system again last year when we lost dick made me photocopy my own rear end they never let me back in that library again hello oh it’s for you hello I am going to win again cake that’s what you think dick burns we’ve got some up oh wait a minute how did you know I was here yeah all right all right more bad news Google oh no no no no no just been speaking to father Ned fitzmorris he tripped on a paving stone and one of his kneecaps tell all no way around us I’m gonna have to put him in gold gods head I can’t wait for tomorrow to get back into the old physio role again running onto the pitch with the magic sponge and do no physio type things do you know exactly what the sponge does it so club germs Dugan I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but I was thinking of a new role for you this year right and I’d like you to keep an eye on the corner flags and make sure no one steals them oh thank God for that I thought you were going to give me something completely stupid to do Wow watching the corner flags big responsibility football football football football football football what you men see in it I don’t know Lord man taking a bit of leather out of me you meant the things you think are grateful like going to the fields i lured him in sitting out looking at film and roller coasters I know him in in a rollercoaster going up and down on a big metal track I’m sealing and Lord man in a big boat lost ground disease and chanting and Lord of men going around shouting and so forth mrs. joy there’s more to football than you think in fact I got your book about alright father I’ll give it a go gods head just me like that for a good long time he wouldn’t be dead again would he aah noise he’s probably just dreaming of his old sporting days [Music] well today’s a day got the hang of it yet doogal harder than you think hey the trick is to try and keep your eyes [Applause] ah hello Ted I was just eating my breakfast Dugan that’s a fydd what are you really doing aye-aye I’ve lost the flagged head I just put it down for a second and the next thing it was gone haha Ted you’re gonna have to give me an easier job too much too soon Dugan look at father Jack would he give up so easily woody look at that steely determination the hair of defiance fast I just realized Jack’s been asleep for 14 days oh my god he’s drunk an entire bottle of dreamy sleepy Nike snootiest nose go on my son [Applause] well there he is Ted father Romeo Santini 17 caps with the Vatican over 75 looks after itself drinks only very very fine wine contained two flights of stairs unassisted needs only one nun to help him get out of a chair they still have a good chance that’s what you think dick we put father Hackett through a rigorous training schedule he’s never been fitter ha father father please wake up but what are we going to do I can’t believe we’re in a completely ludicrous situation my ancestors how could you find this type of thing interesting that’s what I thought sit down kahlúa this ready ready so some down shutting down are they happy comfy just then Phoenix has an open court if we don’t do something soon he’s going to score within a matter of minutes ah where did he come from turn around concentrate on the game has a clearly someone’s going to have to get tighter on the Italian for wide oh why [Music] [Music] all right listen up now I know you’re tired I know you have to be back in the home by 8:00 but just remember one thing you are carrying the whole of craggy Island on your shoulders man virgin is also a bar excuse for him it’s a metaphor didn’t mean initially try never jump into the flow here now I want you to go out there and play the best game of what remains of your life I want you to get sick burns team and rip them to shreds metaphor against you now get out there and let summer kick summer you’re gonna win sir you guys I don’t want a souvenir of this game go get me a karma flag could be a corner flag [Music] all that go [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] overdose go on father Cullen like [Music] [Music] better luck next year lad you lost to my dick to my sir I cannot stay and have a drink Ted no dick had to go home and do his father’s office what did you give them head stick he has to kiss Cyril on the cheek ah Cyril won’t have a clue what’s going on dick hate having to kiss another man is notoriously homophobic okay you should have this it is Erebus no I I think we’d better head on home I’ll go on Ted have a glass plate a second these are fake on got the forfeit Ted Oh God dick said over the next a special forfeit because you were such a big teeth and bastard Oh openness the tension is killing me I don’t worry Ted you probably just wanted to clean as Kara so what is it break it to me gently all right Ted by this time next week you have to what you have to kick Bishop Brennan up the arse [Music] you

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  2. This movieeee is now aaaavailableeee to waаtch here => https://twitter.com/dbda66efd17db8380/status/872997928037531648

  3. Oh wow, Ted is wearing a white fishnet top under his shirt in the opening scene! I wonder if that was an intentional commentary on the priesthood's propensity for sexual deviance? If so, that's feckin brilliant in its subtlety!

  4. I notice the net undershirt that Ted is wearing, under his robe, at the beginning. Basil also wore one, on Fawlty Towers. I've never seen them, in America. Just an observation. Silly details?

  5. Just done watching Phelous review Dingo Pictures' Animal Soccer World and now another soccer related video. I could imagine Wabuu getting along nicely with Jack.

  6. Guy running backwards at 15:52 threw me off, until I realized it was an editing oversight (unless it was left on purpose).

  7. BBC Northern Ireland drama Ballykissangel – Fr Ted crossovers X 4 –

    Doreen Keogh as Imelda Egan and Mrs Doyles friend in Fr Ted

    Don Wycherley as Father Aidan O'Connell and Father Cyril McDuff in Fr Ted

    Birdy Sweeny as Eamon Byrne and Father Cullen in Fr Ted

    and Pauline McLynn as Bella Mooney / Mrs. Mooney and Mrs Doyle in Fr Ted

    MIND BLOWN! ? I know actors are in other things / multiple shows and movies but it's funny how we tend to forget that esp in a typecast role and then we do see them in another role we tend to say " Oh i have seen Mrs Smith in a that other movie" or "I have seen him in that tv show" So it's funny when they "jump out" at you in another role from the one you are familiar seeing them in and you get a surprise, a good one too.


  8. I went and watched Italy verses Australia once and was so disgusted by the Italian's blatant cheating and lack of any honour or standards that it pretty much put me off the game for good.

  9. Better than other soccer games I have seen highlights of. There are no prima donnas who get paid millions for running around for 90 minutes to end up 0-0.

  10. As an Italian, I'm very pleased about the consideration they've of the Italian… and the "God Ted, did you remember about that guy, who was so good at fashion… they had to shoot him?" line made me cry because of laughing!! Lol R.I.P. Versace!!

  11. Dougal carries this show – he has me rolling most of the time.. I guess you have to have Father Ted since his name's in the title and all, but (in my opinion) his character is pretty wishy-washy, and the Father Jack character contributes nothing to the show at all. Mrs. Doyle has her moments, but Dougal? LOLOLOL

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