Escape from Tarkov – Action Gameplay Trailer

Escape from Tarkov – Action Gameplay Trailer

Alright, watch your step. What a place… I see a body. Go check him. I see the enemy. Die! One down. Stinking bastard! Need covering assistance! Out of ammo, ain’t ya? Got a present for you! Oh shi~ Goddamn ruskies! Just let us pass and you’ll be spared! Shut your damn trap! You like that, tourists? Son of a… Damn, what a mess. You wankers! Kill the Bears! Put your gun down! Ah you damn~ Get over here, asswipe! Come on!

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  1. 4:20 хм… а ведь раньше там где сейчас перон, оказывается кран был, прям как между новой и старой заправками сейчас

  2. Yo when are you guys adding takedowns and slowly opening doors? Like the whole open and slowly peak in cause man we need those!

  3. Графика была раньше крутая, в линзе оптики окружение отображались солнце бликами как через камеру смотришь, сейчас всё порезали жалко.

  4. Pros and Cons

    -guns customization
    -large – small maps

    -disconnection issues
    -lack of support
    -glitch abusers

    The game and Devs makes signing a Contract with the Devil himself, look safer.

  5. Thank god they didn't add third person, but I definitely would've liked to seen the double barrel for example or the grenade launcher mod shown in the video. I'm sure they will add this in future updates, I'm interested in how they will implement

  6. This gameplay is like the continuation of the Cinematic if you pay attention to the first minute

  7. things i see in this that aren't in the game 3 years after release:
    Third Person
    Epic ass grenade explosions
    Third person (thank god)
    a double barrel shotgun?
    scavs with orange vests
    slow opening doors
    the streets of tarkov map
    a grenade launcher
    shotguns scavs are the same tho
    also why is the new usec operator voice in this demo but wasn't added until .11?

  8. я все еще жду, когда Тарков станет выглядеть так, как на этом ролике.

  9. Середина 2019 года, а убийства сзади ножом и открывание двери с подглядыванием как один раз показали так и нет

  10. The game right now is almost at the state of this video. A bit less graphics and physics. Also I wanna play more maps. On the other hands it is pretty much how game looks.

  11. The cool thing is, this trailer is not a lying cinematic shit, tarkovs gameplay is exactly like this. Slow, athmospharic, dangerous, hardcore and tactical.

  12. Сюжетку бы к этой игре, и выход на ps4 ваще тогда будет 🔥 ОГОНЬ!

  13. Ehy is half of this shit not in the game afyer 3 years the third person the assassination animations etc the body ragdolling is better

  14. 1:19 Just look at that, the door is moving and all the physics props fly because of the nade. And might fine smoke there too.

  15. サーバーの強化してください。そして最適化もお願いします。fpsがdrop downしますので直してください

  16. I love Tarkov. Its only game iam playing. But you need new trailer. You should show how important is immersion. Like 2 situation where player is waiting becouse he hear scav, he use headphones in gear. In other he situation he got killed because he didnt pick proper gear and rushed in, get killed by enemy. I think Tarkovs strongest selling point is that fell you are in game. Last time i got same love for game in Dark souls

  17. EFT is one of those games that look actually like in the trailer. I don't know about you but i think the graphics are insane in this game without HUD.

  18. Trailer graphics looks much better than what we have now before .12 patch. Trailer has smooth dust and smoke, more colors, nice textures…

  19. How are some of the features in this now, not in the game 3 years later. The door swinging on the explosion was dope and the slow opening of doors has been promised for years.

  20. Шёл к концу 2019й, а Прапор всё так же зажимал подствольники, как и 3 года назад.

  21. 3 years later, The game still doesn't run as smooth as this online.

    This is clearly a LAN set up.

    Fucking Russians. Lining their pockets with your money and not providing that which was promised

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