Equality, sports, and Title IX – Erin Buzuvis and Kristine Newhall

Equality, sports, and Title IX – Erin Buzuvis and Kristine Newhall

Today lots of girls play sports. But, for a long time,
girls were not encouraged to kick, throw, run, jump, shoot, slide, or hit like boys. So, why did things change? And how much have they changed? Are girls and boys treated equally when it comes to sports? To begin to answer these questions, we have to look back. In 1972, Congress passed
a law called Title IX, which protected girls and women from discrimination in schools, colleges, and universities. This included discrimination
in school-sponsored sports. At that time, only 15%
of college athletes were women, and in high schools, only 7% of athletes were girls. Female athletes didn’t get
a lot of support either and often had to provide
their own uniforms and equipment. It was Title IX that forced
school administrators to make sports more equal. But what does equal mean in sports? The government developed rules to measure equality
under two general categories: participation and treatment. In the early days of Title IX, the number of girls
playing sports was so low that it would have been very difficult for schools to suddenly provide
exactly the same number of opportunities for girls and boys. Instead, the government wrote rules that gave schools three options, or tests, to demonstrate fairness
in opportunities for girls. The three tests are proportionality, progress, and satisfied interests. A school can pick which test to follow. Proportionality means
that girls should receive the same percentage
of athletic opportunities as the percentage of girls
in the student body. So, if 51% of students are girls, then girls should have approximately 51% of the opportunities to play sports. The second test, progress, requires schools to make up for the days when girls had fewer opportunities by adding new sports for girls
on a regular basis. The third test asks if girls interested in athletics are satisfied. Under this test, a school
must regularly ask female students what sports
they are interested in and also take into consideration
the popularity of certain sports in the area where the school is located. It must, then, add teams according
to the girls’ interests. Another important part of Title IX is that it doesn’t just look at how many athletic opportunities
are available to each sex but whether those opportunities
are of equal quality. Specifically, Title IX requires equality between boys and girls teams for things like equipment and supplies, publicity, the scheduling of games
and practice times, and the quality and number of coaches. Girls should also have equal access to locker rooms, practice spaces,
and competitive facilities, as well as medical services. So, if the best time to play
basketball is on Friday nights because that’s when
most parents and fans can come, then the girls and boys teams should take turns playing on Friday night. If boys teams play
in a stadium with lights, scoreboards, and concession stands, then girls teams must have
the same opportunity, either by sharing those facilities or getting their own of equal quality. But, as we all know, just because a law exists doesn’t mean that everybody follows it. School officials are responsible for making sure there
is fairness in sports, but you can help, too, by keeping an eye on your own school. Look around. Are there a lot more boys
than girls who play sports? Is the boys’ soccer field
better than the girls’? Are athletic trainers available
to all teams equally? Does the baseball team get
new uniforms every year, while the softball team gets
them every three years? If you think there might be
inequality in your schools, you can approach a school administrator, a parent, or the Office of Civil Rights, a government agency
that makes sure schools comply with Title IX because equality
is important for everyone, both on the field and off.

100 Replies to “Equality, sports, and Title IX – Erin Buzuvis and Kristine Newhall”

  1. "How dare other people see the problems they're facing because of years of the exact opposite of fairness. I don't see a problem or encounter this in my experience, so it's definitely not a problem! All that matters are my experiences." -Savannah E

  2. You fail to understand. Even if they choose tests, they end up having to cut Boys sports because there is only so much money to spend and there is no test that can be satisfied to resolve those situations.

  3. In New Zealand where I went to school sports was great for girls and boys and it was very equal and if a girl wanted to play a sport that didnt have a female team for different reasons (ie lack of interest) she'd be able to join the boys team. Even Rugby.

  4. Laws like this shouldn't exist period. If everyone knows, understands, and feels the same about gender equality then the doesn't need to be in place. Society will remedy problems like that on it's own.

  5. Great work.!! We are with you. Check out our site for some cool fun videos too. Keep up the great work. Rock on Girls:)

  6. No no no.
    Let's say it's an equal amount of boys and girls, should the boys still get more opportunity?
    What if only 1 % of the school are girl, should they get 50% of the opportunity?
    No, 🙂

    The equality law takes into consideration that if there's a larger number of girls, more girls should want to play sports. Same with boys. ^^
    Have you also thought about that social convention might steer girls away from sports, when they are actually fit to play, while boys are cheered on regardless.

  7. Gender does not mean feminine. 😀

    Gender summary:
    Gender is your biological sex, male, female (or intersex).
    Gender identity is NOT what's between your legs, it's how you identify
    Cisgender = male and penis, Woman and vagina
    Transgender ≈ Male and vagina, female and penis. (there are variations.

    Theres also the people who don't identify as any of them. (Thirdgender)

    Then there's gender roles, the thing we don't like, the ideas we push upon people based on what they have between their legs.

  8. They shouldn't HAVE to exist.
    But until the world starts accepting how things work we do reallt NEED laws like this.
    Society won't fix anything without help.

    Do you think homosexuals were allowed to marry without a law that says they are? They shouldn't have had that privilege taken from them in the first place. But we need to fix the problems we have inflicted.

  9. I disagree. The only way that any minority will receive fair treatment is if the overwhelming majority of society feels they should. No law, no matter how powerful, can do that. Laws can deem actions wrong, but it is up to society to adopt these laws.

  10. Yup, I know theory…
    According to WHO sex is something biological and gender a social construct to identify us as "male" or "female"
    However, in practice any time I hear about "gender" it's usually about "women" (and once in a while LGBT's). The main problem with some feminists confuse those men who in the past treated and in Middle East treat women like shyte with respectful and loving sons, brothers, husbands, and friends.

  11. The problem is that, statistically, boys and girls have different interests. In the absence of sponsored sports programs, you will find boys getting together to play sports, but not enough girls showing an interest.

    So what is the real purpose of Title IX? Is it really to ensure equal access for girls (a noble goal)? Or is it to say that, if girls aren't interested, boys need to be shut out?

  12. The problem is that the interests of boys and girls are different. More girls DON'T want to play sports. I agree that opportunity should be there. I also agree that girls should not be given sub-standard equipment. But if girls just don't sign up, it is not discrimination on the part of the school.

  13. I honestly don't understand your stance from this comment. Well my answer is no for the first 2 questions. Basically it sounds like you believe in equal opportunity for everyone, which is what I stated.

  14. Well then let's say that there's 60 % women. Then they should get 60 % of the opportunity.
    What you are saying is that most girls don't play sports and therefore they should get less opportunity.
    The percentage law is great because it gives equal opportunity. If only 10 % are boys they don't need 50 % of the opportunity.

    Frankly, as a Swede I don't understand why you would separate boys and girls in the first place.

    If boys wants to be in sports that means we have to get girls into it.

  15. Vejo que todos são seres humanos e todos possuem os mesmos direitos. E são capacitados em suas edeologias de vida, só temos que apoiar o que vale a pena, porque o que vale a pena é bom.

  16. "Separate but equal is inherently unequal"
    why is there a girls team and a boys team? why not single teams of mixed gender?

  17. Because boys have higher levels of testosterone then girls which provides them with more muscle mass, great muscle regeneration speed and more aggressiveness. Because boys and girls are biologically different, they require different needs ad treatments according to those needs. Furthermore, if there were to be a mixed gender team, should their be a mixed gender looker room?

  18. I guess the difference is how we interpret equal opportunity. Your system works if an equal number of both boys and girls want to take part. However that is not the case, and that is a reality that must be addressed. As I said, this is the same as reducing the number of girls in cheer-leading because there's too many compared to the number of boys. Another issue not addressed is that male sport events bring in far more revenue, on average. Reducing these teams therefore hurts the schools.

  19. The thing is that regardless of amount of girls that want to partake in ex. tennis all the girls should get opportunity. Even if you hate soccer wouldn't it make you insane to know that you are not allowed to play?
    I would love if more boys were into cheerleading. The law gets them the equal opportunity.
    What i think you don't understand is that the law doesn't force schools to reduce the amount of boys playing, it forces schools to give a girls team the same money the boys team get.

  20. Trust me, as an American I have witnessed the reduction of men's teams due to this law. Because schools are unwilling to double their expense in this category they end up removing men's teams instead of improving women's teams. True, it doesn't force them to reduce funding for men, but it doesn't matter because it ends up at the same conclusion regardless.

  21. I don't see anything wrong with title 9. It's the schools fault if they don't want to provide anything.

  22. I was being sarcastic, obviously that situation wasn't fair (at least in my eyes). I can't see why would anyone separate genders in shooting. Men don't have any advantage in shooting airguns for points, it's about focus and precision after all. But this is what we got when feminists started punishing our schools. Even military university (to which I attend now) has reduced requirements for women; running, fitness, strength and even knowledge.

  23. It is more likely for a boy then a girl to go professional in there field and make it there career.
    That is why girls sports were not much of a concern. Also if you really tried to, girls would not want to play sports anyhow back in the day. It was just something they didn't do/want to do.

  24. Oh! I see it now! Haha. In my defense, I read your comment in the context of the video (gender equality), so that's the impression I naturally get.

    You do have a point. Feminism is not the same as gender equality. Feminism is sexist and gender elitism.
    However, females do have a disadvantage when it comes to physical work (I'm referring to the lowered requirements for your military school). but you do have a point about the knowledge, and shooting competitions

  25. Bring it on bitch! I can overpower any weaklings(womyn) anytime, anyday! You will end up crying trying to label me as a rapist!


  26. What a sexist law, I'm not even trolling like I usually do; this is honestly bogus to boys and girls for a variety of reasons.

  27. This isn't about equality. It's an idiotic feminist movement for petty girls who can't take up for themselves. And if all of these rules are for the sports teams, what about the other electives? Like Debate, or Theatre, or Art? The sports teams get all of the recognition, even if they loose. In the school I attend, we just got a new football stadium that we didn't need, therefore reducing the budget for Theatre Arts and the Debate club. We had to fundraise for our uniforms, shirts, costumes, props, and our transportation. Absolutely no funding was sent our way. Also, i forgot to mention that our football team hasn't won a game in the last two years. New stadium or old. 

  28. "Is there more Male than Female athletes in your school?"

    Shit, I should report THE WHOLE FUCKING PLANET EARTH.
    There is no part of the world where girls are more interested in competitive sports than boys, why should we kick out boys for something girls don't want to do?

  29. Most GIRLS "DO NOT LIKE SPORTS", this is the "FEMINIST" at work.
    If you are a MAN, next time YOU vote do not ELECT a PRESIDENT that is in sympathy with "FEMINIST IDEALS"…FEMINIST DO NOT CARE ABOUT WOMEN AND MEN  when is the last time you herd a FEMINIST talk about MENS ISSUE if they are so eager  to talk about EQUALITY.!!!………FUCK THEM..;-)

  30. Title 9 is destructive shit under the guise of "rights''. Women suck at sports, it's unwatchable shit, get over it. Ever see a man try to take care of a house or child by himself without the aid of a women? Same thing. Fuck this gender equality shit.

  31. Wonderful, clear and important message especially at this time.  Congratulations to all who took part in producing, promoting and protecting Title 1X… My only comment would be to add that this law also applies to education and other areas of protection.
    Donna de Varona

  32. Title 9;forcing schools to subsidise girls and women's sports programs even when the girls and women they're being obligated to supply the funding to the programs for aren't interested enough to try out for them.Which fucks over the boys and men who do want a sports program since Title 9 means that if the girls and women don't want it,they can't have it either.Which to Feminists is the definition of completely fair.

  33. This is going to be blown out of proportion, what happens at schools with 65%+ female attendance in college? 65% of the athletes will be girls? Unlikely. This program assumes that 100% of girls are playing sports, which ends up overcompensating and creating excess space for GIRLS. The more sports you take away from boys at the college level, the less likely boys are going to attend those schools and we're going to end up with a lot of 80-90% female majority in colleges and a lot of unhappy girls/boys.

  34. I believe ted should not be US centred, and if so it should state it in the beginning of a video.
    I am not saying I dont support equal opportunities etc. but I honestly do not give a smidgen of a fuck, what people do in the United states.

    This is supposedly here to educate people not to fill people with useless information. If I wanted that I would watch Big Brother Spain

  35. There are a lot more boys than girls in sports, it's quite simple though, it has nothing to do with discrimination, plain and simply, generally boys like sports more than girls and I don't think it's fair or just to sacrifice boys quality of sports or to force girls to participate.

  36. Incorrect facts, political redirect, and an insulting/demeaning call to action, who's main claim is non scientific. My opinion on ted-ed, a has fallen dramatically. please consider the removal of this lesson, for the differing propensity towards sports in men and women can be proven through the scientific method; something that is sadly missing from is lesson.

  37. Now wrestling, froshsoph, football, and lacrosse are not available at my school. Thanks girls, it's not like you have a higher percentage of scholarships or fucking graduation or anything.

  38. Girl sports are boring because women are not men if you had title 9 for men stating equal right for pregnancy and child care that would be sexist right?

  39. Good intentions gone bad. I know athletic girls who have played some sports in the past in high school and later as I went to college. However most just lose interest, not because of sexism or patriarchal society but just they have other things going on. Women have better things to do than be a sports participant in high school and be a sports fanatic the rest of their lives. It's the 40 year old beer belly of a man who played in high school that follows sports like a religion. Sports aside though, title IX has gotten out of control and sooner or later it's going to blow up in everyone face.

  40. Title IX should be abolished asap. The most privileged group continuously playing the victim card for more power grabs.
    If genders were "equal" why is there any need for this law? Of course men and women are different, the only place you can be "equal" is before the law, anything after that is special pleading.

  41. Men are much more interested in sports and it is not even close.  We should NEVER base the funding's proportionally. 

    "Women accounted for 51 percent of exercise (i.e., non-competitive) participations but only 24 percent of sports participations. "


  42. As usual with feminist propaganda, this video leaves out the fact that title 9 enforces quotas in order to equalize male/female sport representation. Representation that FEMALES themselves fail to live up to but blamed on the universities instead. People, we live in the "age of information", allowing yourselves to be brain washed by shit lile this is unacceptable.

  43. I really enjoyed this video. My students view engaged throughout the video. Even though it was only less than 5 minutes it discussed and explained the complexities of Title IX.

  44. My high school had more girls sports than boys sports, and I feel that I am encouraged to shut up about it. Title IX applies to both boys and girls, and the video does a terrible job of explaining this.

  45. What if no one buys tickets for one of the teams? Does the other gendered team have to make up the cost for both teams now, like a parasite?

  46. Title IX started off with good intentions, but now has gone to shit. Good peer-reviewed studies have shown that less women participate in competitive sports than men. Many women simply choose to do other activities and sports. Howard University had 67% female students but ~45% female athletes. They already cut a few men's team and added a few women's team, but they simply couldn't find enough women to participate in competitive sports. While it was a fitting thing to put into place at the time, it isn't anymore.

  47. guess what men!!!! under Title IX you can sue your school for not allowing you to play on a girls team and for not allowing you to shower with the girls

  48. Title IX is women's logic fail: if title 9 was ever applied to science it would mean since the majority of mathematicians are low end women that would mean the funding must be given to the mediocre mathematicians simply cause they are the majority mob. so people like Einstein would never be funded cause he would always be in the minority

  49. Title XI has done wonders for equality for women since it has been put in place. Women now have come a long way into the field of sports. Most famous athletes in America are now women. Not only has title XI helped women in sports, but also with health issues. Title XI has lowered the obesity rates for girls, no other public health program can claim similar success. Yet like any other sort of law it has some fault in it. Title XI requires the same amount of male and female athletes in collage, but since collages are more likely to have more male athletes, they are forced to cut down on men sports to equal the numbers. For example I wanted to play soccer at UTSA, but they only had a girl soccer team, first I thought it was due to the funds, but then I was told it was because of Title XI that forces them cut down on the number of male athletes to equal the female athletes which I find absolutely ridicules.

  50. I think everybody should be exactly equal. Minimal differences are only allowed to praise the leader.
    Title IX all the way…

  51. Title 9 is taken way too far. Statically girls are less intereted in sports. Yes there are plenty of girls that are but if 30% of girls in a school are interested in sports and 50% of boys are then the only way to reach the requirements of title 9 proportianlity you have to deny that 20% extra boys the opertunity to play sports. Why can't the government just let people do what they want to do instead of forcing people to do what they are not interested in. If a girl wants to play a sport they should be encouraged but the same applies to boys.

  52. the entire 4.5 minutes she repeat saying the word "OPPORTUNITY" and then describes an "OUTCOME" …
    TED you're ASSHOLES !!!!!

  53. 356 thumbs down and a raft of comments from misogynistic trolls and members of the male fraternity that don't like to see women encroach on their turf. Without Title IX, US girls and women would be stuck in the dark ages.

  54. I’m a male and I can’t join my dance team bc it’s a “girl sport”. This law is only one sided. So women can join men’s team (even if there’s women’s) but if there’s no men’s team then men can’t join women’s. Now that’s sexist the world is changing and people need to realize that you can’t limit students participation in sport bc of gender.

  55. It's almost as if fewer girls want to play sports as often as boys, there's a reason that the highest levels of sports are entirely men, it's only an issue if they specifically go out of their way to make it harder for girls

  56. Just have sports not mens and womens, combine them and the best people will make the teams if you can't make the team you don't play.

  57. I don't agree with title ix. The male Athletics programs at the college I attended generates 90% of the revenue yet the have to pay for the womens facilities and programs. Your program should pay for it own needs. The boys team will fill the stadium and the girls team can't fill it halfway even when they give away 1500 tickets. They get to use the same faculties and support staff but the coaches and equipment are paid for by the men's team. Travel expenses are paid for by the men's team. The women's athletic scholarship programs are funded by the mens football team. Why do women get to steal from mens programs and it's called equal.

  58. New Title IX violations in Central California High School.


  59. Title IX doesn't protect women or girls, it discriminates against men and boys. If you want equality, then eliminate all gendered sports, scholarships, college acceptance, etc. Let all humans compete with one another as "equals." Let's see how feminists like true equality.

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