Episode 5 | Vijay Shankar | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

Episode 5 | Vijay Shankar | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

Sid(Siddarth) Kaul has taught you
a Punjabi Song, right? Sid Kaul didn’t teach me.
I know that song. – Which song is it?
– ‘Mann Bharrya’. – ‘Mann Bharrya’?
– Yeah, it’s a nice melody. – Slow song.
– What are the lyrics? What’s that? I forgot the start of it. ♪ You no longer love me,
you have changed completely ♪ ♪ You will leave me ♪ Wow! A good Tamil boy singing – a Punjabi song.
– Are the lyrics correct? I have no idea. This is… If you want to speak Punjabi
with all the Punjabi boys… You just have to do one thing. [Title Montage] What according to you
was the turning point of your career? There have been a few, I’m sure. I can say the first thing was… My… During a Ranji Trophy match there occurred an incident.
My captain and I were batting. We had put up a good partnership then we ended up
having a run out in the middle and then, he got out.
And we lost that game. After that I was completely pushed
into a corner and… – Your captain got run out because of you?
– Yeah. We both were fine. There was no problem with the captain
or the coach, you know but people from outside started saying this would be my last game for Tamil Nadu and that I’ll never play
for Tamil Nadu again. And then, I had to fight it out
to get into the Tamil Nadu side. I still remember, even yesterday,
after the game with CSK, Shardul told me “I’m the one who gave you
a new lease of life.” We played in Chennai against Mumbai
where the pitch was a rank turner. And Shardul bowled a beauty
and I was bowled. And it turned out to be a massive no-ball. I had scored just five runs later I ended up scoring 95 runs
in that game. – Yeah. Oh, wow!
– So, that was the most important… That would’ve been my last game
for Tamil Nadu, if not for that no-ball. – So…
– Wow! Those 95 runs helped me. I had a very good season
and Tamil Nadu entered finals. So, in the quarter finals,
semi-finals and finals I scored 100, 80 and 100 respectively. I ended up getting into the India ‘A’ side did well, so everything changed from then. – Wow! One Shardul no-ball.
– Yeah. And then the next big thing was
the last year’s Nidahas Trophy. – Yeah.
– In the finals, where, you know I played three dot balls and… You know, fortunately we won that game but still, with the social media,
the trolls, media and everything it was very difficult for me to,
you know, get over that. It took one week for me
to come out of that. I was under so much stress.
I couldn’t sleep for a few days. Whenever I tried to sleep… I would wonder what would’ve happened
if we had lost that game. I remember I was on air with Zak(Zaheer Khan) and Laxman. And Laxman knew you because you had been with SRH.
So he knew you. I think he was the one who said
that this boy’s ability is lot more and this just happens sometimes. And it was great having him there because when you get a perspective
of someone who knows a person then you realise, otherwise, in today’s
age of instant judgements your entire journey of playing,
captaining and everything… Correct. Has come down
to public judgement in three balls. – Correct.
– Right? It changed my life like this. It would be a very embarrassing moment
for any cricketer because it happens so rarely. You cannot…
At least you’ll edge a ball. You can’t get beaten for three balls
in a row in such a situation. So it was quite embarrassing
for me to miss three balls. And then, everything just changed. I went blank. Three balls in a row, I just tried
doing the same thing – and was getting beaten.
– Yeah. Which is very rare for any cricketer. Did you thank DK or not? Yes, I did. I called him ‘saviour’. You know, one good thing
happened after that. I learnt how to handle
social media and media. And I learnt how to overcome
such situations. And how to stay neutral at any… What does that mean? Neutral means… – I’m not someone…
– Emotionally… Emotionally, I would love
to be very calm. Even if I… Even in that Nagpur ODI,
where I got two wickets in the last over… So… I was happy that we won
but that was it. When you were given
that last ball in Nagpur… – Last over, sorry.
– Yeah. There wasn’t much to defend, right? – It was..
– Eleven runs. Eleven runs to defend. Nowadays defending 11 runs
is a cakewalk, right? I know, I kept telling myself that
I’m going to defend 10 runs. – I don’t know why I did that.
– Wow! I don’t know why I was feeling
so confident. I don’t know why I was
feeling so relaxed. I told myself that I’m going
to bowl the 50th over. So, I was prepared for that. And when I got the ball, I remember Bumrah came up to me
and told me that it was reversing and that I must hit the hard length. When someone like him,
who’s the top bowler right now gives me a piece of advice,
my job gets easy. – I just have to try and execute it.
– Yeah. And the good thing was,
on the very first ball I dismissed Stoinis who was batting on 50. But still I was quite blank. The second ball went for 2 runs. But I was quite blank,
I didn’t even realize that they need another nine runs
from four balls. I didn’t even… I never thought
about all that. All I thought was that I should
just bowl on the stumps and if the batsman misses it,
the ball has to hit the stumps. And it happened. I just bowled on the stumps
and got another wicket. I was on air and I finished
the show saying… “You people are wondering
how this happened.” I said, “First of all, it’s Mahashivaratri.” “Secondly, there’s a guy
called Shankar” “in a place called Nagpur.” We were bound to win, right? I was just going with the flow.
I was like… Okay. But it’s good, right?
See, the thing is… Because of your… Because of what
happened with the Nidahas Trophy now you’ve learnt that,
these moments will also happen where people will celebrate you and today, the best way people
celebrate you by making a meme or a gif
about you, right? You know, it gave me a feeling that it’s not the end of the world. – That’s good.
– Situations keep changing. It’s just people’s perception. It will keep changing,
we can’t do anything about that. It’s going to, you know, it will
keep changing constantly. I got a lot of messages on Instagram when I played the Nidahas Trophy. People abused me very badly. And when I did well, the same people
messaged me saying that, “Now we regret saying this”. Both the things have happened. Who are your friends in the Indian Team? – DK’s a friend of mine.
– I was going to say DK, you know. Because DK’s every junior’s friend. DK because I’ve been, you know… Ever since I got into
the Tamil Nadu Ranji team I’ve been playing with him. You captained him at some point,
didn’t you? Yes. I led the team in Vijay Hazare
and Deodhar trophy, which we won. Now I’m friends with KL Rahul. I have a lot of friends.
I hang out with Hardik. I used to hang out with everyone mostly. Hardik? I want to see you
hanging out with Hardik. Because you both have opposite personalities. How do you… Because in cricket there
aren’t that many good boys they are naughty boys. How do you get along
with the naughty boys then? I-I can hang out with them. Even now, I can’t stay in a room
for a long time. But I know where to draw the line. I will be there… You will be there and it will be a cameo. But with Hardik, you share
an interesting relationship, right? Because Hardik took your place
in the India ‘A’ team – because you had a knee problem, right?
– Yeah. Correct. It was in 2016. So, the team was announced… Yeah, I was about to go to the… We were in the camp, actually. We had a camp in Bangalore for a week before leaving for Australia. During that camp, I was not able
to pass my fitness test I had some issue with my knee. So, I called Mr. Rahul, my parents and my coach in Chennai. They told me one thing.
“Just look for a longer run.” Anyways, the doctor said that
even if you go and have a good tour once you come back, you have
to undergo a surgery. – Yeah.
– That’s for sure. Then I thought “Okay let me
undergo a surgery” “and come back stronger
to play the Ranji Trophy.” That’s amazing, so, Hardik
took your place there. Then cut to 2019, Hardik gets injured you got drafted into the side, in his place. Correct. And then you make your name
in those few opportunities you get – and get to go to the World Cup.
– Yeah. – So, it’s almost like…
– Yeah… – Each other’s karma at play here.
– Yeah, exactly. It was something, you know. When we think about it,
it’s really funny, but then – this is how it happened.
– Yeah. And I had a record with the India ‘A’ side. So I have gone for,
I think five India ‘A’ tours. And I came back every time
with an injury – and I was out for a month.
– Yeah. So, this was the first time
I went and played in New Zealand I had a very good tour there and I came back, you know,
without any injury. The support staff,
including Mr. Rahul, said “We are very happy on getting” “you back to India without any injury.” – In one piece.
– It’s a bigger success. – In one piece.
– Yeah. Recently, when I played
the India ‘A’ tour in New Zealand so, I remember, I travelled from Auckland to Singapore and I was supposed
to travel to Singapore to Mumbai,
but my flight got delayed. So I missed my last flight to Mumbai… – From Mumbai to Chandigarh.
– Yeah. So, I took a flight
from Mumbai to Delhi and then drove down to Chandigarh from Delhi. I reached at 3:30 in the morning. And then the next day, I played
the Ranji Trophy game against Punjab. – Wow, that’s like 9:30 a.m.
– Yeah, 9:30 a.m. Man! That must be exhausting. Yeah, but sometimes I know, I was just thinking… I missed a lot of cricket
because of my injury. So, I just told myself when I’m fit I have to keep playing
whatever match that’s there. So now when I have an opportunity I should not miss that just because I feel I’m tired or I’m travelling a lot. There are guys who can play in my place. I might have missed my flight but still, I know I can go,
play and give my 100 percent. Now the World Cup selection. Obviously, there was so much
talk about it. Would you, like a year ago or two years
ago, if somebody would’ve told you believed that you will be playing
the World Cup in 2019? I myself… Till this January, I never thought
I would even make my debut for India in ODIs. I just told myself that I’m not going to think about
the World Cup selection or any such thing. And I’m just going to focus on my game. And I’m just going to train hard,
practice hard. That’s it. I know for a fact that,
anything can happen. So, only if I do my… I believe in doing my things correctly and not expecting anything in return. There’s a Hindi saying that I’m
going to teach you, today. – Okay.
– “Neki kar dariya mein phenk”. – “Neki kar..”
– “Dariya mein phenk.” “Dariya mein phenk.” Which literally means, do good
and forget about it. – Yeah, exactly.
– Just give it. I believe in giving my 100 percent and not expecting anything in return. The last thing, of course, is the selector
said you’re a three dimensional player. Then did you see Rayudu’s tweet
after that? – Yeah, I saw…
– The 3D one? So, I thought that he making
a joke on it was also he just taking it well,
that’s fine, part of life, man. I know for a fact that how… How a cricketer would feel if he is not picked. All that is like, actually I can understand from
a player’s point of view. And I know for a fact that he didn’t – mean anything bad.
– Yeah. It was just that, you know… He just tweeted it. I-I can understand the situation
in which he was in. That’s all right. – I think your temperament is your skill.
– Yeah. It’s your real skill because everybody can play cricket
at that level. – You’re all playing great cricket.
– Yeah. Your temperament and the fact that
you’ve learnt to stay calm… I think that’s a big thing. To be honest, I learnt it from Mahi. He told me like you need to be very calm and balanced so that you can handle problems easily. So, if he says… – Stay calm and do your work.
– Yeah. Exactly. Just focus on your work
and things will take care of themselves. – Yeah.
– My debut game was in Melbourne. So, to enter that stadium was a big thing for me at that time.
It was huge. I’ve never been
to a stadium that was so big. So, when I got the ball,
I was nervous. I could feel that I was under pressure. So, Dhoni came up to me and said that I must hit the right length
and he went away. It was a very simple thing but then at that moment
I needed that advice. It helped me to just bowl
and put the ball in the place. Have you ever lost
your cool on a cricket field? – Ever?
– I don’t think so. – Have you ever lost your cool in life?
– No. Never? No fight. Not even with
your brother, when you were kids? You never pulled each other… Yeah, I’ve fought with my brother as a kid… – But never angry?
– Never got angry with anyone. – Never held any grudge against someone.
– Wow! Because I feel all these are energy sinks. There are so many women
watching this and saying… “You’re an ideal husband material.” – Ideal husband material.
– That’s why I’m still single. So the last one year for you
has been a little bad. It has been both, good and bad. But has it been the hardest year because
you’re a Manchester United fan? – Tough, right?
– It has been pretty tough but at least in the last few games
it was good. – Ole… Ole is back.
– Again it went back to being worse. Until Ole was temporary, it was fine. Now it’s like, you know.. – See?
– Now it’s again… I know I’m going to get trolled a lot
because I’m a Liverpool fan. That’s why you’re so happy.
Liverpool is doing so good… But I mean, for me, as a Liverpool fan I think of Liverpool like you think
about life which is, hope for the best,
expect the worst. – Exactly.
– I mean, it’s not like I’m playing, right? Yeah. But still the best thing is to support your team. I’ll tell you what… You’re trying to compliment yourself
for being a United fan, go on. Go on… I’m not different from any Liverpool fan. You know, they haven’t done well
for the past so many years… Oh, you’re giving it back to me now. Now that they are doing well
you must be feeling so happy about it. So, it’s just a part of… I-I’m… All I hope is whether we win
the title or not. I just hope we never have
sort of a fall from grace or a slide from the top
the way United had. Right? I don’t think
I’ll be able to handle that. That’s called the transition period which every team goes through. I have seen… The only time the good boy in you gets
a little twisted is when the football banter starts. So, let’s… I want to go back
to, of course, the beginning. And, obviously, I think your
father realized that you should be a cricketer
before you did, right? I remember my dad asked me when I was
about 16 or 17, you know what’s that I’m going to do in my life. Then I was like I’m going
to take cricket seriously. And then he renovated the house. We modified the terrace and we got
a net on top of my house. – That’s amazing.
– Yeah. Because I’ve seen a picture of that. That’s a proper net.
– Yes, we have enough space where a bowler can take five steps,
run in and bowl. – Yeah.
– Because he was a cricketer. He tried to get into
the district level but you know because of the family
background and everything he was not able to go
to another place and play. Your dad, I’m sure still calls you
and discusses – your dismissals.
– Yeah. Yeah, he does that always but sometimes when he doesn’t
do it, I get confused. Because I start thinking
why he is not telling me anything what is wrong. And I ask my mom what is happening. My mom will say, “No, he’s fine.” Then I’ll be okay. – “Is he okay?”
– Yeah. That will be my first question. That’s my nature, you know. You see, I’m someone who calls
his parents every now and then. I’ll just update them what I’m doing
and where I am. – Every day you speak with them?
– Every day. – Very good habit.
– Yeah. So, I know my mom…
Even if I go out somewhere I know my mom will be waiting
for my call. Just to make sure
that I’m back in my room they will be waiting for my call. Until I go back to my room I keep updating them that I’m out
with my friends. I update them all the time. – I’m safe.
– Yeah, I’m safe. Even today when I talk to my coach – I have butterflies in my stomach.
– Really? Yeah, I’ll always feel that pressure.
I don’t know why. I can’t sit while talking to him. I’ll keep walking while talking to him. If you get his phone call now,
will you stand up? – Yeah.
– I do the same when my wife calls. What are their superstitions
when you’re playing? All I heard was like my brother
goes and sits somewhere and he doesn’t come out
as long as I’m playing. Do you think he will be watching
the game? Or maybe, he’s lying down
somewhere and relaxing. “I’m going to relax…” H-He can watch cricket for hours. By the way, that’s something you
have in common with Sachin Tendulkar. – Okay.
– Because Ajit, Sachin’s brother. Sachin told us that whenever
he would play.. Whenever Sachin would be playing Ajit’s phone would be off his car would not be there.
His house would be locked. Nobody knows till date where he would go. – It’s still a secret.
– Mystery. Excellent, man. Thank you so much. Are you sure you don’t
want some fruits? – No fruits.
– You don’t eat fruits? – Shall I get you some paneer?
– No. To have lunch, I go to
the nearby restaurant. And I’ll have a proper
South Indian Meal there. Yeah… Idli? Dosa? No, meal. Rice, ‘Sambar’, ‘Rasam’. – Superb! Rice meal.
– Proper. – ‘Sapadu’.
– Proper ‘Sapadu’. Do you know my favourite
restaurant in Chennai? Murugan Idli Shop. – The one in T Nagar.
– Yeah. I love it. I love those chutneys. They are so good
that I want to put them on my face. So, I love those chutneys. So the next time I come to Chennai you’re going to take me
to your terrace net. The next time you come to Chennai,
I’ll take you to my house first and I’ll serve you proper,
nice South Indian food and then I’ll take you to my terrace. You’re such a good boy, I tell you. – You are… Is that the word, ‘Paavam’?
– ‘Paavam’, yeah. – It’s a word for good boy, right?
– Innocent, yeah. That’s what the title
of this episode should be. ‘Paavam’. Hi guys, I’m Vijay Shankar watch me on
‘Breakfast With Champions’, right? What? Breakfast… – With Champions.
– Yeah. Okay. Hi guys, this is Vijay Shankar watch me on ‘Breakfast With Champions.’ Please like and share. And also subscribe to Oaktree Sports for more episodes
of ‘Breakfast With Champions’. Don’t forget to press the bell icon. Tell them to press the bell icon. Press the bell icon. – Bell…
– Bell… Hit the bell!

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