slurp *awkward hand contact* Are you kidding me, bro? Are you kidding me, bro? I had dibs on that wing My house, my wing Are you kidding him, bro? Are you kidding my bro? (TV) And now, ladies and gentlemen, the half-time show you’ve all been waiting for… THAT’S MY MOM’S! Yo, you don’t mess with this Better think twice before testin’ this Fella, open up for the rest of this And I’m picking up the mess you ungrateful guest Yo, everybody keep your eyes on my quick feet (Did you see that?) Take your phone, take a pic, and I’ll retweet News flash of the day Nobody takes the last chicken wing away And I’m runnin’ you around (And I’m runnin’ you around) And I’m runnin’ you around (And I’ll take it to the ground) And I’m runnin’ you aroundI

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  2. @1:50

    That was so impressive I literally said "Oh my God" out loud in my bedroom at night, and my eyebrows involuntarily went up in shock. Holy crap.

  3. TIE, mind:that was awesome I thought the team with the cheerleader and glitch would win at first

  4. Почему полненький пацан, у которого на груди "11" нарисованно, мне Лёню из "Ворониных" напоминает?!…..

    А танец супер. Молодцы. Привет из России,к слову)

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