EPIC football Challenge & forfeit vs pro players – can we beat them?

EPIC football Challenge & forfeit vs pro players – can we beat them?

today we have come to the AS Monaco training ground to find out if team unisport can be professional footballers in the ultimate football challenge and it won’t be easy as we’re up against some proper ballers kata ball day and GPL city bed but it really can work Joe doing what I love using all over the world that’s underground the commercial now the rules are simple the challenge is a combination of two different scoring drills and the team with the most goals is the winner the first one is the to touch challenge where your teammate crosses you the ball and you have two touches to score a goal and round two is the reaction challenge where the ball comes from behind your back and you need to score with your first punch game on I’m ready for the challenge hold on not so fast despite things up a bit we wanted to raise the stakes by setting up a little punishment for the losing team and in the very unlikely scenario that we would win then you will drive us in your car for five minutes but if you win we’re gonna walk out of the training ground in just our boots and our box of tools are you are you in don’t worry I win okay good luck [Laughter] [Music] yo I’ll take it one day right as ever I have one goal I have one goalkeeper Daphnia – what ya feeling this buddy make it count what does it where is that coming from [Music] [Music] hey Mike I starts okay you start okay [Music] same keeper top corner you too ah second round let’s go let’s finish this give me of a man yes [Music] no goals yeah and now is round two yeah roll the ball over the head and score again if we win you take us on a little tour hello Polly [Music] can you do it three one [Music] yes [Music] Oh I’m ready to do it kill it kill it yes your time [Music] okay it’s a good finish I got a thought score now wait and he do keep up keep up yeah he Papa ready what’s with the bottom left corner today the shoes the second is here we make it this interesting this is last round if he score two to boot if you score now okay so no pressure [Music] come online the deaf near pulse watch okay okay eBay he goes here we go zoltah wait that’s a go set them do we’ll take it we’ll take it you’re making it easy this means that officially now guys sudden death if you score I have to score if you don’t score and I score we win oh yes it’s all or nothing it’s all or nothing oh man get it done [Music] Oh [Music] so yeah jolt sir I’m sorry you were banging them in when we lost which means that we have to kind of take out our stuff and I’m sorry man we could have driven Lamborghinis peccatis but if you enjoyed this challenge and you want to see more of it well they usually go and subscribe to our channel by clicking the green bubble over heads you leave us a comment on what on earth happened to us and why I take the bother with such a beast right down below there’s more cool videos under new materials right down here you can click that and then Joseph should we just get on with this that’s it ah

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  1. Amazing video guys keep going and I really like like these videos I wish you do another but with other players.
    And finally, I really like the last of the video nice boxer Jolter hhhhhhhhh.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeH61ovgSx0 watch this one guys, Jay didn't want to beat the pros, but i have to agree that Jolter is better at shooting

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