Enable vibration and fix right analog stick on FIFA 18(works for 15,16,17)

Enable vibration and fix right analog stick on FIFA 18(works for 15,16,17)

Hello GUYS!! I’m back with another video. And today we are going to enable gamepad(joystick) vibration using various joystick as seen on pic. it works with other gamepads as well. And i’m using FIFA 18 for this tutorial same process to enable vibration on other games as well This fixes right analog stick as well as some other controller problems in FIFA 18 First of all, Let’s download drivers that works with this and any other usual gamepad I have given the drive link in description Let’s download the drivers and install it Extract its contents just install the drivers standard procedure Now let’s download an xbox controller emulator software called x360ce.exe I’m going to configure it for fifa 18 but same procedure works for fifa 15,16,17 as well There are 32bit and 64 bit version. For fifa 18, download 64bit version. Extract it and copy x360ce_64.exe to fifa 18 directory my fifa 18 directory is C:games fifa 18 First copy and connect your gamepad through usb and Just open the x360ce_64.exe(Connect your gamepad before opening) Press create Tap auto for automatic configuration Some button mappings might be incorrect so just correct it as shown and check all the buttons Now let’s configure setting for ingame vibration of gamepads Just check enable force feedback and increase the stregth bar for vibration Now as you increrse the test bar you should notice your gamepad vibrating Just save it Now rename xinput1_3.dll to xinput1_4.dll Otherwise, it wont work For fixing right analog stick Goto DocumentsFIFA 18 Open buttondatasetup.ini Just search for generic using Find So i’ll just delete it and add again just to show the process Make sure to save it Now that we have completed all the procedure u can just open the game now u can feel the vibration when the player commits certain foul and when tha ball strikes the goalpost. And show various skills through right analog stick That’s it for today guys!! Enjoy gaming And don’t forget to Like and subscribe!

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  1. Bro my ratio isn't changing. That you changed at 3:45(in video) to 0:1 on both sides.
    I don't know how to change that. Mine is same on both sides 255:256 on both sides. It isn't changing, what should I do?

  2. hi bro mine is giving me an error it says "Failed to load xinput1_3.dll" plz help me i just bought my controller yesterday and its right sticks is not working

  3. Right stick is not working in fifa 12…i have a cheap gamepad…i have edited button data and codes in run…but it still not working…i tested my right stick it works…but when i go to play it is not working….if i use keyboard button for this right stick function its working in fifa 12 but when i try to do it using gamepad…its not working…plz help me..

  4. bro , hi , when i do this , my fifa 19 stop working. when i in game , suddenly fifa 19 force stop. what happend???

  5. i have Chinese twin usb gamepad called fox ! but force feed back "the vibration" doesn't work on x64 games which means x360ce 64 bit work on it but without vibration also ?! any fix ?

  6. in the last step speedlink strike gamepad is not availabe its showing controller(Xbox 360 for windows)
    and can i know when will vibration come in game

  7. Hello bro, I use for fifa 19 but when i enable the vibrate my fifa became slow motion i dont know how to fix it bro?

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