Elytra Wings Racing!! – Minecraft PS4 Glide Mini Game Gameplay – Episode 1

Elytra Wings Racing!! – Minecraft PS4 Glide Mini Game Gameplay – Episode 1

– [Zebra] What’s up, guys? And welcome back to Minecraft
Playstation 4 Edition, and today, I am so incredibly excited. The third ever mini-game on
Minecraft Console Edition has released, which is, of
course, the Glide mini-game, and of course, today we will
be playing a big bunch of it, ’cause I know there is
a DLC coming up soon, and I’m probably going to
have a ton of fun with this. I have never, ever used
Elytra wings before, so it’s going to be a new
experience for me no matter what, so I’m super excited. Hopefully, you are, too, so with that being said, let’s
go ahead and get started. (adventurous music) And here we are, and it looks like we get an entirely new lobby, too, which is very, very cool, and
somebody instantly joined. I do have it open to the
public so that the Zebra Herd can join, and it looks
like somebody’s, okay, it’s already starting, but
we only have one person. So if it does start, it starts, but for right now, I’m just
trying to enjoy this little area while I have the chance to. I’m gonna beat you to it. I’m going to be awful at this, so you can’t complain about
it, ’cause I did first. Oh, I didn’t land on it. I also haven’t been playing
much Minecraft console lately, but either way, I’m gonna stop blabbing and we’re gonna wait
for this game to start, and then we will be good to go. Oh, boy. Wait, how do I fly? Whoa, what’s going on? Hello? Where’d everybody go? How do I fly, by the way? I have no clue. I have no clue. Do I just move? Hey, guys, where is everybody? Oh, there they are. Probably shouldn’t have
done a little 360 flip, but I don’t mind. Whoa, what’s going on? Whee! Okay, and people are joining. Awesome, we got our first checkpoint. I’m gonna go down here. Whoa, aww, I died. Good start, good start, but luckily, it doesn’t knock me out. I gotta get used to this, okay? Like I said, I have never
have ridden the El-it-ra, El-light-ra? Elytra? Yeah, I think Elytra wings before, so if I’m awful, it’s
a warmup, okay, guys? Don’t judge me yet, ’cause Zebras, you know, we go against the curve with things. Usually, we’re really
bad at things at first, and then we can improve over time. Oh, boy. Oh, I’m going through this. Wait, actually, no, I’m not. I’m gonna go through this way. I might have to like majorly, oh, and if you touch the
ground, you even die. Wow, that’s pretty rough. No, no. That was just a bad start. I’m probably gonna majorly
lower my sensitivity for this, because you know, you really
wanna be able to not have as much twitch movement
and have more, of course, of like a gliding feel. Oh, gosh, I am so going to die again. No. Oh, yes. Yes, yes. Boost. Boost up. Alright, no go back down, and it really is like gliding. Like when you’re in the air, there’s nothing I really think I can do to get myself higher or lower in the air. It’s just a matter of using
the momentum to my advantage and where I’m looking. Ow, my face. We got the checkpoint. Cutting around this corner, whoa. Cutting around the corner’s a lot of fun. Whoa. Ah, that is so much fun, and
there are people joining. That guy seems like he’s an awesome guy. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Whee! This is so much fun. Not only that, but they
did confirm that there is, oh, gosh, I do not know where I’m going. I don’t know where I’m going. Which way am I going? That was weird. I’m gonna go, yeah. I’m gonna go down this way. But yeah, there should
be a confirmed DLC pack coming to this, and we’ll definitely be showing that off as well. I’m gonna cut down here. These laps are really, really long, which is great, ’cause I know
there’s a ton of maps already. Like I think there’s at
least like three or four, I gotta assume. We’ll have to, you know,
go to the map chooser after this to see how
many there really are. Ouch. And I see, yeah, some of the people joining are indeed Zebra Herd members, so you guys will have your chances, and the more, you know,
support this series get, wow, this is amazing, the more I’ll play this, most likely. Okay, so it looks like I’m,
you know, whipping around here. Whoa, I’m going up here now. See ya. So sometimes it looks like you don’t wanna get the air boost. You wanna go ahead and keep diving down so that you can get the speed boost, so you don’t wanna always get everything. I’m definitely going to tweak
my sensitivity after this one, but it’s a good taste test drawn. I’m having so much fun, and there’s the finish line. Ready, set, boom. Wait, I won? No way. No way. Did other people leave? There’s no way I won. That’s suspicious. There’s no way I just won. I didn’t even see anybody else. Oh, hey, there you are. Oh, you know what? Maybe they started late
because they joined late? I don’t know, but hey, how you doing? Oh, you got a cape. Oh, that’s cool. Look at you. Wait, we got three
seconds to reach the end. Looks like it only shows
you the first three players, even though there’s obviously
much more than that. How did I win? Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. What are we doing now? Are we still going? Oh, yeah, it’s multiple laps. Weird, I would thinking it
was just like a best of one, but I guess this way, you know,
you have more time to play and less time waiting
in the loading screens. I’m gonna assume that there’s
a bunch of people now, instead of just the three. Whoa, here we go. I’m building up speed now. Whoa. This is a much better start. The music is amazing, too. It really does make you
feel like you’re gliding, and I do have to apologize, ’cause I didn’t play
too much of Tumble Mode, just because there was a lot
of stuff going on at the time, but I didn’t play a ton of Tumble Mode. I made one video on it, of course, but maybe at some point I
can go back to that, as well, play a bit of tumble mode with you guys, because the Zebra Herd has grown a lot, both since Battle Mode has came out and since Tumble Mode has came out, and I know some people
are upset because Sky Wars wasn’t what came out this time, but honestly, I’m having
so much fun with this. I love racing, so yeah, this
is, you know, a lot of fun, and right now, we are in the lead. Look at us go. Channeling my inner
racing stripes right now. Am I going the right way? I don’t think I am. Well, I think there goes my first place, right? Oh, geeze. No, I’m still in the lead for right now. I’ll trap around here. This is crazy, though. Feel free to let me know
how you guys are placing when you play, you know,
this gliding mini game, because I don’t believe that
I’m getting first place here. Like maybe there’s some
internet connectivity issues going on for some of the
people playing with me, ’cause I don’t feel like
I’m playing that great. I’m definitely doing
better than last round ’cause I know the map a little bit more. We got a checkpoint. Some people are leaving,
which is a bit of a shame, but you know what? That happens. I’m gonna go this way. Oh, geeze, come on. No, make it. Make it, make it. Yeah, managing your momentum’s
super duper tough to do, but it is possible. Nothing’s impossible, I guess. Come on, come on, come on. So I don’t know how many
people we still have in here. We still have a few. Ow, my face. Oh, if I do that again, I am knocked down. The health actually seems to
really, really matter, then. I’m gonna go this way. See, now I know. Oh, geeze. Oh, doesn’t matter if I
know or not if I hit a wall, but I wouldn’t have known that last time. Oh, so I guess you really
could cut the corner if you’re good, if you’re like an MLG pro, you could cut the corner
here, I could only assume. Is it a better idea? Who knows? Who knows? We’ll find out, but I mean, I love racing games. Crash Team Racing was a big, you know, like favorite of mine growing up. Not only that, but Mario Kart
8 Deluxe is coming up soon, and we’re gonna be playing that, and that’s another great racing game, but here we go. We’re about to go across the finish line, and everybody else has 30
seconds to finish that up, and we got another lap after this. This is pretty lengthy. I like it. I like it. Yeah, we’re gonna be
playing as much as we can throughout the next few days. There’s a lot of stuff going
on on the channel right now, including this. Like this was a big surprise for me. I wasn’t expecting them to announce, you know, a new mini-game so soon. I mean, I guess it’s been
a while since, you know, what’s it called? The Spleef game. Why would I already forget? But, I mean, oh, the Tumble. That’s what it’s called. And since I’ve been so
busy with everything else, I haven’t even given it much thought that there would be a
new mini-game, you know? So I’m glad to see that there was. So far, though, it looks
like I’m still in the lead. No, I won two races. I still don’t believe I won those. I wish I could see the other players. Like that’s sort of a weird thing. Like I didn’t see any players that round. Like I wanna sorta slow down a little bit, ’cause I wanna see some people. There they are. This is the coolest scene right here, when you get to see all your friends. It feels like it’s almost
cool to be in last place. I don’t know why. It’s just fun to see everybody
fly around like crazy. It’s also sort of funny
when they hit the ground, like I probably just did. Oh, geeze, I am way in
the back this time around, but that’s okay, because a Zebra does
best when underestimated, the true underdog, or I
guess under-zebra story. Does that make any sense? I’ll just cut around here, and this music’s so intense. It helps me, you know, focus in. Oh, I still think I should
probably change my controls to be at least a little
bit less sensitive, like maybe not incredibly less. Okay, I don’t know which
way I should go here. I’m gonna cut around like that. There’s a ton of people
joining at this point, though, which is great. And now, I know one video I made back when Battle Mode released was all of the Easter
Eggs that you could find in the Battle Mode lobby. I’ll try and look around
the lot for this new lobby, and I’ll let you guys know
if I find any Easter Eggs, and if I do, maybe I’ll make
a video showing off that one. Of course, if you guys ever
wanna see anything specific, either it be a guide or, you know, something showcasing something, you guys can always let me know. I hope, you know, we’re
cool with each other enough to know that. That’s a cool little corridor right there. I’m messing up big time, though. Like I’m not even in third place, but that’s okay. You know, you can’t win them all. I just gotta cut around like that. Ooh. Ooh, I’m slicing through these turns. There we go, come on. Speed boost, speed boost. Bada bing, bada boom. Let’s see if I can’t catch up to third. I mean, I intentionally tried to slow down to see if I couldn’t see other players, ’cause I didn’t know if
that was an issue or not. Oh, you can actually
see at the bottom there. Man, some of these people are fast. Where were you guys the first few rounds? But we’re catching up with some people. I don’t think we’re gonna be able to get first place or even
third at this race. This rate, yeah, not of this race. Well, I’m catching up to somebody, though. Oh, no, I’m in third place. Whoa, way too, way too high. I went too close to the sun there. We just snagged second place. Oh, no, we’re back in third. Maybe I should focus on the race itself and not all of these little placements, and maybe I’ll do better,
but we are about to either get third place or maybe
completely bite the dust. We’re diving down fast. I guess the faster you dive down, the faster you would go, right? Oh, geeze. This is gonna get a little scary here. I don’t know if anybody’s
close behind me or not. I don’t think they are, so I think we just safely got third place. No! No, I was right there! If somebody passes me, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I think I just lost third. What hit me there? Game, game. Okay, oh my gosh, I was just. Wow. I don’t think I deserve third place because I didn’t get it. Oh, well, whee! That was a blast. We’ll definitely go for one more round. We got third place overall for that last. I guess third place overall? Wonder how that works? Icarus, I think that really is. I flew too close to the sun. Invincible, is anybody there yet? So I guess that was, oh, these are the best times. So out of the three races you have, it compares your best
time out of all of them. That makes sense. Hi, how are you, Mr. Squid Man? How you doing? Alright, so I’m probably going to go ahead and change my sensitivity. Can we vote on a map? View game. I thought that, how do you? Well, what’s the button? I forget the button that
lets you vote on what map, ’cause I thought it was touch pad? Is it not touch pad? I have no idea what it is, then. Well, maybe I just can’t vote on the map here. I totally forget. Either way, I’ll be right back anyways, ’cause I gotta go ahead
and change my sensitivity. Well, I couldn’t do it ’cause
the game started too soon, so I’m just gonna keep
working with what I have. Maybe this is the only map. I thought there was more than one map, but maybe this is the only one. Huh, maybe that’s the case. I’m not really sure, though. There is multiple different game modes, so we’ll be checking those out soon. Maybe not in this
episode, but soon enough, we’ll definitely check those out. I think there’s a different one. Like this one is for time. There’s another one for score, where we can go through rings, and I think maybe that’s it. Maybe there’s two different maps, one for score and one for rings. I thought there was more than one, but maybe that’s just how
it looked in the trailer and I was misinterpreting it. That’s probably the case, then. Silly Zebra, making your
silly Zebra mistakes. How typical. Alright, we’ll just go ahead
and try to catch up here, but I’m glad everybody’s
seemingly having some fun here. Like I’m having a blast
with this mini-game, but of course, I wanna hear
your guys’ thoughts on it. Oh, I’m catching up to this person. I’m catching up. I love how many shortcuts there are, too. Some of them are really hard to land, but if you can do it, oh, the rewards for doing so, you know? It’s like you end up getting,
you know, pretty far ahead. Let me boost up like that. Ooh, a little too high. A little too high. Okay, ouch. Gosh darn. Am I in the lead at all? No, I’m not even in third place now. Yikes. I’m gonna boost up like that, try to go above the bridge. I gotta start picking up some speed here and swoop down like that, and I feel like if you get a bad start, you’re probably not gonna get first place. That’s probably my big guess right now. Come on, come on. Oh, look at all those chests. I wonder if you could find some
more Elytra wings in there. I don’t even, like I
said, I’ve never used, oh, no, Elytra wings before in
any version of Minecraft. I mean, I haven’t played my
Minecraft PS4 series in a while, just because, you know,
I’ve been moving on to, you know, just as big things. I won’t say bigger and better things, but just as big and just
as, you know, good things. Oh, no, looks like we are already quickly approaching the finish line. I feel like we’ve gone through this time faster than we ever have before, if we actually reach the
finish line, that is, if I don’t mess it up
like I did last time. I got 24 seconds to get there. Come on. Come on. Come on. Yeah, I did it this time for real. Alright, I’m gonna quickly
try to change my controls, really quickly. Settings, game options, that’s in game sensitivity. Let’s try to put this
back down to like 100. People are like trying
to get my attention. There, hold on. That’s better. Hi! Hi, how are you guys? We’re all dancing around
and getting all wet. I love it. Good job, everybody, and yeah, my sensitivity’s
definitely a lot slower. I think that’ll help overall. Like for those tight turns, it might be a little bit more difficult, but I think, in the long
run, I can hear them. I just do not see them, at least when we first start, but I’m having so much fun with this. Can I change? Oh, I can change. Oh, this is so cool looking. Let me know if you guys use this camera. Maybe this is like the secret right here, is that this camera’s better, but I don’t know if I like it right now. Oh, okay, adjusting the camera mid-flight, probably not a good idea. Alright, let’s cut around like this. I like this one a lot, too, because it’s just sort of like
a very solo mini-game. Like that’s sort of the thing I like about Tumble Mode and Minecraft, wasn’t Minecraft, but the Battle Mode, is that they’re fun to use teamwork with, but sometimes, it’s
sort of not fun, right? Like if I just sorta wanna play on my own, like with Battle Mode or Tumble Mode, chances are I might
end up losing by people who are just going to
team every single time, but teaming doesn’t really
do too much for you here, like it’s all just about
being a better racer, like you can be on like five versus one, whatever that means, ’cause like you can’t
take out another racer. I don’t think you can hit
each other in this game mode. Okay, sorry about that. Something cut out, but I fixed it, and now I’m still racing. I am totally in last place this time. Oh, gosh. Not good. That’s okay, that’s okay, ’cause I can still have fun racing. I do like the sensitivity
a little bit better. There are some parts like that that’s a little bit weird. Oh my gosh. Yeah, okay, so maybe
I wanna try to make it halfway what it was. Yeah, I’m totally going to lose, but I had to stop playing
mid-race, so that’s my excuse, but I feel like there’s
definitely like some areas where this lower
sensitivity is working out better for me and some where not so much, so if I could try to find a mixture there. Everyone’s probably like geeze, the Zebra guy stinks at
this whole gliding stuff, but I don’t know. I gotta get at least another first place in one of these races soon, or at least top three, right? I don’t know. So far, ain’t doing so great, but next time, man. Next time, that’ll be my time. Did not finish. That’s my first DNF. One more time. Options, settings, game options. Let’s try to get it to
120 as quickly as I can. There we go, we did it, we did it. Oh, gosh, so of course, nobody’s
truly in the lead just yet, because we’re just going
around the first corner here, but of course, getting the speed boosts like might be worth it, but also might make it a
little bit extra risky, so not always worth doing, but right now, I am
battling for first place, but if I get hit just once, that could completely change,
so you gotta be careful. Come on, come on, come on. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, there we go. I’m cutting around this corner now. I’m going down here. I don’t think I’ve gone
down here too much, so only when I get the
checkpoint, I think, or when I respawn at the checkpoint, but we are in the lead right now, and if I could get a win
when we actually have like a decent sized lobby,
that would make me very happy, and maybe we could get
the best time overall. That would be super duper nice. Come on, racing through here. Go through like that. Yeah, okay. We’re doing good, we’re doing good. Oh, I gotta glide down here now. Just nice and smooth. I’m not gonna get that one. Instead, I’m gonna cut down here and build up some major speed, and then boost up like
that as much as I can, which isn’t too much, but
I get the speed boost. Oh boy. Oh boy, where am I going? Where am I going? Where am I going? You really gotta look down. I was like sort sitting
up higher in my seat, in anticipation. I am actually really
liking the sensitivity now, now that I can like sort of more smoothly get through everything, so while
I got destroyed last round, this time, I am claiming my stake. No! No, that’s where it can all go downhill. Or uphill, or whatever. I don’t know, gliding. We’re not really going up or down. Consistently, no, I just got passed. I can’t let that happen. I can’t, I gotta win. I gotta win. Boom, go like that. Go like that, go like that. I think I’m back in the lead. Turn around like this, and then shoot for the stars, whatever that means in this situation. Gosh darn it. I hit the ceiling again, like you can never, and I just got second. Well, you know what? Ethan here did good. It’s definitely not on him. Good race, dude. I just am awful at the game, but hey, I had some fun there. I think that’s probably where we’re gonna finish it off for today,
but in the next episode, we’ll definitely tackle
the point based one, because that seems like
it’ll be a lot of fun. But yeah, and everybody’s
still finishing up the race right here, and it looks like there’s
only two more people. No, a few more people
trying to head on in. Hello. How are you guys? But yeah, this is so much fun, so let me know if you wanna see more, ’cause I definitely wanna play more if you guys want to see more, and everybody’s dancing around, too. Great job, so it looks
like this person won. Wait, are they here? No, I thought they were here, but overall, that person
got the best time, which is very good. I actually got the
second best time, though. Not bad. No, no, I didn’t. I got the third best time. I feel like I could have gotten 1:47 if I didn’t keep hitting the ceiling, but this person did great. Not gonna blame it on anybody but myself, because I was the one
who made the mistake, but yeah, that was so much fun. I really cannot wait to play more of this, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you guys so much for watching. I’ll see ya next time, bye bye.

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  1. Hello #ZebraHerd! The newest Mini-Game for Minecraft Console edition is here, and it's really awesome. 😀
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  2. im on my dads profile but every single time I just get up to 8 players in glide do you have to buy mini masters???

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