Elune Gameplay November News New Legend Hero coming!

Elune Gameplay November News New Legend Hero coming!

fort what’s up guys welcome back to another
loom video and we have a brief video today to talk about the news update for
1129 so this was technically posted yesterday at probably some we odd times
of the morning I saw the notification when I woke up this morning so I just
want to briefly go over there’s a lot of old stuff going on in this update so
this isn’t gonna be a big video so just give you guys a heads up but they are
just recapping first off for the summoner’s more collaboration which we
have had out for about two weeks now so we have the roulade event so make sure
you guys you guys do not have to spend your Rula every day but make sure you
guys are at least farming enough of story or doing up boss fights to get
your 10 tickets a day and you guys think they’re saved those up before the event
ends and then roll them or you can try to remember to roll them everyday I got
I’ve messed up earlier in the event and I forgot to roll and I was just like
okay they do carry the over so I have to do 20 rolls in one day which is pretty
cool so they are very very good rewards probably only two spins the gold and the
Aeons that are kind of met but like the on zealand’s are good the obviously the
soul stones for the two collab units are really good
there’s class seeds in there so lots of lots of good stuff in there for you guys
to roll on so don’t forget about that plus or the milestone rewards too to get
as well so next the account level up support this is once per day I didn’t go
over this you guys know that basically each day you can claim a new reward up
til we believe account level 40 and from what I heard from the CMS we should be
getting a more levels at it eventually don’t know if this is gonna be during
the collab or Africa lab but hopefully we’re gonna get more rewards for the
account level up support as well so those are some awesome rewards there’s
way way stones in there lots of class seeds there was a four
star legendary summon ticket in there too so
lots of great stuff in there so make sure you guys claim those as well
so the next thing is to talk about is the iron wall formation balancing which
they basically plans they basically nerfed the sole gain on a lot of the
different abilities of of some of the heroes so here we’re going to rebeis
magic embers will no longer need souls when triggered as a passive Karazhan
word which I totally that makes sense because it’s basically getting you like
seven souls on on carlee’s onward ability so then you have a Honus at
desert watcher when the lunar game Souls willeth succubus charmed a basic X you
additional soul as well then you have Michelle’s Communion Rachel’s al barian
will and then we have Lisa’s support fire and our channels judge and Arsenal
is probably the big big thing because that basically meant whenever anyone was
attacked arts melds judge will trigger and then fee was on iron wall formation
in the back row basically anytime you were attacked you got a soul so I can
see why I think Arsenal was the big thing so I think that was the big thing
of why why I had to nerf it but also future change the iron wall formation
rev a car johannes Lilith Michelle Rachel Lisa will gain Souls triggered
from their passives and the backline so I guess that’s not in place right now
but it will be in the future so that’s from there their passives and the
backline so just so you guys know of that and the next we want to keep our
wall formation to still be utilized as a strategy to intact its sole purpose due
to multiple testings and discussions we have decided to revert back to the
previous state for the accordion a loons there will also be a new announcement
recording the catch for these changes we also wanted to come set our players and
we already got this compensation this was sent out I believe on Thanksgiving
if I’m not mistaken where we got 300 rubies and 300 a on so that’s awesome
you got a free multi and a bunch of stamina for
then balancing this which honestly guys iron wall is still gonna be used it’s
just not gonna be abused like I said I think Arsenal was the big culprit of why
they decided to do this change but there you guys go for that so next we are
gonna have the Black Friday events we’ve already gone over this so you guys the
one thing to note when we had this on actual believe it was Thanksgiving Day
this the necklace plans were actually random so you I got DPS you could have
gotten tank you could have gotten support you could have gotten whatever
now I think I think that’s what what happened here is what threw us off is we
did not have a leak for thanksgiving days Black Friday shop we thought it
wasn’t starting to Black Friday so we got an additional day of the Black
Friday from what was leaked in the patch notes and what was leaked from the seems
to us so but one thing that is pretty cool I think that the whenever we get
plans they are a random set I’d have to check for sure on my account cuz I think
today we got our weapon plans so I have to see if it was from the patch notes if
it was supposed to be that type that I particularly got or if it was a
different one so I’ll have to see on that so but just to recap is the Black
Friday stuff how much to go over so then we also have the costumes and so on and
so forth but next we are gonna talk about this is a new teaser so new allude
Curry Co is gonna be coming in this looks like this may be a regular hero um
doesn’t look like he’s a special like event hero
so hopefully that means we’re gonna use some of those event tickets that we’ve
been saving up if you guys didn’t use them but let’s just go and show is
preview real fast it’s only seven seconds so that’s this s1 alright this
is s2 looks like it’s a buff does it say did
not say but that looked like a buff skill so maybes a supporter I hope he’s
not Superman we have too many new supporters oh man please don’t be a
supporter all right we’ll see I’m hoping he’s a dps we actually need DPS more
than supporters for sure I mean maybe he’s a DPS and justice guilty of some
kind of buffing ability let’s hope on that he looks definitely like a DPS hero
he does not look like a support hero but pretty cool design a double looking guy
kind of appropriate since we just had eight like art smell being like an angel
and Archangel so that’s pretty cool so look forward for him does it say when
just in December so which makes sense because that’s when the collab does end
I believe like the second week in December or something like that so
probably come after that then we are going to be getting a Christmas Lobby so
expect a Christmas event obviously I definitely anticipate a Christmas event
from game though so and then there’s our car e Christmas Christmas alpha and also
we got a Lilith costume outfit as well so pretty cool so like I said I wasn’t
gonna be a too long a video I’d only want to keep this under 10 minutes for
you guys so that’s all the new stuff guys so let me know if you guys think
overall first of all the crossover event how you guys are enjoying it what you
guys think of the bouncing changes for iron will and what you guys think of the
new hero already forgot his name I’m bad uh kuru CEO what are you guys thinking
about crew cos design you guys think he’s gonna be a DPS a supporter maybe a
debuff er let me know if you guys think of all that stuff in the comment section
down below guys I think you guys so much for watching the channel as always thank
you guys so much for the continued support here on for Missouri gaming and
all their mobile games we cover and if you guys are new to the channel make
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4 Replies to “Elune Gameplay November News New Legend Hero coming!”

  1. Huh…The customs that we already have cost 300rs, but these cost 500. Boy, idk if I’ll get ‘em all LOL
    Also, weren’t we already gettin’ that K-Pop star that need a name?

  2. Crucio might be a DPS? We haven't seen any new Leg DPS since the release. All the other classes have received at least 1 new Elune. I hope is a DPS.

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