Elite FPL Community Team | FPL Call in | Fantasy Football #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

Elite FPL Community Team | FPL Call in | Fantasy Football #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

his if the law if Shanahan if a lonely you you a sense that they if if if a long half if the AF if if if if if if the edit menu of options in the NT highlights base is time for the informants of further away than down cities from half of a little when does a good life thirties seven million think I think , 2737 year itch next day that the question is standing as sensual- 40 ninths to differ with the highlights of storm to act as to the state up to its position and pass to act up to a taped to the test of the opt opt to work just to act as an up and then you can introduce error a share just that the U.N. Commission commissioner commission have committed a used a member of the screen and that’s the team it’s just the seven core players that before today, six water and then a year in review each one that kept are no idea why is no need in the house and are ready to go to the Internet on the team they are victims are the standouts internal front of the they’re a they’re a tough shot kingpins and shoots up and not just as yet and a markets and an an wellhead of the agony of Whittier and that U.S. I did not watch the committee shields but I did the usual when it comes to focus more on just missing about it and see what the accents tell us about the game and then the basic understanding is simply this netapp or conduct a bit too high and mentally drained nobody up for its city looked abound in London today our hands to be liable in the second off, come on down the debt and that any ended 11 set aside penalties and everything into thing well as two heavyweights going at it and ended 11 of the semi of the library: free to annex cafes and restaurants; some question really does this committee shielded alter your opinion on that your choices section and the center also has about what U.S. For me I think you’ve been out not to go about sell all we know that some others in the form that doesn’t perform is hosting this is the debate teams is always the brothers chains as the person on the steps of setting a million times, said again I actually think game we want them to be taking place all eight of the cell all cane standing order for golf three excellent excellent fixtures to And against one person believes that the old account each other out with a modicum of the points he will the media fatal to increase school U.N. Committee shields then you think: Helen take a India in the issue and tension to the parole a scene that’s their fathers standing worse when someone from the news and Stalin LCI weather turns been playing preseason pressure from and then to the Russian team: take action vs. west of the schools is the whole psychology thing away minutes is playing Saturday morning trial setting a deadline that the demand on the captain’s choices in the Sunday kickoff and is chosen as Manual or even for a single some planes Sunday’s one that Jason vs. Newcastle thing as the case so where you are lying it’s a case of the joint taxes or Friday evening game with a majority, the gun was 1 to 1 go with Sunday morning when asked whether the afternoon were standing until a secure thing based on preseason and some of them told the bee-disk or drink regarding sell all of the understanding they are think of a field ago and corn and said the actress award one that the RJR just for Jason are just going to an ongoing and Wesley because it is fixtures and after 21 that the than can only make this please everybody and shot the reason why we’re had a game of canes because we gonna make this is a homecoming in the cold against possibly we can’t simply lost you guys live right now the why the downgrade its well as the midfield is where the defenders to try it, they came days just to become an attention as not slimy Jason decided this just gone down as well Jason is the main one really just can’t downs make it as easy as possible into fortune of it is actually to the fact I could’ve been having read the and was 24 and blocked all I can just on June 01 guy’s a team that you set teams with the majority of votes of coming ashore and community teams the four was ideal as the departure of transaction Wesley and and Wilson so actually a majority I can to Centinela Jason the teams based on those two strikes of 12 of 14 addresses make a bit different brand and psyche and Kevin Johnson of if the if that’s what you and that if disabled list of what you force and his team ready to the best and the best that could all Hollywood I have some didn’t want to seem come in at about 6.5 nobody’s covered in six and 6.5 would be up and wants up of 19 of the vendors are made and that is actually enough endorsement is stacks Israel stops in the sense of what he did few vendors and I was on the show, found out who this guy wants and what did few vendors that and goals of the node on site or 66 goals in Simi apple some are back in a very short mapped on now I think me is when season and based on books and stalling that and the horse’s name genome of god, Johnson said they know something that they’re talking about to us is Stephen maxwell’s and six goals in 13 appearances this is very very good but send us tolentino would talk to the dissent Quinones said these apps that the fantastic question is then you take time away from it in the days where that’s an Israeli that well you think is the name and it is he the highways that plays like this and think of all agreed that placid player where they really are above their station cut that to save the team to reclaim for world has begun to the message of actor huge cloth he seems it under a very well for them should maybe this could be that kind of like step down if and only nation country is the contemplate the media’s back ago won two ways that conned into the fray at all because just in 190 kids and call the press in the world apps weatherman money that came from his 2757 billion and if we could just completely dominate we don’t know if I think it’s any way seen in a speech at space the same seven million seven million away with them and discuss what for 15 life already signs input from all vendors and those rights in order to is agonizing also might, if I get will based on identical Madeleine Albright was release and DOS reis weather and calling on any base and he said he’s the best since and defensive midfielder in the bond is the last year and a bit like the PC grails listing two for the local cast this morning about that receive greater detail about the case again before he came to edit and what did for Aston villa and bases and the same swaps errors and goal from this to take a plant here said again on the action Director Daniel and that one will say is that if he can replicate anything the game gets then made me and the Edison defense does come back and forth and again ballet thinking that consensus and ultimately Michael king county one-a group that is holding schools and in the Denny of the day when I just think that count: the man what you said that was seen carrying a lot because they’ll go with an Edison defending itself in the tour is no sane mean that that he’s been no larger planes been suspended because of the fact the competed in a new participated in an appetizing betting company patrol said he’s about suspending center case can be found in Chapin said U.N. and on and on youth, holding off for medicine but unlikely the agency into COL school yet in preseason and in defending the many well what detention I don’t know strength when my force change by the end of and watching the corner party and its games one and 6:00 yet knowing when I’m pretty happy with what seemed to be listed in new and note that the the Calvin Marquez just mention that I think I think and silver will play virtually the same team that said finished game we first dates basically middle of the exception to join drive well not that my basic understanding is that it’s the single largest U.S. I think that’s that it looks like an offense that all good friend gave the FBI all the things that Gomez is the main man as well and so I think the guests it looks like basin is gay men and it’s Gomez will be not know what one that when people read the downgrades and Trans on Ron Wilson and died down to Gomez advantages they didn’t worry about WorkStation you ironically was in the tournament on wrong that was it a taken off today many people and jack and then test chaps contest winds take an oath that sending us a bit of it concerns like a sad day the FBI or he’s the one that’s been saying that while the defenders in 19 trend is the most likely to be meant a sixth to an all went well and the D sync the inning the tour is known as penalty and faces and Shaq scouts that do you think that on your screen today in looks like it could be the fact that he’s going to get the ball and unique and maybe he’s having a bit of a fake injuries to say Jon O’Connell to play anymore and holiday against Juanita that’ll be fully done by Walt fry infested for the first half and cardamom and green planet , the routing strain insiders and just doesn’t look like a city really not interested and was just thinking in trading losses to stand and if the jesting that the high on reading think that’s a little suggested the woman he wasn’t quite taken is a classic of like-rings on this thing that will climb into coming to me and I woke up to 31 that any play at the end of last season’s route and if out to a lot of the files that the other counties correctly and send anybody is absent in determining they’ve got to the 20 21st to 31st of the boulders said of the press to the sources that runs the wind up shots of this information from any bits of evidence that was confident the systems screening basically at dewitt’s would like to bring you up basically upgrading the column will compete as a plan which all I think is a is some redeeming me having to deal with in future for trends for transfer possibly due to wrap the attention because he’s not first was basically and a lot and an yellow I think that I think based on the aegis of is a very good move I’m still waiting to state that runs under on a modest thing that the attacking for he has is finding that that money going to get understand is only going to stand: two Tennessee pick up on and what is the name of the things Wednesday before next the following week in on interplay and Friday in on Wednesday and then backing on, shooting Sunday to the data yet it’s in the country shoreline, rated the fact that the pickup said many of the meeting the standards game like cashed that everyone said that the citizen isn’t this an interesting one the dead we didn’t have the safest option was winnable defense teams found that the like and what some facts is just the fact that CAA is this going that has got so much potential to be bringing us those attacking points as we witness regional team last season and a willingness to the point that keep away mentioned in for if we bring in shelter or even when city center in Georgia Town at 1.5 million left of his community agree Wesley but too many as I correct me is that but that’s falling that’s going and get some of the case and that of today and said that we can then we can use that money later the state’s and Women to make his point that was missing two that forecast this morning I was just thinking what had people pay their teams babysitting topic four and from buying by my own little streams and some are warhead input next week that I just love the tour was about the line test the construction everything, and if that in against either a cranky and host one care about is, but that it is and what that the tree bringing to a party and for example if you had Sellers of the former CIA under the Clinton plan which is performing well tell the OS upgrades so much as it takes all the men sake and Danny Ainge and goes crazy this new castle and sell all Blanks and in the following game with the same scenario happens on things while GSL of CD based missile and urge them less affected the way I play the game is just one workers on the thinking of like the kid on the team of mike of just one present any planes what France and Germany won some battles evil prevent any just wouldn’t do it seemed like the center’s lovers 3352 or even the three for three or something that hasn’t plays and then the design of thinking that’s the only have one of my defenders no claim it means I don’t have that the bench player, north on Nanette ever play the game and I think it’s just too risky for me not to have a bench that terminal in case the actresses and change a dozen songs like anybody in the risks on humans and change it wasn’t a guaranteed first remarks and was taken at risk of not having the plane bench player said all of them just a quick was well for the Tories and that it doesn’t pay it that Charlie Tenney that is probably going to be the number one and left back Forrest said just the latino or anybody that she does is deciding whether it’s charming table or Eric Peters like has an opinion is that one before the show and auction goes that any experiments on the meal expenses and the one stroke and that’s based on yesterday’s preseason we won two male vs. Pala I think that said Ann Johnson started I think maybe sure buses is keeping faith with the defense that ended last season did so well and yet said enough fuel and Knowlton Manson, even as it of course the Bentley and Charlie Tabor and I think maybe it could be a jaywalker egos parting words as well up front in slashing prices and playing a shoe polish enterprise as much he’s got nowhere but one that just goes round to the pool of players playing on tackle showing us a majority of the announcer john Taylor looks like it’s gonna be a safe bet but I still would rather have the head person event encountered the well as those wounded pride of the Pleas for and annex annex talking to he and he’s really goes well just that at the open off the top of things that yesterday which is correct and Canadians went to the stand Friday and then use standard and usually polishes he is very very as secretive when it comes to things like this and has happened before crossing right now, had applied for and the speed of the money the Cajuns and possibly possibly could be could be going but I think the way she’s Collins was he’s really happy with the score at the moment and then and he’s pretty call from mesa would be staying the same said the afterwards, as any gains of four million assistants and hangs inside as a safeguard the sake of this becomes a longtime cost is: Ken Gibson for four million are happy have him as Maya 114000000 plane or Humphrey playing defender, Jessica to the data that jimmy open field firstborn in his team’s 1815 to 17 and he also wants to me and the community teams one of the party said the event that the the 1850 to 352 permission of the emerging edge and their ad among the bottom and often buys for inventing departed on a situation I’m on my guards are overturned, which all my mother was a modest growth for a one pm up one thing about this or another mother was the mark taper situation not that far beyond skin is too can alter much of his post all, she’s a monster is not quite done first, says our body was to be more Santa gets so I decided to look at the Chelsea assets, was nothing can be found out I think it was then 4540 points for the season so, she and other mom and dad beat everyone else is right in Vietnam fonts on my 10- and view of the world are no more than the one made his first three months. By being when of downgrade trying off the government says Bernstein and Mr. the one that more about six times the issues central, this original U.N. multinational directories more are and more Wilson well to become an plane and fellow of the North Pole realtor of time into taken up the title of one of the keys, I decided to install no move will also was also a lot of Americans or she does very well with john compile seven receive a ticket for the season unlike it is a system be offered. And have no standing satellites is just no standing up well my initial instant reaction was one of the bench unlike the fact you can basically an airplane defender as well as I do like that is just that you haven’t got the heavy hits and midfielder for that week I’m fully aware that Kevin deploying that will be getting do across the whole season at a minimum of double digit assists and up to the holy single digits of the goals and talking between seven and nine goals per season is preventing the past but it’s just it’s the fear factor is not having some are but that explosiveness than standing can get to them and artistic and I just think this and that is in a premium midfielder that most people should have I will tell you now that 30 oz can be falling said he will finance the back of the team should be absolutely final, told for 83 man defense of Lorraine into the vehicle was to go far beyond scary been knocked off their government opened our times the ball at the other is the chamber also jostling a discount the market is built with some of the Bryant said Sunday but wanted to try and block off easily about market on on Friday, the fields portable stereo gear doors by sick inmates on in this reason that his daughter of those are not what he’s saying is that I hear so many people on this show come on like a self and the same old mike flat and is to use will tax plan of the game with two never happens I love it mean that ever happens because we would have your works on guaranteeing now on Friday evening when sell all goes and gets us to go before a homicide division and the word would show that will not be a much leaner holiday season of adding a fair one where are the table is operating on staying on the wane this this courtroom already have the money to carry it forward and when it involves a lot of time if you need everybody says that this is me get contested also get into that well with an eagle Point Wells less than a week now read care about people seem like an online teams on how does it the feel of it either one of 14 and one on one and all through college for them off five) senator from 1 to 91 and I just mentioned on one showing cable empire and a political defendants are risking the first 1012 times wider fifties, if you get the first control pitchers all honesty of the CIA might be taken five can shed some landowners to the server 2,000,035 clients if you bring us defender from another time possibly abandoning plans showing all your name where Wilson will say that I’ve done is done a great things in common a mountain out of water and what one would say is that actually when we play the porn the game’s action retried is just that we just end up capitulate in the last 10 minutes and we end up conceding two or three golds and the school of medicine the market and is again the eye is it wasn’t for land like to see a score again to the point said he has the same as they are very often he complains, so I think it’s too large for spin doctors in a wide open champion mike in 35 points off the set of all of this edition of 44 different than for forgetting to the fonts upset some people that this of course. The shows a week and doing is that SP what you just said field spreads your money across the defense role and sticking said that one specific team on creek opening that I think that it’s best to two double up an attack with what you’ve done with a cane and as more like I’ve done with deploying outstanding for example does he know that these to take a pleasant and will add a summary the Wilson phrase on and off Wilson phrase of the budget is absolutely sublime but it identical when told that tried that I just can’t wait your mom become a less a part of the offing as long as possible in my view that a different focus was so than it was kinda comes barring $Martinson, it pumps of the money to lend us a eight and it before we let you go and field and why you’re forcing the community team that you guys are virtue four 11, it’s no problem with the older fans Allard, if we wait a week, the public concerns was close and then dead from the Faulk equally inventive off-link that was close to making in the spotted owl won the SEC said it wasn’t as close meant that India, the second in Eugene you are only found the new trends and Jim and Jason seems to be taken and style . In all die some of the fancy all chances of winning the title it out or E and out and look at the noted that the replacement for cultural cities are hopeless or the share of the column are nothing going on abortion or defies: member, when the time so as long as a car and joins on the other side are getting into some yet the NFL’s the roster if at any one man this is the crop loss if I can just write to Mexico to yours and five men like mike strand him if our songs and shovel of them just felt that if this mentality facing our lives on average, the resort has played a review of the store and a related but I think the thing before we don’t have the whole books in the Niguel which an idea give you an activist in his pick for his fourth to five confirmation which is acting team four think that if you are completely 🙁 stream and you’ll watch as the first range only doing what she had just hit the subscriber animal sexual acts to live right now to see the light data to show support for java and Jason of the mission bring owner of the park’s dns it is 45 and one is looking to predict another thing fell to know what the defense and by doing as much you can invent how old are a concern for guys to include a French and while the second round soccer, from the source of water and soil after the container, part of the warming of the flickering or as sheath that a friend from real peace in the river, global marketing Manager Joseph, collaborative Emerson is 5.50070 and searching for her from AR or we yet not use of the happened to our fight for your company profiled off the bottom of my family from a rough draft record set in a wintry First game and shot for one thing while clicking Chelsea nine one very keen to have the money and wall coverings wilderness and read and swore it might work force came to make sure you’re not work because you just bought well have the right of that back and wait and see, not in my head but not in agreement with the actual: the multiplier for all I was saying which is at least the snow kept me in the prison player of the almighty is a town or not you get at least to the passage is just the fact is not a printer and a physics and that’s why I’m sick of one of the routine here and ready and I think it’s just one team basically upon the factoid: 352 build a bridge or the pleasant exactly as I go on a line of thinking in my hand until they just have to pay 442 to get the DB have spent on And may be upgraded the plane defend a lawyer for some fast as jack personnel said I’m on my career and user rates come from a site in India, from already 4.5, or department of commerce one source alliance and, no one in shining armor and landscapes and our mothers you can’t prove a spark it just depends in a skid marks the fourth run before we can live rating on news: Charles starting no one owns time you use the losses and starting march, but we think we’ll look into recite an awkward women else, to the chin and some just look for are awful as some was all about numerous selected working in and pick up where you letting go, Leesburg o’clock Friday and skus wealth and power tool to retire rather work party will not consider changes from rush, rush and are worried I was good enough for a week or two of the new council on common market was in playing off, you go to classes this year, crackling sound too good pictures and her companions his friend, we might send your an oracle will find one phrase offering of four points there and found only a 4.5 and older C. Gershon game falconry and there are few wide field from one and trial that real star news, playing without opening it, you know century or more like an open inference well for navigating to release an up old art here and to know why I think the fundamental defense team ended the day I think that sending down for the court said that open over just cut the preseason games incorporated last season III think that the tension me that his minutes may be managed abysmal and would guess of course but from FB oh perspective which is what care about is called a clean sheet point ahead of today’s one care about is a factor was the default he could already had just just quit force on the committee met the whole of the TV of your community chosen that said Andy which will enable and I can phrase on joined another area for driving down the manager of the opposite of I’m very happy to work to conjure up and down the option Jupiter strike on tour and charter are more and more chance to catch on a nature joined Dr. Identified as a very basic laws that govern shall chisel production or is there and I wonder, from a friend of the rest of his car and were no to make it okay recalled. Because of a balcony is announcing all games before he was from the county’s plan was played quite more minutes to be this review surfing can copy if you stay on and on Jason few of the talk about my caddie of four MB Data and images is played in an average and charter are not part of the pinky so much better than I think he was the one that scared me last year told him last year are not that much about restore your bike and bobby and he was very very consistent raise prices to work buildings. Or old and he and just one set your question the day at the registrar in regarding one Carries surprise surprise may actually 1¢ in and out of it doesn’t and get on and on fortune of racial overtone at England and get our large garden and a similar hand, there were two are catching Russian dual control from where the action are the single chair and Jonas a Jason we have: backcourt few things right now to graduation to ever be watching and a stream of you will enjoy the stream and I’ll just take the micron is the shows will support of your ground is his first reading are enjoying what you’re watching this just can come more and more every single day sale of the subscriber-education-away the gun and a lot of Kenny Garrett wasn’t yet their young and symphonies are in these are video interview the day I just go buy I think in the fifth man-made that move that jet-you ever been a factor on thinking can stand in a standard that bubbling in parser has in fairfax’s and fast forward from from a real of perspective on things are being very very good life the ads and it be another Chelsea plan which is a mess Chelsea and go on to bigger and better things and prisoner to worry is that when it comes to selling talk when the flames for the service story from a day that up at a I think you’re a deal that you’re the tech guide says don’t see how the heck of a up as an integrated tannins striker Everson weathers 20 m from the sale of these folders and accesses anything about this If he goes to Manual about the anybody that for a given the cap away and you’ll get the ball and Nancy kitsch got to triage but he knows of anything can happen in the end of the registered king county and an as is the case Croatian budget or are neither of the U.N. and jenny and store or the Friday and you’re all can say there were few events nines and or not dead after getting hit by it is not our orders as his teams of his 1927 into very good 45 votes the nation , and this just one or by a miss piggy and as chairman of the nesting on just that he has just run away from the city is just a bonus and apps 1917 . But I’ll go to London or parking issue might emerge as the media saying, the 17th, will fill 1/4 round robin and made her late or killed at and I feel it’s a heavy drinking but runaway freight is in one game is anyone bothers me is running a TV you’re thinking of O’Dea morr would build and operate more rooms retrieve the verge of being an astronaut mikey keep working chicken were startled the season with , and lining a bit of that only so than one million adjustment infighting and Ingrid right now I don’t have any intention in the early part of thing the community she married freemen are no Brian Keyser Marston Winfield replaces the street when the chances were a real are your of the above the narrow unlike in the fact is a free for three formation for one of the dead boy’s against a Joe hall and it comes back now say the plane instead for Florida site, one of the money people is against the NT and it had done that when they didn’t mind and it could well be fit for duty at gaining one for Allied planes 17 of the fact you going three for three I think that the debate is filled as you’ve gotten more TI was saying this time as a key to the team said the main for an attacking focal point for which those four are from an acre area when and where every place that he is one of the main guys are watching the front three is just beautiful absolutely fantastic and Joe well as 343 of the meal and Jason O’Connell, and is white, and of the ‘Betsy dawn and citing legal mind RO -04 on the people sitting keep all kinds of you can’t find when flames of 14,000,000 mail for women and Markey and not in a bit of that approach and are more as part and at our I look in the middle of a mudslide in switching leader from an old shore at 1114 report name game, Wal-Mart me know I can say is that once and will operate a submarine computers informing you might be forced between fighting for an R us idea for a fun thing I knew where about this 19, Sheridan Robertson of an exam Norman only three of the divine bit and 49 for any of the eight and one does either of the season as the night of the king of the chart for the souvenir meeting 14 , the national home in nine different form fitting that Seymour and from this just as well as a isn’t this a different team in this stink 97 9/19 asap and ecosystems are noted that with the waiting room in the moment that this is an interest in taking the steps and eight million stink skin 97 you alive in the outfield: welcome to the show and the height that even if you have got a very very interesting taking your team in that manner of a campaign I think this is the data that showed team I think the Internet to be taking place which are normally chooses the game we want them to please, if only trust no one time you have it would be at the mark, with bond markets was installed it will be impossible interest and want to say that has gone into Japanese bombed things on into winsock informed 04 people want to turn to call the bomb was beat though no such thing as an idle argument you coming from the stinking and all seems kind of lucky Nazis. The once and he was amazing along with the comments arsenal coach and seized and , I think it might be signing school and sold about slamming 0.1 do anything unworried bodies near future and our skin was all species on solo mites waits like 14 and one NT run and typing in barking deer and a editors of it, holiday thing that happens in the stalling frosting until made and then the game may make his hand debut this is done in the party tariffs and you one of the facts anyone about this hot and cold mall to the Sonoma Jason wear a seat as saying that’s a bad date because of domain copy the day when he opens his account of the citron john, is about one discovered when hasn’t done anything for the first two games the city but said the evening before settling at the same finances and a U.S. record is against is a very good taken that one of our advent of the contributors bus rides think the thing that you really well for west of young, and the thing is on the easing of one year’s time when he was told he also works for a team you also will be speed like E. Sheila one might think you also provides as well so he can start CD box a must to stand up in his binder she points to nine senior, some will be pretty much score and trusting and when you have a goal with a a a heavy hitting defense or seen this is because she wants to bolster your attack all new laws on the honesty and you can’t allow the state are so this barn on how to me and asking not enough, ’cause I want to see almost all was king war was king will cost of lost money on the Unix, and it’s your fault, if he couldn’t see a full team on and of column not wanting the defense about political keepers were all on change to someone else certificates are more scheme comes in at 6.5 does anybody know you’re definitely any men having to go well for a while and then you can have an issue with that choosing Clayton Sean Kwan quiet trading in the prison on a template and that the Kina you could even argue maybe we’ll compete as possibly hold the thing as bob I can not to go with the crowd as trustee will be kind of boring scenes seat for stays on us) one outscored some muscle in your old want to get us started panicking, and although the blacks and she recalled on a team into fits in some: in like public charter shiny when not in what is keen on a little this week until all, just a mile walk a week, and Stevie one SunOS ball all gets me going without blushing you might call them are just under NT tried this tacky but he is the strategy before us some use the cards are yen on last season’s when I had kind of deep cuts in workouts in some cases but some keys and true just a pink slip a 5050% chance it might work Friday when you bought one recent poll by default fall business both waiting to yield: makes a mistake and all future lives in one state stock that instead of our economy does point to that doesn’t pick the book was a top five was in fancy food was never choosing you present different needs invent a very rarely hit the ground running into that a lot of time to acclimate on student can anyone foresaw the wall deposit case from no one would have to get a woman last season went into hiding out that all bets are not in fact by for a long time and have a distinctive for bombing and Lopez there and play baseball to be a greetings and But it’s only a tiny story was used as a fast and a priest must I knew nobody told for its asking if they don’t want ground running will be released on it before embarking on just hoping evidence is minutes, your heart of the things he and the thinking is perhaps best known can’t just one final question what your force campus to me that any community team that said you guys are all been going on in the past and 48% to almost all I have an orgy of a batting us to see on the DB and the screen or at some point in your shoes and a woman just a forerunner on a string of our day and could well have a say in wrestling at Wimbledon skunk at your age you think you guys F if this is a niche to buy do not have a a a mature source of the units and Robeson to the growing at an annex is coming from surprise surprise from the United States of America and some fantastic amazing fellow countrymen and apple to feel too partisan quicker token of the zinc which addition of that happening when you’re looking for be a trend in some are we gonna break the view is basically is actually phenomenal and when deleting the 201 which is absolutely insane places to go and treats about that everybody to go and join us online from what I would be absent your same for that issue a brownie to the streaming and subscribe and you enjoying what you’re watching no means that the subscriber on your street in everyday next week to come join us live every single day Hubbell said if you’re enjoying the stream ran down to send him that one person and begin to show some supported the CPC that either the hounds live on asset and welcome to the NFL: a friend for all and you alive just enough Jason dollar and bonds are more thing to be maybe Mr. Butts that it is 888 yen is the SQL Committee template team for about two weeks in the top after our from United States that a Rhode Island Robbins beyond from changing 19th in which every single day but when trying new and different lineups surrounding rank 532 O. Robert reich free for children and this one is nothing of the most mail bomb as of right now that asp and not bad worry values and my strategy and still be drug role in the bandwagon that all about newly years and then I spread out and a combat planes and I can and all perform better than others but I think that , marble both women: Anthony bay art and have the most clean sheet from the season and-play plan to use my wildcard leader on our third game week and I think that the demonstrators but forming a new pair of fact and me unless I get a bunch of injuries or 405 for my plan for the wildcard on later on , the militant of laughter the first four months percent of the aisle of this many were detailed D Newton 85 pounds too stupid chance for than you might make cheap vodka Stephen cook up a plan that the judge and reversing and banking but they share a S. Salas was worried about Everton to be honest with you, even on huge local firm of nine men are checking 110 and throughout July may haven’t scored that many balls and more of a score one for OR current thinking switching favorites and we’re not refillable registrar in the one man sitting as well as I can build our country will all data frames are kind of film and I expect that this: Red Cross resort and happened to fall on deaf and open off tweaking 919 depending on what transfers have an animal is a husband called image toward full arsenal even though knowledge of that no aromas that he can bottle of our old friend and I can’t tell the blood of defending their phone at the door before it even if they can for happen I wanna be inclined to pass from your peers and give on Robert or three weeks just a bit of sporting a chain of lakes and Oregon and arms I’m also thinking that it may have then I assumed debt and where is also been be heavily rocketed this season and is because of the age of small and that and that for king world and of little well for both the second was a draconian and the back of the senate you won’t be playing at all understand and his management can be more managed and therefore at this problem gamblers from a fracture of patients and\or not Mr. Wei’s commission on wartime Woodbridge the season four or more of an upset that made this is one of the modest gain on Tenino and gain week one write one game we won on now they have found lacking whether the system of-the- art scene in their past and computing 85 pounds three students and he’s one of Iran he’s one of Iran Carrie Cunningham, and keep up the gray sweat shops said state and the news comes to building up the fed would someone who knows the medicines and friends us if we actually in the last 2 hours me that about 20 subscribers just a name that has been worked over 86 an hour at 1.1 has a tournament in six and again as others you will watch and streams and enjoying when doing this and that you can either subscribe: it’s tricky game that set the string of any knowledge is just a Tad right now is watching this and that was just an inch and sending for one for Brent history and Jason Friday was not completed on the story of fried trout evening was phenomenal or for that is a fantastic show in the shows just can get better and better and better for you guys all it all in reading the enjoying what we bring into the table with you people coming on that and just talking fancy focal and any analysis can get better and better than by the way just to let people know that they’re actually accidentally sent a name is this a DC and Sumas and Steven breaking used again breaking news was that we fix that I was the 1200 substances known transferring is riding on top of the digital services of what did fishing for this era for what we’re doing and that’s the more and more that we get supported the more like the City Council mostly oaks and the lives of honestly I’m telling you guys know I just cannot waits for gaining 13 to one game in three when you guys are to the wine competitions under the sea and down the back is nobody like this not only will happen when he’ll get really angry it said peoples and trends firmed up captain milk money back to knock things that I’ve been telling us should begin by never go through with that sort of deal records of that the city of some fantastic much as I wanna see camels breads and each death of an update of a bit of justice scalia called Jason Evans will be breaking is no plan to have 1:00 PM: vote for the final strike as if the judge also Wesley well to choke settled at yorker the on-line at you get this all came out this is money that migrated nothing. Speed into the OS review the whole team is completely template and just two of respectability that the posting is also was the best was the way into cash leader Jason taken away you know the details bring accent that’s capable report and then says Stephen that too many of these were the correspondence for action at be held at six and Chicago, where were all into the chantelle to annex of a god as named an excel from the Brea the next seven years of being about just what was then massive thank each and five for the phone now the crate and barrel for us this evening two coworkers average American will fall on and on puts any link in the air cargo in the descriptions of the web will do better than candid comments were all adult accounts are wondering now under which was in a pair of what will work or yet neither will we do is the meaning producing a special panel casts wearing on themselves and the poll where for you guys refer women to bringing but we all know they can happen at the end of day and I just read a San Juan to know that he turned to some transfers and cats are single women do not know preview showing a preview show every Thursday we will be at the base incredible poll has the best And see pick and if you want to transfer north bay base into force and switzer accident FBI and we’ll be up to send out hope will polls and also the discord is one more: make will get a lead that as a free download just basic do everything from what you guys testing and a new well on my assumption is us but it’s not a definite taking courses after the game since that is an absolute certainty of world that the F if the user to turn 80 pounds too stupid shaft can’t wait for the cash and the time to sprinkle some hot solicit your of your hair stand if you’re hot Sellers have spent and bring a military 1000 in the day you regard finances, say thank you need a free format that donation Hansen much take the money fast I think that sending the day this is the first likes serious about money that would be miserable plus perspective we’ve really be appreciated as participating we all will see the focusing the law for any of your forecast own discussion in the biz committee like mike and he was sent and his gift comes from some whole source into this particularly because I’m telling you now I cannot wait for the arguments to stop I cannot wait for trucking what it will take an oath that people get initials in the mean you get annoyed with the various things is that the people see in the channel defined for and his son and yet that just about worn by the Aussie and the one hand and the money after five months and that is simply that the decision a welcome boys best content creators and that most passionate and thank you for bringing this inane use mace and choose into the community together her spread discord can agree more sold as Jason many down for one just host Jason Tigard and create something as simple as it gets into he’s the guy the only found in four was credited as 1414 worth and butts. If short meeting of us, the college ace in the spring on the NT FBI hopes will sign that he’s been in the weight room for a very very long time he curses team in 1950 sir of your horse was mentioned that you were on the mike and could have friends on the web for single specific means you’re now live on any of your cool enough fuel source please spin to the nation tour as a badge and some of which were showing them to do any good for free free formations were a bowl of art in a maniac Magee and networking and site of time they cannot find ready to jump in four runs or not he might not conclude that supplied with you more work in each that knocked married man had knowledge that but that had to use in a factory shield claimants from the white blob so many will start some markets while same and quickly Wertheim dial M unbound by 245, and I was showing with that trend called our systems: addressable and trends and apple now have to seem bound by the league scoring or systems were recalled and faster starters, Watson and spelling of the five schools parties called clean, rubber match it may be R block Oakwood’s renown oceans Benson Cheng Congress passed a registry of the water’s edge so that’s not our decision in the final string and are just quickly can’t stand it so can get the right margin of victory cigars called mom after next term might be a long night after the holiday of the smart spring to summer and have Yeltsin Fredericks world Arkansas rupture are about to 4.5 or use extreme and maybe get in and pull the reason why it looks so good for all week with no substance for the size cars but you know it’s pereira’s column a, just altering keys, a distorting cars, stride and really nice balance with grammar and asked what actions is just an old preseason minutes armbruster trouble which been upon the Argentines course, not excel are just write down why not started and to build a convict black book a Westlake bullock and game week one in all sold for kingdom will send better, more trouble than double complement so yet is this a mass surgery needed for mansion for security guards from the Intel is Joseph AR- aged by the end of the households senior U.S. Senator Biden said that the global sulfide at the nasty make the pro club and was a just a question you you’re just making the point about the team and improve education, and a dozen other point is that why you go with the 433 formation basically but unlike some of the blanket had just begun on the tiny called it is gonna take a penalty for Bona fide on one for the weekend to two in on the a: I just think it tells two stitches before lacks a little bit and I think phrases options while the oranges on came arcane takes away so much the budget and become a record rate possibly and sold stories about his decision-making to call and I was quite impressed with the brine out and our courts will still into the broader Anand in are all grayed anywhere it can buy, I don’t know which people are smart enough to damage can still in Luxor workshop and stories now injured to sell spelling program anywhere this time what must say this went on one machine that is what you should avoid off on a team of the garden event that he is just what has planned that usually deploying is that he’s just like absentee pick under you call three captaincy pictured in your team that the only one of the speakers is planning to get rid of came at a game we want a while you just a kid came from the majority of the season Sierra get some other reason why its projections and now is the cause a walking into gamely to one leads M pull back from one bank transfer was plotted became the army and came another hole stroke into context for an Arkansas man from Turner and tried on one of the going to need it -4 game lead one to cause a need to swap our Adam Smith Hughes got called gained one and then start of world and we got was planning a hopeful qcom became outscored in all three fixtures are small way past our goals howitzer, shall we call a bet you’re a bracer Hutchings palace holds the lead Notre dame’s last and last off-season 61 SunOS and are shunning not weaken itself works on Brands from books and sold it for me came back and hopeful key game and service is aimed for the first nine games you are completely premature now faces the Merced Basin? An asp exchange for most of all this one which is also likely that this be no gain we wanted to pass at the waist on in the last week few weeks and L110 chains like this just the thing changed a referral has that you use a little change in every game to swap and that has that been an actual team which you can’t keep going back to what the specific formation yummy Wilson is not made me the Selleck and made the statements O the only ones are not recall the same hole about social work and now amassed a goal and I think perez’s watching so the only ones that can change the world B and 10th and frederick’s and maybe a cane boys came goals and our export more into Congress parts are you looking at maybe three full platters and bought a named Jason Reagan team of Washington and it looks a lot more balanced a sport per hour in some sort is only one play our that which you notes 4 to 4 may be looking at it from balanced and I think 433 is the most common formations or not is different from Jim Carson I agree that if racial And uncaring are [email protected] want to disrupt today’s is, miss my name is bob Robertson not to bet on our us a great city and in our you got your friend of old bull run single console in hours, the fractional bulls assistant and killed a mismanaged a playing game one no Robertson doesn’t worry me that some of the file a lot cleaner out that he doesn’t intend to about this matter now it’s in advance and we agreed to in principle to build United States and is all about personal terms and I don’t think the player house Richard abed Manzi pitches and better option will exhibit two trials market and Canada pollster with a new dell guy’s and I’m flexible action since the stream and that will review of Simi getaway rumble in efforts to get moments , just ask we could you guys get sold on bond until today do not just think the margin of unique same kind of him a clean sheet role in an alley in court to set pieces ’cause I think after the bonus points to be switching to an GC. And a masters has got some power that he was the stubbornness minutes on Jason comment on that at the opening act as well as FB old defendant defenders and handouts and his team is that’s 2007 am very very different in that regard the interesting trends years and I’m worried the fourth , RF be held in fat or fat, low vision your yard run one that can add value of the mad. Look at a lower down with a striking concrete are in for a permanent lot of the thinking about that little bit of trouble attracting customers about that but, of a lot of rich enough to put up no finished up enough that he dumped on us, alleging that the good pictures and not reply it compare it too well how the war ram and then the Robert some of the thinking about outcome perl Raton from the department of state Dick baddour no rotation on November the MMC she called stock could be? Good. I might have to switch to make numbers but for me. I’m a sucker or something like that acts like it accepted at the top of the decline to state you live in action suit in part, stock and a: I’m just not like I don’t have a vote on the Monica did not so happy, student paper to alert other computers and a match that of course you suffered multiple of nine a file not given the fact that it out either have been having some are some there for awhile so often as much out to restrict around often looking to get them because he was a lot higher up in the peach, I was thinking you would that be a monarchy having a decrease the head of the reality of the capabilities like the papacy. But the point we like it came out with nothing but conflict of his book, like the explosive market but say they win against a team like 4040 become like to store the data that I could do one of them fired last year was a sweet, the move from that of that that’s it’s like nothing less than a caller, I think error to score. A sudden I think it could agree that if there are none we have a west appears that fixtures and up and take care , and it could be switched later to another 6.0 but I think the the one before we can see it’s a matter of emptiness on a sign of the semester of king’s info war one, the preferred this is that this is the perfect 343 and others that I’ve been adding popping up with the David P Mr. Reagan era in eight areas where they were four to use much four structures, so I’ve been not like he’s been a staff and one of the standards in fact to jut cups (though it would donate into the stream and then answers we must hear that defender of the you’re breaking one morning streams are the judges tell the audience now but will the benefits of discord me just mention one the fact you speak into one of the brightest avp about know some advice about how to structure a team in the neck and just tell the viewers your forces discord are considered that we’re building that now I mean that it got all the alternate channels network 6 minutes you need a Politburo yields , the uptake of course the user can discuss in wasting rooms you can’t amend this is the first season at eight and apple Allred defeats like IDC somebody if you can’t unblock some options only for that was there ready to dozen other than double the ticket is one piece of information that you’ve been given which she fortune that while I’ve taken a report by and the state and that is there anything off topic and even think of accident was just saying is that any information you been given because of the discord and community which you for that constituted out thank you so much that. Mcclung it’s about, football, until October 8-up of things but I can pick from anything but I mean I have a lot like myself but I want the bike and friends helping you know all the one experienced an open all year in order to one you got every day but you get a headache for stop opinion aren’t like you not to give the state and not, I think it best, it’s worth two out in the coffin appeal so that it up and that’s not an absolutely transmitted the aforesaid defendant before we’re not eager to data from the fed up with the best possible to another student readers that to think long and not to have like so many different from both song in a switched off the document king’s kitchen, dining and there are the more Youngblood glove beyond that of the idea of not have a quality players that I haven’t done it over and you can say to so many pieces, and good pictures in Uganda costs drop things to come back order so that the bus loads , but no bacon of the crush his defender Jeff and I think nothing can bring on that field that he was a chat with us if humans medicine that he’s going up for what we find some as being the discord gleaming for quite a while that is sushi and 84 they’ve been that way and when the fed yuan Eugene Mike and that you have friends and anything else you and me mention of the syntax the stream for women live and that is alive and there are right now she’s 74 eight standards on saffron sauce and a chance at your show at eight at track I really do want to double chargers and and wild game are a little bit of a delegate rights Gas Supply we would like the scion since the start and I are wishful sentence the way it will get a signed note not demand for Anza as one white markings and reaction is you’ve got 5:00 AM and the field, and the united in the 442 with them and are not good for all to us and they wouldn’t let my rates below-average dropped it into a child’s signed by an asus on the slightest in our daily starting spot that is used our kids builds new temporary and onsale often stop in and out of Wesley be other reasons dollars a week one is tall and I’m putting an untested nuno soprano eighths dollars all estate signs I can’t stand on the burger king or consent for the models used at spool wire and signs of goals and a state stopping between 10 and four starters two prime differentials on the system operating near London or taking a risk and I’m not be an altar consigns as a phrase competing with other from other computers to trust corporation a loss to the decline in every single time in evidence tossed aside his gall yet fully into the they’ll take shots in a control saw the starting line becomes our team plays later to two, number sister studied all last year in the Belgian links of him on the scene of some saw when I got some are easily change to not install Ching to retain water was last year and a it was dazed template is attending community to Janet audio services that same as the Internet is Russians even to the rate of 11 last week’s and Douglas and use the data that we saw belt allows again , just a bit nervous to surround actually use Internet stock inside and tried to some option and take out some of the fault appears openness a little help people of an O’Reilly live and let them say going from almost defense of the 70¢ polyunsat of the blood of almost live, very good saves last year and be unable to repay to south side of that foreign political city and sidesteps you start lighting last year sold will say you have actually China says or are you on stools of having lost your number four scorer last employee was an IE defense and another play with each of us to buy stocks and base, clutches, and so has lost none of the play with them is all around little guys on in the Netherlands that occurred while songs and some gambling again on someone and somebody in Multnomah last year when able to bring the router plant eight kills a bit by interest for a body options that are called options toppings and gentle: Alt funded states mice and rats step up and the status talks are fighting for Wilson said Stan woods across its Ian Robertson and almost which is sold and spotlighting somewhat shorter times and the end of quote not have for the pocket of the mandates the space of time so much the SNA stand yet be added to the biggest dangers should I eat has been plotting to bomb attack in the often sell enough to house a gun Coleman was being a cinch and cutting the satellite is an alignment is on the size of Arthur Levitt a fast as it enters a pall mall street rally at times I’m just not an instance of an interface in this instance of reports site, and with the one that an ASIC stop and in what it wants to mine off the charts , of the art of our routing and you that bill available at martinez’s but citing its eyes on so-well cards sell a stock still settle claims stunning blow captain’s not rumored for months I know is that when it comes to seven and a slightly from testing citizens for a melee is always a possibility that this doesn’t run up again , if the deal is a staff of the models offer their own lives in the listed above factors, starts a new theater-like system and the giant coming out by stockholders and so the numbers to stand back its BlockBuster flexibility and somewhat modest Allies, doesn’t perform works to billy crystal somewhat modest avenue, not without my game I would cite a dish that Marcos order can work in a state of the kids are thinking that it will be at the zoo sides and I’ve done on a disk of¢ seat venue to see how members of the list a customized for the judgment of the beast of strikers fighting occurred numbers tells us is about one estimate still apply to Mr. Anthony picked up a study of position players in NFL draft a plan of from CNN’s Bonner scored two goals for the Solana can assemble summertime, you play hardware Nevada – stage western excel class file for health as the national data or declare a state is also the devils to get that you didn’t read the play of the lawsuit is not only result in some punk and 1/5 seconds or more that idea of what what one called one question Fuhr, some said on a nice box and the severity of the naughty little concerned about mass else was 6:35 receptions for potentially tech is valid in nothing ever recorded for specific reason the disease that goalkeepers can stay on the bench and that encourages case is that case is set to get and he’s known to be sold by attending the people aboard and continental bonds that have been a decent choice that as will remain the Kingbowl indexes system bench for massive and if an event safeguards 1,000,000,000,000 2 to 1 more final: Jason said breaking the U.S. stalling the city’s the I think he is for the dissidents are a lot of conversation shack been halted the school community cases Tino senate 2039 is looking pretty the only that the accord the end of your community template 2000 by think and the largest on script mapping and the newer AM and nine it could take is a batch of a fifth of its of a letter said it’s very very any of your community and the template from casino effort is well-planned on doing the left hash to blame the nuts and awarded the noble peace is a county staff released two others say the first gain at least maybe two games some battles with we’ve already spent about another story is that they can be found in fact he was one that is frightening to gain the sub else and and barring that you know I can understand why he has a goal was standing because people mystery pretty well there are two premiums why was the class Jamie Valentin, and now to play as a means of the cave and deploying aware that the using agree that ends up in a game weeks of stalling that you agree one for process the U.N. team is very any of your committee template team that’s an easy and these are and why realist about the youth are seen as the template is that it’s very careful, and I didn’t go fix to focus in this will last a first look on March 6, it’s also linked to a relies on the people 64 hits a resort is too pricey old so much you can sit and sip buddy lists his opinions that is freed up so much for so long. Once that’s done off a while, I think it from the polka PDC of the key products on the home. And that lots to wishes she becomes a lot of stuff of 241-9434 of close-up a system that has halted chelsea’s verse sixties and the first six tickets for the thing that the people of the server so that they do not stop until the first day on Sunday, taking markets and CE Tsongas and well known in the eighth of a TV so often the only” the civic society place called what he did call the street on all the substitution so we’re not the same school because of the system one substitution 123 highly a whole 22 anyone about whether the service community shield games they were looking for Menschel decisions when it comes to foreign teams searching the Byzantine capture them into some highlights and we’ll see you know the score was hasn’t changed in the four process is regarding a team in the mercy of eggs on wrong that he cannot in Japan and is never been a pleasure to drink and if the U.N. has as today’s game and kind of an almost backed up your decisions in a way of what you’ve going with oracle you now thinking along 10 MB on Ron Dahl and totally happy with Al Saud Al and they’ve been named in the seventh ERA’s-good today to be fair bets stilled again at the score sheets and the wily force in today’s game that selection process to be listed on this the year votes and the year string for the team thinks could also missed two games was up from its base talking to a charge for local was TM results of the formula one because world was not one person was in for old rollbacks, up eight goals with some sense into that sought to really get any results is the markets yesterday the evening but because a park in expected the ice picks to be a Wessex the real estate I wasn’t and so years so this isn’t a market from last night’s state may be politically enough to tell me something about the and knowledge of any greater thing I think are the sale of the county and the noise teammates is just to defend the person is just for the will compete as pit but again I understand why you: fresh adding this question installing is a wealth of saliva just been gaining one teams in the few days to get up and well at a 6-6 attack but said to be honest, Zaire been three score last minute signings and I’m really good a team to win it because the whole say it’s only been used adapting to deny the united it was circuit was bulls will see what was happening in chat and the scenery Lazio of the oddball team is not a fixture focused its loan to people’s long-term focus but not fix to focus on building fixtures sold aspects to change the rules on the front of the other part of its own ego in the units of you take a walk and often is is very hot Jason as you know that settlement until you do your Best Buy again it was decided at the end game the signing a firm hand walk to manages to market makes me think you know all they need to move some penniless in two won’t be no news that 5.5 million in too many nice defense at some point in and take five million intimate field in a cell phone or in a walled old on a shot into the defeat in a state of the stars, since Monday and today and a light and we need to worry about asap so I’ve taken out and are all day, maybe what you’ll understand the speaker will be used just for the simple reason author of the sticky feeding Rico will play even if he comes out of the recall was far above the water but it’s in the preview of having to start with the forties back bay , so if reported back of the inside of a plan in August and Jason and had a manner that was lost in the ACC usual things and instincts used in pretty much know of settlers team still play he and then either the chain’s income gain we want is that opportunity and in outlook and the same anyway so I just installing just as we were sent a setback relax and just enjoy the information the Kings rolling in your when a friend will do is be useful bus bombing of a company does anyone who’s been working discord he doesn’t believe for one 2nd and information is that has helped them tremendously the season because of I’m convinced this is destroyed these are normal over the spotted the game with according to their permit the back of the civil rights was the result of our fate of the Jason May be bringing down and ms scene of the last two pools and even out 1958 of the only at the Forestville down your fuel for some the game tonight between ossining possible and a new ad is desensitizing baseball the Lichti console as those quite disappointed a slow school eight when a client in a stuffy and on Tom chambers and this time easy is it all on yummy and Sabah Stoffel in a quantity: seton Hall’s and they must issue a bomb and forger would play walls while but siphon off Paul Schmid it, Paul Suarez, was to become quite strong on rallies massive income on school for walking in 2000 as 2011 to 1 run by my interest in preseason game this is still on it but the idle cause of the people and cellist and $1,000,000 for $9.00 just on most part it will was just one pass just buying a pressure on the same business clientele, and also condom me I’ve just passed into the goal by sedate souls sixes and sevens where the fun than I was like that repeal 1 hour on units on Chelsea and senate are not really awesome and allows computers conference at the actual start the season but it was just the ad calming down by a law school from a bomb and missile system and take back the lodging the foot of food and yet, and that one of the stomach as one of us must move out of_the Wasatch against more talking desertions to the mosque {tilde season live from L.a.. Often one of the Boston players seems, in vertical take Al 1. 15 for preseason game, on paper and not as skilled and then settling forth, and just missed our city was taken out of fuel and talking positions but your eyes as a way and watch on that one was to 5.5 million on the DVD play well and I also would just come off the net result was a model for this affair, with the content of speed and it was suppose you say he’s away and see which I agree with the du thing for one million more than 10 conquer he’s worth having is that extra midfield reserves of pulling down the field you think knowing when see spend at one million someone else to upgrade just have to invoke the team instead is an example of the 4.5 and midfielder fifth on the money in my smart russo, gentlemen, and I was just one of the incentive and 5/8 on the same standard for now because all fixtures people to call in and of course employing on Newcastle is not an easy to yell often been done, wise to seven just against a mall, premium assets also rescue team bring us live inside Albany wide as you consume a new draft U.N. initiative he’s got this is not my main goal and zone around the network pizzas to sell up to the core rate Barkley standing painting married and store when Mary anyone and they’re big fan of his and faster and the more: the at the corner and Barkley interesting differentials that from the standard template team, just tell us why you play with them to yeley always just try to think of on the fighting would seem to get rain stopped standing 90 AAA and on because of Allison must find some common in some of the house the quarry must previous troughs to inspect jam on Friday, said about the core rate is applied on in mind for some time and fees start the season really well in a mall to have that, Poppel patch, plus couple months on the animation of different faces Brady did quite well all season, that is both while I consider that he’s quite often we nice it is quite consistent of times, to be quite restrained, Microsoft for 14 weeks and I’m filled the Wasilla 1. on it yet to call as the one on the wall and be interesting to me we ought to be one shots and updates on Barkley because ESPN classic white kids so preseason games console of rave reviews in preseason , and the nature of the regular court as the directories and massive fan of all the things that move because of his party and its parents’ basically and to Jason was concerned about the fact that will Barkley be the player that he was at that and the reason is the one chosen Dawson and thus would direct the bases existing season in the name and the fact is that such as video panel is well I think the six million I think Joe wall bulk of this about what’s the hard way this is act was in the sale think that will try to find up in a one to downgrade of thinking about it the same everybody’s doing it to finance the start date popularity of a dentist and 88 that of just one as well as society can shout it right the beaches use build multi women’s team also show it in decimal body while double duty as speakers on and children will be unstable on it, then immediately started after about working behind the altar is it looks like he’s known for the first game these incidents Olympic has plans to switch is now the number greatest thing tomorrow and today and saying that they needed them to the fruits of his friends the winter not saying that they need 48 backed asap basically each of the game is Aston villa and in the data but if he’s playing its man sitting could that whoever plays and down the sidewalk these could enhance in front of the system instead of EL is more experiences may ratings so long as the senator with a rotating parakeets and replied that is a very bad it’s a different strategies for most people are doing how can you go with the rotation to all just call on feed me what goalkeepers always good, cheap ones I think by Nichols and the services of install a season so that’s why it’s called riding on all I have to 9:00 PM and one instead of badly and all see now is going to be a lot society in the not too sure about spices that he is one of only one exchange autobahn try to find another goalkeeper 4.5 on Wednesday into a scene Sunday to be a popular I’m a mile to be fair , most decent pitches and start the season but some yen in, type and so keen to bid on the plays a sequence of a lot on the ad yet I’d have to be 15. Boxing star one yet while some are effect of packet that knocked to us is that it just a lot would Watergate fauna beat 589 murray’s camera spectators adds 5:50 PM eastern at the elysee nine eyes not an evil stay on the scene of flight five now and in a couple of times last season might find sites. Signed by an Easter one of the 7.01 end of the season price price profit that hasn’t signed by Wilson be some kind of pictures on medical and the managers was no premium income in the on base and more like attack minded monitors while signed onto I guess I just type in a place restraints brief interlude and united , and when I left it must risk always my final four nations from 45 and I’ve always, starting song, cloud of all three strikers not touch words and out on not letting my feet and differential soul and may find work log matter not using that the bus and the reply that solidarity Cema into smaller scope as novell as noted by people, seemed to forget about all there is another option are at an all-time as co-host of upcoming an Ide still get back to full much 8 minutes, I can watch the committee surrounded by the CIA Field market to buy lots on a tasty in a couple of bits of me when he was doing in and I still see any great dangers of light on some nights the study of the pretty bright sunlight finance -accounts of us can include anything online about businesslike necessary sidelined us that all weekend. Like all my cats is blind, funny not high enough even for a start date in mind you and the nets to the land and taking it started making nice not installed a night light on a one-jobs nine planes me the preseason spot on an assist from, not so fast, tolls of Siemens folders ID numbers and a ticket and I still finish against Rama trades on often unless I’m missing something in my menu is a bit quieter there was a box in a highlight Steelers as is often been an idea for spite of all malls in nine months to develop bodies compete in a very tough game, signed as it relates to update of the year I mean policy like you as good as it is a good fixture on a main goals and other top finishers of us old 4 to 6 10 weeks but some lockers at 7:00 PM injury from some after the game against mail must somebody started little about the man’s, the central strike, Amanda Wilson when you up at priam arm possibly we sell some formidable Seminoles but you have this a good time and the digest eyesight use of the joint called goals: comedy series of signed several women were 1 to 1 that I unite with fun again that are a week we want the call is a good person time and smashed the right into the top or not, not somebody is offering an alternative to the supreme seat of a victim of liggett’s paper tickets are starved for war will all work. Yet while I mean a big ol’ way to solve funds figure of the national defender an audience of it to get some of the pipeline on and on some in open considering a awful defenders can and to 19 on fresno’s based on the mime and sign the ad is frustrating but I think the last 10 years also been caught off always been, and is not again & miles apart, but in nonleague game I think respecting it takes a really neat thing and not be a theme on every afternoon at the event of the file 541581 for the new to dispatch of up to and we are yet that gave them and get half of the street, now wants something completely different and not just one single our own F tough of the local lakes D keating 85 pounds to see a chance to sit down to the having the bank of happiness 19 were not being students touching the season within the fifth fifth of the date set up a non I completely agree I think for having 1.5 in the bank and Su Colson extraordinary strategy which requires 1.5 and all 0.5 maybe in the push the 1.5 I think this connection and animation detrimental effect on who your team overruled to Dallas to do but that the whole I will say is that begins her five format we’re happy just to download the thank you for 5 pound really appreciate you just have the if Brian launch charging agreements to an 85 pounds too stupid shaft destined for something to help you can send tragic and the U.S. said NFC you’re the final core of the evening is a 532 formation of the team that didn’t study standard to be listed in popcorn one plan which owned question as to why you: men and its programmers and Esther yet on all been watching this preseason reward last season will be streamed into that replays like when not in a store or white? Martin sheen party, and art and some artwork are there ways consistent for backs and he had two calls consists are urging for this season 13 of the only concern that when he got those assists and golds he was more playing that bars from that has affirmed in the Indian playing in the attacking role as one of the three art from spring weddings pushed back when the four men were just too comfortable in the last 89 games and get much what some other female and one assist as he did arm one of them are online or are just judging by what clients must at large were workers are like court, all of his price tags and that problem worked and at what you’ve just said that is just exactly the thing about me like this one have your interest are just going well and it replays return the favor the only test is the one thing the back that shows the problem that shows up EU depresses genuine test of the likelihood of that person returning in the Seattle future where someone made just goes Boca Raton nothing not worth the money but the units what used to set this guy is just up and down the right wing is all the system again to be assisting golds and mainly assists and everything sort of thing is a perfectly good to provide enough and that I got my best young can’t all be speaking of the world are can always get four for four or five labor Chelsea and the six last week were told anyone else present our stories lot more for Ron your of war year year year by her back or arranging none were all containers are just worked on and workers bell and minds of a clean sheet store where watching our picks on bonds bought and get on or not, there’s a lot of flak when our are four key spot when of warriors are run on evil way of us from god and the worldwide leader of the knowledge that I was thinking more of the volatile than the tongan fan you could downgrade for air and an upgrade that will compete for 4.5 and maybe forever some of the second is an example one: send your costs about the plot, we trust department sends about as all walk back charge to assist the editor rich and the knowledge about you all for it and sports content for your it in the words Jason and that well let him know city lesson from shore that is a reason as to why a nurse and while she been watching this year deal with a copy of¢ king I’m not thinking from them baby are recruiting shelter bank side are now that many nonbanks that products that are more often claimed all along tribal of apple orchards and our state of constant or 44 of this year opened a call to the attention while call from our old and keeping with the spark plugs for callers have this little rock want to pick one like it or Laszlo Arbor are ranges person close to that. That’s tomorrow and Jason can you bring up the signal to discussing problems discuss it just quickly because this is the last and last few minutes than two dozen 2125 director has posted team at the will of the team that has 1.5 and the bank of scotland’s a 1.59 kids an extraordinary team and that it’s got the two main heavy hitters and steadiness of sir freddie’s scenario is pumping gold and idealism roles and chain from that we can just freezes standing cell Barkley Wilson Johnson on the bench won the SAC a said in 1.5 in the banking industry I just I told me the score 1. on the plane that that that’s absolutely crazy and shareware translated the places to recommend that that if the fact that basically I think and yet I agree the Federal bench are among the sector as well underway to all I need to get to bed Jason apple breaking and 1/2 now as finest industry governors to yield to strengthen its trail race as usual for anybody has been joining us on this world record and has been on backorder breaking from the FBI forecast their viewership would like some interests of inside me just mention one of 47 people and now watching a very and seller in London for 70th in the high: forbids us and that the usual thing ever for some 20 at the age of yours would you most about half the size and of course the disk or group and talk about when I had the positive things about sixth of course you get to talk to continue talking was a stream and store like minded people with the city of your committee that will defend his two gaining momentum in the form of a racing accident and like the absolutely fantastic really appreciates that what you guys did for some of that store and are what was going on here chases, surprises if a is a couple of optimism to take a short letter of intent was that Lucent to lead Jason already got the names of the wake of the guitarist at her daughter was divided on a warm its side and the light is any different perspective on the right bank that was saved for its like that that isn’t easy money to the tape and while Oregon hold a combined gold and lessees and saw tonight against Limiting a wet seal off the top floor of the tents and possibly in German accent, complete the way out for when you cut the throats Sunday because of it on the fuss about but if you just can’t seem to have 55 from the north end of life of an overall level of knowledge and wisdom from a fellow student loans also use the money for our flights that will run on July 5 yen EC morning of what the top of that work that I would question you I wants are hard to predict the order of the lead at EL ratings if the new people greeted with this first 2nd third of the opera has to say that the suspected gunman 70 to be between me and Jason and the right now as it stands a good Jason because my history suggests on the head of the season slump, neither the farther back in just a lot of money that I feel like you for it, so I can spend the money elsewhere maybe never been before, live from all the teams now except for some outstanding defense of our players, changed the lives of changes that neutron stars and injuries of the battle outside for me to sign of letting the scion of state definitely offended, was fine RT by government and just got back and lightning and things will get from these two or three guys this season we think the school district text and voice application we can talk all things of Palestine three

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  1. I'll give you an overview of the Shield game – First half Liverpool passing was poor, midfield looked lightweight. TAA and Robbo were pinned back. Salah looked sharp, gaining match fitness etc. City looked tired 2nd half, Liverpool should have won the game with their chances. What it does for me is make me question City defence but no changes to my team based off that. KDB and Rodri looked great tho.

  2. 3-5-2
    Gk Lloris
    Coleman – Van Dijk- zinchenko
    Fraser- Salah- Sterling- Lanzini- Perez.
    Wilson- Jota
    Subs button- Targett- Taylor- greenwood.

    Always preferred at least two playing subs for rotation/injuries or suspensions.

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